「三人の日曜日」 (Sannin no Nichiyoubi)
“The Three’s Sunday”

After seeing Takuto and Sugata out of character in the preview and suspecting that something was up, it wasn’t all that surprising to learn that Kou and Madoka were the culprits behind it. It was a bit predictable in that sense, but that didn’t take away from what followed suit with some really tough maidens who aren’t so easily fooled. I just like the way the two new Vanishing Age mambers have stirred things up a lot since joining the cast, and Keito’s been looking more like a heroine than an antagonist lately because of their antics — a welcomed development if it means a chance of seeing a grown-up version of her and Wako pretending to be idols again.

Admittedly, it did feel like a rather convenient cop-out for Kou and Madoka to not have any interest in seizing Takuto’s powers and breaking Wako’s seal with the former’s body-swapping ability, considering how the two of them could have easily put an end to the whole story and brought about the Day of Departure if they wanted to. In hindsight, I guess I should be thankful that the writers even addressed that possibility, instead of leaving it as a huge gaping plot hole.

In Zero Time, it seems like Takuto continues to pull abilities out of nowhere, transforming Tauburn into a jet mode using its Piles this time around. Normally I’d cough this up to just poor writing, but this series has established its over-the-top style on the robot side of things, so it was actually pretty cool to see it all play out. As far as I’m concerned, the more outlandish the better, as it further distinguishes the show from typical robot anime. There’s no need for lengthy explanations when the inner workings of the Cybodies aren’t the main focus of the story. In fact, this latest battle between Takuto and Kou was probably one of the most enjoyable to date for that very reason. The end result was a high-speed battle when it took the skies against Kou’s transformed Cybody with the usual flashy finish, that made good on the absence of a fight altogether last time.

Leading up to all the “fun” on Wako’s birthday, it seems like there’s no fooling the queen of kissing through the glass, as Kanako is quick to point out that Ruri shouldn’t be getting a hickey on her neck for doing so. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that’s the whole point of having “protected kissing” to begin with, but I just love how Ruri’s rapidly progressing relationship is doing wonders on spurring on Wako and her wild imagination. I got a pretty good laugh out of her and Simone’s reaction, as well as Wako turning into one of Sugata’s fan girls as soon as she saw him tear up from chopping onions. It felt a little out of place since she’s never really shown that much interest in Sugata, and even more so when Takuto joined in to add fuel to the fire. I wasn’t sure if that was intended to throw viewers off with the nice little tease at the end with Wako deciding between Takuto and Sugata, but even if it were, I still think she won’t compromise and will want them both.

For now, the preview for the next episode are where the real questions lie, as it looks like we’ll finally learn more about Reiji’s past and who that mysterious person seen hospitalized back in episode seventeen. Head seems awfully close to whoever it is, which I really don’t know what to make of since he looks like a guy to me. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

* P.S. Those were some horrible presents on the surface, but the sentimental value was really sweet. It looks my suspicion about the picture in Takuto’s pocket watch being his mother was right too.




  1. lol… pile being useful once again…
    the preview also seem to suggest that Sugata is making a move?
    Maybe Head is into BL XD
    I am still curious about why Keito stop hanging around with Wako and Sugata… the story is just getting better each time 🙂

  2. NO! Head can’t be BL! He and Keito for life!!!!!

    That’s what I would say… if i actually gave a damn…

    Can we get back to our outlandish robo-duels again? I mean, this was a nice diversion, but I can’t wait to see this end. Imagine how epic it could be if THIS is how they build things up.


  3. Well, next week’s new Cybody the last of the Cybodies to be revealed, since it’ll be the 22nd out of the 22 Cybodies named after the Phoenician alphabet. After next week, the only “new” Cybody to actually be revealed will probably be Samekh.

    I’m still wondering who has the rest of the Star Swords, especially since they’ve only shown 9 of the supposedly 12 swords.

    1. Actually not true. Besides Samekh and Gimlock (Ginta’s Cybody, which is most likely in the preview) There’s still the Cybody that corresponds with the letter Shin, as well as Wako and Keito’s Maiden Cybodies. And we never did see the North Maiden’s Cybody before it was destroyed, did we? Maybe the finale? Anyway, that leaves 5 Cybodies left unrevealed.

      And as for the Starswords (what were the point of those again?), including the one next week, there are 2 left.

  4. The preview looks like a past-flashback, with Head and …a girl that looks like a younger version of Takuto’s mother?? If so, then it’d support that earlier speculating about Head being some bishie incredibly young looking dad of Takuto, who goes to high school…

    I wouldn’t put it past Star Driver, honestly.

  5. I feel that in next week, it’s the story of Takuto’s parents which would mean that Head and Takuto are brothers. I refuse to believe that Head is the father for the sake of my sanity.

  6. The protected kissing issue I have never seen before this anime…

    Is it something they thought up for this anime series as a plot device or do japanese school girls really kiss thru the glass?

  7. I’m guessing the person with Head is likely somehow connected to Takuto’s mum. Also I can’t recall anything being said about his mum ~ I wonder if something may have happened to his mum and could link back to the Head.

    Also nice for a change to see Wako, not being her usual self.

  8. Awesome first phase by Kou lol. It couldve been more fun if the body switching lasted for a while, but too bad they got caught real quick lol.

    That’s some ludicrous transformation in there by Kou seriously.

    BTW I’d love to see a Tauburn manual if there’s any.

    1. I agree, the Dude with the black hair who Head visited in the hospital is takuto’s father.

      Here’s my theory: Takuto’s mom and dad and head are very close friends just like Takuto, Sugata and Wako. And just like Sugata who has feelings for Wako, Head also have feelings for Takuto’s mom. I believe its like history repeating itself kinda thing.

      This also explains why Head sees a lot of himself in Sugata.

  9. Wow, just how many power-ups Tauburn have left? If Tauburn is like this since the beginning I don’t think any other opponent would want to fight him, of course it is a requirement in a series like this that the main character have to have some form of “its a pinch” problem so the power-ups would appear to be a valid upgrade. Thank goodness the focus of the series is outside Zero-Time, because the story doesn’t seem to go anywhere in it as 1/3 – 1/2 of it is spent on the same flashy transformation scene of Takuto.

  10. The episode getting better intense and unvealing new move or cybodies every eps. Not just the usage of first phase power from every character that related to Glittering Crux and the good guys except…

    from wht i can see so far till now is that we know there are 12 star sword but so far we seen
    Show Spoiler ▼

    also if anyone notice that in the
    Show Spoiler ▼

    how many cybodies is left that is still functional that we know of…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Every week is a must to follow up and big thanks to Divine wonderful bloggin as well ^^

    1. 1. I already stated all this in an above post.

      2. This is all speculation. Do you have any proof to cite?

      3. There are only 6 Cybodies active or functional ad of this episode: Tauburn, Samekh, Gimlock(vanishing age), The South and East Maiden’s cybodies, and whatever cybody goes with the letter Shin. 6. Not 13. Though this isn’t taking into account any that may be repaired later.

    2. @ Da5id

      well like i said on that state at item 2…its just speculation but dont you ponder after so many episode and only after the west maiden seal was broken not to mention after Tauburn upgrade…it shows more clearly on the opening and extra few second ending on the episode…look at the design of the cybodies head shown and compared it with the King cybodies tht shown momentarily after that

      item 3 – well we know there is 22 of them but we are still missing a few – currently so far its only 19 ^^ plus the cybodies with the letter Shin as you mention
      there one King and 2 Warrior by far right ^^

      1. 2. I don’t speculate when there are no hints to speculate on. There’s no proof that Tauburn’s change was caused by breaking the seal. It could’ve been he just wanted to win more than usual. The rest of that comment I don’t quite understand because you don’t seem to use proper punctuation.

        3. No…there’s 5 left unseen. So if you’re talking about one’s that have been revealed already, that would be 17, not 19. And I don’t recall any non-king Cybodies being called Warriors.

  11. Even as weird and outlandish as it is, I just lvoed this episode so much. The new Driver girls’ stealing the boys’ bodies and trying to molest their closest female friends was squeeable to begin with – especially since Sugata’s and Takuro’s voices stayed the same! Sexy ‘dark personas’ fetish fuel! >XD – but to have the girls see thru the ploy was unexpectedly badass, particularly Wako’s determination to protect Takuto even if it meant hurting his body physically. It resembled a survivor’s resolve to not lose their friend to a zombie infection, like, “I want him to live, but if you overtake him, I’ll make sure he dies as himself!” Also: on a small fangirlish note, I was happily surprised when ‘Sugata’ yanked down Takuto’s shirt front without warning, and while it’s so-so I’m okay with the Driver girls’ reason for not ending the series right then and there.

    I’m really starting to agree with another fan’s speculations that Reiji may be Takuto’s dad in some sort of time-distortion guise, and the comatose figure is actually Takuto’s mom. Can’t wait to see more! Thanks so much for blogging this!

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