You have no idea how stoked I am with the return of some actual battles. Hodi proves quite capable of a possible “final boss,” and he isn’t even on his steroids yet. I guess he’ll be facing off with Zoro first, who is just a straight up badass now more than ever. But he’s going to attempt fighting underwater with a fishman though? Total suicide… I’m pretty sure Zoro’s going to lose this one, which will suck, because then he’ll be the first to lose his “invincibility illusion of the timeskip.”

Nami might be playing a bigger role this arc, seeing as how it still affects her on a personal level, and that she disappeared somewhere. I can’t tell what she’s really going to be doing though. On the other side of the crew, Luffy crosses paths with Sanji and Chopper, and discovers Hachi earlier than I thought. He’s going to be pissed, and will now have a pretty good reason to beat the stuffings out of Decken.

Ending on Shirahoshi being revealed isn’t that much of a cliffhanger, but the next chapter should be focused on Zoro’s fight. And if Sanji’s bloody noses again shift the story…


  1. Man… Zoro is going to fight underwater, against the leader of the New Fishman Pirates with some steroids for back-up… Sucks to be Hodi.

    Even with this odds I still think Zoro can make it! can you believe it? I can!

    I just can’t accept this “Sanji’s going to die if he sees a beautiful woman!” get over with it already!

    Lectro Volpi
  2. Zolo fight underwater against a fishman? Been there done that. And he won last time too. Way way way way way WAY back during the Arlong park arc.

    Honestly, if Zolo loses this, i’m not gonna be happy. Spend 2 years training only to lose your first fight? come on…Oda isn’t that dumb

  3. There’s no way Zoro is going to lose so fast after the timeskip. It will mean his training with Mihawk meant nothing…

    Also, it seems at this point he isn’t even trying to win – he is just trying to buy time for everyone else to escape. Remember before going underwater his first priority was releasing the fishmen warriors and asking Neptune to help the rest of the crew.

    It’s too early for one of the main villains to be defeated also, so the fight will probably get interrupted. My guess is Nami will do something with lightning allowing Zoro to also escape with the rest of the crew.

  4. I’m sure Zoro’s fine. Though he isn’t the brightest, when it comes down to a 1 on 1, he’ll figure a way out. I mean he sunk that ship the first time we met him and he was totally fine. Probably a good hint that he doesn’t fear the water (meaning he doesn’t find it as a handicap).

    Also Burukku (idk how you spell it in English) is being affected by the ocean water, what I don’t understand is how he’s able to still stand. Isn’t it supposed to completely negate the devil fruit ability? Or does it just slowly wear down when not fully submerged?

    And if Burukku loses his yomi yomi power even for a split second, since he’s just a skeleton, would he even be able to recover? I mean unless the powers coursing through his bones.

      1. Ok now I remember how you say it in English. Sorry so used to watching in Japanese I just forget about the English version of it all hah.

        And I see. That does explain it. I mean if your bones didn’t have some of the applied ability there’s really not much you can do.

    1. His power is in his bones same as how Logia fruits affect the entire body and how Luffy’s bones can stretch. Even if he becomes a lifeless skeleton, once the seawater is removed, he should revive again.

  5. Usopp’s burping plant that “stinks” wasn’t very impressive or effective. My guess with Nami is that she wants to find any treasure (maybe a new log pose) and leave ASAP. Sanji might be fighting Decken first to let Luffy go to the sea forest. The whale throwing up the princess was funny. I will still put my bets on Zoro, but not all of it.

  6. Well, Zoro has the habbit of beating the second-strongest badguy in the arcs. Seeming as just as much fucus is on Decken as on Hodi, my bet is that Zoro’s going to beat Hodi, leaving Decken ready to smash for the captain himself. I mean, after that timeskip, it would be too stupid having the second strongest of the strawhats be defeated in his FIRST fight after the timeskip.

    Well, im not resting on this theory yet, tho. Oda has his habbit of surprising his readers after all.

  7. yeah!!!! zoro action!!!! and possibly sanji action too! i think he was seeing decker approach at the end. hopefully some Bad-assery will ensue. at this point i think they can only lose to weird circumstances

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. Damn i hope Oda and most of the japanese people are ok.. After that crazy massive earthquake we might not be getting any manga and anime for some time..
    Obiously the anime an manga industry will take a massive backstep and many things will be on hold since this has affected the whole of japan in really bad way..

  9. Knowing Shirahoshi, she’ll probably starts bawling on the streets and even further provide misunderstandings that shes being kidnapped.

    And yeah, I hope everyone in Japan are ok. That massive earthquake really sucked for the nation as a whole.

  10. You are forgetting that zoro is under water. His moving speed will be slower while Jones will be drastically higher. Fishman are actually faster in the water, and jones was considered a genius in the army until he left. He ripped off the wall of the building without the steroids. I predict this. Fight goes evenly, something interrupts. Later down the road Jones will fight again BUT he will take the steroids. Although I question of Zoro will be the one to fight jones the second time. Hyzouzo seems incredibly strong, and a swordsman.

  11. Don’t forget that Zoro has had two years training with the greatest swordsman in One Piece, one of the elite. He was able to slice a ship in half without even looking like he tried and is strong enough to be able to slice through water and cut up a kraken.


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