「えへ、学園妻です」 (Ehe, Gakuentsuma desu.)
“Hehe, I’m a School Wife.”

Kids these days are so shameless — talking about their loli loving, gap moe feelings in public. Do they have no shame?

This marks the second week that Zombie has been in slice of life mode, something that I have no problems with. Starting out strong with Ayumu vigorously using his new glasses, I was close to tears when Sera took them from him. After I recovered, I was surprised to find that there wasn’t as much humor in this episode as I expecting — swapping humor in favor of building Yuki and Haruna’s relationship with Ayumu.

Even though Yuki seems to be getting closer to Ayumu, whether it is through her love for dumping different sauces over her food or being her loud and brash self, there was something even bigger that caught my attention. That something was Hiramatsu Taeko (Yamaguchi Rie). Name not ringing a bell? Why, let me show you the girl who’s been in the ending sequence and singing with Manzo the entire time. I better not have been the only one who was curious who the random normal school girl was! I was sure that Ayumu’s harem was finally complete. So sure, that I was ready to start deciding who my favorite girl was. Wouldn’t it be funny if the one girl who seems to be completely normal ends up being the winner in this harem? All I know is that I’m really interested (and hoping) that she isn’t just cast off as a side character.

With Haruna, I actually feel really bad for her. If I were to look at the current positions for who’s closest to stealing Ayumu’s heart, I don’t think Haruna is at the top. Especially when I pair her up with Yuu or Yuki, I’m not sure how she could fair. Still, I thought her casual sundress and pink hat looked really cute and every time her jealous emotions leak out, I like her that much more. Go Haruna!

Like I also said last week, our new boss seems to have appeared. In the form of a seemingly happy looking guy, I can’t help but feel he’s just another person being mind controlled by that “King of the Night”. While I’m sure no one is complaining about these slower, easy going episodes I’m excited to see that things are about to get fired up again. With Yuu apparently missing, I can’t wait to see where things go from here — I’m hoping for Haruna and Yuki to do more fighting this time around!

P.S. Who’s your favorite girl right now? I’m torn between all of them!




  1. AYUMUUU!!!! I love how he knows the value of those priceless glasses. And he’s been putting them to good use. WHAT A GUY! 8D

    Haruna’s jealousy is starting to become more and more intense! I wonder what she’ll do next~!? I can’t imagine Ayumu kissing her willfully but hot damn would that be a highlight of the series! ~kyun ♥

    And WOW that basketball match looked incredible. That girl had a great pump shot! I’d loved to have seen more of it. It got me pretty excited. 😀 [If there’s another show with that kind of entertainment, I’d love watch it.]

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[-IS GAP MOE 4 HARUNA-]<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    1. And let’s hope he’s not a Masou Shoujo either, less coming with his own transformation scene. Two bloody crossdressers repeatedly killing each ohter is just wrong on too many levels. >_<

  2. this episode is in pure harem mode… though you never know, maybe they will throw Dai-sensei into the mix too.
    zombie boss with closed eyes FTW! the kind of character that normally has closed eyes are the most bad ass ones.
    can’t wait for next week, and hope for some good actions

  3. Yuu, without a doubt. Quiet, but she has shown that you don’t need to say a word to be adorable :>
    Awww, it was as if she was trying to act out a conversation between soft toys.
    Takaii, you should probably do a poll for most favourite girl somewhere down the track.

      1. That scene alone boosted her up from number 2 to number 1 on my list. Now, Yuu is #1, Sera is #2 (the cat ears really helped here), Yuki is #3, and Haruna is #4. Trailing behind is Taeko, Dai-Sensei, the girl who delivered the glasses,and Kyoko. Let’s hope that they are all living in his house by the end of the season.

    1. The traits of vampires tend to vary with each writer’s telling of their story that includes them. It’s not like those things are what absolutely make up a vampire, right? We still see her as a vampiric simply for her blood sucking trait.. D:

    2. Kyuketsu Ninja = Blood sucking ninja
      Not necessarily vampire ninja.
      More along the lines of them Chinese hopping vampires than the western interpretation of Dracula which comes from the word Drakulya, meaning dragon, said to originate due to Vlad the Impaler’s father’s association with the Order of the Dragon.

      Random Hobo
    3. Kyuketsu Ninja = Blood sucking ninja
      Not necessarily vampire ninja.
      More along the lines of them Chinese hopping vampires than the western interpretation of Dracula which comes from the word Drakulya, meaning dragon, said to originate due to Vlad the Impaler’s father’s association with the Order of the Dragon.
      Also, Sera x Haruna, Yuki x Ayumu x Yuu. xD

      Random Hobo
  4. Yuu FTW, but Yuki is a very close second. Sera and Haruna are tied for third for me, but for a split second, Sera jumped to second when she went all “Nyah..”

    I think that guy in the end is mostly likely Yuu’s former zombie. It’s always the happy, closed-eyed ones you gotta look out for. -_-

  5. this is one of the rare shows that I’m actually fine with ALL of the females except maybe Seraphim (my type, but…) or the serial killer girl.

    therefore it’s too inhuman to pick one out of all the goddesses, since Ayumu is a zombie and immortal, just let things stay like the way it is, it’s more fun.

    1. That would be perfect to win over Sadou Tarou in MM! lol another harem lead guy.

      Although I did find Haruna finally getting her emotions taking control of her (although I dont think she herself has yet to realize that she is feeling jealous and is in love with Ayumu).

      So I guess in this episode it’s confirmed that Haruna is in love with Ayumu (her dreams, jealous of Yuki, pissed off at Ayumu for turning their date into a group activity, pissed off that he kissed Yuki and even more pissed off that she was the cause of it). All factors indicates she’s a girl in love.

      I dont know if you can consider Yuki being in “love” with Ayumu as I see it as a girl trying to like the guy she has no choice but to like, so I dont really consider it love at all, unless something changes down the road and makes her truly in love with Ayumu.

      As for Sera she is still a tsuntsun with the irregular deredere now and there, and Yuu is well still Yuu with no traces of deredere at all so far (the closes one is her crying over when she realizes that Ayumu accepts her despite knowing the truth about her).

      Man I wonder when things will really heat up when the girls will finally let all out and over the guy, damn that would be a MESS! lol after all it’s an all out battle of the supernaturals.

      Just as you said, Takaii “I’m hoping for Haruna and Yuki to do more fighting this time around! ”

      I am also hoping that the two girls will have more fighting over Ayumu and hoping the rest of the girls will join in! (Including Taeko! I hope she realizes Ayumu’s situation and hopefully be the norm for the poor guy lol!)

  6. Can I claim the Harem route, and claim i like all the girls thus far? No honestly I like em all the same. All have their own quirks and cute points so ^^;;

    Unfortunately tho, Charlotte from IS would whoop all their asses imho XDD

  7. It’s another enjoyable episode to watch, I totally love it. But, I kinda worry about how this series is going to end– given that the anime starts to spin off from the novel and that it’s produced by Studio Deen…

  8. I HOPE there is a winner in the harem.. cause unlike some anime, when it comes to harem its like when an anime is like on the last episode, all the girls will stick with the guy and ends it with a happy ending making all the girls the winner and no losers if u know wat i mean

  9. It’s Yuki and Haruna fight!
    This is the best episode so far, and the best anime series I’ve watched in a loooooooong time!
    Well, at least since Angel Beats.

    I’m guessing Haruna will win – because she’s the first character to be introduced, and she’s always the first one to be on character lists, ending previews etc…
    I think she’s an even more important character than Yuu!

    But I really like Yuki and I will vote for her anytime! She works really hard, and I would like her to fall in love with Ayumu, and be glad that they tangled together.

    I hope the ero-glasses will come back. It was too short and we didn’t get enough time with them!

      1. No, Kuudere is for the tomboyish cool type.

        Yuu is definately not Kuudere. She is the silent and emotionless type like Nagato Yuki. Dunno the Japanese term for that though.

        About Sera, i guess you are right. She haven’t shown her dere side at all so she is TsunTsun until she shows here dere? lol

    1. I wholeheartedly concur, now if only she’d get some development. Yuu/Yuki right behind her though. Then Haruna, then Sera, in that order. (Yes, Sera is the hotness, but the bitch-tone is quite grating.)
      However, whoever above that mentioned that Charlotte from IS would top them all spoke THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

  10. Sera kiss Haruna because if Vampire ninja kiss one of their opposite sex they consider to have been maried
    so does that mean a male vampire ninja kiss the other male vampire ninja to survie in other word Vampire ninja village is populated by GAY and LESBIAN!!!!

  11. Haruna- She beats Ayumu for no reason. I can’t stand characters like this.

    Sera- Same as Haruna, but with more verbal abuse. I don’t find violent, bitchy women appealing.

    Yuki- She’s got a good chance, but the fact that she was forced into this by some awkward tradition makes me a bit uncomfortable.

    Yuu- Probably my favorite. She seems genuinely nice and her flaws add a lot of depth to her character. Plus, she doesn’t get as much pointless fanservice as the other girls, which makes her more appealing IMO.

    The sad thing is, Ayumu isn’t exactly the type of guy I’d see girls actually falling for. He’s more of a wimpy punching bag than a romantic lover.

  12. I actually liked psycho Kyoko, but that’s just me, I guess.
    From the current girls, I like Eu the best since THAT episode. Added lots of depth to her character. Besides, Ayumu already likes her a lot (his delusions XD)
    I also like Haruna because she is such a tsundere. I like tsunderes even if I’m a tsundere girl myself.
    The deal with Mael seems just too forced but I like her speaking with “Ore”. I like tomboyish girls who happen to be cute.
    Sera… I don’t like her really much. Too much abuse and no dere. But I can’t deny she earned a few points with the cat ears.
    Twintail girl has no chance, sadly. But maybe “ordinary” has it’s appeal.

  13. I like all the girls, but in terms of who I actually want to end up with Ayumu I want it to be Eu. Maybe it’ll change when other characters develop more. Haruna’s coming in second now though.

    And Sera is getting cuter by the episode.

  14. Who’s your favorite girl right now?

    Sera by far I am a sucker for ponytail and long hair, especially she has both, now not to mention the most killer body out of them all, those big soft marshmallow can’t wait to see Ayumu grab them by accident one day, he probably died ten times after that literally. Her attitude is bad but I look at it as a challenge when he woo and tame her someday.

    actually according to the side story I read so far Sera and another girl who this anime barely touch will in deed join his harem later on, doesn’t mean she become nice it just she seems to show some feeling.

    Sera – Yuu – Yuki – Haruna I think there be more girls later like Hiramatsu Taeko but they haven’t been fully introduce yet.

    1. Sera’s already shown some feelings for Ayumu. At the end of episode 6 when she and Haruna cooked that egg dish for him, she got mad when he bad mouthed it. The last episode she issued an open challenge to him to kiss her and prove he’s strong enough for her love. This episode she tried to secretly put the cat ears on and do the “nyaa” because Ayumu suggested it. She’s a tough girl who likes tough guys and it must tick her off the Ayumu can be a tough guy but acts like a wimp most of the time.

      She was also staring at him without saying a word with the glasses on for a good 10 sec. before it dawned on Ayumu that she could see him practically naked. Her “you indecent sh!t” seemed more to cover her own ass.

  15. I think that happy guy is the king of night, since he has the same hair and eye colours as Ayumu, and judging from the hair colors of other people, normal people have normal hair colours and eye colours while abnormal vampire ninjas like Seraphim have red eyes… So Yellow eyes are probably undead eyes.

    Suppa Tenko
  16. Yuu>Sera>Everyone else… I think that’s Ayumu’s preference. This guy needs to upgrade his preference in women ’cause he’s not going to be having a happy marriage with Sera and Yuu.
    I vote for “ED singing, normal classmate” girl. She can COOK NORMALLY.

    Anime>Sleep Otaku
  17. last week – didnt care for yuki
    This week – TOMONORI FTW

    how cute is she? When she was talking about liking Ayumu to the other two girls and she starting twirling her straw extra fast. How about when she was holding Ayumu’s arm and Haruna got upset and dragged Ayumu into a store? Yuki didn’t even let go and got dragged along as well! And when they were at the noodle shop and Ayumu stopped her from disrespecting the cow and she looked at him and replied in a cute manner ” dame?”


    I don’t think Ayumu will end up with her at all, but man after this week she sure won me over.

    Jigen Bakudan
  18. Im gonna go with Sera!
    After seeing her put on the cat ears when Ayumu mentioned them, I know for a fact that she has feelings for him.
    She has about the highest tsundere level in the show right now.

  19. Of course Yuu is my fav, but the blonde has certainly turned into a challenger. Must be the blonde hair and for being the only person who is nice to Ayumu (apart from Yuu).

  20. Sera is cute but in no way in hell she is part of the harem. She is just a tsuntsun (in other words a bitch) towards the main guy and her dere moments are not aimed to him. She is not a tsundere just a bitch to some (the hero) and pretty nice to others. Probably thats why despite her being cute she is my least favorite character. In fact I pretty much dislike her.

      1. Not really. Tsundere means tsun and dere in the same relatiosnhip. heck even Asuka from evangelion (original one, not that crap captain Shikinami something) showed some dere. And thats twhy it is tsun-dere.

        Otherwise it is just tsun as far as we talk about one relationship.

        If you are mean to one person and nice to others you are not atsundere. You are just a bitch to that person and nice to others. You are a tsundere only when you are a bitch AND nice/sweet to the same person.

  21. Yuu is definitely first for me. Haruka and Yuki are tied for second because I can’t decide which one I like better. And unless Sera shows some feelings, I’m not even going to count her, even though she’s an awesome character.

  22. I would say Yuki is my fave! :3

    I watched this episode in the middle of the night and had to hold my hand in front of my mouth so that I would not wake up the whole house XD

  23. Weird as it sounds, but I actually like the Masou Shoujos.
    1. Haruna, Kyouko
    Haruna’s lack of clothing ethics is funny. I’d like Kyouko to atoned and become part of the harem too.
    Ayumu is not included. ~_~
    2. Tomonori
    Poor Tomonori, she dislike being called Tomonori but Ayumu keeps calling her Tomonori. Bastard not trying to understand Tomonori’s feelings! Faito Tomonori!
    3. Eu
    4. Sera

  24. Wait a minute, a young-healthy-male-teenager who is living alone in his house without his parents must have a childhood(girl)friend (osana najimi)who secretly love crush toward him! But where is this osana najimi in korezom? No one? this is not right! lol

  25. I loved the part toward the end where Ayumu asked Haruna to be gentle, almost started crying from laughter. My favorite choice atm is 1.Sera 2.Yuki 3.Taeko(twintails) 4.Haruna 5.Eu 6.Dai-sensai.


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