OP12 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_OP12.mp4 512 288]

OP12: 「irony」 by ClariS

FALCON KICK! What is this.. Kuroneko in Kirino’s chair?!

Oh how I’ve missed the new rivalry going on. Homo Lover versus Kuroneko!

And to think that I almost forgot about Kirino…

「俺の後輩がこんなに可愛いわけがない」 (Ore no Kouhai ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Junior Can Be This Cute”

With Kirino still out of the picture, it looks like Kuroneko will get to keep the spotlight for just a bit longer. I admit that I’ve missed seeing and hearing Kirino — especially since she’s apparently turned a new leaf. That and I expected her to make some sort of appearance somewhere! I mean she’s all over the opening sequence and there was a whole section dedicated to Kuroneko trash talking her — makes you wonder what’s keeping her so darn busy in America. While things were more focused on Kuroneko rather than Kuroneko and Kyousuke, there were still plenty of fun moments throughout the episode. Besides having a small mental brain fart trying to find the differences in this new opening sequence compared to the last one, everything felt a little more tame. It’s probably because Sena’s homo-loving side hadn’t exploded yet.


So you’re really telling me…

To make an Ero-Game?!

This is exactly what Kyousuke’s been training for this entire time. I wasn’t as shocked as I thought I would have been when he came out and admitted to being an avid ero-gamer, but to suggest making an ero-game? The implications of suggesting such a crazy idea are probably even larger then I can even imagine. First off, he’s talking to two girls who have two totally different “ideals” that turn them on. Second, he’s talking to two girls. Even if you include Kyousuke’s real intention of trying to bring them together, it’s like telling girls to write porn! I suppose one of the plus sides could be that they could have created some type of ero-game hybrid that takes totally different fetishes and brings them together.. (does that even exist?)


So it’s down to two choices — RPG or Novel Game!

And neither side wants to give up!

That was until this showed up. (SPONTANEOUS WTF MOMENT)

Being brutally honest, I wasn’t sure if Kuroneko had a chance. That speech of hers was very inspiring, especially since we know exactly where she’s coming from, but she was competing against someone who could code better and had slightly more preparations done. However, it was hilarious finding out just how that final decision was made. The spontaneous “WTF” that came out of every single guy in the room made looking and taking that BL shot somewhat bearable.


Kyousuke’s ability to resist Kuroneko’s charm baffles me.

Even after getting the opportunity to lay down next to her! GRRRR.

I really wanted something to happen between Kyousuke and Kuroneko. I mean I really wanted something to happen. All the signs were there, and at times Kuroneko was making it really obvious. Sure she said she liked him as much as Kirino liked him, but I think Kyousuke’s the only one who didn’t understand what that meant. As I haven’t read any of the original material for this show, I’m going to go off the assumption that Kirino just really treasures him and that Kuroneko shares this sentiment. Plus with the way she scooted over to give him room on the bed, the way she was phrasing and using her words, and the way she said Nii-san~, why can’t you see it Kyousuke?!


This is my obligatory Kuroneko snapshot. While it doesn’t have her head turning seductively, she’s so cute with that happy smile of hers.

So I heard you got too many bugs in your game..

Which means that Kuroneko and Sena can settle their differences and really become friends!

I don’t know about you, but I felt pretty darn happy during this whole scene.

With the whole friendship problem coming to a close, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It had a little bit of everything while still feeling like a problem was being solved. But seeing how Kuroneko and Kyousuke still aren’t going out and Kirino is still absent, I can only hope that something amazing happens with the next (and last) episode. While I’ve become a big Kirino fan after watching her tone down that bitchy side of her, I can’t help but root for Kuroneko as well.


After all that suffering and hard work, they end up winning the award for being the crappiest game? Wtf.

ED Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED12.mp4 512 288]

ED12: 「贖罪のセレナーデ」 (Shokuzai no Serenade) by 花澤香菜 & 中村悠一 (Hanazawa Kana & Nakamura Yuuichi)


  1. shame that denseness of Kyousuke (from not seeing what Kirino thinks of him) was carried over…

    …and I have to share the WTF moment with (just about) every other male viewers as well as the male members of the club…

    also:love how the OP continuously expands on itself.

    ps. Takaii got most of the screencaps this time.

  2. “Plus with the way she scooted over to give him room on the bed, the way she was phrasing and using her words, and the way she said Nii-san~, why can’t you see it Kyousuke?! ”

    Because there is nothing to see ? People who use these kind of vague shenanigans are not really worth to have a relationship with anyway.

  3. where is the after-credit, Takaii? :3 that little bit was funny as well… and thanks for the filmstrip post 🙂
    So is the last episode still about Kuroneko? Because although Kirino’s “problematic” side has toned down, I would rather have a Kuroneko end than hers…
    on that note, Kyousuke is probably as dense as Ichika from IS, wonders which one is more dense?
    ps. still hopes for a possible childhood friend route or a Saori route…

    1. Major spoiler alert!
      Show Spoiler ▼

      On that note, go true end~

  4. Kuroneko-chan, so kawaii<3 but seriously, i'll be pretty cross if nothing happens in the next episode. Kuroneko is definitely hot for Kyousuke… But I guess that's the thing with us man, we don't usually realize it even if it's that obvious

  5. Wait… I thought they’d actually won best Eroge, ….. They won the “Your game is so bad we couldn’t ignore it” prize XD?.. oh oh bother.

    Best of the worst…. orz, never something you like to admit, but hey they won!

  6. Great episode, save for the end. I wtf’d too.

    Now that Kirino’s out of the picture, Kuroneko (the real main character) is getting some good screentime. It’s a shame there’s only one episode left. I hope they don’t ruin it by bringing Kirino back er something along those lines. *doesn’t miss her*

    1. ^ I dun like his annoying sister.

      Kuroneko is far superior. Was glad they changed episode 12 and had her leave.
      Then to have Kuroneko join his school… was a dream!

  7. Remember how Kuroneko’s works were never looked at by companies, yet Kirino’s were? Its the same situation, in which Kuroneko goes overboard on the details and that’s why it lost.

    Basically there isn’t anyone to debug her actual writing content. Though, I’m guessing that’s what Kyousuke will end up doing. Since he was shown giving some advice to Ruri about certain things.

    Or so I guess.

      1. As a fellow yaoi fangirl I’d really like to support you Sena, but…Kyousuke as a “meat urinal”!!?? no…just…NO…and I don’t trust you with them necromancers =_=”

    1. Yeah those bugs were related with the script/program, not her story/scenario. But her story actually had a major issue, and probably it made the game entitled as the crappiest game of the contest.
      The issue is that, while her story had 3 different routes, there was no happy ending. None. All 3 had bad endings. And as you saw, she even refused to make one happy ending when Kyousuke asked to do it.

      U Doh
      1. Nah, even Kuroneko herself knows her stories aren’t very popular, err, frankly, not popular at all. And she says “So what?”, that’s actually what her lengthy “Master of Asia”(or whatever) speech was all about.
        In the novel, Show Spoiler ▼

        U Doh
  8. I find Sena hilarious, especially when she goes, “you can place your finger over here”. Too bad on the result but as Kirino said, Kuroneko goes overboard using phrases you have to look up in a specific dictionary.

    Zaku Fan
  9. For the second consecutive episode: Kuroneko kawaii~

    I LOLed at Kuroneko blushing and getting the wrong idea about Kyousuke offering to “help” her in figuring out how to write an eroge scenario. I see where that H-doujinshi gets its idea about Kyousuke and Kuroneko “figuring that together at home” comes from, if you know what I mean. 🙂

    Aww c’mOn, Takaii, too miserly for a pantsu shot? 😉

    BTW, I hear Kuroneko will be getting her own spin-off manga series, w00t.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. That fujoshi is sick ugh. She have no control when it comes to her fantasies but that’s the funny thing about her.

    Plenty of Kuroneko goodness this episode. <3

    Also, Takaii thanks for this. I nearly died.

  11. I really think is positiv that Kuroneko gets a little more attention now. But I really miss Kirino, Oreimo isn’t the same without her. And it’s sad thinking that next episode is going to be the last one. I have loved this anime from start to finish.

  12. You know, I am really, really enjoying the episodes now that Kirino is gone and the focus is on Kuroneko, Kyosuke and Akaki’s sister. I wished the entire show could have been like these couple of episodes that we’ve been having. The part where Kuroneko talked about having someone to support you really resonated with me. Seriously, it does help having someone encourage and support you in times of stress. Even a simple few words can do wonders.

  13. i think i know where Kyousuke’s coming from.

    1. He doesn’t see Kuroneko that way yet.
    2. If he makes a wrong move, it might turn the friendship awkward since they have a close friendship.
    3. He’s not the audience, he doesn’t get all that back scenes we get. In the actual situation, with no dating experience, he acted perfected normal to think it was a best friend joke and took the high route out of it.

    From my perspective, I think Kyousuke acted completely normal and isn’t dense at all. Only people who could see him dense are hormone driven men with alternative motives.

    1. It was a Japanese pun that couldn’t be translated well. Basically, self-gratifying works are those which are made for one’s own enjoyment without consideration for the wants of the audience. In Japan, they call these “onanii” works which literally translates to masturbatory works.

  14. I love this episode and I love how Kuroneko is getting close to Kyousuke Little by little. The only thing left is one more push in the next episode for next month. Ijust hope Kyousuke is not as blind as he seen. Kinrino can die for all I care, she hasn´t even contact her brother or any of her closest friends; what kind of person does that?.

  15. If I were Ruri, she should attack Kyousuke so he would succumb to her charm. In the bed episode, Ruri is quite disappointed that Kyousuke didn’t attempted anything at all.

  16. I’m surprised no one mentioned her response to his question about if she liked him and she said as much as Kirino. THAT is going to shut down any attempt Kyousuke might make since he thinks Kirino hates his guts. Kuroneko knows or has figured out how Kirino really feels and it ain’t that. She is just being an absolute c*ktease. She’s going to drive him crazy for awhile before she lets him know she like him.

    1. Sure she said she liked him as much as Kirino liked him, but I think Kyousuke’s the only one who didn’t understand what that meant. As I haven’t read any of the original material for this show, I’m going to go off the assumption that Kirino just really treasures him and that Kuroneko shares this sentiment.

      Plus the small hint of sarcasm in the last line probably didn’t make it over the internet, but it’s there.

  17. I don´t give a crap about Kirino either. Even in the rare oportunities where she acts sot of cute I find incredibly anoying. I understand Kyoususe is depressed about his sister, but he has to start to notice Kuroneko at least a little. I´m rooting for a Kuroneko ending for the next episode, It will release next month right?.

  18. “That was until this showed up. (SPONTANEOUS WTF MOMENT)” – I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Considering last ep had a similar scene with Sena, I should have been prepared. Man, that was hilarious.

    Though no screen time with Saori kinda sucked.

    And Kyosuke is denser than a black hole. When a girl is willingly on your bed AND makes room for you, she wants you to jump her.

  19. Wow! without Kirino everything goes smoothly, enduring her shenanigans was like a kick in the crotch!

    I don’t know this episode’s schedule, is it one per month or what?

    Lectro Volpi
  20. Well, no, they did not make the crappiest game. What they won was basically the equivalent to Newgrounds’ polished/golden turd of the week award, which means that it was the best out of all the crappy games they lumped it with.


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