「もう誰にも頼らない」 (Mou Darenimo Tayoranai)
“I can’t depend on anyone anymore”

Well, I can honestly say that I didn’t see any of that coming. I know that we just learned about Homura’s ability to stop time, but I never thought that she would have the ability to travel back through time. I suppose the notion that she’s someone from the future isn’t entirely incorrect, but it’s not like she has a future to return or anything. While I think it would have been awesome if there were some time paradoxes thrown into the mix, the fact that Homura has to relive the worst days of her life over and over really hit me hard. I mean, it was fun at first watching her train to become a more skilled Mahou Shoujo, but as the episode went on I couldn’t believe how ridiculous things were getting. Ridiculous in the fact that Homura continues to go back in time only to end up not saving Madoka from her horrible fate. On a side note, I personally think that Homura looks a lot cuter with her glasses and hair tied, but that’s just me.

If you’ve been following my posts, you should remember how I like to talk about SHAFT trying to shaft us by never letting Madoka become a Mahou Shoujo. While I was blown away to see Mami again, seeing Madoka all dressed up in her cute shoujo outfit made my mouth hit the floor. It was such an amazing sight, that I remember being halfway in-between chewing a piece of my salad at the time, and then forgetting to close my mouth for a good 45 seconds. What I think would be awesome, is if Madoka would be able to rip out her powers without actually making a contract with Kyubei. I’ve been a fan of any kind of happy route and to support my ridiculous idea, I’m going off of how Madoka tried remembering meeting Homura even though it technically never happened in this current timeline. If she can recall non-existent memories, who says she can’t pull out her powers? While I’m sure Urobuchi Gen (the main writer) would beg to differ, I’m hoping for it!

After watching Homura change from a innocent Madoka-esque girl to the cold and calculating one we know now, it served as a reminder of just how difficult the life of a Mahou Shoujo is. Even though Homura isn’t the only one who’s suffered, I can’t believe that even in different timelines with different circumstances, Sayaka still became a witch and Kyoko still starts as the misunderstood girl. While I’ve been wishing Mami was still alive at times, I suppose it’s a good thing that she died only because she might have tried to kill everyone again if she was still around. What I don’t get, is why Madoka ends up always dying every single time. I don’t understand how being the strongest Mahou Shoujo means she will die. Wouldn’t being the strongest mean she could just protect the world from witches forever? For some reason, I can’t help but feel like that there’s still something being kept a secret.

P.S. I thought I was hilarious that the opening sequence played 20 or so minutes in. And in the preview section, the quick picture of Madoka, Sayaka, and Mami sitting on a tower was updated to have Homura and Kyoko as well!




    1. Looks like madoka’s power level changes depending on her wish. Her contracting before meeting Homura makes her slightly better than average (beats Walpurgis but dies) while wishing to save homerun gave her one hit kill abilities but makes her into a witch immediately.

      First wish really must have been Cake.

      1. I am also asking the same question as Takaii, I mean I find it really hard to believe that Madoka being the strongest mahou shoujo could easily be beaten by the Walpurugis Night for like 3 iterations, and in the last one even after defeating it with one hit caused her to transform into a witch immediately. I am also suspecting that there is something that damn Kyubei is hiding.

        I however disagree with you Takaii that her being the strongest could mean she would be able to defeat the witches forever, because even if she has the power to do so, just like Sayaka, the death of her friends or family (or losing love ones in general) could also hasten the transformation to being a witch. So even if Madoka has the power to defeat all witches, it would be pointless if as time goes by she will eventually be corrupted and become a witch herself. I also think that it would be really meaningless if she transformed while Kyubei is still alive could it would be an endless battle, the damn Kyubei will keep making mahou shoujos and more witches and so she would have to fight till she either dies (just like the first timeline) or becomes a witch which would mean the end of the world.

        Really I believe that Homura’s solution of not allowing Madoka to transform into a witch is pretty much pointless while Kyubei is alive. I propose that the best solution would have been to keep on killing and killing all of Kyubei’s bodies till he has run out. I think that is a much more better solution that stopping Madoka from transforming.

        What about you guys? What would be the best end or solution to Homura’s problems?

        I definitely think that Kyubei’s death and his whole race will solve it. I dont care about his noble intentions of saving the universe, cuz frankly I hated the guy since ep.1 cuz I knew the damn thing was evil right away and even after hearing his “justified” methods or ways, it is still plain evil. Think about it, before last ep. when we knew of Kyubei’s intentions about saving the universe, most of us probably thought that maybe the sacrifice of a few lives (Madoka’s and the rest of the mahou shoujo’s) would be pretty noble cause for the sake of the world and the universe. BUT now we find out this episode, the damn thing really doesnt give a damn even if the whole planet is destroyed so long as he collects the energy he needed. So it isn’t just a few lives, but I imagine it’s a whole lot of lives from different planets that their damn Kyubei race sacrificed just to collect energy. So best solution is killing Kyubei and wiping of his whole race (if they would still bother coming to Earth).

      2. The only point I’m trying to make, is that I don’t really see how Madoka would turn into a witch RIGHT after defeating whatever comes out during Walpurgis Night.

        After that, I agree she’s a regular Mahou Shoujo — eventually going to have to deal with it. But a better question is, do Mahou Shoujo’s age?

      3. @Takaii: You have to remember that the MS is actually the Soul Gem that remote controls a puppet. The puppet can be modified by magic(like Homerun-chan fixed her need of glasses).

        So the question is do Soul Gems age.
        Well…. ummmm….I don’t think they do.

        P.S. I agree she didn’t change into a witch right after defeating Walpurugis Night, but she will eventually.

      4. Yeah, its been bothering me to, ever since that little trip of Kyoko and Sayaka to that very old and dilapidated Church that seems to have been ages ago, then Kyoko starts saying how it was her father’s church, also given how she’s the most experience among the bunch and how she have known advanced techniques in collecting grief seeds (such as using a familiar), I suspected that she is been a MS for quite a while already, probably decades.

      5. oh and remember the move kyoko made to kill herself along with sayaka? well thats what I think madoka did but her soul gem survived and turned into a grief seed shortly after.

  1. Akemi Homura you are a badass counter to Kyubei
    I like how her weapons keep getting stronger and she gets slicker with each reliving
    I mean sure the other Mahou Shoujou were getting killed again and again thanks to KB, but Homura’s able to return kill for kill

    As soon as the alternate timeline started it was pretty clear what was going on with Homura, and I love how the whole thing is set up, as everything that previously happened was immediately tied together. The tradgedies sure just get worse and worse though and it must really suck to watch the same mistakes being made and getting killed over and over (you thought episode 3 was intense?). There’s gotta be better strategies than try try and try again. It could have been a little more fleshed out, as the scenes were so fast things like Homura killing Sayaka or Mami going insane didn’t have as much impact. Regardless Homura seems like the main character now and tops my fav list in this show

    Gotta love her killing the cute little bastard no matter how many times he respawns

    Kyubei is so frigging awesome; as far as immortal villains go, he’s far better designed than say someone like.. Aizen

    1. I disagree about the impact, Mami going homicidal insane was probably the biggest jaw-dropper for me in this episode. Especially since I believe one of the characters remarked in an earlier episode how it was good that Mami had died without ever knowing the real truth of Puella Magis.

      Jack Spicer
      1. Funny thing is that Kyubey in the current timeline sort of foreshadowed Mami going insane. I remember him saying that Mami never found out about the nature of Soul Gems and witches, and was fine as she is.

      2. So Homura was really shocked when Mami died so early in that battle with Charlotte on episode 3.

        For me, the most fascinating thing was to “finally” see Madoka as a Mahou Shoujo: Confident, cute, and badass 🙂

        I Agree with Takaii when he explained how he’s so amazed seeing Madoka a MS, as my heart was literally pounding, and I actually stood up from lying on bed while watching seeing that amazing scene. Thumbs up for SHAFT!

  2. I wrote everything on my blog D:
    I knew Homura could travel through time, but thought only like backwards or something, not actual time loops and mazes. This completely blew me away and left me speechless. Oh, so very speechless.
    Megane, hawt. I also think there’s something more to it.

  3. I just finished watching this a couple minutes ago…


    How can they top this episode?

    It almost felt like the end till the “To be Continued..” came up.

  4. Mahou Shoujo Homura go go! I wonder if they will explain about why Walpurgis Night happens or if even Homura time travel is a universal clock rewind, curse you Kyubei and your entrope hunger.

    1. Walpurgisnacht happens because some horny guy finds a magical book that lets him screw the girls to his own ends, and somehow Kyuubei hijacks it to create a system to replenish this “so called entropy” which obviously violates the first law of thermodynamics.

      Suppa Tenko
  5. Remember kids
    I learned that hard way in the IRC.

    In any case. I was disappointed by the turn of events. It was predictable since EP1. I was praying to God they wouldn’t do it. But it happened so, they pulled off a Furude Rika here. At least though it was done decently.

    Twists that comes to mind which spice things up is
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Well if anything hits that I’m okay with it. So far I lol’d too hard when Team Killing Spree took place.

    mp_startmoney 16000
    sv_friendlyfire 1
    sv_restartround 1

    I suddenly miss CS 1.5

  6. Best episode yet.

    In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen a single episode this mind-shattering since… not sure. Maybe End of Evangelion or the last episode of Serial Experiments Lain.

    Madoka for series of the year!

    1. Well, Archer was strong since the beginning and wanted to travel back in time to save “himself” from despair by killing himself, while Homura started out as a weak innocent girl who wanted to prevent the bad ending for her friends.

      Suppa Tenko
      1. no, its exactly like archer’s situation:
        he wasnt powerful then but made up for it through “getting” peoples weapons(or copying as it really was), making his own(like kansho & bakyura) and finally making a contract for power(the world).
        the difference is:
        a) she doesnt have another “homura” in the timeline.
        b) she wasnt at fault anyway, it was kyubey.

    1. Yeah, I just noticed that this episode too. It’s weird because you see Madoka holding it earlier in the OP. I’m thinking that since at that end point Madoka is holding Kyubei, could it be that the cat’s another Magical Girl contractor? Perhaps, Madoka makes a contract with it to become a Magical Girl.

      I don’t remember a cat anywhere in the show so far, so maybe they’ll explain it in the final 2 eps.

  7. Ohoho. I like how with each retelling they show a slightly different part of each event so we can piece it together.

    Madoka simply dies after beating the Night. Presumably it uses up more power than her gem can handle and she always becomes a witch at that point.

    The different ways Kyuubey cleverly gets her to sign on were maddening to behold.

    1. I’ll agree with this – quality was exceptional this episode. I mean the quality in this series as a whole is way above par but I literally think I spent the whole episode with my mouth open in awe.

  8. Holy crap, mind blowing. I really liked it when they showed all of the Mahou Shoujos together like they were a team. This reminded me of Higurashi, someone trying to save everyone (or just Madoka) and going back in time. Especially the part when Mami was insane. This is definitely my favorite series, eva, or one of them.

    1. yeah, its exactly like what rika’s situation was. she tried different things to change it but was still unable for a couple of times.

      I think that they will only succeed if all of them will settle their differences and work together.

      1. It’s nothing like Endless Eight at all. Yuki endured a loop of random fun. The only result was that Yuki was getting frustrated and bored. And she’s an alien robot she could take all that to some extent.

        Homura has to experience trauma with the death of her friends every loop. And she is just a normal girl. Her sanity is pretty much being taxed here.

      2. Doesn’t this seem more like Higurashi? Rika also wanted to prevent her friends deaths. Everything got resolved when everyone (including Hanyuu who previously was only a watcher) tried to fight for their future and not just Rika.

  9. I don’t know, I just assumed that Madoka always dies or becomes a Witch because Walpurgis Night is simply that powerful a Witch. The fact that the actual city seems to be destroyed and not just the inside of a barrier can’t help her mindset, either.

    I feel kind of sorry for Mami. She was fine until now because she figured it was fine just to be alive, but now she finds out that she cheated death for an even worse fate. It’s not surprising that she broke, especially if she never had the heartfelt conversation she did in episode 3 in that timeline.

    The hope I see for a good end to all of this is for Madoka to remember and go back in time together with Homura and get things right from the start.

    Speaking of which, Urobuchi tweeted that we’re supposed to watch episode 1 again after episode 10. It really does feel different.

  10. ok, i just watched it, and i think this is BEYOND PERFECTION!!. i’ll have my proper thoughts posted later.

    I don’t understand how being the strongest Mahou Shoujo means she will die.

    It’s her fate? (hope not. that’d mean homura’s going to fail all over again.DX)

  11. Akemi Homura is Nagato Yuki. Wordlessly enduring countless time loops with different events but the same results. This also kind of reminded me of the first volume of “Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria.”

    Kyubey is a dick. “Now it’s humanity’s problem. My quota is filled.” Grah!! Rage!!

    1. Even though Yuki went through the time loop for like 500 years, those were pleasant days caused by Haruhi’s idiocy. Homura has to suffer extreme despair of losing her friends every time and despairing from the fact that nothing she does can save them.

      Suppa Tenko
      1. Well both those examples don’t really capture the re-living the time skip like scenario. Yu and Okabe are more of parallel worlds and simple time travel respectively. Makoto from the last half of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo may be more similar in how she couldn’t change the future.

  12. Also, I don’t think anyone really has a leg to stand on when they say that Kyubei isn’t really evil. The fact that he makes an off-hand comment about how the world is going to end and its not his problem…

    I don’t care how he views himself, humanity sees him as an evil mofo.

    Jack Spicer
  13. I thought her time skip had, like, an actual limit, like only a few minutes or something. But weeks and even months… wow. Homura is just beast. It’s so sad to see her go from an innocent braids-wearing girl to the her now, though. And every single damn scene where Madoka died… oh my god that was HORRIBLE.
    Favorite episode. 🙂

  14. i cried watching this episode. it was really nice seeing how homura played in this and what madoka represented to her. It was just so agonyizing to watch all the other characters play into role. like sayaka, homrua and mami.
    I really like this episode and this series by far and i really hope the ending turns out fine. What makes me partically sad and curious is what madoka wished for.
    I think that will be revealed probably in next episode but more likely last episode.
    Anyways, i hate kuybei and my new fav top character would have to be homura and madoka

    side note: at least we got to see madoka fight 🙂

  15. This episode is epic beyond all imagination… except Gen Urobuchi’s that is.

    And the reason why the OP was at the end, is because it symbolized the climax of the series, as well as saying “here we are, back to the start” this is the decision point of the series. Its like in G-Senjou no Maou how you play through the entire first chapter, then finally Haru meets Maou and have their little chat… then the opening plays.

    Suppa Tenko
  16. well this feels like it was predictable, it isn’t entirely your typical time travel. Nice spin, Gen!
    most amusing moment – Houmura stop time to steal weapons from Mafias 🙂
    and in some time lines, Madoka doesn’t die, but she becomes the most OP witch in the world, which leads to world destruction (she can destroy earth in 10 days or less with her power level)
    it is so sad that Houmura would try to be so cold to Madoka just to protect her… this is really heading to a bad end I guess.
    ps. Love the preview eye candy with Madoka archer and Houmura at the back

  17. i knew it that homura is trying to make something similar to archer in unlimited blade works but i think that the ending would be homura dying and madoka traveling back in time

  18. “On a side note, I personally think that Homura looks a lot cuter with her glasses and hair tied, but that’s just me.”


    ME, TOO!


  19. This episode kinda reminds me of a REALLY REALLY HARD visual novel since it seems you’ll end up with bad ends unless every single choice is correct. Not surprising considering Urobuchi Gen’s background.
    I kinda expected this episode to be about a previous loop but the way it panned out with 4 seperate evolving loops without feeling rushed and managing to develop Homura’s character was PURE WIN in terms of execution.

  20. As predicted: Homura-chan came from the future. She’s just an innocent, weak girl (almost become the clone of Bakemonogatari’s Hanekawa Tsubasa) who want to have a friend. I guess why Madoka is so important for her maybe because she saved her from the witch.

    While she travel back in time, she’s discovered everything (from Kyubey’s true motives and her death-defying skills).

    I wonder: what would happened if Kyubey PERMANENTLY vanished on Earth? Hmm…will Homura-chan suddenly disappeared in front of Madoka, just how Archer did to Rin?

  21. Well this episode was full of win, namely glasses Moemura, also the whole “stuck in an infinite time warp of bad endings” is tragic, now we just have to wait and see if this time will be any different, my only problem with this episode was seeing Mami raging

    Der Fur Shur
  22. Madoka makes the wish to save Homura from ever becoming a MS. Time explodes from the paradox.

    Anyway the funny thing is that Homura is very likely to say the exact same things to Madoka this time round when Madoka told her goodbye before fighting the witch alone

    Zaku Fan
  23. It got me really depress that they were actually a whole Mahou Shoujo Team. I think they’d be able to beat Walpurgis Night if they were together, but somehow they screwed up even worse until then. It’s even worse now that Homura is the only mahou shoujo again.

    Mami losing her head was just so sad. Again.

  24. Takaii, whenever I read your impressions it never fails to astound me how you always seem to mirror my own thoughts about madoka every week. So much so I rarely thought to chime in over here. I thought that it was amusing before but it just got really creepy this week.

    I was eating a salad from KFC while I was watching the episode. Please tell me yours wasn’t from KFC too cause then that’s going to make it as creepy as fuck.

  25. my theory: if madoka finds out about the time loop, she will make a wish to send her back in time, possibly at the beginning of everything, and stop it before anything bad happens.

    but really, like what I said above, they probably just need to work together in another time line.

  26. I don’t know, but I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed by this episode. Yes, it’s powerful and probably one of the best so far but still. I think it’s because with the past week, I’ve come to know everything they revealed. I made one guess that turned out wrong though. I thought it was all a time loop but that Madoka had to do something when it centered around Homura instead (the episode I mean). I forgot what episode it was (maybe 8. it’s the one where Homura starts to cry) but I figured Homura was from the future and was time traveling. This isn’t because I’m some all smart person, it’s just because I have this love of time centric characters. Whenever someone has a power over time, most often they travel it. So I figured she traveled through time.

    I was wrong in thinking Homura was Madoka’s, like, lover …but close enough. I knew about the tweet and having to watch episode 1 again so I figured it’d be like this.

    Still, with everything, it wasn’t a bad episode. No. In fact, it was GREAT. Terrific episode and had a lot of character in it. But I wanted to be mind blown and wasn’t. What I want to know is; Is this a backstory episode or is it actual canon? Like… yeah. I think because we’re supposed to rewatch episode 1 again, that the timeline we’ve been watching isn’t going to be reset so it’s a backstory episode but I was kind of confused.

    Anyway, they’re gonna have to find some way to activate Madoka’s powers without having her become making a contract or there being a possibility she’ll become a witch. If she becomes a mahou shojo => she WILL turn into a with due to her soul gem. But they need her power to defeat Walpurgisnacht. So here I am. A huge Madoka Magica fan like everyone else on the interwebz… hoping that I’ll get my epic two part finale… but alas, since this is anime, I kind of feel like that won’t happen because two part finales don’t happen too often. (Meaning that next week will be some expository episode with the final week being the epic finale.)

    1. Wait? You were so that let down by the fact that you’re speculation was true about time traveling Homura that it sapped all enjoyment from this episode?

      The revelation was definitely cool, but you didn’t get any enjoyment out of seeing Moe Homura? Watching all of the Mahou Shojos train and fight together? Mami going crazy?

      You weren’t moved by the constant tragic ending? Angry at Kyubei’s “I leave you to the fate I created”? I cry Madoka tears of frustration for you.

      It might be too much to ask, but I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed Madoka more if I stop trying to think about how it will play out, and definitely avoid any and all fan speculation.

      Jack Spicer
      1. I think you misread my post…. I said the episode was great, one of the best and that I cried during a scene (the one where Homura had to shoot Madoka’s soul gem before she turned into a witch). I said that I wasn’t blown away and a little let down by the episode. It was still a great episode and I was moved.

  27. So we DO actually get to see MG Madoka. She’s pretty awesome too, too bad it only leads to disaster.

    And Holy crap, now I want to hug Homerun, constantly having to relieve the impending disaster of losing ALL HER FRIENDS. It’s the worst kind of Groundhog Day loop ever. No wonder she is so jaded.

    Still it was nice to see Mami, Kyoko and Sayaka alive. Although seeing Mami go bat-shit crazy was a little shocking.

    1. Sayaka complaining that she’s always (nearly) getting bombed by Homura is funny, especially when she complains she’s melee, not ranged like Madoka and Mami.

      Give Homura a few more runs and she’ll be insane :p

      Zaku Fan
      1. Yeah that made me chuckle a bit. It’s a treat to see the girls be an actual MG team with all the cuteness and quirky humor. I think it was nice of Gen to show us a bit of that, considering the depressing tone of the show. I’ll take all the happiness and optimism I can get at this point.

    2. Yeah I really liked Madoka’s character in the first timeline. She was a pretty cool Mahou Shoujo. Thing is, Homura trying to protect Madoka in every timeline after that seems to be eroding Madoka personality. In the current timeline Madoka is hesitant, afraid and confused. I think its Show Spoiler ▼

  28. perfect

    2 question I propose:

    1. like most people are probably thinking, why is this show mahou shoujo madoka magica and not mahou shoujo homura magica. Shaft, I await your epic answer (you have blown my mind away again and again, so the expectation is pretty high :P)
    2. WHY did QB allow Homura her wish? did he think it was futile? (or does he like being killed lol)

      1. well, even if homura does succeed, kyubey can just find other girls who have potential or just keep trying on madoka, she’s the type who would sacrifice herself for her friends.

    1. 1) Calling it Homura Magica would have been a big giveaway right from the start. Everyone knew that Homura would be important, we just didn’t know that she was this important. Plus, we haven’t seen how the show ends. There is still a chance that Madoka could pull the limelight back to herself.

      2) In the original timeline Madoka didn’t become a witch (that happened for the first time in the second timeline), she simply died. Maybe Kyubei was hoping that allowing Homura to go back in time would allow him to finally collect all of that delicious energy from Madoka. Its also completely possible that he really underestimated her – Homura was pretty fragile in the original timeline.

      Jack Spicer
  29. So the best outcome so far was the first, Homura & Sayaka no contract, Kyoko Safe, Walpurgis defeated, Mami and Madoka dead but not witches. Only problem was QB finding more girls.

  30. I seriously cant see, how this will end now. Or rather I can only see it ending with Homura’s death. Her ultimate/only goal is to prevent Madoka from making the contract (just saving her life is not enough), but she cant defeat Walpurgis Night alone… I have the feeling everything will depend on Madoka’s wish (even thought that would mean Homura failed again)

  31. Why do people hate sayaka O_o ? She may not be my fav character but I think she is alright and found it said how she and Kyousuke weren’t meant to be.

    This episode was awesome! Horuma is now one of my fav character from the series.

  32. It’s a little discomforting to see Homura going down a very dark path and driving herself into a corner where her entire existence is defined by one frail thing.

    Sayaka did that and we all seen how that turns out.

    So hypothetically…

    …what kind of a witch does a VERY powerful…VERY experienced…time powered magical girl turn into?

      1. Well, technically speaking it could work. We’ve never seen a human alternate Homura. If she’s already the witch, then it could be just be she’s lurking somewhere and then shows up on Walpurgis Night.


      2. From looking at it, I don’t see a time paradox. At least not yet. Since Homura is looping the same exact period over and over, she isn’t breaking anything. She’s just trying to change the outcome at the end.

        The phrase “What’s done can’t be changed” rings throughout my head.

    1. One wild idea I’ve had about Homura and a possible series twist is what if Show Spoiler ▼

  33. This episode was awesome! Seeing Homura going through that over and over again, really did make me sympathize with her and boost her to the top of my favourate char in this show.

    I love seeing too how some of the events that already happened in this timeline, happened in the others. I also like how in the beginning that Madoka was already working with Mami, makes it feel connected to that talk they had in ep 3 about working together.

    As for Sayaka, I liked her previously, but seeing her being still so distrustful of Homura when she was still innocent Homura made me start to dislike her. But it does reinforce that they’re still the same people, even in different timelines.

    I really like how different first timeline Madoka seemed. I guess, having a purpose as a Magical girl really did boost her confidence. Even the way she spoke sounded different.

  34. My mind’s been blown once more. They’ve explained EVERYTHING in one fell swoop (which I didn’t expect at all coming in… I was a tad confuzzled at the very beginning). Poor Homura, having to relive her life so many times. Damn Kyubey. Also, using her magic on her eyes was freaking brilliant.

    But anyway, here we are: the opening of the first episode was the PAST, not the ‘bad future’ after all; Homura’s power is the shield, which also functions as hammerspace; Mami, Kyoko, and Sayaka all get screwed over no matter what the timeline; and most importantly, I feel as though Homura has just supplanted Madoka as the main heroine. Such a great show…..

  35. “What I don’t get, is why Madoka ends up always dying every single time. I don’t understand how being the strongest Mahou Shoujo means she will die.”

    Madoka doesn’t technically “die” in every timeline. She turns into a witch after defeating Walpurgis in a couple of them. What has been happening in every timeline though, is Madoka turning into a Mahou Shoujo. Madoka having the most potential (energy to harvest) means that Kyubei will make attempts to form a contract with her and given her rather naive nature, it’s not surprising that she gets suckered into it every time. I thought it was strongly hinted that all Maho Shoujo will eventually die or turn into a witch.

    1. I probably should have worded it better, but I don’t see the connection between Turning into a Mahou Shoujo and having to die / turn into a witch RIGHT after the battle. I’m sure that after you defeat the strongest witch a fairly big grief seed would fall out.

  36. Homura in 30 minutes? The director needs a raise and then a bonus on top of that.

    It’s awesome because everything flows together. In just 30 minutes, it answers just about every plot-relevant question about Homura: Who is she, What his her power, Why is she obsessed with Madoka, Why is she jaded as hell, etc. And y’know what? It makes sense. It’s not like Homura was a one-time friend then BAM she’s a logic machine. Having to watch your best friend die over and over and over and over again…ouch. And still keeping at it? Who wouldn’t end up like that.

    Oddly enough, I’d consider this EP to be a recap since it retells the exact same events as 1-9, only with timeline variations. And that’s not actually a bad thing, since it’s a quick refresher for everyone and it also fleshes out Homura’s backstory.

    Once again: that director needs a raise and a bonus. Ace execution.

  37. After this I just can’t see how this won’t be the Anime of the year. I honestly don’t care that a lot of the fan speculation turned out to be true because the execution of it was brilliant. Really became emotional this episode seeing all the girls again, how the at some point/s worked together like regular mahou shoujo teams. It was really sad seeing how no matter which timeline all their fates ended up basically the same, Mami always losing her head, Kyoko still being misunderstood/dying, Sayaka still becoming a witch and apparently kind of a bitch aharhar. And of the inevitable Madoka dying or becoming a witch. It was truly heartbreaking and I really did burst out in tears. It really broke me when she was yelling out to Madoka to not listen to Kyubei. Thinking about her having to continue live through the despair with her efforts becoming meaningless countless times. man looking at it from Homura’s view Kyubei really does seem like an evil bastard especially said “Its not my problem :D” and “I gathered more energy than my collection quota”.

    Really desperate to see how it’ll end, I hope it lives up to the standard the series has been putting out weekly and then some. Hopefully its at least a bittersweet ending. Somehow its already sad since the others still have to die.

    Gen Urobochi you are my hero.

  38. For a troll like Urobuchi Gen: *applause*
    Another masterpiece from the master of despair and depression! You have emulated the life of a real Anime hero(ine). I guess having the strength to continue seeing your friends die four times in a row while trying your hardest to save them and the world, and repeat the process while the pain, desperation and despair building up is commendable of the highest degree. Devotion is something we Filipinos value: the devotion to obey the rules of the clan, even if it means killing some traitorous relatives and sacrificing your own. The devotion to stand up against oppressive rule. The devotion to pursue what you eternally believe in. This is what kept heroes enduring through all the trials:


  39. i think after homura finish everything, homura will die and madoka will wish for everyone to be normal and go back to the past to fix everything. as we she madoka was just new in mahoujo shoujo in the very beginning and that she wasn’t a scaredy cat. and the cycle continues

  40. Mahou Shoujo Homura Magica! when the OP start rolling at the end of the episode, it really hit me hard that the first few lines were describing about homura’s feelings

  41. I don’t know what you’re thinking Takaii but I thinnk that Homura looks ridiculously good without the geek look. The episodes last two panels make her look awesome. I love her character progression from the soft, socially awkward sick girl to a hardened, cynical tragic individual. The ironic part comes from how she grows more jaded and gradually lose touch with Madoka and the others and makes it more and more difficult to work with everyone.

    But damn. I’m certainly impressed with how they handled this episode. I first started out rather apathetic towards it but as soon as it hit full swing the episode had me hooked. Seeing all of the Shoujos together definitely felt like a moment of tradition . . . that got subverted yet again by them all killing each other.

    1. Homura is pure hotness!!!
      Have been my favorite Mahou Shoujo since day one, and now she has officially become my favorite character of the season (probably the year)

      PS: Homura’s ability to stop time and cause explosions reminds me of Piper Halliwell from Charmed (yikes, I guess I’m old!!!)

  42. I also support your ridiculous idea!! I would love to see Madoka cheat Kyubei out of his energy treasure. Something to at least stop the cycle of farming girls might be adequate though. Let’s just say Mami’s solution makes my head spin. Since they’ve already sown that angle i doubt they’ll follow the more predictable routes. It feels like they always lead the viewer away from the obvious choices for the fun of it.

  43. Makes me wonder if the relative level of power concentration is directly proportional to how tainted it makes the soul gem become. A truly powerful ‘magical girl’ would then become a witch even quicker than a weaker girl, like Mami or Sayaka (Sayaka’s fault was she didn’t maintain her soul gem well enough.)

    The appearance of Madoka’s power seems to be variable, she started out average, and through numerous progressions she’s increased incrementally in power. If she was able to kill the witch from the Walpurgus night in one hit in a previous iteration, her current iteration might be capable of threatening Incubator’s kind if she becomes a witch.

    Should be interesting, though I’m guessing that Homura’s frequent changes in time are starting to take their toll, after all on this go around she had a dream about their meeting, none of the others seemed to imply such.

  44. Excellent episode.

    However, I don’t think that Homura actually has the ability to travel back in time (at least, not via her actual powers). I’m more inclined to believe that it’s something of a psuedo-paradox that occurred when Kyubey made the contract with Homura. She wished to go to the past so that she could protect Madoka from what happened. However, every time she repeats the events, the same thing occurs that she was trying to avoid (Madoka’s “death”). In that sense, the contract isn’t carried through (since she doesn’t accept the timeline’s events as fulfilling the contract), so the process is repeated.

    Basically, her own powers don’t cause her to go back in time. Instead, she can go back in time by invoking the conditions of the contract at the point that it was created in the original timeline.

    1. I get the feeling that she controls it. If it was an unfavorable outcome, why would she be content with both of them turning into witches? Plus when Madoka and Homura were lying on the ground together, she didn’t go back until Madoka used the last grief seed on her soul gem.

      This is just me speculating though.

      1. It is probably just a timing issue. She never goes back until Madoka is actually gone. She always goes back once Madoka dies or is turned into a witch, never sooner. Also, there’s the fact that she always goes back to the same time. As if it’s being reset.

        In fact, it makes even less sense if she actually controls it. It would mean that she willingly waits until Madoka dies (an unpleasant experience for her) before going back in time. Heck, if she could do it herself, she wouldn’t need to wait. All she would have to do is reset time the instant Madoka becomes a Puella Magi, but she doesn’t.

      2. @kazukifafner

        définitely agree. it’s more like the wish was the one triggering the reset-since she wasn’t able to PROTECT madoka each time, the curse need to go on until she finally be able to protect madoka. How she’d be able to protect her forever might mean that she mustn’t let madoka die, thus another iteration won’t happen.

    2. oh feel so silly that I didn’t see it that way before even though it should be the logical conclusion. I thought it was weird if homura could control travelling back to the past because that’s not what she asked for nor is it just merely an extension of her time stopping powers.

      Maybe Homura doesn’t even really have a choice but to travel back in time because her wish was actually to protect Madoka and if she doesn’t she must repeat the process until she does. I’m hoping Homura doesn’t have to die for that outcome.

    1. I will be more than happy if that black cat holds the key to the end. Show Spoiler ▼

  45. Now if the wish is. “I wish to join Homura and prevent another me from being a Puella Magica” Wouldn’t that help Homura save at least 1 Madoka and bring a powerful Madoka into that timeline too?

    Walpurgis Night be damned for the next timeline, the entire team is around + 1 normal Madoka.

    1. I hope it actually means something. I’ve been dying to see an adult madoka/whoever that is. Hopefully the last two episodes deliver all the anime goodness I expect from gurobochi and SHAFT.

  46. Since the shoutbox has been taken down, guess I’ll put it here until Divine decides opens a topic about it:

    Words fail me as I see the carnage in Sendai. I saw the live feed of a tsunami swallowing up the roads and farmland, it felt like watching 2012, but this one was real. Really puts into perspective from all the anime watching, doesn’t it?

    (Wonder if this would mean this weekend’s anime broadcasts – and subsequently raw distrubutions – might get affected to make way for round-the-clock breaking news of this most urgent matter?)

    Kinny Riddle
  47. let’s change the topic a little… japan was rocked with a EPIC earthquake… i think, from now on, there will be tons of delays in anime airing… manga releases and animation company work…

    1. Yeah I’m in Tokyo and the first quake was scary, five full minutes of shaking, but little damage in my area. It was a lot worse elsewhere. The most unnerving thing is the last four hours of nearly constant micro-quakes.

    2. Yeah, it’s a terrible thing. Here there was a terrible earthquake on 2007 (7.9 in Mercalli scale) and took years for the city of Ica to recover. I really hope Japan recovers fast from this one, my prayers are with them. What I admire from them is that they were really organizated and didn’t panic, that’s a thing we need to learn here. Gonna be alert because of that tsunami alert (we are like 15k km away and there is a tsunami alert!) and hope that doesn’t cause more mayor damage.

  48. Before the episode, I was really 99% sure that homura was madoka. But seeing the episode proved me very wrong!! LOL. And I must say, given how popular the Time Loop theory has been since the 1st episode, the feeling of it all being predictable was greatly overshadowed with the brilliance of the scenes’ execution and storytelling. I am literally bowing down to the might of Urobuchi and SHAFT!!

    This is MSMM’s episode to beat for me. I was so impressed and glad that the PLOTHOLES that some had been mentioning were filled and they were done exceptionally well. I wasn’t expecting Homura’s backstory to be told this way to add!!

    Homura’s backstory was pretty HEAT-WRENCHING to watch. OMG!! Homura had been repeatedly witnessing her friends die. TT___TT and it’s so painful to see her restrain her emotions, choosing to be the Cold person that she is now , all for her beloved Madoka’s sake!! TT____TT I was really crying like a moron during those scenes. I was hurting for mah Homerun TT___TT Amongst the Timelines shown though, I found the 4th one the saddest. And yeah, I teared up again (LOL. I’m such a crybaby ain’t I? XDD)

    What I wasn’t expecting as well would be how hilarious it was to see Homura all clumsy and frail when Madoka and Mami were training her. LOL. It’s funny seeing her that way XDD and speaking of Mami-san, Shoot!! I missed her so much and I was so glad I got to see her again (only to see her die all over again with the others). And for some odd reason, PSYCHO MAMI IS HAWT!!! LOL. (same I feeling I get with Shizuru XD)

    As for QB, I won’t argue anymore whether he’s evil or not. All I know is, I should be more concerned with WITCH/MG SYSTEM!! I sorta don’t care about the furball anymore.

    I rate this 20/10 LOL!!!! BEST EPISODE YET!!!

    MSMM FTFW!!!

  49. hawai’i over here. we got the tsunami sirens going up every hour, i’m actually up in the hills so i’m good, but i do got some of my cohort in the waikiki/ala moana area evacing. i was really close to actually renting a spot over there myself.

    anyway, i’m not into organized religion so i don’t pray. but definitely my hearts/thoughts/and positive energy go out to those impacted and i’m hoping for the best as possible.

  50. My worries are:

    – Will Homura be able to defy fate??
    – (noticed the reversal of roles between madoka and homura,) WOULD THIS MEAN HOMURA GETS TO DIE IN THE END THIS TIME, FINALLY ACHIEVING HER WISH OF PROTECTING MADOKA? (fAqit!! I don’t want Homura to die!!! T___T)
    – Will we see a happy end for homura and the rest? (Homura deserves to be happy after all she’d been through)
    – Will Gen be able to deliver the last two episodes very well?? (I effin hope so! I believe in you mah Lord *worships*)

  51. I personally think that Homura looks a lot cuter with her glasses and hair tied

    NO!!! COLD HOMURA IS CUTER!!! LOL. although i admit she’s also cute with the braids and eyeglasses.but still, homura’s new self is the real thing!!!

  52. Everyone thinks Homura to be a hero but to be honest, first of all, SHE got herself in her own mess because Mami and Madoka in the original timeline did not learn of the despair as a magical girl. They died as heroes. They died believing to have done the right thing.

    Homura is just a selfish person who was insecure of herself. Kyuubey took advantage of that.

    So yea. I think Homura fcked everyone up. My least favorite actions despite her selflessness…toward Madoka only, anyway.

    1. The genesis for everyone’s suffering is Cthulhu needing batteries for his iPod and opting to torture human girls to acquire them, because the Apple Store at the end of the universe doesn’t do replacements. If you want to really reduce it, it’s because the universe sucks.

      All of the magical girls and the resulting witches are in the same “mess” that Homura is in; it simply manifests differently. Homura of course didn’t realize the rules of the game when she entered either; she naively expected that she could prevent the tragedy if she took on the burden instead of leaving it to others. Of the magical girls we know anything about, only Mami didn’t agree to become magical girl with an idea that by committing to some sort of self-sacrifice she could make the world better for others, and even Mami ultimately lives and dies in that pursuit during each iteration we see. If you were to take any particular message away, it might be that sacrificing yourself for others is futile or harmful. It’s a sentiment that shows up a lot in manga and anime, though often supported with bad writing that entails someone’s willpower making such sacrifices unnecessary.

      Still, what seems to underlie your position is the idea that as long as you remain unaware of the costs of your sacrifices you remain more noble. Don’t let that Madoka’s sacrifice is what motivates Homura’s sacrifice slip by.

      Personally, I’d say that they are all tragic victims of douchebag aliens, and I think I have an idea about which species is going to fall victim to humanity’s first intergalactic genocide. Homura just needs to get Madoka to wish for a fleet of magical spaceships and the locations for the lot of them.

      1. kinda like sayaka. though sayaka is pretty much my fave character because I feel like I would have done what she did, homura is not really much on my fave list. sure she got some good points for this one but still not to qualify as one of my fave characters in this one.

        I liked how sayaka still tried to keep doing good even if it she doesnt really like it now, she did what she believed was justice. thats what makes me annoyed at guys who just say she is a spoiled brat. she shouldered so much despite having a bit of a selfish nature and she doesnt act on her selfish nature like trying to do everything to get kamijo. she realized there was no hope left for her and tried to end like mami, die a heroic death by keeping on fighting familiars and witches, and not recharging.

        kyoko, though she was initially a jerk(I still liked her this way though), got better in my books in that she still kept her good nature. her actions changed so that she would survive, while ending up letting people die, she didnt really try to cause people misery, she just chose not to help anymore. she did what she could for sayaka to end good, by killing her before sayaka could do something she would regret.

        homura could still have tried to be friendly enough to ally with sayaka and kyoko. she didnt really try to think of what madoka would have liked to do. as shown in the 3rd timeline, madoka is the type who would make a sacrifice to save everyone. while homura does sacrifice herself for madoka, she might be able to help save the others along. the problem is she wants to do what she believes is good for madoka, and look what happens. if she wanted to really be able to save madoka, I believe she should have done what something like what the other two above I said, help her achieve what she wants by saving the others.
        she focuses on madoka so much that the others dont really much matter to her and that makes madoka in a more miserable situation in seeing the others die.

        as you can see on what I wrote, I like the characters who end up sacrificing themselves for other peoples happiness. homura wasnt really able to help madoka in her happiness, she ended up making madoka feel despair. save her from damnation yes, but made her feel unhappy.

      2. Homura is the dark magical girl deconstructed. It is her fate to be cold and initially threatening, only for the viewer’s impression of her to thaw, as she becomes the main character’s greatest ally. The presentation of her backstory serves to inform the viewer of the author’s idea of how such a character might come to be. I don’t disagree that there aren’t other plausible paths for someone with her backstory to take, but many of those wouldn’t satisfy the archetype–or the author’s desire to crush our mortal hearts.

  53. I just hope such a magnitude of earthquake never happen to my country, I’m working as a nurse here in the Philippines and it will really be a disaster. While I’m no stranger to mass casualties, never have I experience such a thing, having a far from ideal health care setting, it will be a disaster, probably as big as that tsunami that hit southeast Asia back in 2005 (with old previous estimate that if an earthquake indeed happen in the Marikina Fault line in Metro Manila will cause several hundred thousand casualties) . I just thank God that so far few casualty is reported, though it should be expected that it will climb higher by the end of the day. Just gives me goosebumps as I was reminded on how fragile our existence is. Life could be cheap in the face of a catastrophe. I offer my condolence and sympathy to the victims of the quake.

    1. Since I’m writing about the earthquake in Japan, I recommended for those who haven’t watched yet the anime series “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0” a Bones production way back 2009. When I watched the footage of people evacuating from buildings on CNN, I was suddenly reminded on how touching the series is, and by just judging based on the TV footage on what is happening on some parts of Tokyo, I can safely say that the series did their best trying to produce a scene that somehow mirrors part of an aftermath of an earthquake. Of course it’s nowhere near as realistic or as terrifying as what is happening on a real earthquake, but the series has done quite well in the drama department.

      Back to Madoka Magica, I’ll watched this episode after I submit this comment.

    2. To be honest, I’d say Philippines is still one of the luckiest country out there. As a citizen of that country, I have yet to experience such turmoil… Which I am of course, very grateful.

      Though it was very hard when we had been hit by Typhoon Ondoy. It was crazy that day.

  54. Is it as bad as 1923 Kanto quake? Of course buildings are much sturdier now, but still 8,9 Richter is very bad. My corner of the world (Poland) is practically aseismic, so I am safe from such disaster, but I hope and pray casualties in Japan will be few. I am expecting rescue teams to be mobilized and sent away if Japanese govt requests help.

    1. I think that’s because Homura was already made her wish (the only Mahou Shoujo who can go back in time with her memories of previous reiterations intact), as for the others based on the episode itself never believe her until they have seen it themselves.

  55. There is something everyone is missing and that is the use of grief seeds to purify the soul gem. If Homura has been actively killing witches so that Madoka doesn’t and with even Madoka at one point still having a spare grief seed (for Homura) after defeating Walpurgis Night, surely Homura can purify Madoka’s soul gem after Madoka defeats Walpurgis?

    The “one-hit-then-transform-into-witch” timeline was when Homura was falling in defeat and in no condition to rescue Madoka. Perhaps it didn’t occur to Homura in previous cycles simply to save up grief seeds for Madoka’s final battle.

    I suspect that is how the finale will play out. Madoka gave her last grief seed to save Homura and now Homura will return the favour to get out of her endless maze.

  56. I was mind blow with this episode, everything passed too fast. I guess my theory of Homura=emotionless !future Madoka was crushed (yeah, too much Persona 3) but we got instead a HUGE development for Homura. I hope that doesn’t mean a dead flag but I’m sure that she is going to die next episode and break the loop cycle with her death, leaving everything to Madoka. I wonder which were here wishes on previous timelines? Because if something like that happens, probably she is going to ask for world reset, making her a Homura v2.

  57. It’s really quite simple. The time loop that homura is in that is. Basically we remove all possible parallel world theory and take away the theory that we actually exist in time for a past, present and future to be all possible at any point of time. Time is now merely a straight line and homura is in the present. When she moves back through time, it is aas though the events never happened. She has no future til it becomes the present. Madoka dreaming and remembering her is somewhat pieces of her memory being wiped clean.

  58. Finally watched this episode and I salute SHAFT for treating me an episode of this caliber.

    So this episode make it “crystal clear” to me that Kyubei is the biggest deceiver out there, this whole science thing that he keeps on spouting has no benefit for humanity nor the girls. He is clearly the only being (and his species) benefiting from this. Just look what the fate of the girls after the Walpurgis Night, the pesky furball!


  59. If only Homura could take other peoples soul gems back like how she has hers weeks before WN, then she could give Madoka her soul gem without a new contract, beat WN then destroy it before it corrupts and screw QB over.

    Looks like their only other hope is Madoka making a loophole wish.

  60. i just wished Heiwajima Shizuo beats the crap out of Kyubei

    anyways, this episode is GODLY, kudos to Shinbo for the amazing directing AS ALWAYS, SHAFT for the outstanding visuals, Kajiura for the AWESOME MUSIC as always, and to our GENIUS MAD MAN, UROBUCHI GEN for creating such a marvelous masterpiece. I’m so happy that i would be satisfied even if this is the final episode. ^^

  61. and with this ‘m totally excited for Gen’s Fate Zero anime adaptation to be aired this year that should be enough to suffice my MSMM anime needs.

    oh and Steins Gate next season is also bound for awesomeness. From the company Nitroplus (currently a producer of MSMM) w/c Gen is also a writer of, i hope White Fox pulled it off. ^^

  62. Madoka Kaname as a Mahou Shoujo brought tears in my eyes… 🙂

    And also the music that was used in Mami’s transformation scene way-back in episode one, it also brought tears in my eyes… 🙂

    And also…Homura 🙂

    And also…so many 🙂

    1. i so agree how madoka was portrayed greatly in this episode. Damn, I so like that scene when she untainted homura’s SG. T_T i was too touched. Madoka just became mah 3rd favorite in here.

      btw, MG madoka was cool. esp. her bow and arrow. xD

      1. SHAFT should better make an OVA of Madoka as Mahou Shoujo: completely untainted, completely owning, completely badass, completely awesome looking and completely unadulterated just like how she is portrayed in this episode. It doesn’t matter if it deviates from the story line, just a random episode would complete this series for me 🙂

    1. I’v been totally amazed with what a perfect precision animators could convey the feelings of waking-up Homura. Simply with here facial expression!! Just brilliant, SHAFT!
      Those were definitely the coolest visual moments for me in this episode.
      A bit upset, though.. Takaii did not choose any into the gallery of caps.

    1. You again, I want to understand why you hate this series so much.

      If you care to explain in details why you hate it, perhaps I will have more respect for you and will have other people see you in better light, because “Shitty plot is still shitty as ever i see” is not an explanation. Its just a Troll.

      Also I want to know if their is absolutely an anime you are watching right now that you actually like, their we could probably clear some misunderstanding about you, perhaps you are just watching the wrong show for your preference hence you are hating this series so much.

      1. I wanna give him hug if he actually tried to explain better 🙂 What we are lacking here is in the opposite side of things, everyone here is like – they super love Madoka or in the borderline to liking to semi-liking the series. lol

    2. Also regarding your comments which is almost the same as its previous reiterations, it makes you and other people sad, and make a reasonably good forum discussion become dumb, because surely like before some people might comment flame words on you, you will fight back, others will fight back. So a good way to avoid that is a good explanation why you absolutely hate it

  63. It is interesting that Sayuka’s witch was different both times. In this episode it still has the wooden wheels and the knight theme, and the pierced heart symbol on the kight. But this time it is some sort of colorfull stage theme, while last episode it was a concert theme. Also the witches personality (if you can talk of personality in witches) seems different.
    It makes me wonder what happened to her in that timeloop.

  64. I’ve been thinking about this.

    Her time travel may actually be very useful in a different way. Consider this, she can remember memories from a different time plane. To be precise, she can store information.

    If I were her, I would make a deal with Kyuubey to do a research agreement about alternative energy sources as a trade-off for saving Madoka and ending the Witch-Cycle. With her time-travel ability, she can record her progress from one time-plane and go back to a different time-plane. Then, report her progress to Kyuubey each time she goes back.

    Although this can only be possible if…

    – Homura, being a Mahou Shoujo, doesn’t age.
    – If her power is technically limitless. (Required grief seeds per time-travel)
    – If her she can totally control her time-travel ability.
    – If Kyuubey would be agree and follow the deal.

    1. The problem with this is she already made a wish, I don’t think she can wish again, and if she try to explain it to people they didn’t believe her based on this episode, and since I support the idea that Kyubei is the “biggest deceiver,” I believe he is just trolling with everyone else. So their is no way he would listen to it.

      Also I don’t think she has the ability to travel back in time, her ability is to temporarily stop time. The reason for the loop is based on the condition of the contract that isn’t fulfilled that Kyubei agreed to grant.

      1. I see your first point, though I am much more inclined to believe that Kyuubei is a life-form who prefers doing logical things. If Kyuubey see’s an advantage to the supposedly proposed “Research Plan”, who knows, maybe he’d agree with that.

        On the other hand, Let us consider your second point. The point that time-travel is only possible for Homura when Madoka dies each iteration. We can deduce that Homura can only stay for a certain amount of time per iteration. From Homura waking up in the hospital, till Madoka dies or turns into a witch. It may seem very short but it is still possible to exploit it.

  65. Anyone elses top 3 favourite anime series ever list getting changed by this show on a weekly basis??

    A strong end to this series and I think I have a new entry in my top 3.

    1. As for me if you’ll look into MyAnimeList, their is only 3 series that I gave a score of 10, that is Angel Beats!, Dennou Coil, and Gundam 00 S2, the rest is OVAs and movies, my problem here is that I’m pretty sure my mind wasn’t blown away by those series’ compare to the way my mind was blown by Madoka since that impressive transformation sequence of Mami in episode 1 up to now (till now, I keep on watching that transformation sequence and that very cool music on it), so I may have to redo how I rated my list.

    2. Uhhh yeah after this episode my top 3 anime went from

      This show has impressed me so much. I cannot fathom how much i love it

  66. BAH I got one of my things right. I guess I was completely off in terms of consequences. But I was right in terms that it wouldn’t matter if she said anything anyways, cause it still up to them to believe it or not.

    It’s like, if one day, I suddenly tell you your life is going to go down at this point and time and you’re going to be betrayed, how much would you really believe me, even if I did come from the “future”.

    Sora no Kaze
  67. I was really excited when I heard Mami’s battle song again. (she is by far my favorite character in this show)

    It would have been nice if this part of the story line could have been drawn out more into two or three shows. I would had liked to had seen more of Mami along with a deeper development of the relationship between Modoka, Homura, and all the other girls.

    If Homura can not find a way to beat this recursive timeline and save Modoka – and by doing so save the world – Sadly Mami’s choice in one of the reiterations of the timeline to kill all of them and herself would had been the best option.

  68. this is by far one of the most mind bloggling series i’ve watch to date…

    i was pretty much surprised that most of the things about homura and madoka are revealed in this ep….

    with 2 more ep to go, lets see shaft take this show to greater heights and set a new sub genre for magic girl

  69. …Wow. One day and it’s already up to the 2nd page…

    Anyone care to solve the 中學生 (hah) mathematics on the interactive whiteboard that pre-mahou shoujo Homura-chan couldn’t do?

    1. binomial expand the first term, subtract the second and third terms, then you end up with the summations each with p!, therefore the whole expression is divisible by p. QED

      1. You’re hand-waving on why p divides p choose k for 0 < k < p. Also, you should have just written "The proof is trivial." Hand-wave with your arm, not with your wrist. You're making the rest of us look bad.

  70. “I don’t understand how being the strongest Mahou Shoujo means she will die. Wouldn’t being the strongest mean she could just protect the world from witches forever?”

    I think it’s maybe because the Walpurgus is the last witch or it’s because Madoka’s so powerful that she destroys all remaining witches, but the Soul Gem keeps getting tainted nevertheless. Without any witches to purify the gem, the inevitable happens

    1. I believe that she would turn because of the fact that she lost all of her friends. It would seem the extreme loss would make her emo enough to turn to a witch like Sayaka did.

  71. I remember sitting through the first 5 minutes and thinking “Wait a sec… have I heard all this before?”

    Go back to ep 1… those girls asking the same questions…
    Geez, no wonder Akemi looks so sick of school life… she’s had to repeat it like… a million times…

    Once was bad enough for me…

  72. Madoka is only the “strongest” magical girl according to QB. He is looking at it from the perspective of the amount of energy he can get when she turns into a witch.

    If what QB says is to be believed, the only way to save the Earth is to follow Homura’s plan and prevent Madoka from being a magical girl in the first place.

    1. The only way to save everyone, IMO, would be to stop Kyubei before he ever created a single Mahou Shojo. But since Homura’s wish is to be able to protect Madoka, that’s probably outside of her abilities.

      Someone still has to be able to stop Walpurgis night.

      Jack Spicer
      1. The biggest problem is the Walpurgis night, if their is a way to avoid that or somehow defeat it without Madoka becoming a Mahou Shoujo then the cycle will just keep on repeating, perhaps if somehow Homura get a nuclear bomb or something lesser than that but has enough firepower to defeat the witch then their is hope or if Madoka somehow become a Mahou Shoujo that doesn’t make her become witch could be a solution too. The whole point here is that Homura is trying her best for Madoka not to be lured into making that devil’s contract with Kyubei, Madoka becoming one is a failure already for Homura and that warrants a loop to happen again.

  73. It’s easy Kiiragi.
    The stronger the emotion is, the stronger the Mahou Shoujo becomes.
    The first timeline Madoka wasn’t all that strong, because she just became a Mahou Shoujo from the beginning. She was defeated, or died, after the fight with Walpurgis.
    The last but one Madoka, the one that becomes a Mahou Shoujo when there is only Homura left, remember, that Madoka was able to kill Walpurgis with just ONE hit, because she has been through a lot more hardship than the other Madokas. She has seen her friends die and turn into a witch, she sees Homura fight Walpurgis all alone – With all these emotions riled up she became the strongest Mahou Shoujo ever seen.
    It’s the same in the current timeline.

    I’m pretty sure about it, since QB himself said that it’s the emotions that are turned into energy, and Madoka alone would be able to stop the “death of the Universe”.

    1. Ouch, looks like I misread the question, but I guess my explaination can be helpful for some people.
      Regarding your question, even if she works like Kyoko and saves many Grief Seeds, somewhen even her Soul Gem will be tainted too much and she will become a witch.

  74. can they just forget about the witches and just work together to track down the Incubator and kill that first?

    Urgh… but may be if they did, all of there “wishes” would become messed up.

    Gosh, this really is a lose-lose situation.

  75. Well that’s what Kyuubei said. In the most latest timeline Madoka kills the witch with one hit. But then he goes on to say that once she killed the strongest witch there’s nothing else to do but to then become the strongest witch.

    It’s probably an inevitable fate that Kyuubei is obviously controlling in some way. Cuz we don’t technically know what his intentions are. Though what Homura is talking about is most likely his intention of making Madoka the strongest witch. Or perhaps just the energy that comes off of Madoka after she “transcends” into witchhood.

    Honestly there are so many things that could possibly happen. And what is Madokas wish? We’ve seen her make the contract and fight as a Mahou Shoujo but we still don’t know what her wish was. Do you think each timeline Madoka wished the same thing? Hard to know since Madoka was ALWAYS a Mahou Shoujo in those timelines.

    In the current one she is not (thank so Homura). Which makes me wonder. Since all the other Madokas were already a Mahou Shoujo pre-Mami/Sayaka/Kyoko death then that automatically rules out her wish being to save them some how (resurrection? heal? who knows).

    My mind is about to fry.

    1. Sorry for the double post but wanted to add one more thing.

      I’m not so sure Homura is actually going back in time with her power, though it really really seems like it. Homura’s wish was to be able to (or have the power to) redo her first encounter with Madoka. Which is probably more of a curse. If she was able to go back in time of her will, why would she always wake up in that bed? And the time paradox would also be accounted for here.

      Also why was this current timelines Madoka not a Mahou Shoujo before first meeting Homura in the class room.

      Or am I getting confused? Does Homura go to school the day she wakes up? Or was it that she goes 2 days later? If that’s the case it makes sense, killing off Kyuubei in the window which was probably the point in time when she makes the contract.

      Which still doesn’t make sense because Madoka said she had only become a Mahou Shoujo the week before. Which mean’s Homura would have had to go a week before she usually does her “wake up in bed then get up all cool like” day.

      1. If you try to watched the reiteration #0 carefully, I believe Mami was the one who inspired Madoka and was only a MS for 1 week before Homura met witch Isadel, Madoka probably became one with their meeting of witch Gertrud (the witch of ep1 and 2), also Homura prior to her first meeting with the witch Isadel seems to be already a student for quite sometime, the point I’m making is Madoka wasn’t an MS during her first meeting with Homura it was only at some point after that that she become a MS (which is sometime after learning MS from Mami). During reiteration #1 you can interpret the first meeting of Homura and Madoka with Madoka kinda shock and blushing and ashamed because ‘probably’ she doesn’t have any idea what Homura is talking about that time. Again include that with reiteration #2 in all the first 3 instances, Madoka was not an MS during the first meeting with Homura in school, it was always during her meeting with Mami somewhere after that that she become a MS. The 3rd reiteration is like the “current/present/4th reiteration”, with Homura hunting Kyubei thus preventing Madoka becoming an MS during Madoka’s first meeting with Mami.

        Note that this are all after thoughts as I try to interpret what happened during this episode.

      2. @ROFLWAFFLELAWL and Junk

        Here’s what I see

        If you look at the calendar in Homura’s hospital room carefully, it seems that she is discharged from the hospital on the 16th. The 25th seems to be the day she transfers into the school. In the first timeline, Madoka says that she became a MS last week, which is around the 18th. In the first timeline where Homura stops Madoka from forming a contract, she quickly got out of her hospital bed and heals her eyes, then we see her in outside of Madoka’s room, warning Madoka not to form a contract. Madoka doesn’t recognize Homura, meaning that Homura hasn’t tranfered into the school yet (I think when she says Homu- is just a sort of residual memory thing). This is likely the event that made Madoka a MS in the previous timelines.

        On another note, I’m really questioning the origins of Walpurgis Night. Why does it show up in the city at such a specific time? Why do the more experienced MS all know about it (Mami in first timeline, Kyoko), if it has appeared before regularly, does it destroy a city each time? It’s supposed to be a witch but it doesn’t seem to have a traditional labyrinth, something that all other witches except Madoka witch(possible) have. Most witches seem to kill people within the labyriths, but Walpurgis Night destroys the city physically in all iterations, and shares similarities with what little we see of witch Madoka (no labyrinth, seems to be present in the physical world and does physical damage, destroys physical objects from a city(Walpurgis) to worldwide scale(Madoka)(I think that says something about their power level?)).
        Perhaps Kyuubei actually created Walpurgis to turn Madoka into a witch so that he can harvest her energy, since if she is the strongest MS, then no witch could defeat her and she could theoretically remain a ms forever, denying QB the energy? Might also explain the witches that dont drop grief seeds.

        Final thing, does anyone else find moe glasses Homura stealing guns from the yakuza to be absolutely hilarious?

  76. Wow… I didn’t expect a mahou shoujo anime to have the most intense episode of any anime I’ve seen in a long time. Especially when they started destroying each others’ soul gems… And this episode really explains Homura’s to-hell-and-back-attitude…

    1. Kyuubey doesn’t keep his memory between repetitions. He didn’t know where Homura’s powers came from, what she could do or where she was getting her information from. Also, in the timeline where Madoka one-shots WN, he sounded genuinely surprised when Homura leaves.

  77. Something occurred to me that I haven’t seen mentioned yet (unless it’s at the end of the first page, sorry)

    It’s been commented on about how, in each loop, events remain the same even as the details change.
    The one major change that has occurred over the progress of the loops is Homura’s growth in confidence, strength, abilities, and distance from her friends.

    There is one other thing that has changed dramatically.

    In the original version, Madoka was confident and outgoing enough to walk over to the annoying group of girls and basically tell them to shove off. As a MG, early Madoka was firm in everything she did.

    This is the Madoka who Homura is trying to save.

    Sadly, that Madoka doesn’t exist anymore. Madoka has been reduced to a trembling, fearful, insecure girl who can’t even decide which color ribbons to wear. She follows along behind everyone else (with the exception of the group suicide- emergence of the real Madoka?).

    It’s like Homura and Madoka have changed places: a fundamental aspect of Homura’s wish has led to their literally switching personality traits. A sort of beautiful tragedy in it all. A strong Madoka protecting Homura needs to be weakened in order to be savable by an originally weak Homura.

    Anyhow, this suggests another form of balance might be in play: Confidence gained is confidence stripped from another person or it could be seen as a swing of a pendulum. Since the idea of balance has been in play already, I wonder if this could play out in a balance between chaos (heat death) vs. order.

    Additionally, since we see Madoka is being imprinted by the previous loops, some of her indecision may come from residual effects of her choices having led to tragedy before. She can’t remember her prior choices but feels fearful of making any choices now.

    Seems like the final resolution will not be from Homura, seems like it has to come from Madoka. Madoka has to regain her stronger self and remember her own confidence in order to make a bold choice (one she hasn’t made before): don’t contract.

    I’d had to re-watch the episode again but are we sure the looming threat is legitimate? Couldn’t it be a trap and refusing to play into it could resolve the situation?

    One more thing: I’ve seen comments saying Madoka must have gotten her confidence from having contracted before Homura met her; this isn’t true. Never had Madoka contracted before the morning that serves as Homura’s restart point. In every loop, Madoka contracts after Homura transfers into class. Not sure this is clear to everybody but nothing changes prior to when Homura and Madoka wake up on that particular morning, so Madoka hasn’t even been contacted by the Thing yet.

    1. Additionally, I’m not sure saying Homura can time travel is entirely accurate. She can only repeat a loop. It appears she can’t restart it, she has to endure each loop until Madoka dies. She cannot jump around within the loop, she always travels within in normally.

      She can briefly stop time, but the looping part is her wish, not her power.

    2. “In the original version, Madoka was confident and outgoing enough to walk over to the annoying group of girls and basically tell them to shove off. As a MG, early Madoka was firm in everything she did.”

      – I believe the whole reason on the sudden change Madoka’s personality during her first meeting with Homura in ep1 was because of shock when the person in her dream whom she believe she has never met yet appear in front of her and with such cold demeanor. Everything else doesn’t change.

    3. You have to remember that “confident” Madoka is already an MG very early. Earlier than the time Homura came to school in fact. One of her defining traits is that is looking for her purpose in her life, like most children her age are. By becoming an MG (while being ignorant of the costs) she pretty much did find her purpose, hence why she is so outgoing. Even then, she isn’t infallible, you clearly see her finally break when she is forced to kill Mami.

      The Madoka of the current timeline didn’t get this development presumably because Homura was able to keep Kyubey away from her for a short while. Add further to the fact that this Madoka endures the constant truama of everything happening. Not to mention realizing the terrible price being an MG is.

      It isn’t so much as a balance thing. It’s clearly the same Madoka, it’s just that Homura changed one important event leading her to develop differently.

      1. In the first timeline Homura came to school, befriended Madoka, gets attacked by the witch and then gets rescued by Madoka and Mami all in one day. So yeah it was probably an oversight, Madoka is clearly an MG already before school started.

      2. In the first timeline Homura came to school, befriended Madoka, gets attacked by the witch and then gets rescued by Madoka and Mami all in one day. So yeah it was probably an oversight, Madoka is clearly an MG already before school started.

        @ fragb85

        Regarding your statement, we have to consider the “current” timeline (which is the 5th) and the 4th timeline. In the 4th timeline Madoka “only” became a Mahou Shoujo at Walpurgis Night and in the “current timeline” she isn’t even a Mahou Shoujo yet. We also have to consider Homura’s motivation to not let Madoka become a Mahou Shoujo and Madoka’s request to Homura in the 3rd timeline, and considering the re-loop starts in the awakening of Homura in the hospital bed, then Madoka can only become a Mahou Shoujo sometime after that. Because if we will based on your statement, then we will not be seeing this current timeline as is, what we should be seeing is Madoka already a Mahou Shoujo even before her first meeting with Homura.

        Also regarding about Homura, we could interpret all the events leading to Homura’s first contact with the witch as something that happened in separate days leading to that day.

      3. It’s really no that hard to figure out. Check the calendar every time Homura awakens. She wakes up at the 16th and her school starts at 25th. That is essentially a gap of 9 days. It’s in this time Madoka gets contracted by Kyubee. So Madoka does become an MG before school starts. She even said that she was an MG for less than a week in the first timeline. This contributes much to her confidence.

        Essentially, in the first 3 timelines, “Moe”-mura is much more timid, she waits until school starts before coming into contact with Madoka who already came into contact with Kyubee. Obviously this always leads to disaster. By the fourth and fifth timelines Homura took a more pro-active approach, actively hunting Kyubee to keep him away from Madoka. This of course keeps her from becoming an MG since she doesn’t make a contract with Kyubee. No MG Madoka, no “confident” Madoka.

      4. We might be interpreting the first scene differently, oh well, you beat me in explaining the things that might happen in that 9 day gap and where that confidence of Madoka came from. So I’ll take yours at face value 🙂

  78. I must reiterate one more time, that Kyuubei’s whole basis of collecting energy from Magi Puella to counter entropy is a violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics.

    Suppa Tenko
    1. My interpretation for that is Kyubei is an alien and their science is far ahead from that of us, and he is merely trying to use terminologies that we human can understand, meaning everything he said may/ may not exist in our science.

    2. I don’t get out of shape about the entire entropy thing since QB’s explanation came across as not so much violating the laws of thermodynamics, but of humans, and teenage girls in particular, being some type of energy accumulators that the QB race is just harnessing.

      QB said that humans could somehow reverse entropy, and that his race is just using the girls for that end. Considering that conceit, traveling back through time as a (unintended?) side effect related to that isn’t much of a stretch.

  79. @ROFLWAFFLELAWL and Junk

    Here’s what I see

    If you look at the calendar in Homura’s hospital room carefully, it seems that she is discharged from the hospital on the 16th. The 25th seems to be the day she transfers into the school. In the first timeline, Madoka says that she became a MS last week, which is around the 18th. In the first timeline where Homura stops Madoka from forming a contract, she quickly got out of her hospital bed and heals her eyes, then we see her in outside of Madoka’s room, warning Madoka not to form a contract. Madoka doesn’t recognize Homura, meaning that Homura hasn’t tranfered into the school yet (I think when she says Homu- is just a sort of residual memory thing). This is likely the event that made Madoka a MS in the previous timelines.

    On another note, I’m really questioning the origins of Walpurgis Night. Why does it show up in the city at such a specific time? Why do the more experienced MS all know about it (Mami in first timeline, Kyoko), if it has appeared before regularly, does it destroy a city each time? It’s supposed to be a witch but it doesn’t seem to have a traditional labyrinth, something that all other witches except Madoka witch(possible) have. Most witches seem to kill people within the labyriths, but Walpurgis Night destroys the city physically in all iterations, and shares similarities with what little we see of witch Madoka (no labyrinth, seems to be present in the physical world and does physical damage, destroys physical objects from a city(Walpurgis) to worldwide scale(Madoka)(I think that says something about their power level?)).
    Perhaps Kyuubei actually created Walpurgis to turn Madoka into a witch so that he can harvest her energy, since if she is the strongest MS, then no witch could defeat her and she could theoretically remain a ms forever, denying QB the energy? Might also explain the witches that dont drop grief seeds.

    Final thing, does anyone else find moe glasses Homura stealing guns from the yakuza to be absolutely hilarious?

    And could my first post in reply be deleted? I didn’t mean to post it as a reply.

    1. Do you mean the 3rd reiteration? I think the reason for Madoka’s reaction is that she is just surprise to see someone suddenly talking to her in the window of her room which is situated in the 2nd floor of their house, also its quite dark outside it. I think the first reaction of any person is saying “who’s that?” and then Madoka realize it has Homura. Also based on the flow of the episode, the setup of the first meeting of Homura and Madoka was always during the introduction of Homura to the class. If you remember the first episode, it’s the same thing. So that window scene happened sometime later after Homura was introduced in the class.

      Regarding the witch labyrinth, very few details was given so far, but it does have a labyrinth, if you look at the start of episode 1, Madoka was actually running inside a witch labyrinth only that part of it resembles a destroyed Mitakihara City, now as for why the extend of the damage was physically brought outside the witch labyrinth as what is been previewed after Madoka defeated it remains to be seen, maybe will see the fight in much more details and probably explain things up in the last two episodes.

  80. You wanna know what I just thought of? Has anybody here played Majora’s Mask? Its that same feeling of despair and hopeless. You need to repeat the same three days, over and over again. And even when you finally succeed, all those people you could have helped, all the things you could have done, the lives you could have saved… it all happened as it would have if you weren’t there….

  81. I am speechless. Best episode ever in my entire anime watching life.

    Possibly irrelevant question: Did anyone notice Homura’s seemingly bottomless “pouch” where she keeps her arsenal of weapons? Is it also part/side effect of her abilities/wish? xD

    1. it’s more of the “subspace” to transport stuff into the witches’ areas (the subspace bag from Scott Pilgrim comics comes to mind…). But ya, I personally think that’s a side effect as well… the sound effect, the glasses, and the look as if the shield gets bigger as more guns and bombs/grenades gets stuffed in there made me lol’d

  82. Hopefully this isn’t a death flag for homerun-chan >.<

    I love Mami's insanity, it's so funny how she seems like the most composed, but the first one to break.

    Madoka's deteriorating personality is hard to watch, but Homerun-chan got more badass with each incarnation.

    I don't know what to say with Kyubei.

  83. Again, I am reminded of Madoka’s mother’s speech. Her mother said that it is better to make mistakes when young then as an adult. In the previous loops, Madoka acted like and adult…and things did not end well. In this loop, she is acting like a child. This suggests that her not being a strong adult in this loop will be a game changer…that is *if* she doesn’t start acting like a strong adult…

  84. Please enlighten me if this has already been discussed, but something from Episode 2 is bothering me.

    The exchange from 21:30 onwards is very interesting- Mami says there are two uses of the Grief Seeds. One being to purify the Soul Gems, but what about the second use?

    Lastly, if Madoka wish is to go to the future, what would happen?

  85. tch. i hate it when i needed to wait for the next episode to come. but i think this is better since we only got 2 EPISODES LEFT!! i don’t want to say goodbye to this show! ahuhu…

    1. well it is a candidate for best anime of the year and is definitely bec. of the great work of the SHAFT team, Shinbo, Kajiura and especially Urobuchi Gen for writing such a marvelous story.


      we still have Steins;Gate anime adaptation of the game w/c is from Nitroplus where Urobuchi Gen is a writer of and Fate Zero anime adaptation of the light novel where in Urobuchi Gen is the author to be aired this year. ^^

      1. i dunno if i’d watch fate zero since prequels aren’t my thing. BUT considering it’s gen, I WILL WATCH IT! XD

        Steins; Gate is a show i’m certainly going to follow. XDD


      2. well about Fate Zero, as fans say Urobuchi Gen is indescribably better than Nasu of TYPEMOON so consider Fate Zero an independent series w/ no sequels cause Fate Stay Night can’t match it’s awesomeness. Fate Zero is a definition of maturity, craziness and brutality. We have adults here participating in the Holy Grail War and Emiya Kiritsugu is infinitely better than Emiya Shirou.

        and for Steins; Gate well Gen has got nothing to do with it, it’s just that he works in NITROPLUS, if an awesome writer like Gen works there, what would expect for the other of its writers. Mad geniuses same as Gen. Nitroplus is also a producer of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

      3. You think Gen’s the new Anno?? XD I don’t see him as insane as hideaki is. But really, URobuchi’s definitely my favorite writer now. XD So, i’ll follow any story that he’s associated with.

        btw, i do hope for another SHAFT,shinbo, Ume and URobuchi team-up in the future. i grew to love them bec. of Madoka’s awesomeness. XD

      4. you’re forgetting Kajiura, PMMM wouldn’t be the same without her music ^^

        so the DREAM TEAM

        SHAFT, Shinbo, Ume, Kajiura and Urobuchi ^^

        and i’m 100% positive, this wouldn’t be the last were gonna see them team up, not after how they brought the awesomeness of PMMM to the anime industry. it’s kinda funny how Yamakan is trying to save the anime industry and then PMMM came and is the one doing it for him.

      5. oh goodness! i was such a fool to forget kajiura! the person who’d been contributing to the greatness of Madoka through amazing BGMs and themes (esp. Magia). Pardon me kajiura-san. XD

        LOL w/o her, madoka will never be madoka. she w/ these people that has gained my respect, SHOULD DEFINITELY work together again. XD And i, as their fan, patiently waits for this..XD

      6. LOL if the dream team started their own sub unit/company they’d be pawning most anime’s in almost every season. And I totally forgot about the awesome music…despite listening to it everyday. Madoka really has got everything going for it.

  86. Absolutely mind blowing. I really wonder how the last episodes will fair in the end. A good or bad ending? It’s anyone’s guess. I wonder if Homura will die during the last battle, and then Madoka replaces her role instead and goes back into time as well, solving everything in one last cycle. Just a speculation. For once magic doesnt solve everything! I really hope that Kyubei gets defeated somehow. Cant wait to see the remaining episodes!!!!

      1. I think a lot of people are hoping for something thats, at the very least, not complete despair but i really cannot see anything that can save everyone. The only 3 things left are Madoka’s wish, Madoka’s power (but this would fail Homura’s wish) and Homura doing another time loop.

        Worse still is Homura getting death flags stuck more and more into her every episode.

        Zaku Fan
  87. oh btw,

    It is crazy how Urobuchi and the whole SHAFT team coincidentally showed a catastrophe in Japan, in this episode 10 of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, w/c aired the night before the earthquake and tsunami strike Japan. In this episode, a city in Japan(they’re in Japan right?)is seen destroyed 4 times (with buildings destroyed along with water all over the place), and with the last depicting a possible annihilation of the whole planet.

  88. “I don’t understand how being the strongest Mahou Shoujo means she will die. Wouldn’t being the strongest mean she could just protect the world from witches forever? For some reason, I can’t help but feel like that there’s still something being kept a secret. ”

    My guess with great power comes great power consumption. And not enough witches to power up her gem. So she will “die”/turn into a witch

  89. hm i have question, but i do not know if i am misunderstanding something.

    To stop the timetravels Madoka has to be saved. And it doesn’t matter if Homura dies doing that. Then one solution to end fight Walpurgis and have a semi-happy end without defeating the mg-witch system would be: Madoka+Homura defeat Walpurgis and Homura kills herself before Madoka is able to purify her Gem. Madoka would be sad, but would purify her own gem because she does not want to become a witch.

    If Madoka really is powerful she should be able to defeat other smaller witches and purify her gem again. That doesn’t stop QB from making new witches, but eventually he has collected enough energy and leaves earth. Eventually all witches are defeated by Madoka and with enough Energy left not to become a witch, the mg-witch system is at its end and the world goes on. Not really a happy end, but a possible? Could this be a solution or am i totally wrong ?

    1. with the intensity of homura’s dedication and devotion, i need to consider that urobuchi has been implying that it goes beyond FRIENDSHIP. i happen to imagine homura confessing the same way haji did to saya in blood+

      1. Don’t see any real support for this. Will you die for your family? Will you die for someone who you feel is as close to you as family?

        I seriously don’t understand why “romantic love” is the only love people keep thinking about.

        Zaku Fan
      2. kyoko wasnt quite upset enough to try to be with her family(like die with them) as she did with sayaka. she more or less just accepted that it was her fault, she moved on and changed her personality to avoid it.
        this is magical girl series, its expectant that there will be love, or just ship tease at the very least, between the girls.

        and to answer your question:
        we’re shippers and yuri fans. do we need more reason?

  90. Oh man, it’s over 300 already!!! and 2(?) days had just passed? this is awesome!!

    anyhow, MADOKA IS GONNA BEAT BMG!!! it definitely should and will..mark my word.. XDD well,the calamity might hinder that to happen though. but still,pre-orders for the BDs are MAD! XD

    *bows down to MSMM’s might*

  91. so is anyone here gonna ask if Urobuchi Gen is safe??

    the whole SHAFT team looks alright but Gen….


    a few days ago Urobuchi tweeted that “I don’t want to die, at least not until the final episode of PMMM is aired!!”

    also, well i don’t know if this is after the quake incident but,

    Urobuchi Gen tweeted about moving his HDD full of Ero pics to somewhere safer.

    what a guy, honestly, he is the first person that come to my mind along w/ SHAFT team that i wish is safe bec. i’m watching episode 10 of PMMM in my PC when i heard the news on TV.

    anyways, let us pray for the safety of all the people of Japan

    1. i imagine him typing on the keyboard whilst the earthquake’s goin’ on. XD well, it’s not like the earthquake’s a funny thing. gawd, especially that tsunami…

    2. I know Gen is fine, he even jokingly told others to “save their ero posts” before they lose electricity. Guess he was trying to find some humor in wake of the disaster. 😛

      As for SHAFT, the studio was evacuated, but it seems most of the staff and cast is safe. No word about how this will affect the airing of Madoka but at least they’re all ok.

  92. about PMMM,

    Urobuchi Gen said he wants to end the show with “Dreams and Hope” in mind

    and there is this “The Last Wish” found in one magazine scan of PMMM,

    i’m imagining Madoka wishing for the five of them living their happy lives without worrying about being a Puella Magi or Witches

    and i’m imagining a scenario in a road intersection where in the five of them will meet but they don’t know each other yet (except for Madoka and Sayaka)

    well an end is an end, and Gen will deliver it ^^

    1. LOL That really sounds like Sailor Moon, at least the ending to Season one. So I’m hoping its not something like that. Plus that wish is a bit too optimistic for the tone of this story and I don’t know if Kyubei would grant it cause it goes against his mission, that is assuming he has a choice whether to grant wishes or not. I expecting/hoping that Gen/SHAFT will deliver an ending that will blow us away like it did to so many this ep.

      Really after ep 10 my whole perspective on all the episodes up till now has changed. Though I don’t want my weekly Puella Magi goodness to be gone I can’t wait to see how it ends so I can marathon it when I am fully informed.

      1. well i kinda imagine them getting a happy ending because of all the despair they have gone through in their lives, let’s just say i want to see them, just once, in a happy scenario

        but we have Gen here so that scenario is impossible to happen and i already accepted that, i’m a pure Gen fan and i love all his works, his writing style, no matter the outcome

        well as Shinbo said, after watching it for the first time, it is fun to rewatch it for a second time w/ a different perspective for you will be able to understand somethings you’re not able to in the first time, especially Homura’s actions for the past 9 episodes. ^^

      2. Yeah I hope for a happy ending too, but I’m probably betting on a somewhat bittersweet one. Its already sad enough that all the others but Homura and Madoka are dead.

        Yeah he was really right in that. I watched Ep again right after 10 like we were told to, its weird how its actually more exciting the second time around. 😀

    2. this better not end with another reset. DX that would be the worst end to this. i want it to conclude in a semi-satisfying way, by the loop breaking finally. I don’t want homura to suffer again and again. Gen should end this happy or bittersweet. DX

      1. well she will suffer infinite resets as long as she can’t defeat Walpurgis Night and prevent Madoka from dying or turning into a Witch. if she can achieve a scenario where Walpurgis Night is defeated and Madoka not contracting, i guess that will end the loop. I wonder if a scenario where in Walpurgis Night defeated but Madoka contracted but not dead or became a witch can break the loop.

  93. Anyway I know its Takaii’s post and not Divine’s but since I assume Divine’s the one who manages the headers, is it possible to change it again for this season’s anime ahar? I’d really love to see a Madoka header up there as much as I like Ika Musume. Sorry if its not really meant to be a seasonal rotation but since you’ve been changing up the headers more lately I thought I’d put the suggestion out there.

  94. “It was such an amazing sight, that I remember being halfway in-between chewing a piece of my salad at the time, and then forgetting to close my mouth for a good 45 seconds.”

    I assumed I wasn’t the only one whose mouth forgot to close for a good minute.
    The more I think about it, I think my head also got closer and closer to the screen as the episode went by…

  95. Something just came to my mind when rewatching this episode (I haven’t read previous comments so dunno if this idea has been repeated).

    Madoka’s strength seems to be stronger and stronger with each iteration, starting from unable to survive the battle, to turning into a witch after being badly injured, then to have the strength to use a seed on Homura to purify Homura’s seed before starting to turn into a witch, to being able to finish off the witch in one hit.

    Kyubei mentions in the last iteration that after Madoka becomes a witch, he has all the power he needs. Thus, maybe after Madoka died in the first run, Kyubei offered Homura a wish, knowing that she will turn back time. As each iteration goes on, Madoka’s powers becomes stronger. So maybe Homura resetting the time increases Madoka’s strength over and over. This could explain the TV fuzz thing Madoka saw a few episodes back. Maybe her powers have grown to the extent that she can see past incarnations of herself?

    1. Well people have already commented on that and it seems that the power of a Mahou Shoujo is proportional to that of her wish. So the timeline on which Madoka defeated the witch in a single blow is probably because of the strength of her wish after seeing the deaths of her friends and destruction brought by that witch in her hometown.

      1. I’m actually inclined to think that she doesn’t know about the witches and magical girls in the iteration where she killed the witch in one blow. Mainly because of Kyubei telling her she has the power to change fate, and Madoka replies “honto nano?”, which shows that either she doesn’t know about witches and magical girls, or that Kyubei had not been pushing Madoka to become a magical girl (which seems unlikely as he is seen constantly pushing Madoka in throughout the series). I think Kyubei planned it at the start for Homura to become a mahou shoujo and reset time.

        If Madoka did not know about witches and magical girls in the iteration where she killed the witch in one blow, then she has something extra up her sleeve in this time frame – she can revive her friends. If all 5 magical girls works together, then they wouldn’t have to use so much magical energy, thus preventing all from becoming witches. Just a hunch lol, but only way to a happy end as far as I can see – but of course this isn’t your everyday happy magical girl anime XD

      2. In the 4th reiteration, Homura is actively hunting Kyubei down she even landed a kill on that furball so that might have been the reason why Madoka wasn’t a MS till Walpurgis Night (same as this current reiteration), also she isn’t surprised seeing Kyuubei nor by the Witch labyrinth but worried when she saw the destruction of the city and seeing Homura fighting the witch. I doubt if at that point she still doesn’t know the existence of witches and MS because even in this current reiteration, despite Homura’s constant attack on Kyuubei, someway or another Kyuubei will always find a way to contact Madoka.

        Regarding your next statement, by that point Homura’s goal is stop Madoka from becoming a MS to avoid the inevitably fate of becoming a witch, so a reset will be warranted given her failure to save Madoka. What Homura can do now is to defeat the witch alone without having Madoka being MS or for Madoka becoming an MS without being binded by the soul gem system of Kyubei, then I guess the conditions of Homura’s wish will be granted since its a win win situation for Homura because despite Madoka still becoming an MS, she will avoid the fate of being a witch.

  96. The preview words that Madoka says is she’s reprimanding Homura for not caring about how the other girls feel during all these iterations o.o” I have a feeling we’re gonna get another twist episode coming up, but finally it’s Madoka’s turn to actually do something, hopefully.

    The last ED picture with everyone on the tower seems to mean a happy ending of some sort.

    And we clear up that Homura breaking down in previous episodes is NOT out of character… that we had seen up to ep9, she was a shy girl to start with.

    No matter how much info is in time loops, they should ALWAYS be done in ONE episode. After all, watchers can re-watch it 8 times or more if they wanted to. Awesome job killing them over and over again Gen.

  97. If a MS were to wish for the death of QB will the universe rend herself apart processing that paradox? Any time-traveling plot vehicle ends up with paradoxes. Up to the creator and viewer to delicately close an eye to that. =)

    1. judging by the situation, it will be a miracle if Madoka air this week. Well we can observe the first three days first, if one of the late night shows managed to air, there is a high possibility that Madoka will air.

      anyways, i sincerely wish Japan recovered from this, especially about the Nuclear Plant that is threatening the safety of many people in Japan. I don’t care if i can’t watch an anime this week, their safety comes first. I can’t live the rest of my lives without anime, and if Japan died, so is anime.

      1. This is Japan we are talking about, many times there country went on ruins either by wars or natural disasters, each time this happen they always get back on their feet. What is good about them is that that “they learn from past mistakes,” and with this as an example I’m sure a lot of things will radically change to make sure this kind of disaster will never occur in this kind of scale in the future.

        Not related to my post above, I always thought of the Japanese as the real thing when I consider the term “evolve humanity,” they are the kind of people who seems to blend seamlessly with technology, that’s what I thought when they seem to embrace the concept of robotics and androids like no other society or culture tend to accept. Maybe its just me, but I am excited on the future of Japanese technology leading the way.

      2. @Ghostalker

        that lighten my spirit up a bit

        but i’m still worried about that Nuclear Plant incident, i’m living here in the Philippines and my high school classmate is an exchange student there, i’m also worried about her safety.
        anything related to Nuclear is serious business, and I really hope Japan resolved it immediately.

      3. I’m also a Filipino here in Pinas. I would like to inform you though that this kind of nuclear incidence have already happened in the past in Japan, only this time it’s a lot more serious though to the fact that it’s like 2 or 3 facilities happening at the same time, but I trust their competency in this kind of matters. I just hope that it will be contained in a small area only and not spread in nearby areas.

      4. whoa!! so you guys are also pinoy! XDD i’m one of you.. XDD Yeah, about the nuclear powerplant, electronic msgs that concern this are spreading. if it rains,it won’t be good. DX

      5. Huh I’m a Filipino too. Small world I guess. *shrug*

        And to be honest, the nuclear crisis is a little overblown. Yes its very bad, but it’s nowhere near Chernobyl, since modern nuclear plants have more safety features. The chances of a full-scale meltdown are low barring any unforeseen events.

      6. wow i can’t believe i’ve been talking to fellow Pinoys all this time. well that text message about the radiation affecting us is a dud and not in need of concern, as said in the news.

        anyways I’m glad Philippines will be safe and i hope Japan recovers fast.

  98. So umm no one seems to have brought up the most important part here (I brought this up in previous posts) but what exactly IS Madokas wish. I’m sure it’s not just “I WISH MY POWERS TEH LEETEST IN TEH WORLDZORZ!!!one”.

    Especially after all the tampering Homura is doing and just delaying the inevitable, it makes me wonder. Seeing as how in the previous timelines (except maybe the last 1-2 timelines) she was a Mahou Shoujo the time Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko dies. Meaning her wish had no reflection from the death around her.

    Now that she’s experienced ALL of it, and being so emotionally unstable, what her wish will become NOW may completely be different.

    Hell maybe in the end Madoka can wish for “Everything to go back to normal where Kyuubei is gone”. I’ll probably punch my screen till I cry.

    1. Its a little vague to be honest, especially in timeline 4 where the exact events that Madoka experienced are unclear. All that has been told so far is that she does have huge potential. Even in timeline 1 Mami said that Madoka has gotten alot more powerful in less that a week. And of course her witch form is pretty much apocalyptic.

    2. Well, that’s probably the biggest teased SHAFT could give to us, Madoka’s wish is most likely different in each reiteration. I can only hope SHAFT tell us this one wish Madoka will make in this presumably 5th reiteration, which is again different from previous reiterations.

    1. Actually its quite good and touching, the music really gives the mood and fits the story that is being portrayed, also good editing the transitions are nice and convincing until the ending, Show Spoiler ▼

      With shows being postponed left and right, I guess it will be quite silent here in RC for quite a while. Let us all hope for a quick recovery of Japan.

  99. I have a feeling that Homura will do a Chikane move in Kannazuki no miko and replace Madoka’s death with her own. if you relize from the first episode to the 10th episode Homura did the same exact foot movement as Madoka in episode one whereas Madoka did the same foot movement turn from episode 10. I just have a feeling that Homura will risk her life for Madoka and take her place for her not to die. I hope the ending is good but i think the only good thing about the ending is that Kyubei will hopefully die.

  100. above. I just feel that Homura is replacing Madoka;s actions and will fall into despair instead of Madoka.

    Also this series by far has to be my favorite. Love the music, graphics, story and characters.

    Side note: whose kind of glad that Mami didnt live that long couch cough

  101. The comment of MM above just raises some interesting question in my head. Remember that the wish of Kyouko and Sayaka are fulfilled the moment they become a MS, in Homura’s case her wish “I want to redo my meeting with Kaname. Instead of being protected by her, I want to protect her” is a bit to vague a wish. I’m thinking some ideas about the implication of her wish, below is some of them:

    Show Spoiler ▼


    Show Spoiler ▼


    Show Spoiler ▼

    …and other possibilities.

  102. Ghostalker. I like your ideas and maybe what you think could possibly happen.
    Personally i dont think Madoka died the huge battle or that Homura died before the huge battle
    Not to mention i am still curious on what Madoka wished for at the end of ep 10. whether or not that has something to change both their fates on what Kuybei stated saying Madoka can change the future or at least how everything turned out.
    I honestly hope the ending is good in a happy ending. Not to mention the opening still has questions that might be answered either next episode and of course the final episode.

    Also even though Kyubei is evil we still dont know exactly about whether his stories are true and how the final boss appeared. GRRRR I want to see episode 11 so bad

  103. sorry i dont think Madoka died before the huge battle but i have a feeling that Homura is going to replace Madoka even though Madoka has to become a magical girl maybe because its in the name of the title 🙂 But hopefully Madoka can do anything including save her friends and the world because she could be the strongest magicla girl and any wish is possible for her to make

  104. MBS has announced that the episode 11 of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica will be aired on March 17th as scheduled.

    BEST NEWS. I’m so glad. Though i hope Japan recovers fast. ^^

  105. Now all the people on 2ch and 4ch won’t riot that there is no Madoka this week…
    But seriously, what’s more important is the rescue and rebuilding operation.
    Lately, there have been a lot of crude, insensitive and frankly offending “jokes” about Pearl Harbor. These comments are totally unacceptable, even more so if they are done as a joke. These people should be rounded up for inciting hatred.

    1. Gen said we’ll feel like were watching a different show during episode 11 and 12… I wonder why he said that? Homura went back again?

      I wish for Homura a perfect run someday. It would be cool if MadoxHomu = NanoxFate…

  106. YAY. im glad that MAdoka Magica will still be aired this week. ANywyas, i still feel bad for the Japan incident. I hope people will work together and clean and fix Japan up.

    Side note: i wonder what will be different compared from episode 11 and 12 to the rest of the episodes. Wonder if it will have a lot more darker backgrounds cause we havent seen either Yyubei’s true form, the final boss and how everything will work out in the end. Then again hopefully SHaft doesn’t shaft us with some humor and funny episode as the last. idk thats probably the least thing i want to expect for the ending.

    Also i heard awhile ago that the first dvd and blue ray edition of MBS will air an episode or so of MBS collided with MAgical girl lyrical Nanoha. Hopefully its not too dark. Nor has to much yuri. but… then again i dont think i would mind if there was yuri :3

  107. So, anyone know what’s the record for most comments for a series entry is? By the look of it Madoka will be one of the most or even most popular anime of 2011.

    Anyone know when there will be KB plushies yet? One with and without gunshot holes preferably.

    1. If its about user generated comments, it will probably be won by Codes Geass and to a lesser extent, Macross Frontier. Many episodes of CG generated about 200-400+ comments including the 1550 comments of ep25 of R2. Same will be about Macross Frontier with many episodes having 200-400+ comments. Madoka probably have the most user generated comments for quite sometime now probably after those 2 gigantic titles. Series like Gundam 00, Angel Beats!, and K-ON! also have big user comments but most will be in the 100+ level with some reaching 200+. Their is also other series that have an episode generating 200+ comments but mostly in its finale episode.

      1. I think this kind of site is a very good resource for searching for a series you want to watch or try. This site convinced me to watched series like Code Geass, Macross Frontier, Gundam UC, broken Blade – mecha genre I don’t usually cared about before. Also old series like Lamune, Hakuouki, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Kamisama Kazoku, Natsuno Arashi, Princess Lover, Sora no Otoshimono, Soredemo Machi Wa, Wagaya no Oinari-sama and Index/Railgun.

        Pretty much summed all the series I’ve watched after reading the blogs here. Good Job RC! Of course many more to come, after I exhausted viewing all the blogs here.

      2. I agree with you, its because Divine and the others are quite open in their thoughts and fair with each anime. Divine also used to blog quite a lot, and on time too, before the others came in. and he also does a good job in judging the series without being too biased.

        and this one looks like it will reach 400 comments. just 3 more.

      3. Well, the one think I wouldn’t want in an anime blog site is the blogger itself bashing the show, which of course negatively impacts your desire to watch the said show. I’ve seen sites like those, and I immediately leave the site. One of the most important think in writing is to try at best be objective and fair in critiquing a show, while some level of biased is tolerable. Writers here at RC display a fair degree of those qualities, that’s why I think this is a fairly good site as a resource site.

  108. Seriously, if Homura had ended up being Madoka’s mom or daughter or Madoka (or the cat), I don’t think we would have gotten an episode half as awesome as this one was.

      1. Well, I don’t know about that, but I just find it more meaningful that Homura is just a really good friend. A family member (or Madoka or a cat) would have done the same thing for Madoka as Homura did, but just being a good friend, Homura isn’t influenced by family obligations or anything like that. Rather, she gives up everything out of love for a friend (sort of like how Madoka was about to give up everything for Sayaka before Homura made QB cheese). Anyone can give up everything for their daughter (or mother, or self, or master/savior), but only a real friend is willing to go so far for a friend. I think that is a really big theme of Madoka Magica. I think Madoka is willing to go to the limit for everyone, even more so than Homura.

  109. UPDATE:

    Madoka episode 11 will not air this week as stated in their website.

    w/c is true, i guess will just have to wait for Thursday night.

    anyways, it airing or not yet is good for me as long as Japan recovers fast.

  110. Japan is facing a lot of difficulty rigth now, I’ve been reading and try to stay update with the latest in that country and so far I’m really impressed with how they are handling the situation. A lot of concern is coming out in their Nuclear facility hard hit by the quake, I just hope things wouldn’t get any worse than what is happening right now. My thoughts are for the people of Japan.

    As for Madoka, I actually am happy about the news that it will air in its broadcast time, I thought it’s one piece of good news, but I’m also glad if it will not be aired on Thursday according to the latest news. I think watching Madoka is a lot better if more people will actually be enjoying it, but with Japan in its current situation I think only a few will be enjoying this.

    Let’s all hope for the speedy recovery of Japan, they’ve faced this level of crisis before, and each of those they overcome it to become one of the world biggest economy. They’ve done it before, they will do so again. Banzai Japan!

    1. BANZAI indeed!!

      i wonder if this disaster will lessen people’s interest in MSMM.. during this kind of time, people would prefer watching happy shows so to escape the reality of the situation. DX

      1. Well the news stated that the reason for not airing certain series is due to “self-restraint,” and with the last 2 episode of Madoka probably about Walpurgis Night, as we have seen in the last episode Show Spoiler ▼

        , so for now I support the stations for their decision. I’m sure it will be broadcast when the time is right.

  111. on recent news the creator of madoka and the team of shaft will delay the 11th episode. the director feels that the next two episodes arent ompleted yet nad if he airs them they could be a total disappointment. I dont feel that any of them have anything to do with the earthquake other than time consumption but i feel that in order to complete a good series you have to have every detail and well thoughtout story as well as hard working time to end the series.
    Not to mention MAdoka has surpassed Haruhi so they dont want fans to be upset about the ending. Also maybe the director has a few tricks up his sleeves to maybe the series have a spectacular ending.
    Well i guess we have to wait anxiously and hope the next episode comes on soon

  112. Urobuchi Gen announced in his twitter that there is nothing to worry about the airing of the remaining two episodes of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica. He said the quality of the episode 11 would be unsatisfactory if it were aired on March 17th. The work rooms of SHAFT have been messed up by the earthquake and they have spent significant period of time in cleaning up the rooms. The recent episodes of Madoka Magica have been completed a few hours before the airing time, so Urobuchi felt relieved to hear about the postponement.

    Source: Urobuchi’s twitter

    so episode 10 is like rushed!? WTF!! that episode is EPIC!! then what would it looked like if it was PERFECTED.

    anyways, i’ll patiently wait just like what i did with the last 3 episodes of Bakemonogatari.

    and i pray for Japan’s fast recovery.

      1. @keiOnDaisuki – oh, that’s interesting, her witch form is actually an enormous Yggdrasil-like tree, instead of a giant cone a la “Claymore”? Just from that one screen shot, I think the cone is more threatening because it seems more unnatural and massive.

        Do you know if there have been other differences between the Nico versions of episodes and the broadcast versions? Are major changes between broadcast and Blu-ray versions expected?

      2. @dbm:
        i actually dunno. i just took these pictures from another site, mentioning this certain difference. but i think, there have been other minor dissimilarities in the past episodes as well. BD versions might be better though, take BMG as an example.

  113. ANN version:

    Madoka Magica series script supervisor Gen Urobuchi apologized to everyone waiting to see the anime, but said that he is relieved for the delay. He explained that the anime studio SHAFT would work to the last minute on every episode — just hours before the first airing of each episode on Thursday evening (early Friday morning) in the Kanasai area on MBS. The creation of drawings for episodes 11 and 12 has been difficult, and Urobuchi thinks that airing episode 11 in the form that it is now would be “disappointing.” Urobuchi and producer Atsuhiro Iwakami agree that the extra time will allow the staff to do their best.

  114. The way that Gen describes the hectic process of putting the episodes together I have to wonder if the tragedy that has befallen Japan is due to NATURE ITSELF buying the animation team time in the most dramatic and terrible way possible. I would not put anything past Madoka at this point.

    Bio D
    1. Nah not by a long shot, look at Code Geass. Maybe we can try surpassing that when the Madoka finale or even ep 11 comes along. Seeing as Gen said ep 10 was a rushed job despite is EPICNESS I’m expecting great things for the last two episodes 😀

      1. Code Geass is in a different level compare to other series here. While it is true that Madoka holds the most user comments amongst the current series being blog here at RC, Infinite Stratos holds the most number of views. Right now in terms of user comments, we will be on par with the likes of Macross Frontier and School Days ( Non-Code Geass series that has an episode that have user comments exceeding 400+) , safe to say this series is in the top 5 all time based on user comments.

      2. haha I was actually thinking of School Days in terms of comment count before. I do realize Code Geass is on another level. Even non-regular readers could have stumbled on that post since its popular/famous enough to be known by even the casual anime fans. Madoka may make the top five but its still sadly not the record breaker…yet.

        Honestly I still don’t understand why IS is winning, no offense since I’ve liked/watched it alongside Madoka every week (God Thursdays/Fridays are the best) but in terms of material I think it pales in comparison. Even though I loved last week’s IS(probably my favorite episode to date), Madoka still won in my heart because it was just so so epic.

      3. Well its actually a fairly good harem series in my book, I enjoy IS harem the way I enjoyed Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, although Samurai Girls are like all Japanese. What’s make IS a tad better in the harem department is its international female harem cast. lol

  115. Did anyone else notice the Hitomi dolls dancing in Sayaka’s witch realm? I just thought that was some really good attention to detail, since Hitomi was a major part of why Sayaka became a witch.

  116. What I don`t understand is how granting wishes doesn’t affect the entropy levels of the universe at all. And if the explanation is “It’s magic, it doesn’t need energy to fulfill a wish.”, then I don’t understand how they can’t just wish there to be infinite energy in the world, or something along those lines.. Anime is frustrating.

    1. Too bad that us Filipinos can send cash and not some volunteer personnel. I’d do anything to get to Japan… Even if it means clean up duty…

      BTW: I just notice how many Filipinos are here. I’m surprised many are actively watching out for the latest and high in the industry and not sticking only to the commercial anime: One Piece, Bleach and Naruto…

      Finally, I can finally say that I’m not the only “elite” otaku in the Philippines…

    2. @Jay, well I’m a license nurse and sometimes its very frustrating when a show portrays our field of work grossly inaccurate and sometimes downright blasphemy. While I applaud anime for getting better in portraying health related matters in recent years, especially in non-supernatural/fantasy/magic genres (if its in those genres, its forgivable since magic and other supernatural causes is added). In our country were teleseryes (soap operas) are the major staple for entertainment, their are just circumstances that is just unforgivable, e.g. Emergency Room or deathbed scenes, soap operas love using defibrillator as an attempt to revive a patients which shows a flat line on cardiac monitors (it should not be used like that), and along with it is nurses and doctors acting dumb, or how easy for troublemakers get passed hospital security and easily infiltrate a nursery unit to switch babies, or how these same troublemakers able to disguise as nurses or doctors and give medications to characters to kill them ~ all of this is are frustrating to watched, it decreases our credibility as healthcare givers especially when people are expecting we’ll do the same thing to revive their patients like what soap operas do it on TV. Their are many other situations I want to point out but I’d rather not.

    3. @jay

      My last comment wasn’t meant to be a reply…
      In any case here’s my theory:
      Basically granting a wish will affect entropy. However since the energy collected from the girls are greater than the one lost during the wish, sometimes more, then it’s ok, for the QB’s line-of-thought, to just give their wish. In exchange your soul+remaining energy is turned to energy to combat entropy. No life after death…

      Scary, but makes sense since a soul is a piece of God. And God has infinite power…

  117. In serious need of Kyubei Plushie to fill in the emptiness of no Madoka this week. Hopefully when they make them nendoroids/figurines they’ll dedicate a giant plushie to him.

  118. Does anyone know if the other Puella Magi series will be as dark as Madoka Magica? It’s scary to think that this series features girls in the most hope-is-dim, failure-is-the-only-option, death-awaits, no-life-after-death situations and either dies or is trapped forever to die horribly repeatedly and miserably… That viewers without the stomach and heart of iron will never be able to watch past episode 3…

    1. I post this similar story on “Quick Update on Broadcast Schedules page.” I just hope that the reason for the postponement is still due to the earthquake and/or due to production of ep11 and 12 being slowed/delayed just as what they previously explained. If the reason for not airing is due to its probably apocalyptic contents then I don’t think it will be aired anytime sooner, the worst case scenario is canceled all together. If that is the case, then our only hope is the BD/DVD release.

  119. So while the possibility of not having Madoka for the rest of March is very likely, I saw these news that I hope will give a smile to all Madoka fans out their…


    If you are not prepared to be trolled again by a news, then I suggest you not bother clicking 😀

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. shinbo also mentioned about the possibility of a second season.

      anyway, i’m so sad..i’m just praying they won’t cancel the show completely. they’re airing it the week after next week i heard.

    2. episode 11 will air @ March 31 i heard

      anyways, any Madoka related is acceptable and besides you’ll never know, they might troll us for good this time, it’s like Shinbo is being too suspicious about this

      and besides Gen might fulfill his dream of writing a “Happy Story” if he were to write the story again. Of course his name will be hidden for good.


    1. I’m kinda too late in the Hidamari Sketch franchise as I’m watching only its first season as of now, I think they all ready have 3 seasons? So that will make it the 4th! 😀

      Like some people are already saying, it might be Show Spoiler ▼

    1. well in my opinion the most striking difference is the 5th comparison where in Kyuubey is not in the scene in the Nico Nico version as well as Sayaka’s witch name fix in the 8th comparison.

      aside from that, Madoka’s witch name ain’t entirely needed as well as that “tree” presented after it.

  121. I’ve been thinking about the Walpurgis night. It’s curious to me that it appears at the clock tower and that the witch has clock gears. I wonder if there is any connection between Homura and the Walpurgis witch. When Sayaka became a witch she took a form reflective of herself, sword wielding with the twisted musicians and music theme. What form would Homura take as a witch?

    1. 10 days later i just came up with the same thought. late to the party, i just marathoned all 10 episodes after class tonite. building off your theory, maybe when homura turns into a witch (failing to prevent madoka from becoming a puella magi) her witch form takes her back into time causing a casual loop, thus becoming the very reason why everything happens. or it could be after this current loop upon being brought back to the beginning, she falls into despair and then becomes the walpurgis night, actually the later theory might not work because there needs to be two homura’s in the timeline so the warp back would have to be before hand and not be the homura that wants to save madoka.

      the strength of the witch is based upon the strength of the puella magi (and homura has been a magi for countless loops). also, kyoko mentioned she never heard of a walpurgis night ever being seen in the area.

  122. This and all magical girls shows are analogies for girls wanting to grow up into women and having to take on the responsibilities associated with adulthood. Which means… the only way to keep Madoka human would be to eternally trap her as a child, ie kill her before she contracts……….. ;_;