This chapter: 40% Silly, 60% LOL

Only the Strawhat crew could make a hostage situation into a comedic skit, with Zoro’s unintentional dry humor, Usopp’s overreactions, and Nami’s teetering between a blind obsession for riches and rationality. The message from Jinbei is finally given, although not to Luffy, but his crewmates instead, so you just know Luffy’s still going to end up fighting Hodi. It’s a bit weird that Jinbei would request this, but the reasons behind it must be interesting, I’m sure. Of course, the second part of the message of meeting him in the sea forest would probably explain everything had the Strawhats not screw up every situation they land in.

Out of sheer ridiculous coincidence, the mermaid princess also wants to go there, so Luffy hatches the brilliant plan of hiding her in Megalo. Again, pure ridiculousness. I did laugh pretty hard though. I have no idea how a shark could enlarge that much to fit her, but it’s One Piece. Also, just because she’s inside a shark, it doesn’t mean Decken can’t still target her. In fact, it’ll slice the shark instead. Oh well, the date begins for real now!

Other than that, Chopper and Sanji appear again, showing off a new “point” for Chopper. It looks hilarious and cute at the same time, reminding me of the squareness of Kaku’s zoan giraffe form. Perhaps an inspiration? He calls it the “kung-fu point” though, even though it looks like an extremely unwieldy form to be performing any sort of “kung-fu.” Sanji needs some serious moments though, his weak point has been exploited far enough!

And so, the arc slowly, but surely, elevates in excitement.


  1. I liked how understanding the Princes seemed to be. It’s almost like they know shit goes weird when the Strawhat group is involved.

    Also, Decken’s way of “sending” in an army is quite brutal if you are part of the army. I wonder if he can throw himself, lol. The army should mostly be fodder, except he could have sent in fishmen pirates from the alliance.

  2. Chopper’s new Karate Point reminded me a lot of Fukurou from CP9. Which is odd seeing as Chopper only encountered Fukurou very briefly during the Enies’ Lobby arc. This also makes me wonder if Chopper has mastered his Monster Point form.

    But dear lord that image above is classic Oda shenanigans.

  3. Luffy is being an ass to the sweet princess. You are no one to talk, you cried and even fainted at the death of your sworn brother you wimp!

    Megalo has gained my simpaty. Best pet shark in One Piece.

    Lectro Volpi
      1. No, what Kiiragi is saying is that those are 2 completely different things. Luffy crying because his brother died in his arms does not make him a wimp. Someone being afraid to go outside does make them a wimp. I sincerely hope you’re not serious

      1. If I was not clear, yeah I was not being serious. In fact, I was devasted when Arlong park made a parade over Ace’s death and Luffy’s face with gifs and funny images, that was a 4chan type slaughter.

        So you can cut that shit out Mr. Flying Puppy.

        Lectro Volpi
  4. Megalo….. He is giving it his best. how awesome is it going to look next week with luffy walking around with that…. think floating around him like thos dinosaur balloons from “We’r back!*…. epic

  5. Sharks breathe by passing water through their mouths and out of their gills. How on earth is Megalo breathing with the princess inside blocking his mouth like that 😀

    Yeah, I LOLed a LOT this chapter. Zoro describing the missing members had me rofl.

  6. ROFLMAO! That pic is hilarious! I don’t read the manga so I don’t really know how it went down but I can just imagine Luffy pushing and shoving her down the sharks throat. lol I can’t wait to see it in the anime.


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