And… a pretty anticlimactic chapter… depending on what you were expecting. The statue and storming the battle were merely fronts for stealing the treasures, and Madara is surprisingly desperate for once. Finally impatient with his plans or something? Needs the moon to be on the right day (this might have actually been explained lol)? The treasures are playing a larger role than I thought they’d be, and if so, is this the biggest reason he even teamed up with Kabuto? It just feels so specific, though I’m sure using Kabuto to speed up the process of the moon eye plan is the general idea nonetheless. Then again, Kabuto kind of implies that Madara still needs more of Bee and Naruto’s jinchuuruki chakra, so it kind of makes the treasure stealing moot. Then again, he might go ahead with the plan anyways, and use some backdoor method to still somehow extract the eight and nine tailed beasts and add it to the ten tails (or after Madara’s become a jinchuruuki himself).

I’d say the Shinobi’s losses are worth far more than Akatsuki’s, despite Akatsuki losing more, since they pretty much just consist of clones, and people that were already dead before. I liked the surprise first encounter between Shikamaru and Madara, and though brief words were exchanged, I feel like Shikamaru’s the only match intelligent enough for Madara (…but the only person with hax on the level of Madara is Naruto). Maybe they’ll team up and fight someday. After last chapter’s sudden ramping of, “oh snap, main antagonist gonna finally do something,” the guy retreats and it turns into night! Regardless, it reminded me that the war is only half a day old. I’m still wondering about where the rest of the dead that were brought up and if they’ll be shown, because if not, that’s some serious good content wasted right there. I’ve also been waiting for Naruto to kick some ass for about three chapters too… so… meh. At least the story’s moving on.


  1. The rest of the zombies will likely show up during the night with Bee and Naruto arriving to save the Alliance. Leading to the confrontation between Madara and likely betrayal by Kabuto

    Remember, he did say that tomorrow his plan will happen and we know with Kabuto and Sasuke right behind him, he’s gonna fail and I won’t be surprise if he actually dies this arc and Naruto is given a special title, like Jiraiya and Minato, for defeating him.

    Mania Lyssa
      1. It isn’t hard work when the giant turtle island you are on happens to have a magic anti-darkness water fall.

        Those 2 years of training with Jaraya would gave gone a lot better f he had one of those, eh?

      2. That pretty much takes out Kubo. Hard work and sacrifice =/= single use power ups (especially if the power up was honed offscreen). We need some strategy in the fight against Madara, not just another power up.

        So, Bossun, let’s hope Naruto shows some of that pre-filler strategy instead of a slash-fest like Bleach. Then again, it’s a bit unfair of me to compair a series that used to show such promise to a series whose mangaka admits he doesn’t plan ahead and likes to draw “air.”

    1. but hopefully he doesn’t stop using it because of a power up just like Aizen and kyoka suigetsu.
      got to get in a powerful counterattack against the phasing ability.

  2. madara ability has a flaw, if you were paying attention during the chapter he fought the paper girl. When he sucks things in he becomes solid and can be hurt. But he escaped death by using that whatever my mind imagines can happen ability that danzo used izanagi. The question is how can naruto beat that??

    1. Hax…lots of hax. Like Insta-teleport next to Madara in Kyuubi mode and somehow miraculously learn to do the Jinchuuriki Rasengan attack which somehow warps/destroys Madara’s phase ability.

      1. Remember, when you use the Izanagi you lose your sharingan closes. So Madara can only use Izanagi once more and then his Sharingan is gone (unless he steals another one from some corpse). And he needs that sharingan for his Eye of the Moon Plan. If he doesn’t have it, he can’t exactly reflect it on the moon, can he?

  3. It was just nice to see some new jutsu thrown around in this chapter. But I still want to see that -Kage face-off. I have no doubt it will be awesome if it happens.

  4. That earth user should have used that giant sandwich attack on the giant mob in the beginning instead of on something with a decent chance of blocking it just based on size. Could’ve saved some trouble and lives.

  5. I dunno about bringing up the rest of the fights/dead. Eventough the fights could be awesome, at this point it would feel more like padding stuff out instead of going forwards with the story again.

  6. Crap! All that battle and only a day has passed? And I thought Kishi is speeding up the process. Nonetheless, Madara’s encounter with Shikamaru is really interesting.

  7. I just really hope that this doesn’t go down the route of aizen and ichigo in which it only takes like two chapter to finish everything. I mean I don’t want it really drawn out but come on!

  8. Madara doesn’t need the treasures at all, he needs the twins (with the Nine Tails chakra remember) that are contained within. He’s obviously planning on going ahead with his plan/part of his plan by simply using the fragments of Nine Tails chakra from them as well as the fragment from Bee.

  9. Did itachi’s gift to naruto ever get disclosed? At this point, I’m thinking naruto is going to ultimately lose against madara, but just as it looks all is lost we’ll get a fight reset from itachi’s gift. In madara’s anger and desperation he’ll get sloppy and that is how naruto will beat him.

    1. gift from itachi hasn’t been used yet. But that gift was supposed to be used strictly against sasuke to save him i think. Id be surprised if he bust it out on wimpy madara. Sasuke will be the last boss i think anyway.

      1. I agree, Sasuke is definitely going to be the final boss, Marada will probably lose before him. Everything this series has done since the time skip forward pretty much is building up for that.

        Question however is how will Marada lose, most likely by Kabuto’s betrayal no doubt, but even then Kabuto will just be the next antagonist to get beaten somehow, leaving Sasuke in the spotlight.

    2. I feel that naruto is being set up to lose.
      I fully expect that in this coming fight, madara will manage to beat both naruto and bee.

      Common manga setup; when mangaka wants his character to lose a fight, he sets them up with severe handicaps first.
      (eg luffy in onepiece, unable to beat kizaru after being worn out by the kuma clone robot or zoro losing againt kuma after fight luffy’s shadow in the giant oars.)
      naruto has been consuming his nine tails mode constantly to train, used up alot of energy escaping, and is using it again to travel fast. It also looks likelly he will have to fight to get past the raikage and tsunade. –> Madara on the other hand, is gathering all the possible power he can get so he is in his most fit state to fight.

  10. Yeah, we still got the other undead brought back, including all the most recent previous Jinchuriki, which have yet to be seen again or do anything, and we still got Gaara’s father, and the 2nd Mizukage and Tsuchikage in the middle of nowhere for some reason.

    Watch Naruto end up as the next “true” Rikudo Sennin in the end and magically know how to use the Rinnegan (naturally gained) after talking to the spirit of the first Rikudo Sennin or something like that XP .

    1.) Being Kushina’s son makes him related (albeit “distantly”) to the Senju (and Madara saying he “sees Hashirama” in Naruto), which means he already has half the DNA needed.

    2.) “Itachi’s power” could probably be some sort of way of constituting to it too, thus he’d have the 2nd half needed; power of an Uchiha, just like how Madara took DNA from Hashirama after he was “dead” in the Valley, and implanted it in himself; taking the DNA of the Senju.

    …as for Sasuke, I dunno. I highly doubt Madara would give Sasuke the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan without some sort of tampering or fail-safe attached to it cause he KNOWS Sasuke will end up betraying him at some point and, like Orochimaru, I doubt he’d make Sasuke just as strong or stronger than him intentionally without some way of stopping him later.


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