「日常6」 (Nichijou 6)
“My Ordinary Life 6”

Compared to every single episode that’s aired thus far, this week’s episode takes the cake for being hands down the funniest thing I’ve watched all season. Taking all the different individual pieces that had me cracking up in the previous episodes, this week’s was a continuous stream of unrelentingly funny jokes.

A few people have commented how Nichijou’s use of the Japanese culture made some of the jokes hard to understand. While I can partially agree, anyone with basic Japanese knowledge should have found the jokes hilarious. Parashite, Tengo, Taxy — the meaning behind the jokes should have been crystal clear. While I’ll reserve judgment about Yukko’s spelling seeing how I make the dumbest mistakes in Japanese at times, it was game over when Mio gave up trying logic around Yukko’s dumb mistakes. But to get pushed past her breaking point and to correct Yukko about Superman was too much. (Superman in katakana would be ス―パーマン. Seeing how no word in the Japanese language begins with ン, you lose if you pick a word that ends with a ン.)

Honestly, I wasn’t very fond of the principal. His lackluster attitude, horrible jokes, and overall fail appearance wasn’t winning him any points. Maybe it was his sense of responsibility to remove a stray deer from his campus, but Super Deer Fighter had me cracking up. I’m impressed with just how much damage the principal could take — even with that body armor of his those ultra attacks really had to have to hurt. But I’ll give it to him for never giving up and eventually subjugating that deer.

Don’t even get me started with Hakase and Nano. That super cute jankenpon (rock, paper, scissors) sequence with them both saying “Love” and “I Love You” was just too much. While I was expecting to get a break from all the jokes, I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t let up at all with my favorite pair of girls. The way that KyoAni translated all that fear and overthinking into Nano’s personality was perfect. I wouldn’t say that I get as worked up as Nano, but I totally understand where she’s coming from — I don’t enjoy dealing with bugs. Makes me wish I had a Sakamoto to take care of my bug problems.

After Super Deer Fighter, I wasn’t sure if anything could top it during this episode. Boy, was I wrong. By the end of the series, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mio had horns and a tail. If she hadn’t tripped after getting all riled up, I don’t think Yukko would be still be alive. That’s what you get for wearing flip-flops Mio! On the other hand, Mai’s charm is slowly fading away for me. After she let go of that fish, I was slightly appalled to see her eating a hamburger in front Mio and Yukko. Going off of the looks on their faces, it looks like Mai apparently cares only for herself and no one else. I swear, I can’t wait for the day Yukko lands a joke on Mai.

After such an amazing episode, I hope that the series can keep this up. I’m sure it’d be able to change Divine’s mind on what’s the funniest show of this season.


  1. This definitely is the funniest show this season. I actually disagree with you about this episode being the funniest. I was just smiling, ready to laugh, for most of the episode up until the camping scene. Still funny. The cockroach escaped! :O
    But the cake definitely was the camping scene. I just couldn’t stop laughing at those faces https://randomc.net/image/Nichijou/Nichijou%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2044.jpg they kept making. Though Mai may be losing your charm to you, you’ve got to admit those faces couldn’t have existed without her. XD

    1. This show and A Channel are the 2 funniest shows this season. Both shows have very likeable main characters and I never fail to get many laughs watching them.


    My long awaited deer wrestling chapter. To top it off they enchanced it with SF4 effects. That ink spill/ink flow effect made it tons better. Not to mention pro-wreslting moves by Mio. I just lol’d when the idea of them being in the wilderness and all beastly had me at the edge of my seat laughing. Talk about the irony that human kind was supposed to be civilized beings.

    Also this is quite new for a KyoAni show having so much bad influence in an episode. I mean underage drinking and Yuuko’s shinanegans with the noodles. That planned underage drinking part was just funny as hell since Mio brought a vinegar instead.

    It’s funny that I got into a short discussion with Kiiragi about pretty much what age molding fossilizing depraved starving FMP fans have been saying. I feel sorry for you folks as I feel weary that Denyuuden wouldn’t probably even get an S2 as well. But that’s not done by KyoAni so moving on.

    I knew KyoAni does amazing work in animating stuff wether it be subtle character movements to wacky/cute stuff, but it had me realizing they’ve really improved so damn well from their TSR days.

    This short scene really had me thinking…
    56k warning
    And also this one
    …KyoAni still seems to have the prowess to dish out an epic fight scene. Something that’ll be even better than TSR or Munto. Now Munto was a flop yes but animation wise the fight scenes were animated splendidly. Too bad it had to compete with a major project such as After Story. Back then I was only waiting for KyoAni to make another baaawtastic anime. Now I’m adding an action anime to the wishlist. With KyoAni only doing 1 show at a time I guess it’ll be quite a long wait till something of that sort comes out.

    Anyway my thoughts for this ep, Top of the line episode this week. I thought 5 was something but this is great follow up indeed and it’s pretty constant laughs all throughout. I dunno if I can say it was actually better than last week but it certainly looks like it.

    PS: Is this a non dense male character I see? Because it really looks like he got it.

  3. I thought the last skit was the only one which is funny
    Nichijou is pleasant to watch but not exactly very funny, I would say
    Mitsudomoe provides much better laughs

    1. Humor is general is rather subjective. Nichijou is a bit unique when compared to many other anime/manga comedies, since it isn’t ecchi-based; it’s entirely banking on randomness to hit your funny bone.

      While Mitsudomoe was indeed funny, the 2nd season felt weaker, and the premise revolves around elementary school students getting into rather adult slapsticky situations. Basically, it’s much less likely to appeal to a larger crowd, just due to the nature of its content. Nichijou seems like it’ll appeal to a much wider audience.

      Just in relation to KyoAni, I found Lucky Star less funny and more cute/moe, though when I watched it, I only recently got into anime, so of course, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate its humor.

      In total though, the jokes are very much hit or miss in Nichijou, but I feel that when they hit, then they hit pretty hard.

  4. I’d agree this is probably the best episode. The misspelling part was about the only thing I didn’t laugh much at except making superman plural. The principle wrestling was priceless!!! And the entire camping scene, especially when she faked like she was barfing… zomg.

    Mai is lame though. As a character I hate her, but she does bring out some awesome reactions.

  5. I just love the idea of the Go and Soccer Club; when you get tired playing soccer, you take a break to play some Go, and vice versa. A club that exercises both your body and your mind. Unfortunately, they seem to do neither, due to the lack of members and motivation. They do make a cute couple though.
    On the subject of Mai, maybe she’s just really bad at being nice. Releasing the fish was a nice thing, it was just a bit inappropriate at the time. A side note, she looks cute both with or without her glasses.

  6. I don’t know.. Azazel-san is making even Nichijou lose some of it’s charm. The only segments that are guaranteed hard laughs are the ones with the principle and the jump rope section. (for me)

    Yondemasu yo Azazel-san is stoopid alllll the way through. Through. 😐

  7. Oh, snap! The FIFA himn just before Mai’s epic shot! This show is clearly a mass-destruction weapon with Hakase and Nano leading the list of “Overpowered Moe of the Year”.

  8. Funniest episode to date, I don’t even know where to begin.

    Having studied Japanese for years, the shiritori sketch got me cracking up in fits, but the camp sketch at the end was equally hilarious that I got stomach cramps from excessive laughing. XD

    And don’t get me started with Super Deer Fighter Principal.

    For the 4-koma adaptations this season, A-Channel provides the cuteness and the drama, while Nichijou provides the laughter.

    Admittedly, the random absurd humour was mostly hit-and-miss when it started off, but slowly you get the feeling Kyo-Ani’s getting there and increasingly hitting the right buttons for the audience that still remains.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. Oh man…that was definitely the most I’ve laughed this season. While the hit/miss ratio had slowly been leaning more and more toward the latter for me the past few eps., this just made up for everything. Hilarious!!!

  10. The beginning was feeling pretty dry with the Shiritori thing and then the Deer Match came.It returned to being dry with the coin match and then Moe Janken came.The eggman gave up swinging that rope and it only got better from there.

    Sasahara getting hit with that bazooka/rocket was the pure definition of “Wtf Boom”.I only enjoyed the cockroach part after Hakase showed up.The camp trip was hands down my fav part, especially the one sided fight between Mio and Yukko.Mai still trolling, but it’s still funny for the most part.


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