「リュウ『コ』さんの、なんちゅーか、もやーっと」 (Ryū”ko”-san no, Nanchū ka, mo Yātto)
“Ryū’ko’-san’s feeling… kinda… glum…”

Though it doesn’t strike as obvious at first, the bubbly Ryuuko starts to wonder about her feelings towards Niwa, providing the first glimpse of budding romance. While Niwa is surrounded by several girls, Ryuuko seems to currently be the only viable option, as Maekawa’s kuudere exterior tells nothing, and Erio’s his cousin. “Cousin? No really, what’s stopping him from getting with Erio? Hell, let’s grab that fine piece of aunt too.” I don’t know. The show’s proposing Ryuuko okay? Plus it’d be major minus adolescent points to be hitching it with your own blood. My question is, why isn’t he even remotely publicly interested in any of them? Stop blushing and choose!

Although getting a girlfriend would be the top rung on the ladder in opening up the possibilities to “gain” points, Niwa, for reasons unknown even to himself, is still adamant on bringing Erio back into a functioning fine citizen. Ignoring the fact that simply going to work instead of going back to school is kind of in the wrong direction, Niwa helplessly attempts to teach Erio proper work etiquette. He should’ve asked Maekawa for that since she seems to be a pro with all her part time jobs to buy that scooter. Maybe she’ll let her try on some of her costumes too eh?

The dialogue has its moments, with lines like, “Erio may have stopped going to school, but Erio’s influence is still *puts sunglasses on* enrolled.” And conversations, while largely nonsensical as Ryuuko’s friend Mikki points out, make some good points now and then. As expected, the grandma offers some hilarity but also comes well equipped with sage advice. Her solution to Erio’s problem is to not do anything about it. Friends are vapid and fragile, they come and go, and once you’re old, you lose everyone anyway. Of course, while I consider myself to be quite open to the ideas of old women, I’m going to have to disagree. She’s not wrong in any sense, but being extremely practical through life will usually feel miserable. Humans are social creatures, and friends are usually needed to fill that void. Even one friend will do the trick (Holmes always needed his Watson), so maybe Niwa should just kick it with Erio for the rest of his life. As the ultimate sacrifice, he’ll need to kiss his points goodbye, and suddenly the story is a deep exemplary tale of humanity’s ability for compassion.

Romance is fine too, but I honestly have no idea where this anime is going to end up. It’s still holding my interest due to the humor and interactions between characters, and the designs are always something great to look at. I’m hoping they go back to revealing more about the characters themselves, because I do appreciate some depth in my characters. I’m also a bit curious as to what exactly Maekawa and Meme are planning, even though whenever Meme’s involved, it’s never something too good.



    1. Quadrangle? Nice word!

      I have another word for 3+ heroins who all have feelings for a single man(boy) in an Anime series…


      That’s what this is turning into, though the writing was on the wall way back when.


      “…I honestly have no idea where this anime is going to end up.”

      This is me too. I’m just watching it now more to find out what the heck I am watching! If that makes any coherent sense at all…

    1. Surprisingly, it is legal in most of the world. A few major nations where it is illegal are China, Korea, the Philippines, and most of the United States. (Marriage in the US is a state by state issue). Most of the states that allow it are on the East Coast. California does as well, I believe. It’s actually a criminal offense in states like Texas and Nevada!

      Outside of a few more minor exceptions. Cousin marriage is legal in most of the rest of the world including Japan.

      1. our christian living teacher taught us about it last school year.

        4th cousin and over are considered ok.
        2n and 3rd cousin can still get together if they’re really serious about it.
        1st is equal to your sibling so….

        I dunno about it in japan. though the show might get on with it since there have already been anime with regular incest.

      2. While my religion is one of religion which consider relation with cousin agreeable, I’ve no problem if the series developing to any romantic direction (except, of course Meme. That is another thing and I can only accept it in doujin material)

        That’s why I sometimes questioned when Kiiragi thinks “Erio route” as a “not viable option” since it’s normal in most of places in the world, although I know for some it’s taboo. Since the setting takes place in Japan, let’s just adapt it for this show and see the relation between between Erio and Niwa as a normal relation.

        Well, Erio leads into the character direction which I weak to. I want to refer this to my exact feelings to Toradora!. Although I like Minorin so much, I end up supporting Taiga and Ryuuji since Ryuuji seems to be “The only one who can change, but also accept Taiga, whatever is her situation/personality”. Denpa Onna seems to also heading there, too.

      3. If Erio and Niwa grew up together I’d agree with Kiiragi’s “Erio route” as a “not viable option”. But since that is not the case we can pass it off as a normal relation.

      4. What I learned from taking anthropology in college is that marrying a cousin is acceptable in most of the world, including Japan. How they view it is that you’re related to your cousin but technically not by blood because a blood relation is more of a in-family thing. To better explain your Mother, Father and Brother/Sister would be a blood relation were as your other relatives are just a relation by family. How people see it is that your blood is made from your parents and them alone. You don’t share blood with your Aunts, Uncles or Grandparents if you view it this way and marriage with your cousin is acceptable.

    2. I’m not really sure, but back in my college days in the Pontifical and Royal Catholic University in the Philippines, there is a subject called Theology, and our professor is a nun, back then she thought as about marriage and family and I vaguely remember her saying how marriage between cousins (or between siblings) are possible under a secrecy vow, as long as the vow was made under God witnessed by the church and keep it secret. I’m not really sure, but I think it is something like that.

    1. I tend to think Meme is just testing him. I doubt she really honestly has plans to have sex with him. Perhaps she is testing him to see if he will be mature enough to take care of her daughter once she is gone? She seems to enjoy the flirting. Isn’t really disapointed that he hasn’t nailed her yet.

    2. It’s only considered incest by the standards of where you were raised. It’s not incest in Japan. You should be more open to ideas of other countries and not just consider the “rules and regulations” of your own country.

      1. Sex between 1st cousins or a nephew/aunt can lead to deformities in a child if she gets pregnant. Thats why most of the world says no to 1st cousins having relations or aunt/nephew.

      2. PandAEmic, I agree with you on a philosophical level about ethnocentrism. I wish a lot of people that preached tolerance, though, would also practice it. It is kind of a one way argument most of the time like many other issues about morality.

        Karmafan, most of the world allows first cousin marriage. The few who don’t are China, Korea, Hindus in India, most of the US, the Philippines and few other small nations.

        However, I also agree with Karmafan about the actual physiological repercussions from cousin marriages because of consanguinity. A good example for this is the Royalty of Europe that for centuries in-married to keep power in the hands of very few in the nobility. This caused a significant decrease of the diversity in their genes which resulted in some birth defects. So, even if cousin marriage were legal, as it is in most of the world, it does still pose problems biologically.

        My personal view on it is that it is in fact incest. I’m a bit more extreme, though, like the Koreans. I believe in South Korea even second or third cousin marriage is illegal. I tend to agree with them conceptually. But, I wouldn’t force that upon people. I would just never do it myself.

      1. what about seikon no qwaser?
        I prefer last season since there was an uncensored version along with the censored one.
        its harder to find the uncensored version this season.

      2. I gave up on Quazar this season when they turned him into a girl. I tollerated it last season for the couple of episodes that he was a gril but had the feeling he gonna be a girl all seaon 2 and gave up on the series.

  1. Erio and Meme seem to have these big, wide, scary smiles. Uuuhh, makes them look like the Cheshire Cat at times, I’d rather they just keep their smiles normal and cute. 🙂

    The love triangle development is going to progress strangely for sure, though it’s fairly obvious that Ryuuko isn’t going to win. I mean, hey, when has animu girl #2 ever won a love battle?

  2. i’m still half expecting that the aliens are real. what was the deal with the stalker with a tag in his ear? Niwa even called it out as like a cattle tag.

    it’s probably SHAFT trolling ^_^

    panda monium
  3. Anyone have any idea, where this series is going? You’d think by the halfway point, they would have at least given an idea of how things are going to turn out. I just hope they don’t throw in another girl into Niwa’s harem. Three is enough. (No the aunt does not count.)


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