「灰色の狼は同胞を呼びよせる」 (Haiiro no Ōkami wa Dōhō o Yobi Yoseru)
“The Gray Wolf Summons a Compatriot”

Almost unexpectedly, the story completely shifts focus to our golden haired heroine, and sure enough, my interest meter skyrockets. Whether it’s the sudden fragility she displays, or the endearing blushes exposing her dere, Victorique rightfully takes reign in being the center of attention. After all, who’s the goth(s)ic(k) one?

It is an odd thing to fight over though. A flick to the forehead does hurt, as I did it myself to see if it was worth the fuss, and regretted it several painstaking seconds later. Was there any reason to her overreaction? I thought she was completely pulling his leg, but she kept going with it. It was unbelievably cute no doubt, and it led to a “d’aww they made up” moment near the end. But I started to question why I like Victorique in the first place. Don’t I really just like her for her antics? Does that really make her a unique character? Are they not just simple things that millions of characters before her have done already? Her tiny frame mixed with a mature personality that contrasts her childish behavior seems to tap into that golden reservoir of nut bursting cuteness. There’s just something incredibly HNNNG about seeing a tiny girl move a luggage too large for her, and then when big Kujou decides to help, the silent treatment with puffy red cheeks promptly ensures my heart that it can’t take it. Exaggeration or not, there is definitely a craft to this, an art if you will, and Victorique is a fine mixture created from a history of tried and true personas.

Of course, moe-pandering can only get you so far, and as guilty as I am for being a sucker to it from time to time, a story like this should require some depth or it would just be silly. Thus, we receive background information! For me, none of it was really surprising from the hints dropped in each episode so far, but it was informative nonetheless. I’m unsure if this is just a mistranslation on their part, as it’s also mentioned that there’s a unique ability that the Gray Wolves possess, and for that reason, the Marquis de Blois decided to “incorporate” her into their bloodline. Yeah, that’s what I say to the ladies too. But seriously, what the shit? Is the Marquis some kind of genetic elitist? C’mon, the guy just wanted to sex up the local hot dancer while he was away for “work.” Then he learns she’s a criminal, and decides it had stained his bloodline. Would you believe the conceit of a guy who just had an affair? Perhaps polygamy was okay during this time, but damn. Still, I guess it’s like asking to be adopted by Bill Gates. I’d probably let him sex me too.

Regardless, the next generation always has to deal with the previous generation’s problems, leaving Victorique to clear up the mess Cordelia couldn’t fix. Barring the fact that her mother may still be alive, the village seems terrified of Cordelia, and if she didn’t commit the murder, then the village is either controlled by fear, or they’re all equally clueless. Enclosed villages tend to scare the shit out of me. There’s nothing more scary than the voice of an entire mob going against you, whether it’s to burn you at the stake for being a witch, or throwing stones at you until you die. The village elder seems reasonable enough so far, and they expelled Cordelia instead of killing her, so I don’t think we’ll see any of that here.

A fine start to a new arc indeed. The episode felt “comfortable” and it feels like it’s slowing down a bit, which is a good thing in this case. Throwing Avril away from this mystery was a slight disappointment, but the arc is definitely that of a bond strengthening for our mains instead. Things are getting good again. Perhaps always give shows six episodes instead of three eh?




    1. I thought it was out of character for him to flick her on the forehead like that knowing how much it can hurt. It was such an odd thing for him to do.

      She doesn’t get out much and loves new sweets so he could have whined that she was wolfing down sweets and pissed her off to get the tension going between them and it would have made more sense then him hurting her.

      1. An honest flick to the head isn’t out of character for Kujo. He’s been the outcast of school for the entire show and now that he’s gotten a lot closer to Victorique, then a flick to the head is simply a sign of how comfortable Kujo feels around her. I think he honestly didn’t think anything of it, reason why he was so surprised she made such a big fuss about it.

    1. Are you saying that because of the Bill Gates comment? lol… I would have never came up with that conclusion. But then again, I never like making assumptions anymore about whether or not someone is male or female. I was tricked way too many times XD

      1. I actually Kiiragi swings either way now that I reread it. I mean he/she said “Yeah, that’s what I say to the ladies too.” then the Bill Gates comment, it’s hard to tell the gender anymore… O.O

        Kiiragi is either a girl or the successor to Mr. 2 Bon Clay or both.

      2. Err I think the blogger is referring to the disappointment of being Bill Gates’s child but not inheriting all his billions. I’ve got no idea how that comment implies they’re a girl. They always have come across as a boy from the posts I’ve read.

      1. It seems like a lot of people still don’t get your sense of humor. I thought it was pretty clear this time too, but I guess the confusion is funny in its own way. Now please excuse me while I facepalm when no one is looking.

    2. Now I’m confused…is Kiiragi guy or girl?
      I just took the Bill Gates thing literally. I mean: I am a heterosexual guy, but if sex with Bill Gates can get me into the money/inheritance then I would probably do it too. lol.

  1. good build-up episode… for some reason this loli is pure win for me…
    though it is crazy that she and her mom looks that much alike with the hat? that filthy old rich man must had really weak genes XD…
    and “I’d probably let Bill Gates sex me too” – Kiiragi, lol at you here 🙂

    1. Isn’t entirely uncommon for a person to resemble one parent more than the other. Also, their genes are apparently similar enough that Grevil (that’s his name, right?) has blond hair and green eyes as well.

      1. well one point, the part on how you talk about the reason why Marquis De Blois incorporate Cordelia Gallo into their bloodline, it does not well bode as informative criticism but some rage-bitching in my opinion.

        as such, it made me think this review is written by a different person rather than the one i’m excited to look into.

  2. This is really my most anticipated show each week. Victorica+Kujou and crazy Holmes-esque mysteries? Win.

    But I really didn’t get why Kujou was so forceful when Victorica was trying to pull out her necklace. What did he think she was going to do, strip??

    And also, why are they just hanging out with the Nun that stole that plate? Aren’t they suspicious of her??

    1. About kujo’s freaking out; yes. He did think she was gonna strip. Victorique even knew this when she told him to calm down and let her get out her necklace.

      About the nun, ever hear of keep your enemies closer? If you’re suspecting someone, it’s not unusual to want to get closer to that person to find out their motive, histories, personality, etc.

  3. Am I reading too much into the Victorique moving away from Kujo after he flicked her? I got the vibe that she was abused when she was younger; like someone hit her all the time or something. Maybe it’s all the other anime I’m watching but that’s how I read that scene… Maybe I was reading too much though.

    And ahhhhh Victorique… Really… Really love her. Kujo and Victorique are really the best on screen couple/duo I’ve seen in a long time.

    1. Actually i thought about that too, but i don’t think it was physical but rather some form of psychological abuse. I mean she clearly has no experience on human interactions, and apart from Kujo she instantly hides from everyone and doesn’t want to face then, either by fear of the person itself or because she doesn’t know how to interact with them. So for her something common between friends or family, like flicking her forehead, is blown out of proportions due to the her inexperience and/or psychological scars from her lonely childhood.

      Similar to how she packs WAY too much on her “trips”, she was never allowed to get out and never experienced going away with either family or friends, so she just packs everything since she doesn’t know what to pack/do, she never got the chance/experience of doing it before.

      She’s mature and very childish at the same time and that’s why i like her character. ( Maybe i’m just over analysing this though 😀 )

    1. it’s not her plate, she’s a clerk, a saleslady, she does not own the merchandise, that’s why she said at the train that she’s been yelled at ^^

      watching the wrong subs completely misunderstands some

  4. I liked this Episode, because, she isnt honest with herself, one of my favorite episodes until now…lets see how they suprise us later in the serie………..Kujo and Victorique do make a nice couple…I need the next episode xD


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