「ええ、京豆腐どすえ」 (Ee, Kyoutoufu Dosue)
“Yes, It’s Kyoto Tofu.”

Something about all the little quirks in this show make every episode that much more interesting. Starting off strong with a shaky cam of a little Haruna and Sera kissing and blood sucking action, I was pumped for some fantastic fan-service scenes. But after the discovery that vampires in this world actually have to suck blood to survive and that biting someone doesn’t change them into a vampire, there wasn’t a whole bunch of anything early on in the episode. Besides for a nice bath scene and hearing Korogi Satomi (Ushio from Clannad) voice Ayumu’s fantasy Yuu, it felt like the usual slice of life with a piece of harem pie on the side.

But as I’ve said before, this show is able to take that slice of life and throw it right out the window in favor of transitioning into something a little darker and a little more serious. But what’s amazing is how it still manages to keep the jokes and humor going strong. I know that I felt my mouth hit the floor after seeing Kyoko alive and kicking. Watching her meet Ayumu, flesh and all, really surprised me. But what really dumbfounded me was after she revealed that she was not only the serial killer, but a Masou Shoujo, and apparently a vampire that has multiple lives. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an overpowered combination of powers.

After a fairly impressive battle with Kyoko lying on the ground dead, I couldn’t help but feel that the battle went just a little too well. I mean, I thought it was pretty cool how Ayumu managed to suck some of Kyoko’s powers out of her (just like with Haruna!) and I don’t think it will ever get old watching him be a pincushion for everyone else’s weapons. Of course, with such a crazy combination of powers I’m not surprised that they come with so many benefits — like having over ten lives.

The first thing that I thought as the episode came to a close was pretty close to “Damn, things just got real”. I’ve been dying to see Yuu actually participate in battle, and I guess the only way she’d release her monster powers would be against something that’s equally overpowered. Here’s hoping that next week’s episode has some kind of awesome all out battle! Also, even though at first I hated Sera’s attitude toward Ayumu, I almost died from laughter after she coughed up blood to just fix her insult toward him.




  1. Well here’s to Yuu next week where I hope she gives us 10 different methods in killing somebody. It would be funny if the other three sat on the sidelines and just spent the entire episode couting how many times Kyoko gets killed before she stays dead.

    1. Warning: Possible spoiler for next episode Show Spoiler ▼

  2. awesome episode… a bit shocking too.
    the beginning could totally mislead people…
    Yuu join battle sounds cool… though it would be funny if she has to take her armor off to unleash her power… XD
    can’t wait to see how our little harem kick butt 🙂
    though I am curious how Kyoko got all of her powers, by killing people?

  3. I win. Kyoko was the serial killer. Gloating aside, this was the best episode so far and I hope I can see that about next week’s episode and so on. Great, another person who won’t die, even if they’re killed.

    Hmm, so the dog was a megalo. I’m curious, all of the megalo besides him have been enemies. I wonder what other ‘good’ megalos there are.

    I wonder if the cat that seems to appear every episode has anything to do with the plot, because when Kyoko mentioned she had about ten lives left it reminded me about cats with nine lives.

    1. Actually, that’s what I’m thinking as well when she said she have more than 10 lives left.

      Overpowered and having more than a dozen lives… yep, sure sounds like Berserker, alright.

  4. Ayumu zombie strength to force open the door on a naked girl screaming ‘pervert’! Yea, awesome.

    Kyoko was no surprise. Still wonder why she slashed herself last episode though.

    Dai-sensei was amusing too, she gave off a very Orsola-like feel from ToAruIndex.

  5. There’s an old lady who talks to herself staying in the hospital room Kyoko was in… that can’t be completely insignificant. Maybe that scene was actually from the past, and Kyoko resorted to killing people to sustain herself?

    As for last episode’s suicide, maybe she just needed a way out of the hospital and thought that faking her death would be the simplest route?

  6. One of the best, if nor the best, episode so far. I wonder why she has all those powers and why she is looking for Eu. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode, hopefully Eu will use her powers to deal with her however I feel all of us that are looking for Eu to kill her until she has no lifes left might be disappointed because as Eu mentioned before, death hurts.

  7. This is now my favorite show of the season (something I didn’t expect), and this is probably my favorite ep so far. Good fan service, several LOL moments, a good fight scene, and a couple of nice plot twists/surprises – a little of everything. Definitely looking forward to next ep and see Yuu (is it “Yuu” or “Eu”?) kck some ass.

      1. Are you sure Kyouko, this villain girl this episode is included in his harem? Or is it the real Kyouko? Is there even such a thing as the real Kyouko lol? No seriously, I wanna know if the awesome Ayumu can even capture a lunatic like Kyouko lol.

      2. I got these info from forum of lowyat and also animesuki…Those forum-ers read the light novel and that’s how they get so much advanced details…Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Pretty nice episode. Fanservice was suppreme. And i’ve actually kinda starting to like Sera a little more too. Especially after her’s and Ayumu’s kickass doublekill on Kyoko. And when Sera coughed blood, that was hillarious.

    My guess is that we’ll get to hear Yuu speak in the next episode. It just kinda looks like an situation where she needs to do something she doesn’t want to do. Wich is in this case, speaking. Sinc it was mentioned earlyer that her words carry powerfull magic, my guess is she’ll say a word wich holds such power.

  9. It was great story-wise but there was some slip production-wise. They weren’t able to make Kyoko’s power seem overwhelming because they didn’t show show amazing attacks like the fight against Megalo. And when Sera was cut down, it felt like a little fake; because Sera out of the blue says “ugh” and Kyoko is pointing her sword from behind alive. They should have inserted a scene really short scene of Kyoko creeping from behind with an evil aura followed by a sword slash then Sera falls down.

    Ya, i know i am complaining but it is just that everything was perfect so far.

  10. I’m loving this show although I didn’t like the drop in quality at during the last part of the episode. I mean if it hadn’t been for the jokes that fight would have been dull and boring. I’m guessing that her(maybe ‘their’) ultimate goal is to capture Yuu and take her powers or something along those lines. Kyoko is already super powerful but she most likely doesn’t hold a candle to Yuu so the only thing left for her to do would be to go after Yuu’s power. Oh and my guess for next episode is that Kyoko will attempt to attack once, decide she’s no match, and retreat leaving everyone to wonder what exactly is going on.

  11. Good ep, I would imagine those powers come from the souls she harvested, I wonder if her multiple lives are from the multiple souls she have, maybe thats what she meant by immortality. I would also imagine she gets some of the powers of the people she killed, so Yuu’s power equals epic win

  12. I can’t hold laugh (even though I watch this in the office during lunch break) when Ayumu change to masou shoujo, and then all three girls in the graveyard , Haruna, Sera even Kyoko, calling Ayumu a pervert…”I realize now words can cut like swords!” lol.

    ay ya ya ya ya
  13. A heavily fan serviced episode. I loved it, the fact that Studio Deen can continuosly make this show interesting on a weekly basis amazes me. The fact that Kyoko is the real killer didnt seem suprising at all as I had my doubts since last weeks ep. What came to me as a suprise is that Kyoko is a masou shoujo, vampire, and zombie. IN my opinion Kyoko is an ability copier or what not as such an overpowered being can only be the result of multiple copying. Aside from being a serious episode the show still continued with some comedic scenes, Ayumu being called a pervert by everyone and Sera calling him a piece of shit never gets tiring. As for next weeks episode I cant wait to see Yuu finally in action and hope that if kyoko is really an ability copier that she doesnt get Yuu’s powers.

    1. Makes you wonder how she got those powers. Did she kill a magical girl, zombie, and vampire to get them? Or are some of the serial killers victims a magical girl, zombie or vampire? Its still possible for her to end up in his harem if she is possessed by some evil force controling her and they break her free of it.

      1. Think she’s not a zombie or vampire (though has some similar power to vampire as Sera said, it wasn’t quite the same). Her multiple lives are explained by her already: She’s performing serial killings to gain immortality, thus her spare lives are presumably from the souls of the people she killed.

  14. Possibly kyoko’s some form of undead but not a zombie or vampire. Perhaps a form of mazoku from her killing people for the night king thing?

    Sera was surprisingly weak. At least in terms of sword combat she should be able to hold her own. Yuu has some sort of precognition or is just really smart (as i don’t think Ayumu exposed her prescence to them) to want him to not go.

    Ayumu hiding in the doorway peeking would be what any man would do under the circumstances :p

    Zaku Fan
  15. Watching Ayumu become a pincushion now has a sad element to it: every time it happens, Eu feels the pain. Ayumu may not care himself about it, but he needs to be more careful about it if he cares about her — and he evidently cares a lot about her, and not just out of gratitude.

    Very interesting that Kyoko knows Haruna, and hates her.

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