OP Sequence

OP: 「爽風」 (Sawakaze) by タニザワトモフミ (Tomofumi Tanizawa)
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「片想い」 (Kataomoi)
“Unrequited Love”

Before you burn all your Kimi ni Todoke merchandise like the rebellious fans I know you all are, let me calm you down a bit. Yes, this is a recap, but I can give you a couple reasons not to shoot your next door neighbor in rage.

After a 25 episode run about one year ago, Kimi ni Todoke came out to be one of the best adaptations inside its genre of recent years, sans the hubbub about how slow paced it was. The story wasn’t rage inducing, the characters were refreshingly forward with their minds, making it stand out from other romances, and eventually lead way to a much appreciated second season. Starting off is a recap episode with Kurumi? But why?

I’m sure we all love hearing Hirano Aya’s voice, but Kurumi’s character disappeared from attention quickly after her arc ended from the first season. The show switched focus to Chizuru and Ayane, and Kurumi was left in the dust. The second season, being only 13 episodes, this included (yes, I’m mad too), seems like it will focus on this guy. I’m assuming he will pursue Sawako with the manliness of a raging typhoon, perhaps provoking Kazehaya to finally make a move, and eventually lead up to a smashing finale. This will effectively end the series with a confession, and leave no need for a third season (even though there’s material). However, I’m getting ahead of myself with speculation, since this Valentine’s day arc seems like it will come first.

Which brings me to reason why this recap wasn’t entirely pointless. Being a year ago, and the fact that the arc was finished far before the end, Kurumi got shoved aside as a character, perhaps even forgotten. I know I didn’t remember much of her past, and why she came to be the person she is, but this recap helped resurface those memories. Must’ve been the first time a recap actually did what it was supposed to do for me, but hey, first time for everything. Sure, a recap only a week between new episodes is pointless, but this was rather well placed, not to mention acting as a prologue for the upcoming Valentine arc. Of course, if you did enjoy the recap, more power to ya.

But why Kurumi? Well, to be a crucial character in the next arc, I think you’re going to have to know the character’s development so far, hence Kurumi’s viewpoint. The recap also shows that she’s not over Kazehaya at all, and will begin her battle of love like a true woman, with chocolates. The background art/setting was gorgeous in the newly animated parts with Kurumi in the snow, and makes me hope their budget was raised even higher this time around. Nonetheless, the recap reminded me of what I’ve long forgotten, and that’s the oh so sweet fragrance of KnT. Next week looks depressing though.


ED Sequence

ED: 「君に届け…」 (Kimi ni Todoke…) by MAY’S
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I had to pause after the first word of the song was uttered to scratch my foot, but I knew right then and there, this song was awesome. The animation was brilliant, simple, but charming, and built up nicely harmonizing with the animation. Again, ED is awesome as well, despite not being animated at all. Not exactly as fun to watch as the OP, but no complaints. The songs they picked for both OP and ED are instantly likable, which is extremely rare for me. Only other recent series I can say the same is Star Driver. A bit short running at 1 minute only, but it seems all according to plan. Maybe Production I.G. required the time to cram in as much material as they could this season. Remember, everything is done for a reason, and for a veteran studio like Production I.G., having 13 episodes, first being recap, and short OP and ED all mean something.



    1. It was one of the best of 2010 but because it ended the season a whole year ago it was pretty much forgotten in the end of year poll. It was far superior to Amagami but Amagami just ended so more folks thought it was best romance forgetting all about this series.

      Watch it and you won’t be disapointed.

      1. I finally got rhtough the whole first season and i have to say i was pleasently surprised! it broke away from meny of the typical trenches other romantic series walk into, It was refreshing, not to mention hilarious at times with the characters, looking forward to the second season ^^

  1. hahaha nah I didn’t rage… I’ve waited this long, I don’t mind waiting another week or so for… oh god well maybe I do mind a bit, but for once I actually enjoyed this recap since I was actually trying to rewatch the entire first season before this just so I didn’t forget anything…. also, I actually like Kurumi… she’s a character who cant piss me off anymore since you can actually understand her reasoning for doing things… she’s not really a bad guy (girl)but more like that tragic heroine who could’ve easily been the one having a romance with kazehaya had she been the main character…. (probably not as cuddly and innocent, but nonetheless I wouldn’t mind seeing an alternate story of that since her character is the type that knows how to be serious and can take care of herself, and watching those kind of characters is also just as fun as watching Sawako’s :3)

  2. Meh, recap. But at least it got me excited for the season. I really like both the op and ed, but I wish they were the standard 1:30. Oh well, more episode, less credits.

  3. Hmm, I like Kimi ni Todoke, but I don’t understand why people LOVE it. I mean, the story is basically “unpopular girls falls in love with popular guy” and while I agree that it is cute, the story is just too slow and dull for my taste. And it bugs me that Sadako is supposedly supposed to be “creepy” but now like 95% of the time she is just as cute as Kurumi and even better looking than her other friends.

    Still, I will give this season a try

    1. You know, usually most of mangas have awesome/unexpected/magical/ridiculous situations/people/things/whatsoever. At least for me, watching an absolutely normal story is quite refreshing.

      About speed, yes, it’s slow. But speeding it up would waste it.

  4. Ahhh yes!!!! I love this anime. The opening is freakin awesome again just like the first season. I’ve gotta say all the good animes always have the good songs. Hope they come out with the full thing soon.

  5. I didn’t mind a recap. It made perfect sense considering season 1 ended a year ago.

    Kiiragi is correct about the guy in the opening credits…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. I’m very picky/anal when it comes to romance but its safe to say I was pleasantly surprised when I first watched season 1. Its come to be one of my favorite romance series in a very small list.

  7. nishishishi. I look forward to Ginga Bishounen voicing Kimi Todo’s Blonde pretty boy. Also <3 Hirano as Kurumi and as Reira from NANA. </3 her as haruhi <<;;.
    0:16 of op sequence *melts* too beautiful.

    1. Psshhh I think you mean it’s a good thing Fuwa Sho is going to be voicing another shoujo pretty boy villain.

      p.s. Everyone should check out Skip Beat! which is another great shoujo series that’s not all about super flowery romance and super girly friendships.

  8. That guy Kenta will be really important and u will eventually start to like him.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. I was watching this show first season and I thought it was good but when the whole ayane chizu stuff came up it got borring. I think I might pick it up again because watching this recap episode made me remember how emotionally addicting this series is.

  10. I will never understand why a great majority of the KimiDoke fandom dislike Kurumi. Haters gonna hate.

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  11. Damn only 13 episodes? Well..I guess that will pick up the pace a bit but I kinda liked how slow it was in first season. Nevertheless, a recap in Kurimi’s POV looks interesting. The OP and ED are great as always, definitely pumped to see where this is headed.

  12. Wow, I didn’t realize it was going to be so short. T_T

    The OP is really adorable though… and even though it was a recap, it still pulled me in near the middle and helped me remember a lot of stuff from last season so it didn’t feel that bad (until it was already over :p). Also, Kurumi Death Note scene = (y)

  13. Recap huh? I’ll probably watch this and still go back and re-watch a couple eps from S1 before next week’s episode! I wonder why they’re only doing 13 eps if there is material for more, especially since it seems popular in Japan.

  14. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of the 1st season and I’ve still yet to understand how this anime has gathered it’s fans. I think it’s just extremely slow paced and very boring, the art direction also just feels bland. :S I rather watch Peach Girl or something similar to this. To everyone their own I guess.

  15. Yay it’s back! I love it every time I watch it. Sawako and Kazehaya are so cute together. I predicted that this was a recap episode because it was 00 (it is always like that). All this episode did for me is prove that no one is at wrong in falling in love with someone. Signed and sealed.

  16. Starting with a recap? That’s great. I did need a refresher. And it’s not all re-used scenes so what’s the big deal? 😀 God, I can’t wait to get the story rolling though. Sawako is just too adorable. <3

  17. Well I’m just fine with this recap since I just marathoned the first season, even then, a lot of things that have happened seemed forgettable.

    Anyway, is it me or is Kurumi just looks too… what do you call it?… Fluffy for this show?

    Gaze of Providence
  18. Both opening and ending are too beautiful *cries of joy* And this season starting with a recap, well, I guess is reasonable after a few months since the first season ended, so yeah, we have to bear with it. But… 13 episodes only? That is kind of frustrating ToT

    1. lol. no confession but it wasn’t as frustrating as the usual Shoujo Love Triangle where she gets kissed/harassed left, right and center and STILL doesn’t know who to pick !

  19. I was so excited about the first episode but decided to see what my favourite bloggers had to say about it… so I guess I’ll wait until next week before I start on this show again. What’s even worse, is that I read the manga and 13 episodes (with one already “wasted” on a rcap) just doesn’t feel enough !
    But oh well, for now, this is the only anime of the season that’s caught my interest… *sigh*… damn… it’s gonna be a slooooooow winter this year…. 🙁

      1. This is episode 0, so I’m guessing next week will be episode 1, so this is a special episode out of the season. I’m not really sure, and I don’t know where it can be checked.

  20. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between Sawako and Kurumi; Sawako was aways friendless, and so she developed some pretty idealistic ideas about friendship. Kurumi, on the other hand, was always popular, and was exposed to the more cynical sides of friendship (girls wanting to be her friend just so that they have a topic to discuss with the boys, then badmouthing her behind her back and plot to get in her way when she likes someone). So who’s lonelier? Kurumi, for sure.
    Season 1 did a great job introducing Kurumi as a villain, then making her likable by explaining her motives.

  21. No not more sparkles its too BRIGHT……

    Seriously thought the first season was so sugary sweet it gave people in the anime club here cavities-i think this second season is an attempt to buy dentists to line their pockets

      1. Agreed, it is super sweet, but it is so pure and while not everyone’s kind of thing, this show makes me feel giddy so much at times when watching them that even I get embarrassed at my reactions. It’s definitely a slower paced anime (and manga), but it does it just right in the way that makes me a sucker for it even though I love plenty of stuff that is the complete opposite of this show.

      2. Its refreshing to see a series about 2 innocent kids that slowly fall in love. There aren’t many like this around. Usually animes end up being about a harem for one sex and at the end most of the time the main character chooses no one or lately the main character picks someone every 4 episodes and then they reboot it all over again with a different girl.

  22. Well, its nice that we get a 2nd season, but I kinda miss the old OP and ED, but after a couple of episodes I suppose I’ll get used to it, especially since they probably won’t change them.

    buttt ccommmoooonn 1st episode, I need actual storyline ><

  23. I absolutely loved the first season. It’s been ages since I watched it (and read the manga some new chapters out recently rekindled my love for this series) so this recap made me remember quite a bit.
    I’m surprised they went with Kurumi what with the series not really focusing on her but on Sawako’s life and friendships. Chizuru and Ayane I don’t think came up at all and they were a major part of Sawako’s change. I already know the new character with the blonde hair comes in to stir up Sawako’s relationship so it’ll be nice to see it all animated.
    This is one of those series that I don’t think I can wait each week for. I watched the first season after it aired so I got sucked in to the atmosphere watching it all in a few days.

    According to Wikipedia this is 13 episodes starting at 00 and going to 12. MyAnimeList lists this episode 00 as a special separate from the series.
    Regardless, I’m going to enjoy it because it’s not something I watch all the time and it’s Production I.G.

  24. Having only 13 eps bothers me that they’re going to terminate it at the end of this cour.

    Showing things from Kurumi’s viewpoint was an interesting way to do the recap, since she had a major role in the relationship between Kazahaya and Sawako. It also let us see how she came to be manipulative because of the way the other girls spoke of her behind her back. In some ways she was damaged like Sawako was.

    Sawako is not creepy. She never learned how to interact with others due to her isolation. Her attempts to do things did come out creepy but as she let true self react to things naturally her beauty has shown itself. Kazahaya saw that from the first since she smiled at him unconsciously when they first met. I rank it right behind Toradora! for this sort of show. The main character, Ryujii, was isolated by his looks and rumors about him. Sawako faced the same challenge. She is, in her innocence and earnestness, a most endearing character to me.

  25. I just watched the recap episode (I waited until episode 1 and 2 were out) and I think this was the sweetest and best ever. really. how many recaps have u watched that are so well executed, without putting the exact same images ALL the time? plus, it’s was cleverly and craftly told from Kurumi’s POV. I loved it ! Now, unto episode 1 ! (damnit! I shouldn’t have spoiled the whole deal by reading the manga too… *sigh* eagerness sometimes is a pain…)


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