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OP: 「Os-宇宙人」 (Os-Uchuujin) by エリオをかまってちゃん (Erio wo Kamattte-chan)
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「宇宙人の都会」 (Uchuujin no Tokai)
“City of Aliens”

I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to watch this because I like Buriki’s designs, and to that end it delivers. The only SHAFT show I’ve even liked was Madoka, and that didn’t even finish, but wow, this show is just entertaining as all hell.

I can’t get over the girl being wrapped in a futon a good 90% of the show. Is it weird that it’s cute she’s wrapped in a futon? Or is it because I know what she actually looks like? Or is it because imagining her face behind that futon and her subtle reactions towards things is really cute for some reason? And then she just starts talking and moving the futon up and down with a muffled kind of voice and there’s the kicking and squirming on the grou- Sudden Revelation: Futon girl is moe as fuck. Half the time I spent trying to figure out why the hell I think this girl is so cute with a futon wrapped around 60% of her body, and the more I question, the more dangerous it gets. Suddenly I realize her muffled voice is strangely similar to baby talk, and then my sanity is at stake. Goddamit Japan, stop trying to turn me into a pedophile.

Curiously enough, the show doesn’t entirely bank on futon moe or space moe or whatever the shit it tries to leverage my heart with, because my critique will not be stopped SHAFT, don’t you worry. No-ho-ho-ho. Although the amount of material simply coming from the futon situation has to be given props, like anything else from this show so far, props should be directed towards the original material, a most likely well written light novel. The eccentricity or oddity of the clashes between the crazy and sane is quite obviously the initial attraction of the show, and it has caught me hook, line, and sucker. I am an absolute sucker. Goddamit Japan, your humor doesn’t even make sense half the time…

I gotta hand it to SHAFT, the show is absolutely gorgeous at points, a throwback to Bakemonogatari in some scenes (whether that be good or bad). Despite directing most of the budget to making Touwa Erio (Oogame Asuka) looking as jailbait as possible, the consistency of character design throughout was impressive, and Niwa Makoto (Irino Miyu) is one suave looking dude that I wouldn’t mind Shinbou doing his usual extreme close ups on. The guy can string along a narrative almost as well as Kyon himself, his dialogue is witty and self-conscious (noticing the cliche premise, calling his life an anime), and the first thing he does is check out the number of cute girls in his class (brofist). He’s the three R’s: “realistic,” relatable, and really really awesome. He also blushes at 39 year olds, but when you’re 39 and you look like Touwa Meme (Nonaka Ai), consider yourself tested for immortality. I think I’ve made my point of the Touwa family, but neither can be taken seriously except that they’re hilariously crazy, and any actual development for them is almost nonexistant, just like the plot (so far)! Considering the author’s previous works, I’m not too worried about that.

So, to sum up this mess, we’ve got an excellent showcase of characters, a fantastic blend of crazy that works well between the characters, Shinbou holding back on his seizure inducing cuts, delicious character designs, futon moe, EPIC BACKGROUND MUSIC, and an amazing talent at avoiding the topic, but that’s the joke. In a half second of seriousness, the majority of the dialogue with Meme and Erio are literally nonsense, most of the charm of the show would be lost if I didn’t give a shit about moe, leaving pretty much the MC’s dialogue and the wacky situations for entertainment. Not much, yeah. Second episode should cure that problem for the haters, but if not, leave me to my denpa onna, and give me -50 on puberty points for blogging this show. Thank you and good night.

seriously this fucking show
also, make the kiraboshi joke and I will murder you


ED Sequence

ED: 「ルル」 (Ruru) by やくしまるえつこ (Yakushimaru Etsuko)
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  1. I didn’t expect this show to look this good since it’s SHAFT. But it’s very well done, very detailed and very hilarious.

    I like Makoto’s narrative, it’s funny as heck.

  2. This series has given me the most positive overall impact amongst all the first episodes I’ve watched so far. Well done SHAFT, I guess holding off Madoka for a few more weeks to give way for a better first episode for Denpa Onna and Maria+Holic is a very good move on their part.

    Very good first episode to me.

  3. He’s the three R’s: “realistic,” relatable, and really really awesome. He also blushes at 39 year olds, but when you’re 39 and you look like Touwa Meme (Nonaka Ai), consider yourself tested for immortality.

    Erio is 39y.o? or is Touwa Meme a trap?

      1. @ Kiiragi

        Do you plan on blogging this series, I’m kinda lose with the latest news in RC right now. I believe divine is helping out with just introducing the many series that will not be covered. Is this the same thing here? Or you plan to blog this weekly?

  4. At first, I thought I’d get annoyed at how she would be wrapped in a futon most of the episode. Once the dinner scene started though, I instantly fell in love.

    Hopefully, the show doesn’t turn crap later. First episode is too amazing.

    1. This is a SHAFT series, so to enjoy this series in its utmost potential, you really have to reserved yourself in having very high expectations. That’s what I did to be able to enjoy even the SHAFTed episodes they did before lol.

  5. I’m totally missing the flashing wall of text they have in Bakemonogatari, I guess this series isn’t very dialogue intensive enough to warrant those kinds of special effects…

    What I’m definitely looking forward too:

    Dat head tilting pose.
    Dat super close eye shots.
    Dat camera angles.
    Dat…and everything that defines SHAFT animation.

      1. @Nhelraios

        Rarely has SHAFT made a straight 24 episode series, I believe the last series that they’ve made up to 24 is “Negima!?” so I’m guessing it would be the usual 12 episodes. SHAFT is more known to make a lot of sequels though.

  6. Half the time I spent trying to figure out why the hell I think this girl is so cute with a futon wrapped around 60% of her body, and the more I question, the more dangerous it gets.

    lol. I have the similar train of thought. It really a mystery on how she ate the Pizza. I was like щ(゚Д゚щ)(wtf).

    Thx for taking this series Kiiragi. ( ゚∀゚)

  7. *wiping blood from ear canals after hearing OP*…hmmmmmm..was ready two drop show until redeeming “body thrown through the wall scene” so judgment shall be reserved after 1 more ep….NOTE:

    dear SHAFT,
    Generic expected cliche end of episode shiny sparkly Charecter REVEALS will NOT be tolerated.
    please step it up
    Sincerely Yours
    BROOKLYN otaku

    BROOKLYN otaku
  8. I dont see this going as EPIC as madoka magica, but maybe its because its not an original series like madoka.
    well I still expect good things from this because its by SHAFT. the only show ive seen that SHAFT didnt get right was vampire bund.

    my fave part was how she ate that pizza. this is doing well enough that I didnt lose my expectations.

  9. and Niwa Makoto (Irino Miyu) is one suave looking dude that I wouldn’t mind Shinbou doing his usual extreme close ups on


    But yeah, this show is beautiful. I hope SHAFT does a good job with this like they did with Madoka (so far).

    Irational Promise
  10. Arakawa under the Bridge 3.0, BridgexBridgexBridge

    The void has been filled until another season comes out and I am satisfied that this has filled it.

    Giant swings, roach infested bells, moe power to the max using futons, pimp in the making male lead searching for cute girls day 1, ET reference, too many to count because I’m too busy trying to figure out what the hell was it that i just watched lol

      1. kira-kun
  11. what’s with all ‘shit’s and ‘fuck’s thrown about for no particular reason?

    I find this type of moe somewhat antagonizing, and I didn’t laugh very much (though I felt like the potential for hilarity was there). let’s see what the next episode brings.

  12. It definitely hooked me enough to keep watching.
    The male lead is awesome and knows his damn priorities (girls). Meme is hilarious.
    I’m quite curious what they’re going to do from here.
    -1 puberty point for replying to said blog.

    Bio D
  13. Just imagine Fuuko from Clannad has grouwn up and has a daughter (“Fuuko jr.”) like in this anime. Anyway, pretty nice in terms of art and character design, sometimes somewhat weird, but decent pacing. I don’t believe Touwa Erio is an even weirder girl than Nino from Arakawa under the Bridge.

  14. This has an Arakawa under the Bridge vibe to me. Sane male lead thrown in with girl who thinks she’s an alien and other whacky characters (his aunt seems a few cans sort of a sixpack).

  15. I’m gonna ask my mom to do the Kiraboshi pose and see if I still get a rush of moe.

    I think Akiyuki is crazy for cocoa puffs. Loves him some alien, that guy.. The weirdness reminds me of Arakawa a lot and I like it. The artwork is fantasmal and Erio is stunningly beautiful. (I can see why Meme would be jealous.) haha

    The opening theme struck me as completely childish. I had to giggle at the singer’s voice. <3 But like our favorite squid, Ika Musume, I know this'll grow on me as will the rest of the sound score.

    ps. The roaches in the bike? Yeah, they made me flinch for a second too.

  16. [Off Topic]
    I know you didn’t have such a great time blogging Yumekui Merry, Kiiragi, but did you hear the soundtrack yet? (Character Songs ED/OP excluded) I think it was the only redeeming quality the show had. :] It’s kinda creepy if you listen to it home alone..

  17. The concept is almost like arakawa.I’m still on the fence about this since I got a good dose of insanity from arakawa to last me a long time.Not to mention their other crazy ass anime.

  18. After seeing just the screens and the concept of the show from the Spring preview I rushed to download this about an hour ago. I just finished watching it and i’ve gotta agree with one of the guys above, it’s given me the best first impression of a show this season. I was skeptical downloading it but it turned out to be hilarious and the art is just BEAutiful.

  19. You know Kiiragi , I don’t give a shit about moe ( at least that what I convinced myself of) but I agree with everything you said. Erio is damn cute. The aunt is awesome. This show rocks. Shaft keep making me laughing every season. Since how long did we see a guy checking out the girls in his class on his first day of school? Fuckin realistic indeed. AND THOSE COCKROACHES.
    Also nice not forgetting to credit the Light Novel for the awesomeness. I hope some translation project will lift off now that it’s a bit more popular.

  20. It’s odd… but oddly cute.
    I like Niwa’s character, how he calmly analyzes and accepts the craziness around him.
    It was amusing how he calculates the puberty points at the end. XD

  21. https://randomc.net/image/Denpa%20Onna%20to%20Seishun%20Otoko/Denpa%20Onna%20to%20Seishun%20Otoko%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2009.jpg + https://randomc.net/image/Denpa%20Onna%20to%20Seishun%20Otoko/Denpa%20Onna%20to%20Seishun%20Otoko%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2042.jpg

    These two felt every bit like a Senjougahara Hitagi moment. Kinda brought me back to the times when I was still watching Bakemonogatari.
    SHAFT + a awesome light novel = A show that will get me hooked for the rest of the season.


    man, doesn’t Meme look like her. SHE’S SO HAWTT!! LOL. albeit it seems she has eyes for her own nephew, i’m claiming that MEME’S MINE!!! MUAHAHAHA- *shot*

    i so like the first episode. as i’ve mentioned, Meme’s awesome!! (same for Nonaka Ai) And as for Erio, HNNNNNNNGGGH!!! she’s so moe!!! <<333 the way she speaks when she's wrapped with the futon was so HNNGG-Worthy!! <3 i'm so addicted with how the characters were drawn! XD

    i look forward for more!!!!

  23. I definitely found Erio cuter when she was in the futon. Those LEGS, man. With the ahoge poking out? So cute. I also got Kyon vibes from Makoto.

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about the series yet, but I’ll definitely keep watching. At least for a while. Keeping up with all the eccentricity is a little exhausting.

  24. I felt like my blood sugar skyrocketed from the moment that futon went flying. I love Erio’s voice.
    Too bad, i don’t know what to expect from those two, since they are cousins.
    But then, a good starter for this series.

  25. This looks like it might be a good show this season.

    -Though i started to get really annoyed when the MC didn’t ask about the futon girl for half of the episode. Or is considered rude, to ask why their is a girl wrapped in a thick blanket, when you visit there house?


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