OP1.5 Sequence

OP1.5: 「Blue Bird」 by コブクロ (Kobukuro)
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「バトルと模写」 (Batoru to Mosha)
“Battle and Reproduction”

From what I can gather, it looks like Bakuman started moving toward a two chapter per episode pace rather than one to one and a half. What does that mean? An even better Bakuman that manages to keep your damn attention. With a combination of much needed drama and some real “friend” building moments, this week’s episode stands out as one of the better ones.

After last episode’s big new goal of trying to writing the best mainstream manga ever, I’m surprised with the lengths that our dynamic duo go to just to achieve their goal. While I’ve always thought of Takagi as the more level-headed one, his logic sometimes baffles me. Unlike Mashiro who decides to reinforce his art style by learning from his favorite mangas (100 scenes from 10 mangas), Takagi decides to take it to the next level and wants to “experience” a battle. I don’t know what gave him the nerve to ask Kaya to beat him up, but I’d never want to get hit by a punch like this. It makes sense that to write well on a topic, it’s good to have experience – but I don’t think Takagi is going about it the correct way. “Fighting is scary” right Takagi? With Kaya constantly around our duo, I’m glad that she prods Mashiro about his relationship with Azuki. After nearly dying trying to send his first text message to her, it looks like he’s been getting a little more confident about what he’s doing. To the point where he openly text messages Azuki in front of Takagi and Kaya! To me, it feels like Kaya is the hand slowly pushing Mashiro and Azuki closer together. Whether it be because she cares a lot for her best friend or just because she tries to get her opinions out, I always get a smile on my face when she shows up. If only J.C. staff would stop changing her bust size every single episode.

While I’ve been expressing my feelings about Nizuma recently, I think I should make a formal retraction. But before that, I don’t like Nizuma’s editor. His name escapes me at the moment but boy was I happy when he got knocked off the high chair he was sitting in. After being all smiles since Nizuma became serialized, it was great to see his world fall apart as Nizuma refused to write material for what he was serialized for. That look of despair he had as he realizes that he has no control over Nizuma made my evil side smile. As Nizuma’s editor was freaking out with Nizuma’s lack of responsibility, Hattori was having his own field day with our dynamic duo. Not only was he totally against our duo trying to make mainstream manga, but I don’t think I’ve seen him raise his voice toward anyone before.

As the tension keeps building between the editors and their writers, I never expected Nizuma to be the one who would calm everyone down. After honestly complimenting our duo about their work on Money and Intelligence, going as far as saying he was their fan, he extends his heart and asks for them to become his friend. I was totally flabbergasted. Not only did it suddenly feel like he was a very nice person but as I re-watched the episode while writing this post, it was almost like this holy light was shining on him every time he showed up. Somehow in the span of five minutes, I felt myself strongly grow attached to his character.

This being a shounen anime, I was glad that the episode ended on a high note. After watching Nizuma create a full blown name in less than half an hour, I was pretty surprised with everyone’s reaction to it. Hattori’s ultimatum being the one I was most surprised with. Not only did I get chills running down my back as the new ending song starting playing, but Hattori’s ultimatum to create something amazing in six months sounds like just to thing to finally make our duo create something that can win it all!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「現実という名の怪物と戦う者たち」 (Genjitsu to Iu Na no Kaibutsu to Tatakau Mono-tachi) by 高橋優 (Takahashi Yuu)
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  1. i haven’t been watching Bakuman, only reading these blog reviews. Dunno, seeing a review of these old plot arcs gave me some nostalgia, but what kept me away from the anime is that knowing (from the ending theme I saw on youtube) Hiramaru-kun doesn’t seem to will be appearing in this anime. He is more of less my favorite character aside from Nizuma and Aoki-sensei since he literally is a real life portrayal of myself and I’m sure many other people out there.

  2. Though he came across as an arrogant ass in his first appearance, Eiji has slowly won me over since, and with this episode he is now officially my favorite character of the show. What seemed as ignorance at first turns out to be cluelessness mixed with a healthy dose of easy-goingness. I laughed hard when he greeted his editor with “the way always appear so unexpectedly is so cool”.

    If Mashiro wants to become a better artist, he should hang out with Eiji and soak up some of his geniusness.

  3. well… Nizuma is crazy, but guess this craziness is what makes him a genius, right?
    I really like the way that our duo stick to their view against the editor 🙂 Show the editors who are the boss!
    And lol at Takagi’s remark on Kaya’s good characteristic = big boob XD
    ps. I don’t like the new ED as much as the first one, but the new animation in both OP and ED raise my expectation to what would happen later on 🙂

  4. I think this anime chapter was better made than the manga. It is quite unusual but that is how it feels like. In the manga, Hatori felt like an antagonist. Here, they showed really nicely how Hatori cared for Ashirogi Muto and his pain.

  5. Eiji’s editor is Yujiro Hattori(Yes, it’s the same name.)

    In the manga, that scene with Eiji was the exact moment that my opinion of him became positive. I’ve been waiting for that scene to show up. ^^

  6. “If only J.C. staff would stop changing her bust size every single episode. ”
    But, Takaii, it adds to the realism of anime… after all she’s still in her growing phase. 😛

  7. Aoki animatedddd. Love her.

    All in all.. awesome new OP/EDs.. and I really like how the ED was done especially. Cool episode as well. I don’t need super fights and weird powers in an anime. Gimme character growth any day of the week.

  8. Eiji is sort of a clown, whenever he appears in scene it becomes so funny! Geeky kind of adorable, too. Yeah I like him.
    And I like upcoming character – guy with white hair. Can’t wait!

  9. Ahaha ahh, it’s so fun watching it animated. Nakai, Eiji are just as I imagined them.
    Lol, Takagi’s so stupidly honest when it comes to girls. Facepalm@ his remark to Kaya and his defense, “It’s a good thing for girls to have!”
    Like the new OP and ED. Good post! 🙂

    1. I didnt like Nizuma in the beginning too, but he’s grown to be my favourite character in Bakuman, after Hiramaru (another mangaka in the series). Its really hard not to like any of the characters in this series imo, they’re all good people who love manga. 😛


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