「そう、私は死を呼ぶもの」 (Sou, Watashi wa Shi wo Yobumono)
“Yes, I am the Harbinger of Death”

Did I say something about Kyoko being overpowered last week? It’s more like everyone plus Kyoko is overpowered! But in a show where things aren’t overly serious most of the time, its pretty fun to watch both the good guys and bad guys have equally overpowered moments. With Kyoko busting out a combination of moves ranging from a Megalo’s to a Masou Shoujo’s, I was excited to watch just how Yuu was going to deal with her.

From an objective standpoint, I’m not sure how transforming into a Masou Shoujo would help Yuu against Kyoko — especially since all she needs to kill people with is just the word “Die”. Don’t get me wrong though, I think that our tiny necromancer in a Masou Shoujo outfit combined with her usual armor looks pretty awesome. Plus, the change from writing in her notepad to etching the words in the ground with fire looked pretty spectacular to me.

Taking realism to a whole new level, Kyoko’s ability to unlock her body’s limiters was a bit more gruesome than I thought was needed. Watching the skin on her hands and arms melt away from what I can only guess was the intense heat involved, revealing her muscles, was pretty unsettling. But then to watch her go even further and gouge out her own eardrums to prevent Yuu from killing her, I felt strangely impressed with her dedication while feeling a little sick thinking about all her self mutilation.

While I had hoped Ayumu would have kept the upgrade to his costume after his previous bout with Kyoko, he takes the cake and becomes (in my mind) the most badass male protagonist of the season. Watching him not only take every single hit from Kyoko head on, but doing so in the name of understanding Yuu’s pain was awe inspiring. Then to follow up and kill Kyoko enough times to turn her into a whimpering mess, and then not kill her with his final blow — I was smiling with the biggest grin on my face.

This far into the show, I didn’t except to see a slew of new characters coming. But if Dai-sensei (and her outrageously overpowered magic) and this shadow of a dead zombie are any indication of what’s to come; I’m excited to see just how over the top this show can get. Judging from the extended preview, I can only sense things getting more exciting from here on out.




  1. nice fight… and overpowered necromancer is overpowered…
    that firewall is also pretty intense… why all badass character always have badass personalities?
    can’t wait to see where the story go from here…

    1. Either he has some unknown power locked up inside him or just a glint of his eyes getting soaked in blood. Oh well, he was The badass during that scene.

      Lol, seems like the name “Kyoko” is being commonly used this season as a name for characters who get in the way of the protagonists.

  2. I was right. Last week or two I guessed someone was controling Kyoko. I’m guessing the Scooby Gang is going to break the bad guys hold on her and bring her into his harem (I have not read the manga or light novels if thats where this series comes from). Just guessing on whats going to happen next.

  3. nice fight i feel sorry for yuu it seemed painful also i figured psyco girl was a puppet i do feel sorry she is being used and also i feel that the series is just starting to get really good

  4. I enjoyed this episode a lot. Still I would like to hear Eu’s true voice once. Also I was amused that Ayumu was worried that this other “zombie” had been Eu’s lover than the danger he poses to them.

    Does anyone know when the other girl will will appear? I’ve been waiting for her since ep 2! And its already ep 7 next week. I feel like they are either going to gives us a crappy ending or they are just going to return them to their daily “lives.” I feel that this needs another season.

  5. Good episode… It answered a lot of questions from previous ones and then next second brings more questions. As mysterious as ever. Yuu you go girl and save the day until you let your servant finish the deed.

    random viewer
  6. This show surprises me. Like… it shouldn’t be good. It should just be like… nonsense that’s enjoyable but it’s actually a good show. And officially now, Ayumu’s the best main male lead right now. Just epicness coming from him.

    Also, I HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG from Yuu’s imouto scenes.

    Studio DEEN must’ve animated this just to get back into the Higurashi days.

  8. Again, there was some drop in quality in this episode. Some lines sounded cliche because they were combined with the wrong reactions.

    For example, when Kyouko counter attacked Yuu by grabbing her and releasing full power; Ayumu said “ruun!” without moving from the spot not even an inch. The right animated insertion should have been he runs towards Yuu yelling “ruun!” then the explosion knocks him back. You know, actions speak louder than words.

    And the part where Ayumu uses the chainsaw to kill Kyouko’s remaining lives was supposed to be grotesque where Sera and Haruna were supposed to look disgusted but the picture inserted had their looks so attentive looking at the chainsawing that it seemed like they were curious and appealed to see the Kyoko being dismantled.

    I know i am complaining but i really expected perfect scoring for this series. Well Level-E has done everything beyond my expectations.

  9. Even though Dai-sensei looks very cute and all, I cant help but dislike her. I mean, where in the world would you find a teacher letting her students do whatever they want after teaching them magic, then threaten to kill the person that about to kill one of the students who is a serial killer? Yeah, in this anime.

    Is it just me but the delusion of our protagonist just get better by each episode? Neko Yuu is bliss!

    1. I too thought that was STUPID.
      Girl killed countless people and you’re gonna kill da guy who kills her?
      MAn when I heard that line I got so pissed, it almost ruined the whole episode for me.

  10. I think we have a moment of “sudden bad a**” or what ever they call it now. Seeing the MC get surgical with that chain saw, came off almost humorous rather then scary. Then again he’s running around in a pink dress and bonnet, so its kinda hard to take things seriously.

    BTW: Am i the only one half expecting the serial killer chick, becoming part of the MC’s harem since he spared her life?

  11. Yuu probably the most powerfull anime character even i don’t think that goku have any chance to defeat her can kill anybody only with her word could be said more practical than the death note if yuu wish she could kill all the creatures on the earth in 1 second

    Sneaker and Snatcher
  12. “most badass male protagonist of the season”
    My thoughts Exactly 😀
    I love the way this show continues to surprise me; from hilarious antics, emotionally charged action, and the wonderfully lighthearted Ayumu X Yuu scenes. With more characters on the way and the story picking up, waiting for next week will be much more difficult.
    As always, thank you for the lovely review Takaii ♥

  13. When Ayumu was grounded after taking a couple of beams to the chest, I thought he was out. But while (lol) Kyoko was declaring his gross-ness, with the quickness, Ayumu sawed her in half? I had to laugh myself to tears at that part. All I heard was “RRRRRRNNNNGGGGG!!!” with the swiftness! xD LOLOL

    Great episode. I was excited all the way through; from the point when Yuu transformed till Ayumu’s fantasies. Speaking of which..

    His fantasies are fabulous. :'<

  14. I think the scene where ayamu is about to punch kill the psycho girl was really well done. Seriously, I have never seen an anime character express fear visually and vocally so well. I really thought that he was going to kill her for a sec.

  15. D&D fans surely recognised the dreaded spell: power word kill…
    I was almost sure after defeat=friendship moment the killer girl will join the harem, but we have been trolled and the power behind the villain has snatched her away…
    All hail the most overpowered male lead in the season!
    Now can we have “a certain scientific accelerator” anime? 😛

  16. Blood splatters everywhere in this scene, thankfully they spared us the details. I felt a bit sorry for Kyouko when she’s down to her last life and Ayumu’s gonna beat the crap out of her. After all we still dont know if she was just possesed by that zombie or she’s taking direct orders from him.

    Lol at Sera’s unnamed new technique, what happened to Ayumu helping him think of a new name?XD

  17. Really found this dai-sensei to have no concept of justice. Is Kyoko worth more than 11 lives (if 1 up per life taken)? Or is the worth of those human lives about that of a chicken, cow, pig, etc

    Frankly if this was a full combat shonen ala bleach rather than a harem, i would have expected Ayumu to challenge her threat even if he was overmatched. Hell even Tenchi would have stopped her.

    Other than that, Yuu’s defeat probably lies whith her underestimating her opponent. Since her emotions impact the environment and her armor reduces her power, if she ever gets angry and takes off her armor, currently shown characters would probably all bite it

    Zaku Fan
      1. They really should have put that in because while anime Ayumu’s sentences hit the spot right on the head, his total reaction and meek acceptance to letting his murderer (him among other victims) go is headdesk worthy.

        Wow, the teacher is powerful, ok i’ll just “do the dog” and wag at whatever she says… Great stuff right there.

        Zaku Fan
  18. Although one of the if not the most serious episode this season this episode was still good context wise. I do find Yuu`s transformation a bit random but who cares. Her ability to kill things by just simple mention is one of the most overpowered skills I ve ever seen in an anime series. But Kyoko was truly shocking in this episode I already though she was extremely overpowered but her managing to survive against Yuu suprised me. Also calling Ayumu a badass seems to be an extreme understatement as the guyz could manage to act cool in a freaking Masou Shoujo outfit and kill Kyoko enough times only not to to finish her off. Dai-Sensei coming wasnt that big of a surprise to me as she was introduced last episode. However I did not expect the appearance of the shadow zombie guy, I knew they still neeeded an antagonist for the last half of a seasons but another zombie FTW I didnt expect that. Now only one real thing left to solve who is that girl in the OP and the one who saw Kyoko walking last week.

  19. this episode has shown how much of a disregard the writers of this show have for making any logical sense. The Sensei character has a problem with Ayumu killing one of her millions of students, yet has zero disregard for the hundreds of lives kyoko stole. She must have had the knowledge that all this was happening with kyoko, yet never bothered to do anything despite her “OMG I HAS AWESOME POWERS.” They also somehow try to pull of the sensei’s apathetic attitude as somehow justified. Somehow they have a logic where someone can kill hundreds of people, and so long as they say sorry everything is cool. Yuu understood that death was a big thing and that killing someone actually has a lot of weight. The people kyoko killed had friends and other family that felt the loss of their loved one. And yet somehow kyoko’s existence is worth more.

    Yes its a anime, but come on at least make a story that doesn’t seem like it was made up on some random thought process. I also understand practically every anime/manga story is filled with contradictions where writer honestly wrote themselves into a corner where insane logic was the only way to progress story, but I was actually enjoying this anime until the last two. When a completely over the top anime tries to be serious, it just turns into a complicated mess

    1. See, there's this thing about entertainment- common sense rarely applies.
      I mean, think about it- if Michael Crichton had written Jurassic Park with the real world in mind (which I like to think that he did) then why the hell would John Hammond survive?
      If Ayn Rand had been trying to write about something that would happen in real life, then all of her symbolism would just up vanish, as its all based on an absurd thought process.
      How the f*** did Lost become so successful? It created a tense group of characters and put them in a crazily absurd situation.

      I personally believe that if a writer were to attempt to mimic the real world with their writing, then the result would not be an anime, or animated, or even a comic book (don’t quote me on that, but not even 300 [which was based on a real event] accurately represented reality) So, I get what you’re complaining about, but this is kind of their art. We’re just being taken for a ride. Might as well enjoy it, y’know what I mean?

      It’s kind of like watching King Kong (Jackson’s version) after taking a course in CG animation. Its just ruining all the fun.

  20. What I did not understand is why Kyoko gouging out her eardrums helped prevent Yuu from killing her?

    Yuu’s words have the power to warp reality, so it is not like you have to hear her words to be affected. It is not like the Geass, where you have to keep eye contact. Furthermore, when Yuu said the first “Die” we could see the tree next the Kyoko dying as well.

    That being said, I feel that there is much more to Dai-sensei that she is letting on. That or she is a ridiculous airhead.

      1. Im surprised none of the writers said, “wait, her words don’t need to be heard, its magic… not hypnosis.”
        But i guess they pulled that out of the hat so the girl wouldnt die so quickly?

    1. Actually, in the original novel it does mention that the words Yu says have to be heard. That’s why before Yu enters the battle, she orders them all to stay in a distance so that they won’t accidentally hear the “die” word. For some reason, this is not even mentioned in the anime, and thus, causing confusions.

  21. Last preview made me think that Ayumu might get his own magic powers
    this episode (they literally said something like that in the preview).
    Instead we got this, but still.
    We even saw our vampire ninja go dere in this episode.
    Well.. at least till the end of the fight, she returned all tsun after.

  22. that’s one hell of a bloody episode.
    not sure, but there something about dai-sensei
    that makes me worry more than the one the possessed kyoko.
    i think she’s serious that she’ll slay Ayumu if he happened
    to kill kyoko.

    so far, so good. one of the best this season .. if not the best 🙂

      1. True, any kind of development between those two will probably need to be initiated on Ayumu’s end. Would be nice to see Yuu make a move haha, although her smile at the end when Ayumu was talking about being with her was definitely an indicator of some reciprocation.

    1. Did Ayumu try to get closer to Yuu’s face (maybe kiss her?) just right before Haruna smacked his head with the pudding plate? But,if picking rice in Yuu’s cheek is resulting in fractured arm bone, kissing her might resulting in 180 degrees twisted neck.

      ay ya ya ya ya
  23. Today’s tagline:

    Cross dressing zombie horrifically eviscerates busty naked girl with a chainsaw repeatedly while we listen to the girl’s agonized screams of pain.

    Oh yeah, the zombie is the hero of the story…

    Try telling that to someone who’s never seen the show.

    The Green
  24. Kinda odd how Yuu got defeated even after she’s so overpowered. I guess she was holding back too much that she didn’t defend it in time. (IMO, also the reason why she used Masou shoujo, to use that power instead of her own since it’s hard to control the power.)

    1. If we can trust Haruna’s word, transforming into a Masou Shoujo increase courage and defense.
      Maybe Yuu need courage to kill Kyoko repeatedly.

      Haruna don’t mind bystander(Ayumu)killed in first ep and Kyoko and Dai-sensei seem to have similar view.
      Maybe that is how Dai-sensei teach Masou Shoujo.

  25. Wow gore and unshown nudity while maintaining a level of seriousness, that’s not something all animes can accomplish. You can thank “immortality” for that, but it was a great episode. I really enjoy the fact that everyone can use powerful attacks on each other since no one really dies, making it more fun to watch.

    Intense action this episode. Seems like almost every girl in this show is a mahou shoujo, lol.

  26. Just picked up the show, i know im late but this ep was simply amazing it had everything, evenly distributed OP action, mild nudity, a sense a moral conduct, and badassary! Thank gad he didn’t kill her cuz I was hoping he’s pull the anime: “I won’t kill you even though you killed me and coutless other people.” plot twist.


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