「後悔なんて、あるわけない」 (Koukai Nante, Aru Wake Nai)
“Absolutely No Regrets”

Sugar, spice, and everything nice — I don’t think any of these things are actually used to make a Mahou Shoujo. It’s more like deceit, despair, and lies! After watching just how Kyubei turns a normal girl into a Mahou Shoujo, something just felt wrong with the whole process. It might have been the creepy shadow behind Kyubei, or the words he used while talking to Sayaka, but watching him yank out Sayaka’s powers right from her chest just didn’t sit right with me. Maybe because the spot where her powers came out of just happened to be right where one’s soul normally sits? And if ripping the powers out of someone wasn’t bad enough, after hearing Kyouko’s twisted strategy on how to harvest grief seeds, I wasn’t sure what a Mahou Shoujo’s purpose was anymore.

Besides watching Kyubei seize every chance he got to try persuading Madoka to become a Mahou Shoujo, there were a few other surprises hidden in this episode. First, I never thought that Kyouko would be able to get the upper-hand in a one on one battle. After Sayaka got beat down, I was hoping that her hot headed attitude and desire to win would allow her to pull off some kind of crazy retaliation attack — which she almost did! I remember yelling out in excitement after watching that look of hope flash through her eyes only to get depressed a few seconds later after Kyouko maintained her dominance. Second, after such a serious talk between Homura and Madoka, I never expected that Homura would be the one who would save Sayaka at the last second (I was rooting for Madoka to step in).

Ever since last week’s episode I’ve felt that Homura wasn’t as cold as she tries to be. I can’t help but think that Madoka’s earnest personality is what cracked open Homura’s cold outer shell. After that talk from earlier, I’m not sure I’ll be able to buy into her cold attitude anymore. Plus you can’t deny that her hair flip right before the ending sequence was probably the smoothest way anyone could enter battle.

Another question that’s been bugging me is how a Mahou Shoujo’s powers are chosen. After hearing Kyubei describe Sayaka’s superhuman healing abilities due to her wish being used for someone else and Homura being an “irregular” Mahou Shoujo that Kyubei may or may not have made, I instantly started thinking about how all of this could apply to Madoka. Just hear me out, but seeing how this is called Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, I think it’s safe to assume that Madoka should become a Mahou Shoujo at some point. What if the “ability” she wishes for is actually the other Madoka in the opening sequence — the human form for her “ability”? And if you remember when Mami was talking about Madoka’s potential, what if Madoka could somehow become a Mahou Shoujo without Kyubei’s help like Homura possibly did? While all of this is only speculation, I’m really rooting for Madoka to be able to shine in some special way. As each episode passes by, I can’t help but feel my brain flooding with more theories in anticipation of Madoka turning into a Mahou Shoujo.

* I love Sayaka’s navel and look at that nail tattoo! <3




    1. lolz i was bummed too! i mean, how they ended it was so sudden! i just can’t wait another week to see the next episode! DX i’m seriously getting too engaged with this show! it’s close to toppling k-on!! omg! what am i saying! k-on’s still my nambaa wanu! XDD i’m loyal..lol

      you seem to be forgetting the opening scene of the first ep, kyon..we are yet to find out what happens when we alrdy get there.XDD i wonder if madoka’s really going to turn into an MG.

    2. I have been thinking Madoka is already a true “natural” magical girl (just like Nanoha in her series), she just doesn’t know it. It doesn’t have to be forced like the Kyubey is doing. I bet she is going to explode into a Mahou Shoujo all on her own. Kyubey wants to get her under his thumb (does he even have a thumb?) by tricking her into making a wish. I also would not at all be surprised to find he is the true “villian” of this series and the final end boss.

    3. Homura is a real tsundere. Saying stuff like “give up on Sayaka” and stating that she can’t assure anything to Madoka. Even with all that she rushed in when Madoka was close to making the contract.

      Kyubei somehow gave a hint that Homura might be from another time plane(as previously noted by people here) most likely from the future. With him stating to Kyouko that she(Homura) did make a contract with him and at the same time didn’t. So it kind of close to the “another timeline” theory. Kyouko’s one mean badass by the way, she really has the advantage during her skirmish with Sayaka, with her experience and all. Still, Sayaka did alright holding her own.

    1. That’s an excellent point, when I was watching Sekirei it seemed like they spoiled every other episode with a sequence of a character supposedly down for the count up and swinging. Adds to the suspense. They give you little or nothin!

  1. Wow, what a way to leave us all on a cliffhanger. Looks like we’ve gotten exposure to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly side of the Mahou Shoujo trade and I just can’t wait for the next episode to come.

    Given my trade, I’ll have to say that the one scene where Sayaka is peppy and energetic created a nice contrast with the background music, which sure sounds sad and lonely, as if weighted down by imminent tragedy. I’ve got a feeling that tragedy will come up soon.

  2. I love how Sayaka didn’t meet her demise in this episode. Everything was leading to it and yet she defies the odds. Keep on living!

    Homerun chan is cute. I love her attitude because she cares, but she cannot reveal too much info. It’s maybe part of her contract.

    1. i’m actually becoming impressed with sayaka’s determination and courage (unlike madoka). so, i’m also glad she didn’t meet her end here…yet. DX man, who’s gonna die next..

  3. my faq!! BEST EPISODE YET!!! AND DAMN THAT CLIFFHANGER!! just when i thought i’d see mah homuhomu-chan in action…tch!

    anyhow, i really love the battle between sayaka and kyoko!! i was literally glued on the screen anticipating how the other would attack and counter. kyoko’s becoming my favorite as well after homura and mami despite being b*tchy!! lol. i love how she uses her lance. it’s awesome! XDD the moment the tip of their blades met was cool. LOL(yeah, i’m alrdy in awe with just that XD) kickass gals are love! XDD

    twist for me, KAMIJOU NOT BEING AN INGRATE! lol. yeah, i didn’t expect that.

    and homura’s time travel theory just boosted here. just try remembering what kyubey told madoka about how the wish influences the MG’s ability. you saw sayaka healing fast ne? then one must’ve notice homura’s other ability at the end. it’s seems she halted the time.. meaning, her wish has something to do with time!! O__o man, am so excited!

    Overall, an excellent episode for me. nuff said! XDD

    1. Don’t be too happy yet. There’s several was to screw Sayaka. Having Kamijo be nasty is one but another would simply having him die.

      I’m seriously leaning towards him dying when Sayaka said the line about her happiness. Spending the rest of your life fighting to live, when you wish just goes downs the drain sucks

      Zaku Fan
  4. You know, when Kyubei said that Sayaka get Super regenerative power because of her wish, I started to remember Mami wish.

    Mami wish must be some kind of let me live or something like that right?

    what if she capable of self-resurrection ?

    1. I personally interpreted it as more of a backwards foreshadowing, where Mami made a selfish wish which left her with a fragile attribute. This could explain why she uses guns, which in games, often indicates a powerful, speedy, ranged fighter who has terrible defenses.

      One way or another, it adds a bit more depth into the Magical Girl contract, and provides a theory as to why Homura has a shield-like discus for a weapon: She tries to save other (or certain) girls from the contract, and her wish could have potentially been to revert the contract on a friend turned mahou shoujo.

      Just my speculation from the given content.

      God, can’t wait for the next episode. One week is so long. >.<

      1. somebody mentioned about that shield homura has…here..

        Another thing I noticed just from viewing, is that the symbols that are on her shield, I guess it is, is very similar to the magic circle or whatever that was around the enemy that homura was fighting in the dream sequence of the first episode, no idea what significance that holds, but just something I noticed.

    2. Mami made her wish when she was dying but she wasn’t dead yet. It will probably be some sort of healing, and certainly wouldn’t save her from DECAPITATION and being MUNCHED INTO PULP. Also, this episode outright tells us that the dead don’t come back. Face it, she’s gone.

  5. As soon as I saw Madoka freaking out, I knew Homura was going to come and save Sayaka, considering it seems like she will do anything to keep her from becoming a magical girl.
    I’m also wondering what the consequences are if you don’t keep collecting grief seeds. Probably quite horrible, and if that is the case, then Kyouko’s actions may have been somewhat justifiable, but considering what we’ve seen so far, she only seems to do so out of greed.

    On a side note, I’m loving the nail tattoo thing (Did Mami have one too?), and Sayaka’s transformation sequence, though low on nudity, was still really fun to watch. And agreed, the naval (piercing?) is awesome. I wonder if all magical girls have that, like the nail tattoos seems to be, or if it’s just her own thing. I just love those little touches like that.

    (Why is Sayaka’s apparent theme the moon? Just cause she’s the blue one?)

  6. seems like the theory about witches being fallen magical girls is finally debunked.

    familiars become witches and witches make familiars. magical girls bodies will just end up in the otherworld or eaten as in mami’s case.

  7. another failed attempt to get Madoka into the world of Mahou Shoujo…
    nice save there, Homura 🙂 and I like her power (so far), hope she pulls off some more bad ass attacks…
    this show keep throwing out dark stuff… but that is exactly the charm XD
    and is it me or the other “Madoka” in the OP more “mature” than the one we have?

  8. I dont know about u, but i dont trust Kyubei. He doesnt seem to have a strong interest in the witches, the magical girls (actually he doesnt care about what will happen with any of them and even cared with the Mami’s death) or the humans being killed…

    I have a feeling that he is evil and is manipulating the events to take Madoka’s soul. When i think about these 5 episodes, i see how insistent he is being and it doesnt make sense to me ask for Madoka’s help instead of Mami’s (since Madoka was a normal girl and Mami had superpowers) when he was about to being killed by Homura (a character that i trust, so one more reason to suspect of Kyubei).

    And in this episode where we see Sayaka’s becoming a Mahou Girl, there are a lot references looking at the pictures: the red sky, the shadow that projected from Kyubei, the ritual and the sad face of Sayaka (and the sensation that she commited a mistake), he taking advantage of the fight to force Madoka change her mind…

    I dont know, its just that, it seems to me that something is really wrong with this guy.

      1. Given how the series is unfolding, I’d take it more seriously than it was just the thing it was sitting on. I noticed it and wondered if it’s “real” form came out during a contracting. Then we see that it’s just sitting on something, but in a series like this, that sort of thing is never accidental.

      2. @Avalanche

        i’m well aware of that. XD but you must notice that it’s symbolical. that shadow is very telling. you’d wonder why they took an angle like that showing him having nine tails. say, why not just 5 tails or 2?

      3. Maybe you should google “9 tail fox” and wade through the Naruto hits. The wikipedia page for kitsune includes the term “kyūbi no kitsune” to refer to that. “Kyūbi”? Different characters for 9 tails but pretty damn similar.

        Maybe meaningless, or maybe the old lore won’t help understand the story, esp. since the Creature might not be a fox, but maybe it will.

      4. @junk
        i’ve known about what those 9 tails indicate. but my point was; if that shadow was merely nothing, why actually make it 9 tails given how it’s related to some demon fox. with this, i think kyubey’s more than what he seems.

  9. this episode was awesome!!! i kept on rewatching the fight scenes. shinbo really knows how to direct fight scenes. and the cinematography today and the backgrounds are beautiful. so homura’s power would be related to time, i guess. she stopped time to save sayaka. cant wait for the next episode. ^^,

  10. Even if he seems to merely be sitting on a Cthulu statue to achieve the desired effect, the ninetails shadow is an interesting piece of symbolism for Kyubei.

    Also, ‘Kyouko used Toxic Stab’.
    ‘Sayaka takes 241644 damage’.
    ‘Sayaka is immune to poison’.
    ‘Sayaka regenerates 233111 health’. 0_o’

    1. if she regenerates, that’d only mean she can’t simply die with just being hurt. well, unless somebody abrubtly chops her head off maybe.but still if she heals fast..she heals fast *shot* L0L.

    2. a very plausible theory: homura is the future madoka. now, the OP self-yuri(sort of L0L) will make sense. XD i’m going to post that awesome theory i’ve read about later here. XD it’s lengthy though…

  11. Damn it! I’m beginning to hate the end card/art since they usually have Mami in that.

    Sayaka’s Unlimited Blade Works lack polish. She could have learned a thing or two from Mami and her muskets with tea.

  12. It’s quiet strange that not many people like kyouko.
    I think she is the most ‘fitted’ mahou shoujo in this anime. every single mahou shoujo becomes one because of desire, not for justice nor life saver. even mami and homura. And kyouko is just so well made for that world which is filled with death, desire, and violence.
    personaly, I like kyouko the best now.(Ah, of course i admit that she is a selfish bitch. but I like THAT)

    1. dontcha worry man, i also like kyoko(she actually reminds me of nao yuuki from mai-hime) but just as 3rd though. and i agree that she’s the most fitted as an MG. i think she’s just being realistic. love her weapon! xD

    2. I don’t like the fact that she is ready to kill the rookie as soon as she gets the job. Meanwhile that evil lil furball says nothing to her regarding it. I wonder if Kyubey = satan?

  13. Sakaya’s gonna die…. I mean THIS IS A DECONSTRUCTION of the MS(Maho Shojo, not Mobile Suit) genre of anime. Like we turn up the despair on MSR Nanoha and made the hero angstier, a bit lame but still at the awesome level.

    The Enigmatic Moondoggiebuiscuit
  14. speculations in the forums about madoka being a “true” mahou shoujo that grants people their hopes and wishes is plausible. even the theory that you mentioned with madoka being able to transform without making a contract with kyubey is a contribution may support the forum theories… or perhaps this may even be a theory that stands on its own…

  15. i am getting a feeling that Mami is still alive, i mean Sayaka’s special trait as a Puella Magi is regeneration because she wished for someone’s recovery, what about Mami, what the hell is her wish? she wished TO LIVE right? then what kind of special trait would she inherit from that? xD

    1. maybe mami has several lives so she can escape death. or she has the ability of resurrection. L0L.she can manipulate death? XDD i wonder if this might be a hint of her being that witch at the opening scene in ep 1. the said witch looks hard to kill,so maybe it’s her. or with sayaka’s regenaration ability,she may also be that one.

  16. Kyubey is still evil. Nice save Homura. Best fight sequence so far. Unlimited blade works not as good as unlimited rifle works. Sayaka is definitely too idealistic and naive. Kyoko has the coolest weapon imho, never seen a chain spear before in anime.

    Ninja Penguin
  17. Am I seriously the only one who didn’t get evil vibes from Kyubey? The only part that seemed dark was the symbolism and the weird power transfer thing. If you were a tiny furball of evil who wanted to create as many Magical Girls as possible, what’s the point of having them fight each other? On the other hand, I also see how it could have been staged to try and get Madoka to make a wish.

    Did anyone else notice Homura’s line? Something about it being futile to raise the dead or something?

    1. Perhaps evil isn’t quite the right word because it suggests that there’s some sort of ill-intent behind one’s actions, but there’s certainly something…amoral about Kyuubei to me. I sort of get Mushishi vibes from him. Neither good or bad, he’s just like a factor in the world who can cause suffering as easily as happiness…or something.

  18. Actually i hope she never becomes a mahou shoujo but she probably will and because of Homura. I’m thinking somehow Homura’s world reset or time travel wish is broken and she’s about to get killed by witch Madoka (episode one) and Madoka has to choose to escape and let Homura die or step in as a mahou shoujo.

    Ending would be Madoka killing herself after they win.

    Zaku Fan
  19. Damn, the cliffhanger is killing me!!!

    Yet, once again Homura saves the day… and it seems that Kyubey’s evil intention is slowly revealing. And also, Kyoko is such a bitch but I like her lol XD

    kyubey is watching you (◕‿‿◕ )

    (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) (◕‿‿◕ ) 

  20. Here are my theories (/W-‘\)

    Homura’s past & “Magical Girl Madoka”
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Second part about Kyubey’s identity & the magical girl system
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I apologize for the embarrassingly long comments, Takaii. … … ( ◕‿‿◕ )

  21. I’ll say it again, “utena, Utena, UTENA!!!”

    The sunset skies, the elevator, roof-top garden, fancy binoculars spying on others from a mysterious high place, oddly designed still pretty school, use of shadows and silhouettes, the drawing of something important from the chest as the drawee falls back, the designed elements like the high fence, gateways, ect…. the silhouette of the girl falling into the flower-bed and petals flying up, the freeway overpass… SHAFT is seriously referencing the both the Utena TV series and movie.

    Even more: pitting the naive innocent wannabe heroine against the cynical, selfish senior; the value of friendship; the question of how much you are willing to sacrifice for others; the situation is not what you think; the deliberate manipulations; how well do you really understand what you have gotten yourself into? As individual themes, they are quite common; all together presented with this aura of misdirection is rare.

    The video editing is similar too: the quick cuts to faces, objects/places, the odd angle views of charas, the way the cuts show us the Thing (as I must call it now) at moments of dialogue which must be key but we don’t know enough yet to understand…. gah! Even the music during the confrontations here reminded me of one of the movie’s themes.

    What a great series for creatively brave people to use as inspiration!

    Just a final thought for those talking about Mami and her wish: maybe she didn’t wish for her own life. Surely she hadn’t been by herself in that accident. It would make her comment to Sayaka more potent.

    It’s older animation, pre-digital animation and the first part of the series was done on an indie budget (small)

    1. Whoops, misplaced that last line about the animation quality of Utena. I know some of ya’ll were weaned on the shiny new digital stuff, but lots of the older stuff is worth watching even if it looks cheap at first!

    2. But you see, Mami seriously couldn’t stress enough about not ‘wasting’ the wish. She wouldn’t consider her wish a waste if she was saving her Mother or Family, what have you. Cuz in all honesty, wishing yourself out of a car accident when Mami possibly could’ve survived without the wish (though this show probably ain’t that cruel. So lets say she could not survive), is still not that BIG of a wish (maybe a little less than Saya’s wish). Madoka’s is probably going to be a wish that’s either
      A) Mami resurrection (resurr of other’s may vary. Like a mass resurrection)
      B) Power to ‘save’ everyone?
      C) A 2nd Madoka (?) Possibly one for the Majo side of things and another for the Human side of things. Thoughts and memory connected perhaps? So it’s essentially one Madoka
      D) Something sadistic. Kills someone by accident? At this point who really knows

      1. If Mami’s wish is described as having been wasted, then the only clue seems to be connected with her having wished something for someone else and then being disappointed with the results. This was a big deal to her and she was pretty vocal about it. It seems like she’d only feel strongly about it if she knew for herself.

        The problem with making a wish for someone else is that it is easily “wasted” if the wisher doesn’t get the result she wants and other people are unpredictable. If you are honestly just wishing for someone else’s benefit, okay. If you are wishing for someone else in order to get their love/gratitude/ect, you may not like the result. If violin boy leaves the hospital and never sees Sayaka again, and Sayaka just wanted him healed so he’d love her, her wish will have been a waste. She may be happy he was healed, but she still didn’t get what she really wanted. If she made the wish knowing she might never see him again, then she can be satisfied.

        Example for Mami’s case: Mommy didn’t love Mami more after she wished for Mommy to survive, then maybe she will think she wasted it. In this case, I wouldn’t suggest Mami now wished her Mommy had died then, I’d think she regretted not making a more useful wish. Another possibility: maybe her wish was wasted because she made it in the panic of the moment, not sure what happened/was going on, and made her wish out of unfounded fear. She thought Mommy might be dying, but after wishing Mami learns Mommy was ok all along. Mami wasted her wish on another person who didn’t really need the wish. Wish wasted because it was for another person. Just a possibility, like all the others.

        It was just that of of the possibilities that had been mentioned when I posted, wishing for someone else hadn’t yet been mentioned. (wishing for her own life, revenge, ect, I think had been). I do think the show has the potential to say Mami could not have survived the accident, it’s a sadistic show so we can assume it will be quite cruel.

        I wouldn’t begin to start guessing Madoka’s wish (if she caves). She’s too kind (bad for mahou shoujo! remember!) She wants everyone to get along. She doesn’t want anyone in pain. She worries a lot. That’s all I know.
        Until more things in the OP show up in the series, I’m not one who will speculate based on OP; OPs are often just fanciful things that never literally show up in the series. If this OP is just fanciful, misleading, or foreshadowing, I have no idea yet.

  22. Im hooked on the whole idea in getting an egg to become a mashou (shortened it). It looked like Kyubei actually kills them first, like take their soul out of the body, then creates the egg which then gives life back to the body. As long as the eggs on you at all times?

    I mean you have to start thinking a little ‘Dark’ to to get close to guessing what’s going on in this series.

    Seriously Kyubei comes out in my dreams and I wake up ready to shit myself.

  23. The imagery, pacing, and motif of this show is truly fantastic.

    The art work reminds me a lot of Hidamari Sketch. A completely different kind of show but with the same high quality of imagination and artistic skill.

    I really would like to see this one come to the US on blue ray 1020p with skilled voice acting that would grace the quality of this work.

  24. ok, here is that theory about HOMURA-IS-FUTURE-MADOKA that is the VERY CLOSE to being impeccable. seriously, it’s the only theory that i see to REALLY MAKE A LOT OF SENSE! i even found myself mind-blown the first time i read it.

    i am going to use spoiler tags since it’s very lengthy. CREDIT GOES TO TRIPLE_R!

    Show Spoiler ▼

  25. and there’s also this hellish-cycle theory by MeoTwister5..

    Show Spoiler ▼

  26. I just finished watching Episodes 2-5 in one go after dropping it earlier. The “future theory” seems to be my guess also about Homura. One thing about Mahou Shoujo shows is that dreams are important, so the first scene in episode 1 is most likely a flashback or flashfoward.

    The powers concept is interesting also. Sayaka gets super-regen from her healing wish. I have not seen a clear representation on Homura’s powers, but it looks a lot like teleportation. I think we can theorize what her wish was from just that.

    1. From this episode it looks like Homura’s power actually stops time, going by how the water droplets stopped moving while Homura was moving. Hmm, more support to time-travel theory?

  27. Hmm.. That one point in the show made me raise my eyebrow too: How their powers are chosen. So based on the skills each Mahou Shoujo has, you can take little guesses at what kind of wish they made. This is kinda FUN! LOL WHERE’S VICTORIQUE WHEN YA NEED ‘ER!? >8}

  28. That was maybe the most engaging episode of an anime I’ve ever watched. Homura stole my heart with that battle entrance.

    Aside from the first ep. its amazing how much each one just leaves you dying for next week to come.

      1. Of course I’m already expected something like that. At least it will be published after the anime is aired, for now I have time to enjoy reading comments here without any spoilers from manga readers (and the mandatory “this anime sucks, the manga is way much better” comments). Just to clarify though, I’m not against it, thanks to you I will be looking forward on it as soon as it is release 🙂

  29. My personal finalised theory
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Now to see if any of that happens. This is getting to be as fun as Angel Beats

    Zaku Fan
  30. just read a partial translation to the rest of the ED’s lyrics. if the 0P is in madoka’s perspective,the ED is in homura’s.

    the lyrics are pretty spoiler-ish. and I found myself kinda tearing up at what homura was telling.

    T_T homurun, i am here. i’ll comfort you. T_T

  31. Hmm Kyubei has to be some sort of nine-tailed fox demon. I wonder if he is connected with youkai legends- like how the mahou shoujo has a nail tattoo might be a sign of possession- because I read somewhere that one way a fox demon can possess a human (normally female) would be to slip under the fingernails. And don’t some forms of fox demons feed on human spirits? Kyubei does have the power to appear in dreams, and maybe even create illusions.
    Grief seed like hoshi no tama?
    >.< I want to research more into this.
    Anyway, I agree with the Homura cat theory~ just have to wait and see.

    Tala Grey
    1. i’m actually torn into w/c is more likely: homura-is-future-madoka theory or homura-is-a-black-cat theory. but i think it’s the former. but they’re also good things that do support the latter theory. the 0P itself,and homura’s traits.XD

      i might end up being crazy after this show ends with all these mind-boggling speculations. XD

  32. a quote from the manga:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    these lines are pretty much telling something. it could mean,there’s ANOTHER way that madoka can become an MG aside from a contract w/ QB. does that cat from the 0P have something to do w/ this?(if homura-is-the-cat is false) or madoka does have the power herself to turn into an MG w/o QB? hmm..

  33. Oh oh idea! What if Homura was a Mahou Shoujou that was brought back to life by her friend? And then her friend died or something because the price of the wish was too high…? It explains Kyubei’s “may or may not have made Homura” cuz then Homura would have been the result of another Mahou Shoujou’s wish, which Kyubei granted.
    But then Mami couldn’t come back to life, huh…. I don’t know. it sounded better in my head.

  34. “What if the “ability” she wishes for is actually the other Madoka in the opening sequence — the human form for her “ability”?”

    You have no idea how right you might actually be… I have no idea how I’m going to get through a whole week of waiting. 6th episode was beyond awesome.

  35. I was thinking after reading some of these theories and doesn’t Homura tell Madoka “Do not wish to be someone/something else” in one of the first episodes? Could that maybe be her wish “to become popular”(someone else)wich would turn her into the Homura we know and love?

    Btw sorry if it sounds stupid not really good at thinking stuff through.

    Conspiracy Theorist

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