Okay seriously, Luffy is such a badass and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to him casually using haki to knock people out. Sanji on the other hand has been completely useless since this arc began. It is curious as to how much better the mermaid princess is than the others, however trivial, even though I pretty much agree with Sanji anyway. I think Sanji’s turning into stone because of Okama blood transfer is going to be useful sometime later this arc, with his heavier self falling on something probably.

Was it really surprising how easy Luffy owned Decken? Or is he just one of those persistent characters that seem much stronger than they look? *cough*Wanzo*cough* Man, I hated that guy. With Nami’s direction given, we’re going to have the crew split in half; one half will be at Neptune’s mansion, the other at the sea forest. Oh, and Robin off in the middle of nowhere enjoying her poneglyphs. Perhaps what’s most awesome is that Zoro seems to have beaten Hodi in one swift slice. Is this the fruits of his training? Is this how powerful a two year gap is? OP’s power level shift will be determined next chapter.


  1. I sure hope Zoro and Luffy really beat Hodi/Decken with their attacks but knowing how One Piece goes, I suspect both Decken and Hodi still have something up in their sleeves, ready to turn the table around.

  2. why do we have to wait until saturday before this gets posted? you’re not rally that big of a fan it seems. hundred thousands of people could easily write two paragraphs about this chapter before you.

      1. Wait, are you assuming I’m going to do something I haven’t even done?
        Also, complaining how late I am is hardly criticism. Not taking account that we’re actually people busy with our own agendas is just insensitive.

      2. “Wait, are you assuming I’m going to do something I haven’t even done?”
        I sense that you tried to sound ironic, but that sounded hilariously Narm-y.
        And BTW, it’s not like deleting posts on these circumstances haven’t been done before~

        “Also, complaining how late I am is hardly criticism. Not taking account that we’re actually people busy with our own agendas is just insensitive.”
        How is it hardly a criticism?
        You sort of have a commitment to your readers to make your posts at a certin time. And unless you told us about having some really hard time and not being able to do it in the near future, why shouldn’t we critisize you?
        If anything, the main apeal to this site was that it did it’s work consistently.
        And before you go “Yeah well I don’t owe you anything HAR HAR !!”, we don’t owe you either and can just leave this site if you don’t apeal to us anymore.

        I really wonder sometimes if Divine just settled on anyone to become a bloger or just how much effort he out into teaching you “the ropes”…

      3. If you mean deleting posts of people who feel entitled and whine when they don’t get what they want, yeah, we’ll do that. You can simply tell me I’m late, and I’ll give you a straight answer. Whine, and I’ll ignore you.
        Lovely condescending attitude you have there. It must be fun to talk out your ass when you personally don’t have a commitment to the site huh? Just follow up on your words and leave. I won’t miss ya.

      4. “If you mean deleting posts of people who feel entitled and whine when they don’t get what they want, yeah, we’ll do that. You can simply tell me I’m late, and I’ll give you a straight answer. Whine, and I’ll ignore you.”
        Lol, so yeah Divine didn’t teach you anything.
        What a… lovely, as you say, appreciation you have for your fans.
        It’s quite sad really, how since Omni left the site it loses everything it once had. The quality of the writers whose opinions weren’t as shallow as a paper (don’t get to insulted about this one it’s just my opinion), who actually cared about the readers and about doing thier thing on time.
        Don’t take this personally since Im really just getting my point across and am not really trying to hurt your feelings or whatever, but what you just said proves that in RCs current state you writers don’t give a damn about readers. Or as you say “whiners”.

        “Lovely condescending attitude you have there. It must be fun to talk out your ass when you personally don’t have a commitment to the site huh? Just follow up on your words and leave. I won’t miss ya.”
        Lol, what a little kid you are going all sobby-emo over my criticisim.
        And yep, I guess it’s a bit fun lol. Though I don’t criticize for fun as much as I do it to improve the site. I have better hobbies than that~
        Im not the point though, you are. I didn’t apply to write here, you did and therefore you have a commitment. You put this burden on your shoulders, live it through.

      5. If it wasn’t clear, most of my words were targeted towards megaman as a “whiner,” not the readership as a whole, nor you. I’m not sure why you’re still going on about with commitment as I’ve been fairly on time with most of my work, with the exception of the OP manga, which at the latest, was never more than the Sunday following release. But as someone who comes and goes, you took it out of context and assumed the worst possible, that we’re all horrible shells of what RC used to “be,” and we really hate our readers. Hence, talking out your ass. It’s not your responsibility to know all that, sure, but don’t make assumptions without sufficient evidence.

      6. @CK: It sounds like you’re just looking to pick a fight now. You’re just giving roundabout explanations on why anyone should have to put up with your personal-attacking remarks. This site isn’t a service you’re paying for, but something we do in our spare time out of personal interest.

        Even with content that I feel is an improvement from before, some people like to say that “RC’s gone downhill since Omni left” in anime forums, much like you’ve expressed. However, I can tell you that a ~30% increase in regular traffic suggests otherwise.

        As far as I’m concerned, those people aren’t reading any of content and are just being judgemental for the sake of being judgemental. And who are these people? Clearly “readers” that I don’t care about either. It’s one thing to criticize, but it’s something entirely different when someone runs their mouth because they’ve decided well in advance that they don’t like RC without Omni.

        It’s pretty clear to me when that’s the case, so I don’t see any reason why I should give those “critics” the time of day and hear them out. They’re not unbiased enough to even read any of the work we’ve put out, except maybe the season previews which they’ll use as their main source of information but won’t admit they do. Hypocritical.

        I’m fine with the other writers not being as timely as myself with posts. I’ve already loosened up the Japanese requirement for understanding raws, so their posts, at least for anime, will naturally be slower. Also, they may be doing this out of their own free time just like I am, but it’s unreasonable to expect anyone to be as absorbed in it as me.

        If you look at all the past writers, none of them were terribly quick with their posts. None of them wrote nearly as long as Kiiragi and Prooof either, except Omni and myself.

      7. This CK guy is clearly trying to manipulate the readers and writers. He’s trying hard for people to believe he’s the damsel in distress here by writing in advance how he thinks his post will be deleted, and repeatedly saying that all his words are criticism but the reality is that he is trying to damage the credibility of the writers here. Those comments are not criticism, it is clearly insults — foul and baseless accusation. Clearly the writers are trapped here, this is clearly manipulation and blatant trolling.

        For this people, they have to accept this fact: OMNI has retired long ago from blogging, just face it. Even this current writers, sooner or later, even Divine will have to leave blogging for something more important like work, career moves, family. This site should have shut done with OMNIs retirement, but it didn’t, I’m been visiting this site for 2 years now and Im very thankful to Divine for shouldering all the burdens and responsibility OMNI had left him. People should be praising the writers here, because this writers despite the high possibility of being placed in this kind of insults still continue and able to blog. Also the current writers here are not OMNI, they have their own names — Divine, Kiiragi, Prooof, Takaii — they are not OMNI and never will be OMNI, that’s why their styles of writing, blogging will be different, you cannot expect them to behave or blog LIKE Omni — That should be a standard knowledge for sensible persons – each people was born different from each other — If you are looking for a blogging like OMNI then you will never find it in this site nor in other sites, just accept this current generation of bloggers OR find another site that you will find the OMNI and the “Random Curiosity” that YOU are so “infatuated” with…search for that site and leave this people here, look for what your heart desired the most, Judging your comments, what you are looking for is CLEARLY not here or to be exact —- GONE a long time ago.

      8. I apologize for my long rant above, I feel that someone from the readers have to defend this site and its bloggers from this kind of criticism. It doesn’t help that only the writers are defending themselves because its clear that the writers are trapped in such a way it appears that “he” is the one cornered here – The damsel in distress – with words like “my comment will be deleted” or how “he’s only criticizing and not insulting” Those are very well structured word plays designed to throw you opponent off balanced, it’s called manipulation.

      9. Kiiragi, I’m calling you out on biting the troll bait. I just know from experience that his first post immediately spelled doom and you probably should have just left it there without a word. Then a few days later we’d get to laugh at him for the post not getting deleted.

        Yeah it hurts to be insulted, but if fighting back just causes attrition then you might as well bite the bullet.

  3. and you missed an important part of the chapter even: the characters that are much stronger than hodi&decken.

    don’t tell me you ever seriously thought hodi&decken were going to be anything more than fodder.

  4. @Kiiragi…if only i had people to bet $$$ with on topics like the pic used for this weeks O.P blog…i would have won 100% right down to the magnification u used on the sanji pic lol!!! but anyway there you have it folks! luffy decimating decker with his arms & legs tied behind his back, and zoro dealing out the one hit death blow in his enemy’s natural habitat while holding his breath……if dat ain’t pawnage, i dont know WTF is.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. The upshot of Luffy having haki is that things move along a lot faster, since he can wipe out an army of minions at once. On the other hand, it eliminates any chances for an Enies Lobby repeat, where he can physically beat up hundreds of guys himself.

    I’m betting that by the end, they team up with Hodi and rescue all the mermaids from Caribou. Though it’d be weird thinking that the original useless fodder-guy would be the big bad in the arc…

  6. what do you mean with just not my type?Princess Shirahoshi is truly my type i love a fragile and cute princess and above all that Sanji mentioned the world most beautifull empress Boa Hancock would pale to her
    it just my hunch but i think Princess Shirahoshi will become someone more than Nakama for Luffy….

    Crow the badass
    1. Not betting on that. The Princess will surly reminds of Her Duty, and will regain beside his Dad the Mermaid Island. That was always in Mangas, Duty comes before his own Emotion (We talk about Nippon here)

  7. We need to consider:

    A week of training in Shonen is enough to defeat an enemy with years of experience (Hitman Reborn, for example).

    Two years is a lot of time in anime training (and is actually realistic).

    I knew Zoro could handle Hodi, and even if he calls for his pills Zoro should still be enough! yeah!

    Luffy handling Decken was expected, and should be left like that.

    The problem here is Hyozu, whose strength was acknowledged by Luffy himself.

    Shirahoshi is my type, but as I said some months ago: Hancock is hot and Shirahoshi is cute, two different things!

    Lectro Volpi
      1. No, that was simply horrible….
        You sound like one of those bad old cartoon villains that make painfully horrible puns so you could hate them without ever doing something truly evil…. You reallly oughta stop~

    1. I agree. I believe Decken and Hodi are just the tip of the iceberg, and that others like Hyozu will will step in and do a little damage, but they will both likely have a bit more fight to them than this. I’m still curious on the the end results of the fortune tellers prediction, but that seems like it’ll be a ways off. Looking forward to some Luffy and Zoro action!!!

  8. I really hope that Hodi and Decken are down for the count. The first major battle after a timeskip should always be to show how much they’ve improved. I mean, if they’ve been training for two years and they’re already struggling against this chump change, there’s no way they’d be able to beat Blackbeard

  9. I’m really really curious as to what happened to Hawkeye. If Zoro beat him, then he is on Shichibukai level. Therefore, Hodi is pwned (with or without his steriods which I think he did take already). I think Jinbei’s warning on not fighting Hodi is more political than Hodi being powerful.

    I don’t think Luffy will meet his match until someone with Haki also faces off against him. For now though, these villians will need to fight dirty in their underwater environment to put up some resistance.

  10. this is just my guess, i think the reason why jinbei didn’t want luffy to fight hodi is because hodi is sent from jinbei to spy on decken or to prevent him from doing something bad so if luffy or other crew members hurt hodi, which zoro already did, that something evil thing is going to happen and luffy and others will have hard time stopping it. i know it sounds ridiculous and will never happen but it will be a cool twist in my opinion. haha

    1. Hahahaha good question!

      In Oda’s fun-loving logic, if humans can float in water, then so too can fish, even if that water is suspended in air. You can see a little hoop of water around the shark. Since Fishman Island is underwater, Oda’s probably twisting physics so that the air doesn’t impact a fish’s swimming abilities, as long as there’s water surrounding, even if it’s an awful application of logic.

    2. It’s actually a hoop of air. All the bubbles you’ve seen surrounding random things is the same bubble “technology” seen back in the Archipelago, meaning you’re able to float and fly or breathe underwater if you have one on you. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is how a shark can keep breathing on land..

  11. I love this chapter, humor (Sanji), serious business (Nami), and lol 2 boss gets pwnd in 1 hit (Luffy/Zero -> Decken/Hodi).

    Too bad knowing One Piece, those 2 villains will return for more, they are the tenacious cockroach type.

  12. Looking at that massive troll fest, I have one question (mostly for Divine).

    Is there a way to collapse replies? Sort of like *post here* *XYZ replies*, and you click something to expand all the replies. I’ve never noticed it before but that chain wall of text is MASSIVE. Not top priority obviously, but I think comment frequency and length are getting to the point where it might be useful to have.

    1. Unfortunately no. Not for threaded replies. It doesn’t seem like something worth adding either. I could always reduce the number of comments per page to reduce vertical scrolling, since nested comments don’t count towards that total. I could also remove nested comments altogether and go back to what we had long ago.

      1. I felt I have done something so unnecessary above. The new feature is actually a good idea that let’s you read the latest comments. It seems that I have been lurking in this site for such a wrong time and saw the troll fest.

        Now I don’t know if I’m embarrassed of myself for getting involved. I think it is better if I have stayed silent on this matter.

  13. ohhhh wow that is pretty unfortunate (CK). I don’t even read one piece but the title by itself and the picture that went along with it made me laugh *hee hee*
    (cause yea sometimes I creep for shits & giggs)
    Keep it up guys~

  14. Thing is that Sanji did not change into stone from the Okama transfer, Chopper was wrong. That was the 2nd time Sanji turned to stone, first time was before FI, as they were leaving SA Sanji saw Boa Hancock and he changed to stone BUT she was not using her power so that’s not the cause. It seems that the most beautiful women (both Hancock and Shirahoshi called that) can/could cause Sanji turn to stone.

    I’m guessing that Chopper didn’t see that at SA so he didn’t realize it when he made that comment.


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