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In what could probably be summed up with the phrase, “There’s no way my anime song singer is this cute”, Kurosaki Maon manages to appease a wide variety of fans with the PV for her first single, “Magic world”. In addition to featuring an overly geeky glasses look with her rooftop dance performance, Maon sneaks in brief cosplays of Index and Uiharu Kazari from To Aru Majutsu no Index, Kousaka Kirino from Oreimo, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, and Miyamoto Rei from HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD. Now how’s that for a PV for an anime song?

Of those, the last one is especially meaningful, considering she made her singing debut with her “H.O.T.D.” album that is comprised of all twelve ending themes for that fan-service/horror series. Even after getting signed by Geneon Universal, Maon is still a member of the Dear Stage live bar in Akihabara. As you can probably imagine, this means she’s also a fan of anime herself, with her favorite works including Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru, SEKIREI, Fushigi Yuugi, Strawberry Panic, Double Cast, Air, Kanon, Negima, Ayashi no Ceres, and Rozen Maiden. Quite a diverse taste if I do say so myself, which is always cool to see in an anime fan regardless of whether or not their songs get featured in the shows themselves.

As for her music, she’s shown that she can sing a wide variety of songs from her H.O.T.D. album (including English ones), of which “cold bullet blues” and “Memories of days gone by” were a couple of my favorites. Based on that positive impression, I was looking forward to hearing her new song in To Aru Majutsu no Index II ever since I caught wind of her performing the ending theme. Much to my pleasant surprise, “Magic world” has a very upbeat rhythm to it similar to the I’ve Sound ones I’m accustomed to hearing as the opening themes. Just like KOTOKO and Kawada Mami’s catchy songs, I found myself listening to this one on repeat before long. What that reiterated to me is that her music is even more suited for anime music than I was anticipating, and something that I’ll be looking forward to hearing in upcoming seasons. Combined with her model image, Geneon Universal might have found the perfect girl to give anime fans everything they’d want from a singer.

Her “Magic world” single was released back on November 24th. For those interested, below is the “making of” video for the PV. Enjoy the videos.


[flv:Kurosaki_Maon_Magic_world_PV_Making_of.mp4 550 310]


  1. Always nice to see a Akihabara girl perform. With her love of anime and quick debut, will Kurosaki Maon overthrow Momoi Haruko as Queen of Akihabara?

    It looks ridiculous chilly up there on the top of a building. Especially with all those cosplay cameos. Too bad they long show the cosplays for a few frames. For so much effort of getting the costumes ready, I thought they would show it off a bit more.

  2. lip syncing seems bad or maybe she just sings without moving her lips much.
    Anyway pretty awesome how into she is by cosplaying each char just to show
    them for a few secs. Those glasses are a bit freaky.

  3. I’ve definitely fallen in love with her singing(and I can’t deny how cute she is XD ). For awhile I was listening to the H.O.T.D album on repeat. Now i’m doing that for her new single as well. <3 I hope to hear more great songs from her in the future!

  4. Annoying camera work … for goodness sake just let us *look* at the girl for a few seconds 🙂

    Attractive looking lass and her singing is competent (always hard to tell in most pop songs).

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