Japan clearly has much more pressing concerns in the wake of the horrific earthquake and tsunami that it suffered, but I just want to provide a quick overview on what’s happening with each of the shows broadcast-wise. As you can probably imagine, most shows are being postponed for a week, some of which go back to last Friday. For most stations, the tentative plan is to resume broadcasts the next week, but don’t be surprised if some are delayed longer. It’s very likely the April 1st start of the new season will get pushed out as a result (and understandably so).


Shows that did not air as originally planned:

  • Cardfight!! Vanguard – 10
  • Bakuman. – 23
  • Suite PreCure – 06
  • Beelzebub – 10
  • STAR DRIVER: Kagayaki no Takuto – 23
  • Dragon Crisis! – 10 (Will be aired before next Monday. Ep. 11 will air as originally scheduled on 03/21.)
  • Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? – 10
  • Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season – 10

    Shows that will not air during the remainder of this week:

  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – 11 (Delaying 2 weeks at SHAFT’s discretion. Episode 11 will air 03/31. Delayed indefinitely.)
  • IS Infinite Stratos – 11
  • Yumekui Merry – 11
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index II – 23 (AT-X on hold while other stations air episode 22.)
  • FREEZING – 11 (AT-X on hold. Tokyo MX may air first as a result. All stations are postponing.)

    Shows that aired or will be airing uninterrupted:

  • GOSICK – 10 (TV Tokyo postponed; other stations continued uninterrupted. A “spring special” will air on 03/25. Ep. 11 on 04/01.)
  • Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector – 23
  • LEVEL E – 10
  • Bleach – 313
  • Rio -RainbowGate!- – 11
  • Starry Sky – 13 (i.e. First half of episode 7.)
  • FRACTALE – 09
  • Hourou Musuko – 09
  • Wolverine – 11
  • Tegami Bachi REVERSE – 24
  • Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! – 11

    I’ll update this list if I learn otherwise on the status of any of the shows, particularly the ones that should be airing.

    * Information is care of syoboi and official websites.


    1. Well with all the houses that still have no electricity or running water, and the continued safety of the nuclear reactors, I would hope that those problems get addressed first. As fans of the medium of anime, my continued well wishes go out to those leading the recovery effort.

      Oh, and although it has already probably been posted…


      Prayers for Japan
      1. It is tragic but the situation does not encompass all of Japan. It also is not possible for every person in Japan to only be consumed by the recovery efforts there.

        They need to re-establish some normal routine. It doesn’t have to be anime, manga, or games right away but if that is what they choose, I am certain it is not drawing from the recovery.

      2. Tokyo is like a GHOST TOWN at the moment. Citizens are terrified of the the Nuclear Crisis, and the North winds that are blowing some or most of the radiactive materials in their direcion. things are already in dire situation. I hope things wont get much worse than it already is

    2. Thanks for posting this; it’s really helpful to see that many things are still okay or will be back on track soon in Japan. After all of the horrific events there, crisis fatigue sets in. Some diversion becomes good, as does some return to normalcy.

      1. Why would Madoka be canceled because of episode 10? It was a interesting episode that explains everything we wanted to know about Homura. Am I missing something?

        On related to the topic, thanks Divine for letting us know the state of the anime broadcasts, unfortunate to hear most of the animes I were watching are being delayed, but of course, relief efforts should definitely be the main priority.

      2. I would be curious what reason they were stating as to why episode 10 would cause the series to be canceled.

        IMO, it was one of the single best episodes of any anime I’ve ever seen (of course, you need to watch the nine leading up to it first :p)

        Jack Spicer
      3. Why?
        I haven’t been watching that series but isn’t it lolicon or something? Please don’t tell me Japan is going McCarthy on us. The blatant censorship is bad enough in America.

        Repeal the Facist Un-American PROTECT act ! ! !
        1. Apparently you have the wrong impression of Madoka, If you think its all fluffy and lolis then you are Show Spoiler ▼

          . Apparently everyone who think its something like that have it all wrong 😀

          I recommend you to watch it now or else you would not get why its generating a lot of interest within the community 😀

        1. well it’s because it’s in their respective genre,(mystery, psychological,etc.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a “mahou shoujo” genre anime. They are just too damn trolled for having our magical girls fall into despair. XD

    3. I totally would understand if all series were postponed. Japan needs its time to recover. Thankfully there were no shows featuring tsunamis or earthquakes (like Tokyo Magnitude 8.0) that would’ve been in bad taste if aired.

    4. I know you don’t regularly do One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto but Could you update us on those to, or provide a sufficient link to where I can find their info? Please and Thank You.

    5. Oh shoot most of the shows I’m looking forward to are delayed. Except for two that is. Man that was some disaster tilted the entire world of its axis, crazy stuff. Hope Japan recovers as soon as possible.

      1. I totally hear you. Japan has demonstrated such resiliency, that I can’t help but be amazed at how they are pushing forward. It’s staggering that the effects of the tsunami were felt as far away as the west coast of America. Moreover, the total damage in Sendai and the other affected areas has been estimated to be 15 trillion yen by some reports. From this perspective, it is amazing that some shows can still air.

        Prayers for Japan
    6. My take? They are pushing it too hard. They should have waited a little longer. Rally strength for the disaster ’cause it doesn’t seem like they are taking the blow too hard. THEY SHOULD. This is the type of disaster that could cripple other countries easy. Japan’s amazing.
      Simply amazing.

      Anime>Sleep Otaku
        1. Yeah at first I thought they shouldn’t even be concerned about entertainment now! But if it means surviving the aftermath of the disaster by being about to afford clothing, food, and shelter, then so be it. ****** balls to the walls. I really think they should hold the shows off though.

    7. I’m willing to sacrifice my anime watching and symphatize with the Japanese people in this time of crisis. They can show the rest of the anime episodes once the crisis level isn’t in a critical phase.

    8. Love and Prayers for Japan… God, I hope there isn’t anymore troubles with the nuclear power plant…

      If you want to donate to Japan, here’s a link to shelterboxusa, the same people who did such an amazing job helping out victims of the Haiti earthquake:


      I’ve been reading about this at http://www.dailykos.com, it’s usually a political discussion forum (although it also functions as a more regular news site) of all things but they’ve been covering the Japan earthquake and nuclear disaster amazingly well, better and faster then the MSM and many other news sites.

      Peace to those with missing or dead loved ones as well as all of Japan. Please chip in as much as you can.

      Repeal the Facist Un-American PROTECT act ! ! !
    9. Ok so to calm the people above about what really happened as to why Madoka will not be aired this week, this are the links:

      According to ANN:

      According to Urobuchi Gen’s Tweeter:
      Translation here:

      So apparently the reason why the episode will not air as scheduled is Show Spoiler ▼

      , and Show Spoiler ▼

      Also, First Impressions, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica by Takaii
      A thread is in their discussing this same topic.

      I hope this will calm down people 🙂

      Japan is in a great crisis now, so as anime fans, the best thing we could do is to pray and hope that Japan will eventually recover from this recent tragedy, they have done it many times before, they can do so again. My thoughts are for the speedy recovery of Japan and I hope and pray that the Nuclear crisis they are facing right now would not get any worse than what is now happening.

      Banzai Japan!

      PS: this is edited, I realized I have mistakes in the last part of my paragraph. Thanks

    10. May Japan recover quickly, may Homura’s struggle end well…
      To SIlivious: F**K You… post with evidence next time. You’ll give me a heart attack…
      Or are you one of the show’s haters?

    11. K, none of the shows I’m following are affected for now. I know the Precure film is postponed because of a good reason: there’s a SCENE THAT FEATURES A TSUNAMI that they have to cut!

      Again, and for the umpeenth time, good luck to Japan. Hang in there.

    12. Many jap works of art, including anime and manga, have seen a turning point in their development during great events in japan such as the atomic bombing in ww2, i’ll be interested how this crisis will change the scene years down the road when they recover. For now…;_; – 決してあきらめない dont giveup

    13. I had assumed Madoka somehow involved the Walpurgis destroying the city with an earthquake/tsunami attack. But its just SHAFT being SHAFT.

      I wonder why SHAFT keeps having so many problem staying on schedule. Bakemonogatari had frequent unfinished episodes, and I heard Vampire Bund and Katanagatari also suffered similar issues.

        1. poor SHAFT, a small newspaper delivery company that took on way more subscriptions than it could possibly deliver

          also, I didn’t know they made Negima?!, that was a pretty badass opening

      1. It’s likely because the majority of stations will have to re-air last week’s episode, so it gives the studio a reason to 1.) recover from the natural disaster themselves and 2.) not feel pressured to get another episode out this week.

        By holding off for a week, the stations will go back to airing shows in the original order too. The same goes for GOSICK, where the stations in other regions that aired episode 10 a few days ago — TV Aichi, TVQ Kyushu, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi — won’t be airing episode 11 this upcoming week. TV Tokyo will then be back as the first station to air it on Fridays.

      1. Does that mean you don’t need my season preview anymore?

        The short answer is yes, it is too early for Random Curiosity’s preview, given the scope of it and how I’m probably covering more shows on a regular basis than most sites out there.

    14. I find it amazing the number of people, not here but other sites I visit, who are complaining and whining about the lack of anime/manga and making ridiculous statements as to how their plans are ruined and how badly they are affected and inconvenienced by the recent and still on going events in Japan.

      It boggles my mind and I’m just absolutely flabbergasted at how thoughtless and utterly selfish people can be. I honestly cannot begin to imagine what kind of mindset is needed in order to begin thinking like that. Just turn on the TV or look at a newspaper/site and try to take in the images for even just a second, surely it doesn’t take anyone with half a brain cell to realize the scale and sheer devastation of what’s going on.

      I just wish these people would look beyond their own puny and pathetic lives, try stepping out of their own shoes and into the Japanese who were affected and attempt to comprehend how insignificant their own “misfortune” is during this catastrophic event.

      I apologize for the rant, but I had to get that off my chest.

      1. @Duh While there are indeed some tactless morons everywhere that take the pretense of not caring about tragedies to the point of rubbing it in everybody’s face (like this douche – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjLgRBUwi94) and they piss me off just as much, I don’t believe the people here on this site are guilty of that.

        Most of the posters already gave their condolences on the other thread and having done what we could, we’d only want to indulge even more in products from Japan as a sign of further support. I know I would, and there’s nothing particularly selfish in that.

      2. thats because random curiosity is a (mostly)friendly and open anime blog so there are less people who will try to troll or be negative here since its mostly positive enough and harder to poke holes when a lot of people can justify/block the hole your seeking.
        its because most people would respect what they write in their sites so they will follow their lead if they will comment. and also because of fear from being different from others, and possibly shunned/persecuted, like if a site will talk very badly on a show, chances are they will also support him on the bad things on the show.

        ah well, this might give me a chance to check up on other anime if im not too busy this week. except for kore wa zombie ka desu and star driver, the others that I watch arent gonna air this week. im betting japan can recover around a week or so anyway, their cool and collected.

      1. It aired, though the sub I watched had a map of Japan on it which I think listed tidal wave hit locations.

        Wikipedia states that it won’t show reruns of the show, due to
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Which isn’t entirely far-fetched.

    15. A bit bummed about Infinite Stratos and Index II’s late broadcast, but that priority seems so much lower, huh? We all probably live in US/Canada and I wouldn’t mind if all the current anime were stopped for weeks. Hopefully the worst is over, and this is the final nuclear meltdown

    16. i’m suprised they still have power t broadcast the shows lol least we know what happening Japan’s still well over a year to overcome whats happened but atleast they are pushing those extra 2 steps each day

    17. I don’t know how Japan will recover, but I have heard that things are not well with the nuclear power plant. CNN states that there is serious structural damage to the faculty. In addition, due to the radiation, helicopers have to dump water into the reactor from feets in the air in order to avoid the radiation. What makes matter worse is due to the structural damage, some of the water is leaking out. Without the water, they can’t cool down the rods used to control the nuclear reaction. Things are not looking good.

      As for those who say that it only affects Japan, that radiation will (if not already) go into the atmosphere. Don’t know if it is enough to cause problems worldwide, but the surrounding 30 mile area will take years to recover since the radiation will most likely remain(even if they stop it now) and the land will be basically devoid of life except for roaches and one species of bacterium.

      Sorry, if I scare anyone, the situation is bad and can get worse.

    18. theres a certain amount of gilt in watching my regular shows at the moment, as it seems unlikely any one in japan can be sitting laughing at bleach filler when news pictures and stories leave my stomach turning at the tragedy of strangers.
      i see that long shot of the reactor and wish for a Gundam to swoop in to protect a nation.
      reality sucks and my donation wont go far enough.

    19. Japan WILL pull through this time of great peril! I know it, we just have to keep our spirits up for them as they have during this devastaing crisis. Also please don’t take this the wrong way anyone but why do many of you not like nice sincere caring characters in anime whether male or female. I’ve seen on other blogs that other anime fans put down these types of characters just because they’re geiunly kind, helpful, and courteous to others.

    20. Been so overwhelmed by the events this past week that I hardly even have the mood to catch up on my anime stuff.

      I was originally planning to go to Japan to study later this year, but now I might have to wait a bit and see how long the nuclear fallout lasts, as last thing I want is to end up with undesired superpowers caused by genetic mutation.

      Kinny Riddle
    21. Apparently it seems that Madoka will not be airing this entire March, or rather the series is cancelled if I will interpret what was in the blog here. It seems to have credible sources:


      If the reason for the cancellation is its apocalyptic nature of the last two episodes, then I don’t think it will air anytime sooner. For Madoka fans out there, let us hope for the best.

      If not then our only hope for ep11 and 12 will be the BD/DVD release.

      (Zwei have post this same news in Madoka ep10 thread)

      1. Sigh…
        There goes my loli-apocalypse-death-is-the-only-option-dim-hope-die-and-die-again anime. Infinite Stratos and Index is my only remaining comfort. That and the thought of some of the Madoka haters died in the tsunami. If Shinbo wants a slice-of-life boring-to-death unrealistically-happy anime then he should rather make a new season for Hidamari instead of ruining Madoka’s unhappy plot.

    22. Japan has taken a serious ass kicking from Mo Nature. I’m giving them a load of slack. They have bigger and crazier things to worry about. Hope they come out of this sooner rather than later.

      pagan poor
    23. Tokyotosho showed a TS-Raw of Gosick 11, gonna download it just to see if its actually a new episode or a mislabeled repeat of Episode 10. Will post a update whether we should expect it or not. As for the disaster, I wish them a safe and speedy recovery. I only wish I could help more, since the donations are kinda low compared to Haiti and Katrina. 日本の皆さん, 頑張ってね.

      1. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-03-19/anime/manga-releases-delayed-after-quake/part-iii

        I don’t get the meaning of “preempt” here, not because I am dumb, but because there are so many rumors flying around that Index and IS is now officially cancelled for this season and the remaining episodes will not be shown that I am worried…. I hate DVD and BLU rays because I as a follower of subs will forever be appalled to dl a 1.5GB movie file..

        1. They used the word correctly. When talking about television, internet or radio broadcasting, when something is preempted, it means that something caused a broadcasting blackout and the original programming didn’t show due to something else of higher priority, like earthquake coverage or a governmental speech, or due to some other reason, like technical difficulties.

      2. I just changed “preempted” to “replaced” in my head when I read that post – using “preempted” sounds quite strange to me anyways. Not that it’s being used wrong, just unusual to use it that way.

        Anyways – that ANN posts suggests that IS is still airing, they’ve just moved its time slot to (late) Thursday night now instead of (early) Friday morning. As far as Index goes – it’s a JC Staff production, who are still airing Bakuman and Yumekui Merry, so I see no reason for them to “cancel” Index unless they’re having issues getting the staff who work on it into the office. Times/dates might get shifted of course, but they’ve not officially announced any such cancellations that I’ve seen.

        1. Which is why I’m worried… It’s used in an unusual way. The Japanese are not idiots and English is as easy as pie. So why use “preempt” in this type of sentence structure? That’s kinda unprofessional.

    24. Also on torrents over the weekend was Kimi Ni Todoki the live action movie. I liked it for the most part. But a few things I didn’t like… Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Uh… That was announced since last week? You guys just found out today?
        Wow… I feel like an insensitive jerk/stalker that only cares about the Japs due to Madoka.
        *goes to the emo corner*

      2. GAH! I NEED MY HOMURA FIX T.T <<<< makes me sound unappreciative but it's TRUE.

        @keiOnD I thought someone was impersonating for like half a second you since I didn't recognise your dp. =P

      1. According to NHK, it’s undecided what will happen with Moshidora’s daily broadcast. The series is scheduled to air weekly on Fridays next season, so it’ll likely get pushed off until then. Premiere date is 04/07 at 24:15. See syoboi for details.

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