「タクトのシルシ」 (Takuto no Shirushi)
“Takuto’s Mark”

Just like it was foreshadowed, this episode marks the completion of Mizuno’s arc and the breaking of her seal, for which we’re treated to a dramatic depiction of exactly what that entails. This includes how she’s forcibly dragged into Zero Time and her maiden Cybody is destroyed, unlocking the highly sought-after third phase for Kiraboshi. The massive magical structure housing the four seals was quite the spectacle, as was its transformation when the second one was removed.

In comparison, the big revelation this episode was that Marino is an ephemeral existence created by Mizuno to cope with being abandoned as a child. It’s an idea I threw out a couple of episodes ago given all the signs from Marino’s flashbacks, so the real surprise for me was that it turned out to be the case. However, I don’t think there was any way I could’ve foreseen the creation of Marino as the reason why Mizuno has never been pulled into Zero Time thus far — something Keito pointed out that only a select few bearing a mark can resist (Wako not being one of them). Marino represented the part of Mizuno that understood all the implications of being a maiden and tried to prevent her seal from being broken, whereas Mizuno herself remained a normal girl who actually bears it.

Of course, that sort of separation seems to be just an inadvertent benefit, as Marino’s existence was to help Mizuno overcome her loneliness and hatred towards her mother. And by “overcome”, I mean facing her mother after all these years and giving her a piece of her mind about abandoning her as a child, which explains why Marino suddenly disappeared last episode when they were in disagreement over confronting her. As such, Mizuno’s tearful reunion with Marino with her newfound resolve ended the episode off on a really uplifting note, despite everything that happened with her seal getting broken. She gets to leave the island with Marino and find her mother in Kyoto, putting the Cybody mess behind her for Takuto to handle. We’ll just have to take a rain check on the kissing scene in the next play once all of this is sorted out.

As for the Cybody battle, it was actually nice seeing Takuto cornered and on the verge of defeat for a change when Head used his overwhelming libido to drain all his powers. While it was short-lived due to Takuto unleashing some hidden power from his mark, transforming Tauburn into what I assume is the next phase, it came with some backstory about him that I’ve been dying to see. There hasn’t been a whole lot about Takuto’s past since his crazy arrival by swimming from the mainland, so learning that he inherited his beaming personality from a friend named Komori Natsuo (Irino Miyu) who passed away from some illness was completely unexpected. It was also pretty odd seeing Takuto as the rational person alongside Okada Hana (Kawashima Umika from 9nine), before his attempt to fly a human-powered plane with reckless abandon like Natsuo prompted his grandfather Ikurou (Shibata Hidekatsu) to pass on the family mark to him. To me, the whole flashback spoke volumes about what made him the person he is today, plus revealed that he was abandoned as a child just like Mizuno, and how he’s come to the island to find his father and give him a good punch.

In addition to who Takuto’s father is, the question now is where the story goes from here. I’d imagine Kiraboshi’s objective to shift back to Wako since Keito’s identity as a maiden is still a secret, though I’m not sure how anything really changes on the Zero Time side of things when Tauburn received an upgrade and stayed a step ahead of their Cybodies. What’s more, the self-proclaimed undefeatable warrior Head has already lost. That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to the next arc already, especially when the preview shows a couple of the new Vanishing Age members making their formal debut. Plus there’s beach volleyball. Anyone who’s read a lot of my posts will know I love volleyball-related episodes.




  1. it’s almost becoming an expected thing that Takuto’s going to be undefeated…
    …definitely NOT expecting Mizuno to be ghosting in his flashback

    btw, we’ll finally be able to know who’s Cybody is it next week (all the way back from ep. 4…)

    …twin drills??!?!?!?!

  2. I haven’t watched it yet but I’ll be DLing it later when subs are released. So I’m quite confused, you said Mizuno left WITH Marino to find their mother. Does that mean MARINO did not disappear? If that’s the case then I’ll be glad as hell. Marino is one of my favorites 😛

    The Story You Don't Know
  3. this episode really is interesting. Takuto’s past, Tauburn change, Libido again, zero time change, Part of Takuto’s past gets revealed and found out that he was abandoned by his father, and an awesome fight.
    wonder what the next episode will look like. Volleyball Zero time? XD
    Mizuno might come back when the play starts.

  4. good to see some back story on Takuto. the fact that his bubbly personality was actually a reformation as part of coping with the loss of a friend makes it not as obnoxious as i initially felt it was. though i can’t see why Mizuno said he was being honest with her, in actions maybe but he was side stepping the issue by not actually letting her down when it was pretty obvious she was into him, minor gripe though not a deal breaking issue.

    as for the upgrade sucks he’s one step ahead, but what can you do?

  5. So wait, the guy he’s been calling Grandfather isn’t actually his Grandfather? I’d assumed these two were his brother and sister, which he’s been stated to have in some of the magazines. Maybe it’s sort of like a surrogate thing?

    If there’s no relation at all, then that presents us with some interesting information regarding the marks, which is that they can be transferred to a person even if not blood related apparently. Weird though since Takuto and Ikurou actually look rather similar.

    Guess Takuto may remain undefeated unless Head gets a rematch or until Sugata joins the Crux (which seems all but confirmed in-show). Reshbal didn’t due that hand projectile thing that he does in the opening, so maybe we’ll see him come back. He seemed mainly just caught off-guard with what was going on.

  6. This is a great week for anime this season
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Suppa Tenko
  7. I also liked that takuto did not go emo after the death of his friend and instead he took in his friend’s personality. I thick the best scene in this episode was when he crashed and go the mark and he was laughing

  8. You know the anime industry has touched pretty much everything when fans can predict things like EPHEMERAL EXISTENCES.

    I’m a little disappointed that we never saw Fish Girl’s Cybody, though. Maybe that’s something they’ll bring back for the finale?

    And what they hell is up with the pacing for these maiden arcs?! 8 Eps for Fish Girl, 8 for Mizuno, 8(?) Eps for Keito, which leaves 1 ep for Wako! Where’s the love?!

      1. Stop pairing up Mizuno and Takuto! Mizuno deserves someone better, they’re not suited for each other at all. Boring Takuto is better with boring Wako, period.

        And…awww… no more Mizuno and Marino. Marino being Mizuno’s clone turned out to be true, sad. But I’m still happy she didn’t disappear but left with her sister. That ending scene was just so touching and just too cute. I’ll miss “Innocent Blue” even more than “Monochrome”.

      2. Anyway, the point I was trying to make was about the number of episodes, not the pairings. I don’t really get why people are making a big deal out of Mizuno, since she’s only 2nd in a probably soon to be expanding harem for the hero, Takuto. Since no ones going to die, its likely they’ll either troll all of the pairings like in Macross F, or just go for the Tenchi Solution.

  9. I can only hope that Reshbal makes a return at some point in the near future. He most certainly made the “battle of the week” more interesting than it usually is (top notch animation as well helped to convey the struggle)…

  10. It’s episodes like this that have me recommending this series to almost anyone. You can’t judge a series by the first few episodes. Repetition may have been the key earlier, but then they step things up and make me really, really like this series

  11. Do we have any idea what the fourth and fifth phases are, like from interviews or past episodes? From what I can tell, first phase was what these people started out, they each have their own personal ability. Second phase is what the Kiraboshi were at the beginning; they can apprivoise with the help of a cybercasket. Third phase is where Takuto started, being able to apprivoise without a cybercasket. And since Takuto started out at third phase while the others were at second, it makes sense to assume that when they upgraded, he did too, which would make him fourth phase, which seemed to only entail a power upgrade. Now for Fifth phase, was that just the ability to apprivoise outside of zero time, or is there something more?

    Another question: if Head is a Ginga Bishonen, too, why didn’t he start at third phase like Takuto? Ugh, so many questions. I need more episodes!

    Officer McGruff
    1. Here’s another question: WHAT THE HELL IS A GINGA BISHONEN. I mean, is it like a special title? Does it give you special powers? Or does it simply have to do with being a bishonen! In that case, pretty much all male members of Kiraboshi are Ginga Bishonen, except for that one guy with the goatee.

      1. “Ginga Bishounen is the best translation from ancient languages to japanese that is available. Ginga Bishounen is what is used to refer to pilots of Cybodies”

        Best I could translate. My english isnt too good.

  12. It was also pretty odd seeing Takuto as the rational person alongside Okada Hana (Kawashima Umika from 9nine), before his attempt to fly a human-powered plane with reckless abandon like Natsuo prompted his grandfather Ikurou (Shibata Hidekatsu) to pass on the family mark to him.

    was something omitted in this sentence while you were editing it?

      1. either a tad odd to read or im just too dumb to understand what you were trying to say. so let me get this straight, it was natsuo’s family who had the seal originally and was just passed down to takuto? sorry if i sound annoying.

    1. Let me word it differently for you.

      It was also pretty odd seeing Takuto as the rational person alongside Okada Hana. This was before his grandfather Ikurou passed on the family mark to him as a result of his attempt to fly a human-powered plane like Natsuo.

      I understand your problem with the sentence. “with reckless abandon like Natsuo” is a qualifier, meaning you can take it out of the sentence.

    1. I’m leaning towards Ivrogne, the Glitter Crux maiden, to do the singing for a few episodes. As of now she’s the most enigmatic priestess, considering she’s aligned with the Glittering Crux brigade. I trust the series to give a compelling reason for her going along with the organization beyond just being sinister.

  13. So I’m a tad confused… Is Marino real? Fleshy real? As in she has mass and moves around and other people can see and interact with her?

    Or is Mizuno (still) simply schizophrenic?

    1. She’s physically real. Others have seen, touched, and interacted with her before. But Mizuno created her. What I don’t get is how permanent her existence is. She disappeared when they had a fight, but then when Mizuno left and wanted to see Marino again, she popped right back up with that whole line about illusions becoming real. So I guess as long as Mizuno wants her around, she’s real.

    2. The best way to think of her is as a physical manifestation of a schizophrenics other personality, when Mizuno’s subconscious feels that she needs Marino, Marino will always be there.

  14. Hm, if Marino was a creation from Mizuno’s first phase, how come she can still be there after Mizuno’s seal was broken? Does this mean Mizuno kept her first phase powers even after she lost her maiden seal?

  15. really nice battle scene tis week..

    I see lots of people expecting wako to sing the battle song but wouldn’t it be weird. I mean the one who normally sing the song have never enter into zero time, unless wako going to continue singing while entering zero time which I personally think it might be weird..haha just my opinion though.

    1. Not Keito’s actually. It was used in Ep 4 through Tiger, so it was assumed it was hers, but it actually belongs to one of the new members of Vanishing Age.

      So that’s 15 Cybodies destroyed so far (including ones that have and will be reused like the one next episode) and 7 left unused, which include Tauburn and Sahmek (sp?), the remaining two maiden Cybodies, and the other three members of Vanishing Age members.

  16. The arc would have ended well if Marino disappeared for good. But the production had to bring her back to “life” and, in the process, trivialized the suspense built up through the sudden disappearance of Marino.

      1. I agree.

        It was hella sad that they forced her there and broke her seal. If you have been part of being a close twin for most of your life and then all of a sudden one is gone that loss can be unbearable.

      2. I Agree. Mizuno’s reunion with Marino was the best part of the anime.

        Marino: If a lie is repeated enough times, it becomes the truth.
        Mizuno: But a world made from a lie is an illusion.
        Marino: If the illusion never disappears, then it’s real.

        This very dialog is the defining moment of this episode. Marino couldn’t have told that any better. It was just too perfect and all 🙂

        The Story You Don't Know
    1. It was supposed to mean that since she was a part of Mizuno, then Mizuno would never truely be alone. If she hadn’t come back, it would have been incredibly depressing making her deal with her mother on her own.

  17. I feel like i have to point this out now that i’ve seen Takuto’s upgrade: In the opening it shows Tauburn’s mask as upgraded (2 points at the bottom) but his piles as the normal 4 small piles instead of the upgraded 2 long piles. Just an observation lol

      1. Rather than Takuto not being to leave the island due to his mark, he cannot leave the time period LOL.

        Maybe Grandpa is Takuto, and Takuto’s dad is Head, and Head is sick of living the same life over again so he’s trying to break Zero Time.

        In before “omg i called it”.

    1. I am totally agreeing with Jello here!

      “Maybe Grandpa is Takuto, and Takuto’s dad is Head, and Head is sick of living the same life over again so he’s trying to break Zero Time.”


  18. nice episode, the ending was touching 🙂
    Tauburn received upgrade? nice… but Takuto stopped using dual wield? that is some nice changes 🙂
    what disturbs me though was the conversation between Sugata and Takuto in the bath about the power… sounds to me that Sugata might want to jump boat to kiraboshi… that would be interesting too.
    my theory on Takuto’s power up is that his mark was originally covered by the scar, so he can’t truly use his potential, but now that he really want to do the thing he needs to do, his true power awakens… (by the way, some people might already said so… so excuse me if this happens)

      1. Head IS a real Galactic Pretty Boy. Watch the scene where he “Apprivoise!” again. He uses his real mark = He is a real Galactic Pretty Boy.
        But Im not too sure about the flashy costume.

  19. Fairly good episode. I really liked the Marino arc. The usual downfall is the episodic random power-up he pulls from his ass to make Takuto remain undefeated. I’ve gotten tired of that something like 7 episodes ago.

  20. Takuto has a plot armor thats almost as thick as Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed, but still enjoyable nonetheless =D

    I’d like to say that this s the first time I’m commenting in this blog after 2 and a half years worth of lurking LOL

  21. I havent seen the show yet but i am reading the blogs and what each episode it about. I really like the art sytle, animation and the story plot. It reminds me of a show of the same directors Utena (revolutionary girl) which is really good and considered a classic. I hope the show keeps up the suspense and the story line. Hope to watch the series soon.

  22. One thing burning in the back of my mind though is how the heck could Marino have been the pilot for that eyeball cybody if she was just a first phase construct? If she were to have a cybody, shouldn’t it have been Mizuno’s maiden cybody?

  23. Why do I have a feeling that Takuto is half brother of Head? That painting with R was a hint. I was pretty disappointed with the first episode of Star Driver but with time, this sure has become one awesome series to follow. I’m just glad I took out the time to give this another chance because episode 16 was simply EPIC!

  24. So as soon as they got to the third phase, Takuto also evolved and he still kicked their asses. Kinda like what I said 2 weeks ago, if they can’t beat him now they’ll never beat him anyway. I’m pretty happy everything ends well for Marino. She’s my favorite character after the theatrical club chief and fish girl. Talking about Sakana, Monochrome’s single gets out in a few days.

    I’m also hyped for next episode, beach volley and Yukana and twintails drills. Deadly combo.

  25. For some reason I’ve only been able to watch eps 15 and 16 now. But I’d say episode 16 was the best episode for me so far. There were plenty of character developments here, mainly of Mizuno and Takuto. Also the battle was really outstanding, or probably the best one, ever since this anime started airing. Can’t wait for the future episodes. I really hope Mizuno and Marino comes back in the ending. I’d prefer the sisters over a Wako ending lol

    The Story You Don't Know

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