「地を這う少女の不思議な刹那」 (Chi o Hau Shōjo no Fushigi na Setsuna)
“A Strange Moment for the Girl Bound to the Ground”

So basically, this felt like a three episode prologue to the first “in reality” meeting between Makoto and Erio. Due to her being such an incoherent wall until now, coming to her senses actually did feel like, “oh wow, so she can be normal.” Would this be a moe gap?

The first half had me in fear thinking the show might actually start to get boring, because the more I see of Ryuuko, the more I don’t like her. “Marketable” slaps me in the forehead everytime the camera pans around her and the more annoying thing is that none of what she says this episode makes any sense at all. She’s never serious, which annoys me too. But wait, isn’t that pretty much every character in this series so far? A bit, yeah, which is why the second half was a relief.

A show about nonsense is okay. A show where the characters can’t even make a conversation make sense, is not okay. Until this point, Makoto and Maekawa were the only ones that could even make any coherent thoughts that I cared about. Meme was close near the end of last episode, and although seemed to have reverted at first, decided to finally spill the beans. Meme’s revelation of why she is the way she is feels like a cheap trick to suddenly get me to like her, because apparently putting a front of immaturity is a good excuse. I especially hate adult characters like this, who act like children in front of our main characters, scold them when they act out, then go back to being hypocrites (Eureka SeveN is a great example). Meme is not nearly as bad, so I’ll bite. She did make me nearly cough a lung out coming back to check on Makoto. What a perverted tsundere (Niwa that is). He should just ravish her in the plethora of openings she gives so casually to teach her a lesson. Tch.

Now the second half, or well, the last third, surprisingly went somewhere. In fact, the end result destroys Erio’s “illusion.” This early? Yeah I’m shocked too. I guess that’s denial down, and now admittance. She can thank Alcoholics Anonymous for the steps to recovery. The later steps won’t work since it’s not a recurring habit (hopefully), so solving the blank memories seems to be the next plot to tackle.

The three episode rule applies here, except I don’t think there’s too many that were planning on dropping it anyway. Hilarious episode, characters developed, ET references thrown at your face, one possible Index reference, and fly like an eagle. Hope it keeps it up next ep.


ED Sequence

ED: 「ルル」 (Ruru) by やくしまるえつこ (Yakushimaru Etsuko)
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  1. I laughed a good thirty seconds straight at the Index shout-out. It came so suddenly out of left field, and then the show moved on before I could manage to process it properly.

    1. I loved the Index reference that mocked Touma.

      There was also a “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo” reference in the downhill bike run: “I’m a Makoto too, so time stop!!”

      Kiiragi also mentioned Eureka Seven which I think the “I CAN FLY!” is from also.

  2. got the ET and index reference as well.
    as for me, I dont think that erio is gonna be normal by next ep. she would probably still have some of her weird quirks.

    or she would still act like an alien, and become “normal” when she is in a emotional situation or something similar. kinda like a tsundere, except change the “tsun” to weird(I dont know japanese so I used weird instead of some japanese word)

  3. and man, I wish the madoka magica banner lasted a couple of weeks more.
    I havent checked that anime yet but I dont want to add more to my already big list…

    ps. can someone translate that text in the banner, or is it just like that ika musume line saying “looking beyond the surface”?

  4. The Girl who Leapt Through Time reference made me laugh pretty good, overall I really enjoyed this episode. (The later part of it anyway)

    On a side note,
    Unless it’s a pun I missed or a phrase I don’t know did you make a typo? “teach her a listen”

  5. I guess from this point on, it’s a matter of merging back into society for Erio….expect surprises and perhaps run-in’s with alien stuff. I believe the “illusion” is still there.

  6. So it was not my reading comprehension! characters do not make any sense at all, they just spit nonesense right?

    I thought you were a fan of this Mr. Flying puppy my dawg!

    I do like cougars… a little, just a little.

    Lectro Volpi
  7. I especially hate adult characters like this, who act like children in front of our main characters, scold them when they act out, then go back to being hypocrites (Eureka SeveN is a great example)

    Took me back again to my hatred for Holland. In the mean time Erio is so so sparkly.

  8. This is one weird show. Strangely, I get a “Ef – a tale of memories” vibe when watching this show, despite the shows tell a completely different story; their atmosphere, perspective/viewpoints that are used and the storytelling including the pacing are are so similar.

      1. Shaft has a really distinct(albeit controversial) style. I usually like it.

        The background music gave me the ef vibe once but it seems like it’s just me since Tenmon and Eiichiro aren’t involved in this.

      1. Well, Meme claims she can’t remember how Erio got to her… And she asked Makoto if he had fallen for her. I don’t see much of a problem. Stupid morals anyway.
        The LN just ended this month, time to go find some spoilers.

      2. I like the way she eats pizza. Wish I could toss 1/2 a large pizza up in the air and eat it like that! She is considerate of others (shared her pizza right down the middle) and probably a really great person, she just has issues…

      3. First cousin marriage is allowed in Japan. The US is the only ‘Western Nation’ that has bans on it, but like almost every other law in America it is on a state by state basis. It’s Illegal in China and Korea.

        About 10% of all marriages in the world are second cousin or closer. Rates in the Middle East rise near 50%.

        My personal opinion is 3rd cousin minimum, 2nd is too close, and 1st is just… disgusting. >_<

  9. Was she giving him a kiss mark? I would die to have an aunt like that:P but anyway…is it OK to be interested in, let alone date, your cousin in Japan? Is it legal? Cause Meme only said that he should not be attracted to her if it’s only a superficial attraction. So does that mean that if he cares for her deeply than it’s perfectly fine?

    1. I’m wondering if it is her daughter or she somehow ended up with her. She says she didn’t even remember being pregnant and one day she was there (or something similar). She is kinda scatterbrained some (did much drugs in your teen years) so it is possible that Erio isn’t her blood.

      1. Do you mean legally or morally? I know roman catholics are against it, but as far as I know cousin marriage should be legal in western Europe? Then of course, Europe isn’t only western Europe, but I don’t know how the laws go elsewhere. What is your experience on the ground?

      2. marrying a first cousin is wrong morally wrong. but i think marriage between 2nd-3rd cousins is allowed. anyhow, i’m not one to talk about incestuous stuff. i’m just saying what i know. =)

      3. Legally, it is not allowed to marry your close cousin, having sexual intercourse with your first cousin is a criminal offense where I come from, that is Poland, and as far as I know it’s a similar situation in most of the western European countries

  10. I’m calling it now. Somewhere in the middle of this series. It’s relieved that Erio/Meme and Makota aren’t related. At least I’m kind hoping, then it would make Meme’s actions this episode less creepy.

    Still good episode, thought the way Makota brought Erio back to reality was a bit extreme. Then again this is an anime and doing things in a sensible way would have been boring.

    -No a side note: I used to have a bike just like that growing up. Thought i never realized it was the same kind used in ET till long after i stopped ridding it.

  11. For reasons that I can’t quite fathom, this continues to be my favorite of the season.
    The pillow scene had me roaring with laughter. Our hero continues to be a delight to watch.

    Bio D
  12. lol, “I’ll smash that illusion of yours!” That came out of nowhere.

    I actually really liked Ryuuko’s take on mysteries. “When I think about, I always wonder how much I really understand. But even so, for some reason, I’m able to keep on living. Maybe I’m alive because a bunch of mysteries came together.”

    It’s something that I’ve thought about several times. I loved the presentation of that scene – it’s realistic and meaningful, and I think it ties into the whole alien theme because humans don’t really know all that much about the universe and about themselves.

    Suzushina Yuriko
  13. I’m already so sold about this show I probably won’t have minded if Erio stayed forever like that, as long as it entertains me. It wasn’t that much mindless to me. True that Ryuuko is really a hit or miss character. Sometimes I hate that type , sometimes I love them. I’m pretty neutral towards her for now but I thinks she tends towards the like side.
    I’m just waiting to see what happens now.

  14. You have to love the way they pronounce English. Than again, I would sound like an idiot if I tried to speak Proper Japanese. This episode feels like it’s the first episode of the series. Next episode hopefully we get some productive plot.

  15. I don’t mind sticking in comments about aliens or religion, heck this is exactly the sort of show to make these sidelong remarks; but are we really content with the naive view expressed here, that it comes down to cheated and cheaters? Let’s be less stupidly objective about it, please, for it is always strange when objectivity fails to factor the social in its place. If it would not factor in the individual, at least it must factor in the social, but frequently because “the outer is the inner”, which is nonsense and dialectical witchcraft, it fails to do either.

    1. What about the magically reappearing shoe? In one scene, while’s he’s still racing off the hill, they forgot to remove his shoe. Also, in the shot where he floating in the water, also a show silhouette. 😛

  16. more meme is nice! i like the parts with her. albeit i’m still wondering if erio’s really her daughter. hmm.

    btw, i like ryuushii. XD i think she’s funny despite her talking nonsense. XDD

  17. Am I the only one who can’t stand the OP? Every time I hear it, I cringe. Sure, it opens up nicely, and the instrumentals are nice, and SHAFT did a good job with the animation, but THAT GIRL’S VOICE!!!! UGH!!!!! At least in America, people who can’t sing cover it up with electronics (although then again, they do that in Japan more than America). Her voice just sounds like she has plugs thrust up her nose and like she’s singing in a big open room that makes everything she sings echo. Ugh. = A =”’

    I DO rather like our main character in this series. I enjoy how he isn’t like most weak male protagonists who are “pure of heart.” He’s a teenager. Teenagers have urges. On the other hand, he also has a mild case of “I must help everyone” syndrome.

  18. I don’t mind Ryuuko’s incoherent babbling, to me she’s, at least for now, just a funny and cute character meant to bring some funny responses out of Niwa. I’m growing quite fond of Erio and overall I find the character interactions very entertaining.

  19. Hey I really like how that turned out. He accomplished in an afternoon what Meme couldn’t and probably wouldn’t ever if left alone. Meme might care about Erio, but like she said herself she’s not the greatest mother.

  20. That scene with Makoto going down the slope with the bike was hilarious xD I loved how at first it went well, then he realized he can’t stop it, his shoe fell out, and then right near the end he just gives in and is like “screw it, we can fly!”

    Just like you, I’m relieved with the ending too. Really nice to see Erio finally break out of her “alien stage”, or well at least getting there.

  21. Ryuushi is by far my favorite. I loved her in the date and the hospital scenes. Her attitude is too adorable. Plus she can be serious when the time comes. I can’t believe 2 guys already turned her down.


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