「日常8」 (Nichijou 8)
“My Ordinary Life 8”

Is it me, or does it feel like the characters are slowly changing? When I say changing, I’m referring more too how everyone seems to be learning from the past and changing their actions accordingly. Unlike most slice of life shows, Nichijou feels like it’s actually progressing toward some new goal each and every week.

After that horribly embarrassing reveal about how she ate Mai’s lunch, it was surprising to watch Yuuko put a little more thought into thinking for once. Instead of leaping to those outrageous but hilarious conclusions of hers, it was fun watching her struggle when she tried using her brain a little. However, Mai and Mio’s stone cold poker faces faces were equally as funny to watch. At this point, it’s hard to see if they’re just playing with Yuuko or just trying to really put her in her place. Either way, it provides us with a funny to watch Yuuko!

After eight episodes in, two new characters finally make their appearance! The orange-haired Weboshi and green haired Fet-chan seem pretty normal. Apparently, this is their (Tamaoki Yooko and Higuchi Yumi) respective seiyuu’s first role ever. The one thing that their appearance confirmed was that Misato does in fact pull out giant weapons in real life and fires them at Sasahara. I used to think that those weapons were just someone’s imagination going wild since Misato only pulled them out when no one was around. But apparently I was wrong! And Sasahara finally returns! After watching him get the color literally blown out of him, I’m glad that he came off a little less arrogant this time around. Something about him nonchalantly answering but not really answering Misato’s feelings and getting blown up for that balanced out his earlier attempt at poetry.

Now that I think about it, where in the world did our trio end up going anyways? Apparently deciding to spontaneously skip class, imagine how much it must have sucked to end up getting stuck in an elevator! But even with the worst situations our trio somehow makes the best of it. Their transition from being deathly quiet to laughing their heads off made laugh pretty hard. The best part is that Mai let the tiniest smile out, indicating she might actually have some other emotions other then trolling side of her. Makes you wonder what might lie behind that stone cold face of hers…

With an awkward Helvetica Standard about lost dreams and an extra rebellious Hakase, things felt pretty complete this episode. I thought it was hilarious how Nano managed to use Hakase’s crying tactic against her. I don’t know who would really want a cavity feature, but I suppose the concept of cavities to an android who wants to be a real person might sound appealing. With the Go-Soccer club, it’s a bit difficult to understand why such a club even exists — especially when your president says your club doesn’t do anything. However, it sure does make for a really convenient situation to be alone with someone.

Double yolk eggs really exist? And as a little kid, I know that wished I had an epic bike.


    1. Me too.

      Also I liked the part when professor said she’ll make a cavity feature.
      Does anyone like those parts with the boy and blonde girl in the clubroom? I want to know more about them.

      1. At the very least, they aren’t entirely dragged out. The basics between them seems to be an unrequited love (the girl likes the boy), though most likely, they’ll be expanding on what exactly the goal of their club will be, and gather up members to continue it.

  1. Though they’re changing in Nichijou, it’s a pretty small one, so we won’t see any genre-defining storyline developments from this show anytime soon. But it is nice to just relax and watch a simple slice of life anime.

    And that bike. Want.

  2. I usually love this series. Seems to me this week was not quite as funny as previous episodes. A few skits seemed to go on too long (like the elevator). I did like Nano’s trying to find her hand and how her problem intersected with the other folks in the series and also liked how the cat tries to me so mature but in the end he succumbs to his nature like chassing his tail.

  3. Lol true that the jokes seem kinda hit and miss but i still love it anyway

    The first bit with Nano’s hand was just hilariously random i thoroughly enjoyed the cuteness of Misato and her conversation with Sasahara and ofc Nano and Hakase being adorable to finish off the ep 🙂

  4. Yea I didn’t really think the jokes this week were all that good. The elevator one was not my favorite, but the rest were fine. This series is still awesome though!

  5. Aww, you didn’t take a cap of Yuuko’s spin crashes. I kept thinking: Ok where’s the Katamari to come pick her up?

    Misato…A Mythbusters kind of Yandere, me like :D. Also, We’d keep seeing blonde and teal hair in the Intro, it was nice to finally see them in context with Misato. Erm, Weboshi and Fet-chan… I guess are their names <<;?

  6. The laughs this week definitely pale in comparison to last week’s “epic” sketches, let us just hope Kyo-Ani is merely saving their ammo for future episodes.

    That said, there’s still the highlight of Misato revealing herself to be quite the cute tsundere. The whole scene where Sasamoto unintentionally disarms her exterior facade and causing her to blush and go ballistic (literally – with an entire arsenal) was just very cute.

    Oh and Takaii, not only do double yolk eggs exist, they’re apparently voiced by Seki Tomokazu. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  7. I think the girls were late to get to the train because of Yuuko’s antics at the start of the episode. Hence they were late to class.

    On the other hand I really love the elevator bit XD At first I was wondering what the hell I was watching, but slowly it went out of control and I absolutely loved the bit where Mio was like “Mai is dead!” and the way she laughs after that by banging her bag on the floor was hilarious XD

  8. I didn’t like the first skit in the manga but somehow it was entertaining to see it here. I liked the addition KyoAni did by adding the dog(from ep 6) following Yuuko until the end of the fence.

    No jump rope and rock, paper, sisscors? That’s okay I had a good laugh with the new ones. Hakase completely caught me off guard when she threw the whole thing at Sakamoto. Also that super bike. Speaking of which, would it pain you that it actually exists?

    I’m also glad to see more of gundere. I liked this skit of the manga though they did change it’s ending. I would’ve enjoyed it thorougly if Show Spoiler ▼

    The bonus at the end really made it worth it as fate was just teasing her. Marriage huh.. <3

    I guess the highlights would really go for the elevator skit. The atmosphere was just bizarre. I liked how Yuuko asked Mio to play Shiritori and instantly losses the game just as she starts it. I lost it twice in this skit. One was when a fly entered Yuuko's nose. Second when they went hysterical. I liked that both of them were laughing at anything they can toss out, including their situation.

    Somewhat of a pale episode but still good.

  9. “I don’t know who would really want a cavity feature, but I suppose the concept of cavities to an android who wants to be a real person might sound appealing.”

    Haha, that scene reminded me of the Spock episode of TNG. Spock looked at Data and said that many Vulcans trained their whole lives to achieve what Data had by design. Data then said to Spock that Spock abandoned what he had sought his whole life.

    The grass is always greener… as it were.

  10. This ep was bad, very bad.
    Did not want to see more Misato and her tsundere reaction to everything but Mio isn’t much better with her yaoi art of Sasahara.
    Best thing here was Nano’s hand flying off, finding out no one used god-like speed to save Misato’s head and the Helvetica Standard.

  11. Double yolk eggs do exist, it has happen to me a few times, and even once i had a triple yolk egg, but considering that that egg was big compared to the normal ones i didnt find it strange =P


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