「そう、髪型はツインテールに」 (Sou, Kamigata wa Tsuinteeru ni)
“Yes, I Have Twin Tails”

This past season, I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did today. Besides the jokes and the great fanservice shots, I never expected regular party games to grab my attention as well as these did. Things like Jenga and Twister were never this fun when I played it!

With Ayumu off at school, it was nice seeing how everyone interacted with each other when he wasn’t there. Almost like a game night (except during the day) the group started playing things like Jenga and Twister. Let me say, I never knew that Jenga blocks could be stacked in such a fashion. I guess it’d be more like Jenga architecture rather than plain Jenga right? I was a little disappointed to see such an awesome structure end up as a tower of vertically stacked blocks — but the question of how they managed to get Jenga blocks arranged in such a fashion still blows my mind away.

I didn’t really understand the Mahjong part since I have no idea how Yuu managed to get 9 of the same pieces. Having just learned how to play, isn’t she supposed to have a pair somewhere in there? But what was hands down the highlight of game night had to be when they started playing twister. With the camera panning to some spectacular angles for both Sera and Haruna I think I became too busy watching to really pay attention to the actual game of Twister.

While I was ready for all the fanservice, I wasn’t ready for the hilarious jokes that stem from Orito and Ayumu’s friendship. I personally don’t think I’ve seen a character that’s as bad with girls as Orito. Somehow his perception of girls is just so far off that it’s funny. Watching him think he’s better than Ayumu with girls when he’s actually much worse just cracks me up. Combined with Ayumu’s witty inner dialogue and his internal fight against the feeling of embarrassment from Orito’s stupidity, I was cracking up every time Orito did something stupid.

I was on the verge of dying as I watched Orito continue to make a fool out of himself — which is why I was surprised when he suddenly got serious. From what seemed like a normal text message turned into something much more serious. In the form of an underclassmen named Kyoko who survived after being attacked by the serial killer roaming around town, Ayumu was finally able to get some information about his killer. The surprising part is that the description is an emotionless killer who wears armor, which fits Yuu perfectly. Other then feeling a little suspicious about why Kyoko would spill all of her feelings on a whim, I can’t imagine a necromancer who blushes like this could be a serial killer. Can you?!




  1. This is hands down my favorite episode of the week (of all the shows im following) it really dosnt get any better than *Masked Ayamu* with a Mcdonalds logo on his forehead. You also gotta love how even in the serious scenes the show dosnt take itself “overly” seriously, Ayamu reminded me of a certain other male lead who could stop going on about a certain ponytail hairstyle in the most inappropriate situations. *cough* Kyon *cough*.

    It wasent all too unexpected that the *killer* is suspected as being Yuu though I got to believe she is innocent, got a soft spot for neutral characters. Hope they at least touch on her back story next week.

  2. More and more weird things are getting CGed… bladeless fan, egg, pudding… I feel like it grabs my attention in a different way in contrast to the better drawn fanservice scenes and the more serious plot driving scenes.

    But hell, these girls are incredible jenga players!!

  3. In my mind, there’s no way Yuu is the serial killer! Did Sera and Haruna realize they were competing for nothing? Yuu got the last word/bite and that made me chuckle. FTW episode yet again!

  4. Technically for Mahjong if you get all flowers in your hand you automatically win in some play (some games they just remove those). So Yuu gets straight Yuu face pieces and wins lol.

  5. It was okay but by the standards set by the first episode, I’m kind of dissappointed with episode 3. IMHO Jenga, twister, and Masked Ayumu were the lol highlights of this episode, the other jokes missed the mark for me. And unlike episode 2 there wasn’t really any character development to chew on.

    But the thing I seriously didn’t like most was Ayumu’s friend. I don’t give a crap about that unfunny cliched loser, and wish he never appears again. Too much screen time was wasted on him instead of cracking jokes and showing more of Haruna/Yuu/Sera who are much more intersting.

    Here’s hoping that episode 4 will be much better

    Ninja Penguin
  6. What I think is that Kyoko *did* see Yuu, and thus didn’t see the killer. Rather, Ayumu died in the same house that Kyoko was attacked, and Yuu dropped by later to resurrect him.

    Of course, we could then Phoenix Wright this and say “Because you saw Yuu (proven innocent), and because there have been no survivors from the serial killer incidents, the only way someone could’ve survived at the scene is if he/she was the killer!” Which would be weird, but, well, this IS KWZ.

  7. Maybe kyoko is a zombie too? XD just kidding…
    though I am surprised at the description about the killer…
    lol at the majong playing… each girl is doing something so not happening in actual majong 🙂
    can’t wait for more!

  8. There are a couple of possibilities here…

    Kyoko saw Yuu there and mistakenly belived she was the serial killer.

    There is an evil person that looks like Yuu (or her evil twin perhaps).

    Maybe Yuu has a split personality and doesn’t know she is doing nasty deeds?

    The Yuu we have seen so far is too innocent and good of a person (for a necromancer) to kill people like that.

    1. Another possibility is that Kyoko is the killer (remember she has a wooden sword under the bed) and thus saw Yuu take Ayumu, and thereby knows her appearance. She may have asked after Ayumu to try to figure out what he remembers and/or why the heck he is not dead after she killed him.

      However, the first option seems the most likely.

      1. Or none of the above.

        Watching the op reveals the silhouette of a group of 5 people who somewhat resemble Yuu, all carrying different weapons. It shows up near the end for a instant.

        Therefore, there might be a whole group of super necromancers and Yuu left the group for some reason.

      2. i have the feeling that those 5 shown in the op are connected to Haruna other masou shoujo’s maybe?

        anyone know the name of the song that was playing while Orito was sitting on a bowling ball?

  9. LOL. Puddi and “Ecchi, sketchy one-touchy!” I thought the episode title was reffering to the girl in screen cap 07. Mahjong blocks with Yuu’s face on them pleaaaase!

    My little Yuu can’t be a killer! I hope not at least 🙁

  10. Pretty good, although the bowling part seemed a bit slow on the jokes, then the ending felt a bit out of place looking at the rest of the episode. I bet maybe it is Yuu but she wasn’t the one who killed kyoko’s parents or it’s another necromancer, i bet a guy.

  11. Godawful first 3/4 of the episode and a good chunk of 1/4 at the end.

    I don’t know if this is true, when Ayumu is trying to save someone in episode 1 a girl screamed for help. Some say the very girl that screamed for help is Kyoko. Ayumu then rushed inside then got killed, right? Then Eu/Yuu came to rescue Ayumu. That’s when Kyoko saw Eu/Yuu and thought she was the killer.

    But why is Eu/Yuu at the scene of the crime?

  12. I suspect the girl in the hospital is either the killer, or some sort of spirit that possessed her and killed her family. The second might bring to light why Yuu is in that town in the first place.

  13. Wait …. So am i the only one who, after this episode, believes that Kyoko is THE serial killer ? The sudden interest in him, her knowledge of Yuu, her access to katanas through her grandfather, let alone the fact that she’s the only known survivor of the serial killer.
    She most likely killed him and happened to see Yuu reviving him and gets interested or mad about her going around and having her victims come to life again.

  14. My guess is that Kyoko is the killer.

    She knows Yuu’s look but not her name and Ayumu’s name and look. Ayumu was killed by a katana and heard a female cry for help. The shadow was short and knowing his name through his student id is not difficult. Possibly Yuu arrived and fought her off hence her stay in the hospital. Manipulating Orito into tracking down Ayumu and hence Yuu might be part of the plan.

    Zaku Fan
  15. That girl in the hospital looks suspicious to me and could be the serial killer. Aside from that, this episode is so full of win moment from the fanservice to Ayumu’s inner dialogue. “please save him god” just cracked me up lol.

  16. Armor and black thong FTW! Eucliwood <3
    sadly, i can't find that screenshot here
    oh well, still a good episode
    with just the right amount of fan service.

    with all those girls messing around him,
    good thing Ayumu is still focused on tracking his killer.
    otherwise, this show will just end up as your typical
    harem show.

  17. I said it in the shoutbox. But i see you didn’t really notice.
    “zombie 03 was nice and all, but i couldn’t shake the feeling i was watching some sort of dvd extra where they pan with stills instead of actually animate stuff. “

  18. This anime, Infinite Stratos and Level E are the best anime of this season.

    Freezing, Fractale, GOSICK and Dragon Crisis are full of wimps protagonists.

    Hourou Musuko is an exception because it is about a person who likes cross-dressing (and maybe wants to be a girl?) the protagonist.

    1. Excuse me? Kazuya is NOT a wimp, no matter how much people like to label him wrongly as such. Episode three is proof of that, and even at the end of episode two he risked his life to protect Victorique. I keep getting annoyed at people picking on him when he’s a solid protagonist who will do what he has to do even if he’s afraid.

      I do admit that Ryuuji was initially a wimp, but he manages to gather his resolve and man up by episode three, so that’s a good sign. I wholeheartedly agree with you about Clain, though.

      Suzushina Yuriko
      1. For Freezing’s Kazuya, everytime there is a fight; he only yells “look out!” or gets knocked out while having to let the girls do all the work or rely on the girls to save the day.

        For GOSICK, Kujou tries to be tough which makes him look more wimpy. I do agree he looked cool when he was able to knock out the “hunter dog” with the metal knuckles. But at the very end, he still relied on the “hare” woman to save him. So, how is being saved by a woman manly?

        Ryuuji had a “resolve and man up”? I don’t think so. He had Eriko tell him “think carefully how you fell about Rose” so that he remember that Rose saved him on Rose’s moment of birth. And he only wanted to save Rose only because she saved him first? So if they had a regular meeting he would have just deserted her?

      2. @banzemanga

        You have a wierd definition of wimp. If you MUST win to not be a wimp that would mean those people who pick on weaker ones are full of win.

        Kujo took on someone who is larger, older and was an experienced killer. Just because the outcome was him getting beat up, the fact he had the courage to step up to the plate already shows he’s not a wimp

        Courage not victory is what defines “manly”

        Zaku Fan
  19. Did no one else notice the suspicious group of 5 that show up in the op for a split second, all with silverish hair and armor? My guess is that they are a group of necromancers that Yuu was a part of, but they don’t respect life, leading to Yuu leaving the group. Would also explain the description of the serial killer.

      1. Kyoko is definitely the killer. Her being hospitalized makes for a great excuse if anybody starts to suspect her. Anyone who thinks Yuu is the killer should get Mystletainn kicked and then sliced into a million smaller pieces by way of Tsubamegaeshi and NOT brought back to life. On another note, this episode wasn’t really all that funny. I got one or two laughs and that was about it. It’s not a bad show or anything but I was expecting it to be funnier I guess. Level E, on the other hand, completely blows this out of the water… just sayin’. XP

  20. Everyone beat me to it…
    Yuu is obviously not the killer and Kyoko is suspicious:
    – Last episode showed how Yuu fills about death.
    – The serial killer used a katana to kill Ayumu. Promo art showed her with a scythe.
    – The previous one also proves that the five girls in the OP didn’t do it. None of them have a katana either.
    – Ayumu heard a female scream and ran into a house with blood on the walls.
    – Ayumu was stabbed, died, then was revived at a later time in a graveyard. The point is when did Yuu show up?
    – Kyoko seemed to take on a seductive approach once Ayumu started talking about the serial murderer and how he knew someone who hit Yuu’s description.
    -Kyoko had arm injuries. Why wouldn’t the serial killer finish the job? It killed her parents.

    My theory goes along the lines of Yuu arrived after Ayumu was stabbed by Kyoko. Yuu probably attacked Kyoko, causing the injuries to the arm. Yuu then took Ayumu to the graveyard and revived him.

  21. That’s a pretty good theory. I must have been pretty tired when I was watching this yesterday >.>. Now that I look at it again it does more closely resemble a team of Masou Shoujos. They also carry unusual weapons like Haruna’s chainsaw.

    I also thought I saw someone who liked like an older Yuu without armor in the op but after checking carefully, couldn’t find it. What a blunder >..> when I’m as exhausted as I was when I saw some things in the op that never happened.

  22. Looks like some of my post was cut out for some reason. Anyways,

    Still I’m not buying the whole Kyoko is the murderer thing. Isn’t that sword a wooden sword? In his flashback, the sword is clearly metal. And if Yuu arrived after Ayumu was killed and injured Kyoko in the arm, why would Kyoko be in the hospital?
    The attack on Ayumu happened quite at least a month and a half ago, more than enough time for an arm injury to heal. If Kyoko had injuries in addition to her arm (hence her brief collapse in Ayumu’s arm when she was getting worked up talking about the killer) that warranted her stay in the hospital, how could the serial killings be continuing while she was still in the hospital?
    As for why Kyoko is alive, maybe she managed to survive the initial attack. The noise and screams when her parents were killed might have attracted the neighbors or even the arrival of the police and ambulance, forcing the killer to flee, leaving a heavily injured Kyoko who wasn’t quite dead and medical care on the way or already present.

    There are also also things to consider as well. When Ayumu was killed, for some reason his body was frozen. The ability to “immobilize a lesser being” sounds like a vampiric ability to me, suggesting a possible connection with the vampire ninja faction that does not want Yuu to revive their dead leader.

    Which brings us to why Kyoko’s description of the killer resembles Yuu. If she is the killer and was indeed heavily injured by Yuu, enough to warrant her stay in the hospital (while still somehow killing), then she probably found out the boy she killed was still alive when Orito showed her a picture of Ayumu and wanted to find out more about Yuu by luring Ayumu to her. If she isn’t the killer, then why does the killer look like Yuu (since we know Yuu can’t be the killer)?

    There are several other questions
    – What happened to Ayumu’s pool of blood? Did Yuu do something about it, and the big blotches of blood that should be on his clothes but weren’t when he was revived (except for the bit around the wound? There doesn’t to be any evidence the police found it.
    – Who is the mysterious xxx girl in the op?
    – Who exactly is Ayumu? How could he have stolen Haruna’s magic (Doesn’t seem like Yuu has an idea)? Are his unseen parents involved with his ability or are they otherwise involved with the supernatural elements of the story(there seems to be alot of weird items in his house, especially that spinning glowing blue gray ring in the living/dining room)?
    – What exactly are megalo? Could some of all of the serial killings be the work of one or more megalo? Is the giant UMA standing over Tokyo tower a megalo?

    And sorry if you couldn’t follow my argument, its hard to put all my questions and observations into one coherent post >.> when I’m as exhausted as I was when I saw some things in the op that never happened.

    1. Well yes it’s a wooden sword and not a metal one, but it was given to her by her grandfather so we can safely assume that she has easy access to real katanas from him and maybe even some training in how to use them. And what mystery girl are you refering too, this one http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/3744/12664720.jpg ? Well tbh with blond/gold hair and big jugs can’t we assume that it’s Kyoko ? And with a devilish smile like that we can incur that she is teh evil.

      1. No i meant the one early one during the op. When it says He is zombie, she is masou shoujo, she is necromancer, she is kyuuketsu ninja, then there is the girl that shows up and we see she is…xxx

    2. I imagine that when Ayumu was frozen, it was because he was immobilized by fear. I’m not sure about the blood. Maybe something like Baccano and Yuu simply made the blood flow back into him?

      I don’t have any guesses about any of the other questions though. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. :3

  23. 1. you accidentally linked both Haruna and Seraphim fanservice pics to all Haruna fanservices pics.

    2. The Majong part was an epic joke, it’s meant the three of them were totally playing different games on their own special rules that only make sense to the three of them. (which is the complete lack of rules.) The most hilarious part is it key you in that it wasn’t Majong the moment Haruna tossed in the footman from a different game entirely. I just laughed at how Seraphim spelled out her love, skill, and hobby with her own special set of character Majong. XD

    3. I finally see one other guy in this world as bad with girls as me…

    1. – Yuu technically *did* win, albeit with the equivalent of a 5-of-a-kind Ace of Spades sort of thing.
      – Haruna chucked a piece into the middle (even though it was a Shogi piece) so she…had jack squat.
      – Sera lost spectacularly…or maybe won spectacularly. I’m not sure what that Kanji would count as 0_0

    2. -Watching the Mahjong game is like playing Mao for the first time >.>. It probably made sense to them (which makes it funnier)
      -I just love how Sera uses Tsubamegaeshi for EVERYTHING and how Haruna uses Mystletein. Knew it was gonna be a funny episode when they first started playing Jenga

      *everyone stares at Jenga blocks*
      Sera: Hiken…..Tsubamegaeshi!
      *reaches for Jenga blocks and removes one normally*

      I was like WTF!?!? and cracked up.

  24. Kyoko is definitely the killer. Her being hospitalized makes for a great excuse if anybody starts to suspect her. Anyone who thinks Yuu is the killer should get Mystletainn kicked and then sliced into a million smaller pieces by way of Tsubamegaeshi and NOT brought back to life. On another note, this episode wasn’t really all that funny. I got one or two laughs and that was about it. It’s not a bad show or anything but I was expecting it to be funnier I guess. Level E, on the other hand, completely blows this out of the water… just sayin’. XP

  25. Guys, did anyone notice the instrumental piece of music played when Orito drown in sulkiness down the bowling lane after finding out much to his shock about the girl trio living at Ayumu’s?

    I reserched it, because I knew I’d heard from sometime ago, long ago. Then, I found it.

    Wakare no kyoku (Piano Solo) – The 22nd track from the Full Metal Alchemist (first anime series) third soundtrack.

    Check it out: Start playing the episode at time – 14:17, that’s when the song starts to play.


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