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OP: 「ヒャダインのカカカタ☆カタオモイ-C」 (Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-C) by ヒャダイン (Hyadain)
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「日常1」 (Nichijou 1)
“My Ordinary Life 1”

Finally! A show done by KyoAni! Plus, I was delighted to watch my expectations from the OVA completely get obliterated (in a good way) as I sat on the edge of my seat wanting more.

You might think you understand what it means for a show to be random, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve watched Nichijou. From the first episode alone, this show managed to pique my interest while bringing a smile to my face. For example, have you ever heard someone say good morning like someone in Indonesia, Malaysia, or even Singapore in a Japanese anime!?

From the humor standpoint, this show could end up being a hit or miss for most people. Personally, I love this style of humor — the kind where it makes me think “things like this could actually happen in real life!” As I noticed just how much Yuuko (Honda Mariko) reminded me of one of my close but airheaded friends, I slowly thought about how I could be considered the Mio (Togashi Misuzu) in our friendship. Watching the comedic duo made me realize how much effort I put into the smallest things — from humoring their random jokes to trying to cheer them up after they failed a test. If I were to describe the feeling I got while watching this show, it’d be that feeling where you could be sitting around and talking about nothing but still having a fun time, randomly laughing at just about anything remotely funny.

The other thing that really caught my interest was the separate storylines in this show. While a child professor conveniently named Hakase (Koono Hiromi) is already odd, Nano (Streaming ▼


  1. Better than the OVA eh? Definitely giving it another chance, the OVA was pretty boring, but these type of shows usually take some time to get going so I’m definitely going to give it a go.

    1. Just finished watching

      GEEZUS This is like a randomness insanity test. XD My mouth was in a wide open smile the entire time, so random in a really funny way. WILL WATCH AGAIN!

    1. I like the main girl in the series with the pigtails and also really like the robot girl and the professor. I feel really bad for the robot girl, she just wants to look like everyone else and tries to be as human as she can. I hope the professor fixes that.

  2. I can’t watch this right now but I can’t wait to! Seeing this post go up so quickly and then also reading such positive feedback is making me unable to wait to see this show! KyoAni never.. mostly never lets me down. 😉

  3. That Opening is just wow… Really wasn’t expecting such a catchy tune to play and a neat animation sequence to come with it. Had it looping for probably 2 hours. The ED is also pretty sweet.

    I was delighted to watch my expectations from the OVA completely get obliterated (in a good way) as I sat on the edge of my seat wanting more.

    You an me both! It was a great improvement compared to the OVA.

    I’m very satisfied with how the show started. As expected some sequences were done pretty awesome. Even the explosion sequence that followed afterwards made me think.. These people can really pull these stuffs off.

    What really caught me off guard was the shorts. I just laugh so damn hard at the jump rope skit.

    Well.. Can’t wait for next week!

  4. I enjoyed the OVA, but it had me a little worried. Despite some small changes and a couple added scenes, this episode was much closer to the original manga, and in my opinion, much better for it. And that opening… SHABBA DABBA DEEBE DOO WA BA DEE YEA <3

  5. XD the ending is so adorable!
    Nice little (somewhat) every-day anime, though I must say it’s similar to Lucky Star.
    I’ll be wishing for more of Sakamoto-san in the next episode!

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  7. This is awesome! Love the random comedy bits and hotdog scene WTF AWESOME! Really hope they do have 26 episodes of this random fun! But of course people will talk down on this for being a copy of a certain comedy like this.

  8. Lol I loved the part with the fire alarm! Absolutely classic. How would you feel if you were the one pressing the button. But then again, with a friend like Yuuko, I would definitely think twice before believing in what she says lol XD

    1. Damn.. I remember someone doing that back in my high school days… A close friend of mine. He got suspended. This particular scene was like.. OH CRAP WHAT DID YOU DO déjà vu moment.

  9. That’s a great first episode! Anyone say the “Duckhunt” reference (well, kind of, right?)? Is it even legal to have guns in Japan (already showing up twice in this episode)? Pretty good animation, relax pacing, awesome face expressions, good comedy (perhaps too subtle for some people?; comedy wise I think it’s better than Lucky Star).

    1. Comedy wise, it’s able to appeal to a larger audience, and not just otaku/japanese people who actually understand the references/jokes. In that sense, it’s a little more reminiscent of Azumanga Daioh.

      However, I’m also being a bit biased, since I never found Lucky Star quite as funny as people make it out to be.

  10. When I saw the screenshots here and the hype I just had to interrupt my (very important) studying session and watch the first episode. It didn’t disappoint, at all. It’s like a cuter, more randomness-oriented, less pervy, cuter looking Lucky Star – which was btw the last time I remember an anime not just making me /think/ something was funny, but actually laughing as the result (octopus weiner scene = perfect). I just kept thinking how simplistic Nichijou must look to someone outside of anime world, and yet this formula is so hard to get right. KyoAni is back!

  11. have you ever heard someone speak Indonesian in a Japanese anime!?

    … I’m thinking of putting this up for a debate but meh I’ll just discard that thought… No offense though, it sure is confusing having two languages in the world which are just as similar to each other in roots 😛

  12. Watched it and I almost fell asleep. It was pretty boring if you ask me. I didn’t find the jokes funny… some were amusing at most but most of it was pretty meh for me.

    Gonna check the next few episodes to see if it gets better.

  13. Well, actually, that isn’t not just indonesian language, you could say “malay language”, cus’ in Brunei,Malaysia, and Indonesia, we use the same word like “Selamat Pagi” [Good Morning] and “Selamat Malam” [Good Evening}. ^^

    1. What about Singapore? They also speak Malay too.
      Anyway, i smile upon hearing those girls speak Malay since it was very good.

      PS: Please no Malay/Indonesian language debate. Just agree to accept to whatever anyone calls the language the girls were speaking.

  14. Lol this is truly a successor to Azumanga Daioh. Great anime. Good thing your going for the shorter posts from this anime Takii. You would have a hard time writing the normal length for a anime like this.

  15. Simply put, I’m in love with this series xD i probably was after episode 00 but this first episode sealed the deal ^^ Everything from the humor to the fantastic op & skits shattered my earlier expectations, I will be following this series with my full heart, I could call it a slightly outrageous version of Azumanga..but this is truly unique on its own!

    .. also..I will never look at “accidently dropping wieners (or food for that matter) on the ground” ever the same again, it still boggles my mind (in the good kind of way) how Mai was ready with the baseball glove xD

  16. This is in NO way near to Azumanga Daioh, in fact the creator of Nichijou should get a lawsuit for plagiarisms of character design, for having a Rebecca Miyamoto in this pile of trash and should go to jail for having such bland sense of humor. KyoAni actually managed to make something worst than K-ON!

    I’m really sick of all these Moeblob shows that get ridiculously praised for some reason. I’d like to believe that otaku are smart enough to demand for something better, but it doesn’t look like it.

    1. Wow, dude! Come on. You don’t need to be so harsh. Some people like these kind of random wacky moments (like me), not EVERYONE likes Madoka styled anime you know… (like me). A plot too deep/harsh are actually “repellents” to some people.

      Anime>Sleep Otaku
      1. Why compare it to Madoka?

        My main problem with this episode is that it wasn’t really funny. Seriously… greeting with a foreign language is now funny? Were people laughing out loud when Asuka greeted using german? Are we fooling ourselves here or something? If you compare this to other slice of life anime there would be a whole lot of them funnier than this.

        Randomness is good if it’s funny but this… is just random for the sake of being random… sigh…

    2. well then Arthur I’m sure we won’t have to hear you commenting on it negatively each week. There are lots of animes so go and find one you might like and leave this one alone.

    3. Seriously, what’s with all the hate?

      What has the author ever done to you?

      Neither he nor Kyo-Ani has gone around advertising this as the next Azumanga, or this blog or any other bloggers for that matter.

      The only one who would actually delude himself into thinking it is so seems to be none other than yourself, I’m afraid. So of course you have ended up feeling disappointed and butt-hurt. But seriously, why should we care?

      Now piss off with your pompous views and never come back.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. I’m sorry, but you have to understand that when someone don’t like something and commenting about it doesn’t mean they’re just trolling.

        Sometimes it means that they deeply care.

        I guess you are right.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. @fairx: What megalith said.

        Being critical of a series does not justify being such a complete asshole and go dismissive of stuff, it just makes you sound like a pompous twat. Do you not know the definition of constructive criticism? I do not find a single speck of criticism in Arthur’s post that was any bit constructive in it.

        Kinny Riddle
  17. I thought I would be laughing everywhere like I did with Mitsudomoe, but I didn’t. Actually, I didn’t get the episode. Some of the moments didn’t connect together (like the teacher burning up when the principal said I heard it was her birthday, or the principal saying vice principal). I’ll watch a few more episodes to see if it comes together, but I could definitely drop an anime off my list of 8.

    1. To me it seems like burning sensei likes the female teacher. I mean not knowing the b-day of someone you’re eying on or forgetting it completely is a missed opportunity.

  18. “Selamat Pagi~”
    “It’s raining kokeshi…”
    This show is just epic!! Its jokes are really like those tat can happen in real life(like the classic alarm bell) XD just imagine how unlucky you are if a salmon filet landed on your head

  19. I enjoyed the slice of life feel and the character designs are just adorable. There were some moments that made me chuckle a bit but I didn’t get some of the jokes though. I’ll stick with this for a few eps but wont expect much though.

    I hope A-Channel will deliver much more in the comedy department.

  20. I nearly spat my drink when I heard Yuko say “Selamat Pagi”. Kyo-Ani is serious in exploring international markets. When do we get “Selamat Jalan” at the end of an episode then?

    Of course, that wasn’t the only occasion I spat my drink in laughter. When I first heard Kyo-Ani was doing a seemingly “bland” 4-koma devoid of any moe-elements, unlike Lucky Star and K-ON, I had to admit I was guarded with my optimism. But fortunately, Kyo-Ani once again showed, for this first episode at least, that they have the Midas Touch when it comes to anime adaptations, turning anything they touch into gold.

    I think Kyo-Ani knew that Nichijou is lacking in the moe-department compared to their previous comedy shows, and so they worked really hard in cranking up the comedy levels to compensate for it. And it seems they have succeeded so far.

    Other funny moments, in no order:
    – Nano’s collision with a random guy causing all sorts of stuff to fall from the sky.
    – Yuko and co getting psyched up over a flying sausage.
    – The principal’s unfunny jokes, as well as his epic fail haiku.
    – Sasamori’s snobbish antics, and his insistence that people call his goat Kojiro. (Gotta love Tomioka-sensei’s remarking: “But it’s still a goat.”
    – Instead of a thumb-drive, Nano is built-in with a USB “toe-drive” worth 1GB of storage memory.

    Kinny Riddle
  21. Most of the guys in the show seemed to look like they were taken straight out from Habbo Hotel and plopped into the show especially the crazy afro dude you see walking around and the guy with the blonde mohawk who had a sausage slip through it!

    But seriously… KyoAni, I think I love you.

    1. Random. Very random. In the “Oh this is going to be just another slice of life show by Kyo-Ani and they’ll try to moe it u-(*BOOM!*), WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” type moments early on and continues in that style.

  22. Hmm.. Boring stuff. a few good moment (especially Selamat Pagi / Selamat Malam) but mainly boring..

    My fren like it, and of course he loves Dr. Slump (like someone mentioned earlier).

    Seems that lot’s of people love this anime. Perhaps I just don’t get it. Just like I love Hidamari Sketch and lot’s of people can’t really get the hang of it.

    But I got the feel that people just love KyoAni so much..

  23. Crazy and absurdly funny by being all over the place. Definitely following this series. Poor Ms Roboto, having that windup key just to shoot her toe like some old style robot jet punch 🙂

    Zaku Fan

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