「めんまを探そうの会」 (Menma o Sagasou no Kai)
“Menma’s Search Party”

It’s always a funny surprise to see a plot device be acknowledged by the show, considering that Jinta remarks to Menma that using wishes as motivation is starting to feel like an excuse. It doesn’t really matter though, as the reason is not so clear cut this time around. Besides, Poppo’s the real plot driver here.

In the end, Jinta never went to school, which was a slight disappointment, but who is he really going to interact with there anyways? There’s only Anaru and her douchey friends, which caused him to leave in the first place. Menma as a dead person praying for another dead person was kind of ironic, but the “reveal” here is Jinta’s mom passing away. That might have been surmised from the lack of an adult female figure running around the house for the past two episodes, but I suppose I never thought about it. I’m going to assume her death happened after Menma’s, as Menma wasn’t aware of it until now. There is the possibility that Jinta kept it a secret, but it seems unlikely he’d still hang out with the Peace Busters without it affecting him. It’s a development that cracks a bit of the mystery behind his current status, though a dying mother is an overused tactic to drive his emotions. We’ll see how it pans out.

Poppo’s seriously a really awesome character. You’d think Jinta’s the one that was going to bring everyone together, but nope. Poppo’s execution was flawless. Much like Jinta, I didn’t expect that they would all come either. Besides Anaru looking hotter, I’m going to have to question her dialogue with Tsuruko. It just didn’t make any sense. She tells her she’s “trying,” but to do what? Be who you really are? Then how does wearing a dress influenced by Menma help? It’s questionable whether or not coming to the reception dressing like Menma, long hair included, was even in good taste. To me, Anaru is a geek who loves games and manga, but fell in love with an awesome boy without knowing what to do (ironically, the dream girl of male geeks). Other than the question of what her true personality even is, I’m not sitting pretty with her basically asking people to tell her what to do. It came off poorly as a reflection of her character, which is a pity, because of what I know and see under the mountain of influences that have shaped her very being, she’s awesome. She just doesn’t know it.

Of all the characters, they’re still focusing on Jinta, Menma (obviously), and Anaru the most. I don’t mind, but I’m stuck with meager pieces of info for the rest of the characters that drive curiosity up the wall, Tsuruko and Yukiatsu especially. From what I gather, Tsuruko’s a neutral character for the most part, generally up for the right side of things, and most likely possesses some form of weakness. I sincerely hope she doesn’t have a thing for Yukiatsu, because Poppo needs the S to his M (not the actual reason but lol). And Yukiatsu? Remains creepy, despite some defenses that what he does could actually be normal. His childish jealousy finally being soothed by the fact that he can “see” Menma too only further affirms he has a problem. Sorry folks, the dude is not “misunderstood.”

I half expected Menma to suddenly appear in front of everyone at the reception, as if everyone joining together was the first unlock to finishing Menma’s wish. After all, that was the first step she outlined back in episode one. Sure would’ve been one hell of a cliffhanger. In contrast to the beginning of the show, there’s been a huge change in development. Everyone’s pretty much on talking terms now, whereas 2 episodes ago, they didn’t even know each other’s whereabouts. Like Jinta realized in the beginning, Menma’s appearance has made a significant difference in their lives. It’s easy to forget that the main goal is to appeal to Menma’s final wish, especially with this new “ghost by the creek” business. Menma’s death could probably be guessed to her falling in the creek while chasing after Jinta that afternoon, and if the show is this supernatural with a hallucination being able to cook muffins, then a ghost is definitely plausible. Possible setup for a tearjerker due to flooding memories next week? The group is finally together after all.

Whacked out “not sure if serious” speculations:

  • At first I thought Yukiatsu was looking at scrunchies as “offerings” for Menma, leveling up his creeper status to dangerously explosive. But then I noticed Anaru wears a scrunchie this entire episode, with varying colors too. She’s never worn them in previous episodes either. The implications here are ridiculously stupid, but interesting.
  • Now, this one’s even more preposterous, but incredibly hilarious. Tsuruko and Yukiatsu both wear a watch. Ghost Menma’s brief appearance shows she is also wearing a watch. Yes, I’m implying that Tsuruko or Yukiatsu cosplays as Menma at night around the creek. Yukiatsu more likely since he has the access to the clothes…
  • This is what I mean by meager pieces of info. Curiosity makes me speculate stupid things.




    1. It’s most likely Yukiatsu, remember in the first ep he had menmas white piece dress and was sniffing it. Compared to a hikikomori like Jinta, Jinta’s a lot better than him. As it turns out so far, it looks like really the death of menma just turned everyone weird

        1. You know, sometimes I wonder if I’m the only reader here who actually reads posts. seeing as how X’s comment is redundant as the post already references yukiatsu’s posession of the clothes (In the same sentence, no less.) and how PandAEmic is talking about Tsuruko when X is clearly not talking about him anyways. Honestly, it’s as if people are reading these things just enough to comment purely for the sake of commenting in itself.

        2. You’re clearly not reading it clearly yourself either. By reading X’s comment I came to the conclusion that hes talking about Kiiragi’s “Whacked out “not sure if serious” speculations”. This is the only time Kiiragi talks about Yukiatsu in a way were the reader can pick one or the other. In this post Kiiragi never says anything about Jinta but on the otherhand talks about Tsuruko. You know, sometimes I just think people don’t read the comments thoroughly enough. It’s as if they just reply to comments for the pure sake of replying to comments.

        3. No PandAEmic, X was talking about something else when talking about Jinta. He did refer to him as a hikikomori after all, so I think he knows who exactly he’s talking about. I believe you misread X’s comment, as he was just making a separate point with his second sentence.

    2. I think you might be getting the names of characters mixed up because whenever Anaru is seen, she’s always seen wearing 2 yellow hair-ties were as this is the first time Tsuruko is seen with a hair tie on.

        1. Maybe she only wears it to school? I don’t think we have seen her in a school uniform before this episode.

          Besides, later when Yukiatsu arrives at the bbq, he askes Anjou “Are you Anjou?” Probably shows he hasn’t been in contact with her either.

    3. Why do I get the feeling that white ghost is Yukiatsu in drag? And I see everyone’s thinking the same as well. lol

      Poor Yukiatsu, I’m afraid it’s too late for him to escape from his creeper label. XD

      Wonder what he means by Jinta not being the only one who could see Menma?
      Two possibilities come to mind:
      1. He could really see Menma standing next to Jinta
      2. He was taunting Jinta, as well as himself, about making up imaginary dead friends to make themselves feel better. (To the point of cross-dressing as her at night…? :p )

      Kinny Riddle
      1. I think he’s just taunting Jinta because right now he must feels very inferior to Jinta because he couldn’t see Menma while Jinta can.

        I hope they are going to explore deep into Yukiatsu and explain why he acts/is the way he is now soon.

        1. Kiiragi – sorry if I got you wrong, but Yukiatsu already knew that Poppo saw Menma, he sent him a message. I’m sure that Yukiatsu doesn’t see Menma, he would behave differently if he really did see her. Like Serapita said he is just jealous, because maybe he still have grudge towards Jinta that emm Menma liked him more than him? So he doesn’t want him to feel special, because only he can see her.
          I didn’t even think that it could be Yukiatsu, good idea, but the ghost really looked like a girl XD

      2. I believe that Yukiatsu being in Menma’s clothes are more likely too.
        Yukiatsu is referring to Poppo seeing the ghost not Yukiatsu himself.

        I love this anime!!!

        I also believe that there is no relationship between Anaru and Yukiatsu. The scrunchie thingy is just a coincidence at most. my evidence is when they met each other at the barbeque. that being said who ever drew the anime have great talent in making situations appear.

        Jack Vojack
    4. In the previous eps, Menma seesm to be able to atleast move objects like opening the door and making the glass fall.
      Jinta should just make Menma move some stuff in front of all of them, or something like that, so the rest will believe that Menma is around.

      Yukiatsu will probably go back to normal if he were to actually see Menma just like Jinta but I guess that will be somewhere near the end.

      1. It bothers me that Jinta won’t just say never mentions when she’s in the same room. I guess he’s afraid of sounding crazy but like you said he could just make her move things or bake them muffins.

        But because this is Anime, they won’t make it so easy ):

      2. I feel the only thing that matters in this story is the accomplishment of her wish. All other aspects are just to drive characterization. I wouldn’t mind if Menma went unseen for the rest of the series. It’s just not that important to the overall point of the story, which is getting these group of friends to stop hating each other over something that wasn’t their fault. Plus, Menma being “around” and her being called a hallucination are contradictory. It’s too dodgy to make assumptions based on this.

      3. Honestly I still think that the “Menma” Jintan sees right now is really just his own hallucination. Something triggered it that may have something to do with the real Menma’s wish (probably the cliche “promise me, we’ll always be friends forever”) that’s why it’s appearing right now especially with the Super Peace Busters moving further and further.

        1. Yeah, explanations can be given for either. I’m leaning to thinking she is real mainly because they’ve shown scenes without Jinta around or even in close proximity. I haven’t bothered to really analyse it though so there might be an explanation for them too.

      4. Menma might be still an illusion. Seeing as no one else sees what Ginta sees it is possible that the interaction like making the muffins where of his own doing in the physical but he thinks up that Menma made it.

        Jack Vojack
    5. Yeah, about Menma making him muffins. I wonder how that would look from another person’s perspective. We saw that Menma could move doors and glasses, but now she’s eating muffins. I’m not sure if Jinta still thinks she’s a hallucination, but coming home to (badly made) muffins should make you question otherwise.

      Agree Anaru looks so much better with her hair out. I wish that was her character design instead.

      Since everyone’s betting that either Crossdressing Yukiatsu or Tsuruko is Menma’s “ghost”, I’m kind of hoping its something different but still as interesting, otherwise they’ve made it too obvious for the viewers to read.

      Menma. Cute as always :3 Wanting to see her own ghost. LOL. what a retard.

      1. It’s odd, I wrote those speculations as complete jokes. I have no idea why everyone is taking it so seriously, but it’s bollocks. Due to Menma herself existing, it’s far more likely for a ghost of her to exist as well. Might even close the door on the mystery of whether she’s a hallucination or the actual spirit of Menma. If not, then jokes on me.

        1. Haha it not that I’m taking you too seriously. Everyone else has I read the discussion on both those points on discussion boards as well. So its not like you were ridiculous to think them. I’m just saying, because everyone seems to have predicted things like Yukiatsu crossdressing, it’d be kind of shame that they were so quick to guess it. Though I don’t mind if it turns out that way if the writing/directing goes well.

      2. I think it’s because Jinta himself still not believe that Menma ‘exists’ and think of her as a hallucination of him alone. He thinks that Menma urging him to go to school means deep down he wants to return, maybe he thinks that he’s the one who bake those muffins because he misses his mother?

      3. Chinese folks believe you have two spirits (one that reincarnates and one that hangs around). Not sure if japanese people believe that, but it may not be completely retarded for Memna to want to see her own ghost.

    6. those cakes jinta’s mom used to make looks delicious. just keep out the raisins.

      and specula is specula, you might be right you know? ive read some crazy theories go right before *cough*madoka*cough*.

    7. I have to say that Jinta really have a bad personality. He said horrible things to Menma before. And he also said horrible things to his mom while being on the hospital. Seriously, who speaks to a sick person like that? I rather prefer the conventional “wimp” than this “jerk”.

    8. I was expecting for Menma to appear once all the friends gathered but then when they did the barbeque I kind of knew that wasn’t going to happen. It would’ve been too easy.

      It’s a pity that Jinta backed out from going to school but as someone who has had that kind of experience of being a shut in, you just can’t fix these things overnight and Anaru being unable to help him or stand up for him is just something people end up doing when they’re in front of their peers. It just hits so close to home.

      I think I remember seeing some fanart of Yukiatsu wearing Menma’s clothes in pixiv, the fans sure catch on fast. 😐 That said, Yukiatsu obviously has his insecurities. He acts like he stands above the rest but when he finds out that Jinta can ‘see’ Menma, he starts claiming that he can see her too and it’s ugly.

    9. Kiiragi must be right about the cosplaying part, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “ghost Menma” has a watch showing and Yukiatsu and Tsuruko wearing one as well. They could have easely not drawn a watch on the ghost’s wrist if it wasn’t important. lol sorry Kiiragi but I take your silly speculations seriously XP Plus you have to addmit Yukiatsu is kind of a creeper, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his hobbies is to cosplay dead girls.

    10. The art and animation and just the colors for this show is absolutely beautiful. It is tremendously eye-gasmic.

      As for the watch-cosplay link… Seriously kudos to you sir for spotting the watch and making that entertaining albeit absurd link. Gives us a thought to chew on. I hope you’re right!

    11. So… how does Menma touching physical objects work? With the cooking and other such things, it’s been shown that she can interact with things around her; couldn’t Jinta prove her existence via this?

      1. Could be that we’re seeing all this through Jinta’s perspective and Jinta actually made those crappy muffins himself and didn’t realise because he’s THAT delusional.

        But that’s not likely…

        The answer to this, my friend, is the suspension of disbelief.

    12. Still, losing a friend and your mom no wonder Jintan became a shut in and with the leader gone I guess everybody just fell apart, went their own ways and some even blame themselves. Kinda makes you wonder how Yukiatsu and Tsukomi stucked together (school, maybe? there’s gotta be more) but one thing I’m sure is that there’s something these two aren’t telling and to an even more extent something he’s not telling her.

    13. I’d still say this is CURRENTLY(maybe obviously) the BEST anime of the season 🙂

      I’ve never been this excited to watch an anime since Bakemonogatari

      The Story You Don't Know
    14. Well, the opening song pretty much tells us the story itself. Especially at the last part where Show Spoiler ▼

      . Even when that happens, I’d still be happy as long as Anaru finally confesses to Jinta 🙂

      The Story You Don't Know
    15. I thought about the Yukiatsu being Menma thing too. The man is going to borderline creepy just because of jealousy. Though Menma wanting to see her own ghost was hilariously cute.

      Also, did ANYONE notice the DRRR joke with the ‘Ventora, Space People’ line Poppo used? Then again, it could just be not completely DRRR’s but I found it funny anyways when Poppo muttered it at lighting speed.

    16. Just a small point, but as a little reinforcement for Jinta’s mom being alive, if you go back and watch in the first flashback from when Jinta ran back home after insulting Menma, as he gets home his dad says he is leaving to go see his mom for a bit, presumably in the hospital.

    17. I am pretty sure ghost seen by other peace busters is NOT Menma herself, but if not her then who? I am pretty much WTF at the moment regarding this.
      I dont take the idea of Yukiatsu cosplaying seriously, though. It just doesnt make sense.

    18. I do think Jinta’s mom died before Menma did. At least in the sub I watched, Menma isn’t surprised to see the shrine to Jinta’s mom, she just says “Oh yeah. Jinta’s mom died.” Even her expression isn’t one of being surprised, so I’m assuming she already knew and not because she’s also dead, but because she knew when she was alive, so it leads me to believe his mom died before Menma did. Also, in the flashback when his mom is in the hospital, he tells her (again might just be the sub I watched) that everyone misses her muffins (hehe). She was already in the hospital with an IV and I’m guessing she didn’t go back home. The group broke up after Menma’s death, so it’s safe to assume that he wouldn’t have said they all missed her muffins if she had died after Menma did, they wouldn’t have been together then.
      I also noticed that scrunchie thing. I didn’t think of it until after I finished watching the episode, but there was a shot of Anaru holding her hands behind her back that really showcased the scrunchie, which was, I think, the same color as the one Yukiatsu was looking at at the store. Plus, Tsuruko seemed a little annoyed at being there where he’s buying stuff for someone else, saying “you always bring me to places like this.” WELL WHO’S IT FOR DARN IT? And she didn’t answer when the shopkeeper mentioned if she was his girlfriend. I dunno… I think she might have feelings for the weirdo… Yes, he’s weird. I defended him an episode back, but I give in, he’s just weird.

      Gia V.
    19. Seriously, the Menma impersonator is probably Tsuruko. She wears a watch (which they show clearly in the ED). Plus, the fact that Yukiatsu owns Menma’s dress means very little, as there is no way a male high school student can fit into the dress of a elementary school kid. Plus, look at his skin tone – the only one in the show with skin pale enough would be Anaru or Tsuruko.

      Then again, it could be Anaru too. Like “she gets scrunchies and accessories from Yukiatsu as payment for Menma cosplay”. She said herself that she always wanted to be like Menma…

    20. Yukiatsu is full of shit.He can’t see shit, just mad cuz Jinta can see Menma and that she liked him.

      Tsuruko is awesome and I hope she doesn’t like Yukiatsu because that’d just end up horribly.

      Anaru sux, dream girl my ass, I like women that have a mind of their own, whether they play games or not.

      Poppo is awesome, probably my fav character, I still want them to explain how he got to travel to all them places.

      Jinta is meh, I don’t know how you can miss a whole semester of school and not get expelled.Maybe that’s a japan thing, but it feels like bullshit to me.

      Menma is slightly annoying, but she’s dead so not much to say about that ;p

      1. While Anaru is easily influenced, she does admit it and I think she’s really struggling with herself as well.
        As the story develops, I’d expect the characters to develop deeper, and probably change.

    21. yukiatsu and anaru have a secret relationship going on.
      he buys the scrunchies as presents for her. she wears them all the time.
      anaru only brings fireworks to the ‘party’ because she knows that yukiatsu is coming with tonnes of food.
      since anaru has a thing for jinta and yukiatsu has a thing for menma, they’re probably just using each other as substitutes. he keeps the clothes for anaru to cosplay in when the get down.
      in epi2 anaru is slightly distressed when tsuruko says the girls in her school are promiscuous. since she is easily influenced, it might be that anaru is the same as well. thus she feels guilty about having sex with yukiatsu when tsuruko said those things.

      just my thoughts.

    22. Not much else to say that Kiiragi didn’t say…

      I’m still waiting for Yukiatsu to go insane…er…even more insane I should say. This whole episode confirms that that’s only seconds away from happening at any point. Homeboy has some serious issues…

      I also still think Tsuruko has a thing for Yukiatsu. I don’t know, but I can’t think of many girls who hang out with ‘friends’ who buy weird gifts and are still in love with dead girls. Just sayin, she wants a piece of that crazy pie.

    23. One thing that I considered with the multiple Menma’s is that each of the friends who can see their own version of Menma…. But I’m not entirely sure how they can use that as a plot point.

      1. Don’t forget the masala chai. Heh, it’s always a pleasure watching the reactions I get serving that to friends who have only learnt what the second word means!

        As for the Yukiatsu cosplaying business – no. Someone has already said that it’d be hard for him to fit into an elementary school girl’s dress. Also, why would he wear the same dress that he sniffed? Teenage boys smell a *bit* stronger than pre-pubescent girls. He obviously has issues, but these seem to result in aloof behaviour, towards Jinta especially.

        Now as for Tsuruko, didn’t she compare Anaru’s [copycat] behaviour unfavourably to Yukiatsu’s last episode? Then why would she hang around with him? She seems too level-headed to have fallen for him (she seems too level headed in general …), so I will guess it is simply for company. I expect an episode where she opens up about how she “saw the argument/accident unfold,” but to avoid apportioning guilt she kept quiet. As a consequence, maybe she views the whole group (herself included) as equally responsible.

        Anaru seeing Yukiatsu – we hadn’t seen them together before the BBQ, right? It’s a convenient way to pair the spares, but I doubt it. On Yukiatsu’s side, even pity sex may represent too much of a “betrayal” to Menma. As for Anaru, I sincerely hope her self-esteem isn’t so low that she would have ignored his creepy behaviour (which would be hard to ignore if they were to be close enough for a relationship) just to make herself feel better. Finally for the triple crown, how would they have slipped such an arrangement past Tsuruko?

        For now, I’m going to peg the ghostly vision of Menma as just that. We’ve already got one apparition, and I think that’s enough! Poppo has retained his excitable follow-the-leader nature that could easily have misinterpreted . Speaking of which, FUCK YEAH POPPO. Matsumae O-who-now?

        A final (and more coherent) thought. The reveal of Jinta’s mother’s death was rather well done. It wasn’t hard to predict his confused angry reaction, but I still winced when he slapped his mother’s hand away.

        J Jay
    24. the first thing that came to me was that yukiatsu was either delirious or lied about seeing menma. i didnt think they would go out of their way to show poppo seeing menma but then gloss over yukiatsu seeing her as well only acknowledging this with somewhat offhand dialogue. he also doesnt seem the most emotionally stable guy in the world after all.

      ‘menma wants to search for menma too!’

    25. Another intriguing episode. I want to know more about Tsuruko and Yukiatsu so bad!!
      Anaru didn’t come off very well in this episode, I agree, but she still looked awesome in that outfit!
      And Poppo is the man.
      Jinta, however, bothered me this week. I wish he was more assertive.

    26. Heheh, even though it was crazy speculation, I’m surprised that so many people thought that it was Yukiatsu dressing up like Menma like I did. The dress in his closet, and shopping for accessories (which I also thought might be to keep in his Menma closet shrine). I also noticed the scrunchie Anaru had on as well, but didn’t notice that it was changing each time – good catch. I really am wondering what relationship those two may have now.

      As for whether the Menma with Jinta is a hallucination or a ghost it’s hard for me to say. Jinta’s reasoning does make sense, but in the beginning when she jumps on Anaru and she says that she feels something heavy on her shoulders could mean that she feels her (or maybe she was being sarcastic about having to bring him homework).

      But whatever’s going to happen, I feel like it’s just a matter of time before the drama and/or tear floodgates break open!

    27. I think you’re being too hard on Anaru. I thought it was lovely that she recognizes that she’s easily influenced, rather than deny it. There are many people out there who establish themselves amongst their peers by emulating what they do. Being with a set group for a long time, even the most unique of people, cause their habits, customs, and styles become attributed to yours. For me, it was like she was saying that she is 2nd nature for her to act/be like that and that it is hard to separate that part that’s like Menma, which is now integrated into herself.

      1. Well it was annoying but at the same time I’m really liking the fact that she clearly knows her problems and is trying to fix it. There are many people who see others but don’t see themselves or understand themselves.

        Also, a bit sad that many people here are calling Yukiatsu a creep… I don’t know but in my culture what he did was more of a sentimental gesture than anything.. (as long he just doesn’t do anything else than that which I don’t see). I guess it also depends on where you are. Here in the US I see that when 2 guys hug, people tend to think they must be gays while my friend who is from Saudi Arabia thought that they were just really good friends so that might also have an effect.

        1. It’s not sad because the show is making him out to be a creep, and that much feels obvious the way the scenes are played out. I don’t see an adult playing around with a kid, then smirking secretly, and then give him the benefit of the doubt that he simply loves kids. We’re just callin’ em like we see em.

      2. My point was regarding her asking for people to tell her what to do. That could be interpreted to her wanting someone to show that they still care about her, but that could also be an example of some serious self insecurities. She also knew she was highly influenced even before Tsuruko blatantly pointed it out, as she was well aware she wanted to mimic Menma as a kid, she just didn’t want to admit to the problem herself. The embarrassment of being called out on it by a close friend is what drove her to admit to it, so I don’t really think it meant that much on her part. Don’t get me wrong, she’s one of my favorite chars in the show right now. Hell, I think these gigantic flaws make her even more interesting. I don’t think I’m ever too hard on any character, I just don’t give them the benefit of the doubt with the facts laid before me.

    28. This anime is so awesome !
      I really love it ! 🙂
      This and Hanasaku Iroha, are my favorite of the season.
      Thank you for blogging this Kiiragi!

      I have a feeling Yuki is the ghost 0_o as creepy as that might be.
      I noticed that thing about the colored hairband too.
      I can’t wait for the next episode !!!!

    29. Anyone wants to guess what Menma’s wish is?

      I think for a bitter sweet ending, might end up going for the cliche “wish to be married with Jinta when I grow up”.

      Else, for dramatic ending…”catch the person who killed me?”

      *cue thunder and lightning and Kyuubei magically appearing*

    30. It’s obviously Yukiatsu crossdressing as Menma… It explains everything, it explains the ghost Poppo saw and why he claims that he can see her too, without any proof (because obviously, he didn’t see the real Menma).
      It wasn’t Tsuruko, because most of the time, she wears the face of the watch on the inside, and also, “ghost member” had no breasts, so yeah, Yukiatsu is more likely.

      The thing that creeps me out is that he sends them off to the same creek where Menma died after she slipped off the rail of that bridge.

    31. At first I didn’t want to believe the Yukiatsu X Anjou theory but I ended up finding more evidence to prove it than to disprove it.

      In the first episode when Yukitasu and Tsuruko encounter Jinta Yukiatsu mentioned how he heard Jinta has been skipping school. Who else would care about Jinta to mention that other than Anjou. On the flip side Anjou’s friends made it seem it’s common knowledge that Jinta skips class.

      During the second episode when Anaru confronted Tsuruko the conversation ended when Tsuruko mentioned that just like Yukiatsu, Anjou gets all emotional when Menma’s named is mentioned. Maybe at that point Anjou realized even more she’s influenced by those around her and had no retort.

      In this episode Anjou’s facial response to Yukuatsu is not something I’d expect for friends who haven’t seen each other in ages. The agitated facial expression could be the “I’m following your stupid plan” or “You’re implying I look too much like Menma?”

      As for the scrunchie theory the best counter I have (which isn’t a strong one) is that Jinta’s mother was wearing a scrunchie in the hospital where as when she was healthy and making steamed buns she did not.

      I’m leaning towards that the ghost Menma is Tsuruko not as some creepy dead-girl fetish but as a means to help bring everyone back together. Poppo just happen to see her as she was trying to trick Yukiatsu. In the first episode Tsuruko was the one that handed Jinta’s glasses back and had a look of concern for him. In the second episode I don’t think she would be careless enough to leave her notebook behind.

    32. Poppo is really a great guy. Optimistic and intent on putting smiles on his friends’ faces. Yukiatsu, on the other hand, kind of gives me the creeps, especially watching the preview for next episode, where he stands in his room, shirtless, breathing heavily in an almost Kratos-like posture…

    33. I think you just need to look at the screencap for Menma’s ghost to suspect that it IS Yukiatsu. The possibility is very likely. Take a close look at the figure, that doesn’t look like a female figure even for a hard to see apparition. Plus, the hair looks like a wig/cloth…either way, Yukiatsu is a creeper to the max and having him being a dead girl cosplayer would add a whole new level of drama and plot to this anime.

      Also, Did anyone else suspect that Jinta’s mom might’ve tried to commit suicide? it says she was dying-but that bandage on her one wrist looked suspicious-like she tried to slit it. I hope we get more information because it seems strange to me that Jinta would get so mad over his mom dying over an illness, have some sympathy kid! that’s just my speculation so far…

      1. I don’t think it is suicide. it is probably part of the tube that usually is put into the veins. She probably hid it to not scare the boy who is afraid of his parent’s mortality.

        Jack Vojack
    34. This show obviously needs to include more of Yukiatsu’s side of the story as everyone’s speculating his creepiness that is just plain creepy lol (I have to agree with Tsuruko though that it’s a shame he at least has the face XD). He deserves the creepy character award of the season (I mean… why the hell does he have Menma’s clothes ANYWAY?!)

      For the longest time I thought the watch Anaru wears was a watch (well… many colorful watches in this case oh well). Good catch though! Now I’m REALLY curious to her relationship with Yukiatasu (You can tell she likes Jinta but doesn’t want to admit it in front of her stupid friends though… bah peer pressure much?) And Anaru with hair down = hot.

      Tsuruko needs to brigthen up some… she’s so… dark and serious (seems like she has something she’s not sharing to the class either) all the time. Poppo is awesome. Period.

      I wonder if there would actually be any pairings in this series. Seems like they might just end it without getting into the romantic details (and instead focus more on their friendship and I don’t know… overcoming love triangle… square… pentagon…?)

      Also, I found the ending song to be very fitting for this anime~~ I loved that song! And it’s awesome to hear it after ten years!!! (get it? Ten years after… literally? X3 ok I’ll shut up now)

    35. “Okaa-chan…everyone wants to eat your muffins.”

      Lol…I know that it’s really bad to say this…but I lolled like crazy when he said that xP. Maybe it was what I was thinking before he said that lol.

    36. NICE EP!! but ya’know it really annoys me when the writer reverts to “lazy writing” i mean, its quite obvious that MENMA can manipulate space/matter as shown by her interactions with the main character, and opening closing doors, and making muffins with eggshells no less..SO WHY DOES JINTA NOT REVEAL THIS?!?!?!? yeah, I’m sure its all part of some plot point or something, but COME ON MAN!! “hey guys!! menmas really here!! watch her write a message on this piece of paper!” sure it’ll ruin the whole thing but fill in the blanks man, surely a thinking person would have tried to validate her existence????

      BROOKLYN otaku
    37. @ Takaii => I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with your friend that Anohana is the better show vis-a-vis Hanasaku Irona

      This is the best anime I’ve seen in a very long time and thanks Kiiragi for the very interesting write-up

    38. Yukiatsu more likely since he has the access to the clothes…


      I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with your friend that Anohana is the better show vis-a-vis Hanasaku Irona

      What’s a Irona? And thank you for taking the time to reply to my nearly week old post. While I like Anohana a lot, I just prefer Iroha a bit more. It has to be Ohana’s hair.

      1. Definitely “Iroha” for me too; simply because it feels more “real” as a drama. “Ano Hana” has this synthetic feel to it, sort of like the drama is more of a construct rather than a product of nature- probably due to the fact that it’s entire premise is based around unreal supernatural occurrences- as I call it, a “snowglobe effect” beautiful, but ultimately artificial and unnatural. There is far less of this present in “Iroha” probably because it’s based around more earthly premises.

    39. I have a bad feeling that this is about to get dark, especially with Yukiatsu, he seems like hes got some issues to me, first the clothes thing, and now saying he can see menma, unless he saw what poppo saw its just for spite.

    40. Poppo makes me smile. But I wonder how come he has been able to travel so much.
      And I kinda understand the annoying feeling Jinta felt when Poppo rang on the doorbell like that. My brother does it everyday. D:

    41. I went through and rewatched all three episodes tonight, and I noticed that the frills on ghost Menma’s dress don’t match Menma’s normal dress. They’re more akin to the dress hanging in Yukiatsu’s closet.

      You guys may very well be on to something.


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