INS: 「秋色のアリア」 (Aki-iro no Aria) by 小清水亜美 (Koshimizu Ami)
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「ケイトの朝と夜」 (Keito no Asa to Yoru)
“Keito’s Day and Night”

It’s always the quiet and diligent ones that we need to be careful of, whether it’s in the bedroom or the karaoke room, as Keito quickly showed us this time around. You think you know someone, and then they they do something that leaves you absolutely speechless. Tetsuya sure wasn’t kidding when he said the things that happen at part-time jobs can go far beyond one’s wildest imagination. Keito’s pop version of the “Aki-iro no Aria” maiden song doesn’t quite have the same epic feel to it as Sakana’s “Monochrome”, but it sure is epic in its own way. I was already amused to no end when they made her out to be a huge hypocrite, and it only got better when Takuto caught her in the act. I would’ve figured this was a good trump card to keep on Keito, yet Takuto decided to keep it a secret and get into her good books instead, marking the first time that it actually looked like he made a pass on one of the girls.

From a broader perspective, this episode quickly reminded me of an advantage to having characters with alter-egos, allowing the high school and Cybody aspects to be flipped between seamlessly even this late in the series. Kou and Madoka are prime examples, quickly joining in the end of summer festivities right after being introduced as some new antagonists on the Zero Time side of things. Regardless of whether or not that was the goal of having alter-egos, it sure executes well in hindsight, as nothing comes off as excess, lighthearted, fan-service-type material when all the characters are involved in some way. At the same time, it provides the same type of entertainment, and from Wako of all people too. Sometimes, it makes me forget there’s a robot element to this series at all.

Coincidentally, there always seems to be some interesting developments when Zero Time isn’t involved, and this week left me wondering about the somewhat depressed look Takuto had when Wako talked about her childhood with Sugata. I wasn’t sure if he was recalling memories of Natsuo and Hana, thinking he shouldn’t be getting in between Wako and Sugata, or something else altogether. Then there was the picture inside his pocket watch, whom I presume is his mother. There’s been mention about how his father abandoned him, but nothing about his mother thus far, so I wonder if that was a bit of foreshadowing on some discussion that will come up later on.

Story-wise, I’m having second thoughts about Reiji and Keito after seeing how they’re both supportive of Sugata in some form. The two of them seem to know the most about what’s going on and have been seen conspiring together, but the question is to what end? While it’s easy to say that Keito might be doing it for the bedroom benefits of awakening Sugata from his deep sleeps after he uses Samekh’s powers, the same obviously can’t be said about Reiji. What’s more, Tiger and Jaguar know that Keito’s a maiden, so I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Sugata did as well. In any case, I like how this series keeps me and just about everyone else guessing since it’s an original story, plus how a potential Sugata x Keito pairing makes the Takuto x Wako one seem like less of a home wrecker one. It’s just too bad neither of them seem to be himself in the preview.




  1. I wonder what the duties were of the other maidens. We know that Wako purifies herself in the cove, but what did the North and West do? Still I’d say that it was an offering of Soma to Sugata in order to revitalise him.

  2. PWNED

    Madoka just used her first phase and at the same time she’s using her star sword. Could it be that those with real marks can bring out their star sword outside zero time?

    Apparently, theres a hidden meaning behind King’s Pillar lol.

  3. That… ending…. The weekend needs to come by faster.

    Also, not really important but, I don’t like where this is going relationship-wise only because I don’t like Wako with Takuto. I was actually hoping for the seeds to a TakutoxKeito pairing would form here.

    1. Not sure how likely this will be in the ending but I’d always kind of felt they were hinting at there being something with Sugata & Keito from at least as early as ep 10 (eg. 07:53-08:11 when they’re all playing baseball and the interaction between the two as she goes up to bat.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I also think that the series will end with none of the pairings being official.

        its a harem except the fact that there is another person besides the main character who attracts the same ladies. the other anime I know that has something like this would be the to aru series(touma attracts the girls as well as misaka).

      1. Now, how is that SugataXKeito specifically? Can’t that just be Sugata not wanting to be in an arranged marriage?

        Not everything in anime is made for hinting at pairings, you know.

  4. the bedroom scene at the end sure made me drop my mouth… crazy is an understatement here…
    “It’s a wonder” would be the theme of this episode…
    keep a girl’s secret is always the first step of a romance… but guess Sugata will make a move first…
    can’t wait for more to come

  5. I love Keito and Takuto’s expressions when Takuto caught here singing. Best moment in the series for me, especially when Keito was talking about how “immature” those actions were.

  6. Two things I have a hard time with in this series…

    How all the folks wear these disguises in zero time to battle Takuto and then they go to school together and no one can tell its their classmates? They are just too clueless. Especially those characters that have unusual hair colors or hair cuts.

    For the famale lead Wako is just bleh. She is probably the least attractive of any girl in the series and is as bland as plain yogurt. I don’t see why either of the 2 male leads would be interested in her.

    1. Don’t think too hard about it.

      Anyways, I always thought of those 2 new Kiraboshi members as too bitchy for my liking.

      I like on how the subbed version, the translators added their own comments like saying Keito is a rapist :3

      Suppa Tenko
      1. My computer is to slow to see whether the doctor called her a man or women, but judging by the look and long hair im assuming thats a women. Plus I was thinking takuto and sugata were brother since red + blue = purple (head). and they were both born on the same day.

  7. Just curious but why is Sugata going into a coma again. He’s used the kings pillar in ep 7 randomly, to support takuto against Takashi once, to beat Aingott once, and uselessly against Hegent. So why after all these uses he coma’s this time?

  8. lol my knee jerk reaction was that she was raping him to restore his libido and that this is done to him every time he uses kings pillar and whats sad about this is that its messed up and sem to make sense (in a twist anime style sort of way) however i honestly hope im wrong because if im right this show just pulled a ‘time release code geass manuever’ where it starts out seemingly soft and ends up the most messed up thing youve ever seen on television

  9. (correction(s) to previous post in order : *seems /(twistED…) )

    Also does anyone else think that most of the pairings people seem to want are not only unlikely but also premature considering the type of show!! I never never seen a mecha anime program that hanst completely dissapointed me on the pairings front simply because the protagnoists always have somthing better to do then pursue romantic relationships

  10. While, most of us probably know Keito is probably doing some kind of maiden ritual or something, so correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there 2 ways to break a maiden seal?
    It’s either destroy her cybody or the maiden loses her virginity before passing on her seal to their successor, right?

  11. That is just what I was going to say. Everytime Sugata uses King’s Pillar, he loses some libido, and Keito has to make hot love with him to restore it… or they could just make him some clam soup. I heard it does wonders for one’s virility.

    Suppa Tenko
  12. lol the karaoke scene…
    and the last scene just made me go O________O?????

    as for pairings… I don’t see any chemistry with Takuto & Wako
    & there’s a BIG chance he won’t fall for another so I think in the end it’s going to be
    Takuto&Wako or Sugata&Wako or Sugata&Keito?
    or Wako wants both so Wako&Takuto&Sugata

    1. Why is everyone suddenly throwing Keito into the mix like she’s any more relevant than she was in Ep 1? Remember there’s non-maidens after both main guys too. Benio and Tiger have liked Sugata for awhile, and Kanako is taking a liking to Takuto, not to mention Mizuno and Marino…who are the same person.

      So basically, each girl has an equal chance at each guy, in that none of them will get a chance to do ANYTHING AT ALL before everyone is swept by the end plot twists. PERIOD.

      Leave it for the fanfiction.

      1. this of course assumes that there won’t be a second season of this later-which im thinking is a possibility we can’t rule out. There are a lot of things i think have not been resolved yet hand we have what 6-8 episodes before the series ends i think its possible. Also i want to know something -WHAT IS TAKUTO’s FIRST PHASE-its probably something really powerful but not useful normally like restore a mark that has been removed or seal away something ect… its probably something he can’t use for combat at the very least.

      2. There are only 22 cybodies, each based on a letter from the phoenician alphabet. Only four have not yet been revealed. Plus, where the hell do we go after the fifth phase? Cybodies in space?

        It seems much more likely for this story to end with this series.


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