「走り出す」 (Hashiridasu)

You know you have a great team working on an anime when they can effectively create a character that makes you want to run outside and yell at the first person you can find. For starters, Enishi needs to grow a freaking backbone and a brain. First, when your mother believes the customer is the person who must be prioritized, no matter how spineless or disgusting they may be, what do you think you’re doing calling in the one single person who she can’t even stand being in the same room as? It’s like he still hasn’t figured out why Okami dislikes Takako in the first place! Second, if you’re facing a large rush of customers, how could the thought of calling in your staff not even run through your mind?

As happy as I am that Okami is okay, her absence brought upon feelings that I never would come out while watching anime. More specifically, Kawajiri Takako brought out these murderous feelings within me. Glancing over the fact that Enishi invited her into the inn, I can’t believe she was allowed to run rampant throughout the inn. Her ridiculous ideas, horrible English, and blatant disregard for what the owner of an establishment wants are all things we’ve seen before. But without a voice of reason to stop her from going all out, her actions felt all the more ridiculous. To call herself a management consultant is an insult to all real consultants out there.

Just as I was about to launch something across the room, I was overjoyed when Ohana took the offensive and finally started using that charming attitude of hers. As we’ve seen in the past, that attitude of hers normally lands her in situations worse than where she started. However, in times of need where absolutely no one will take charge and stop a rampaging loudmouth, Ohana’s personality is perfect. It was clear Minchi and Tomoe had issues with Takako’s suggestions, and Ohana provided the perfect outlet to get their true feelings out (even if they didn’t verbally express it).

If the episode had kept moving toward the direction it was before Ohana’s outburst, I’d be very scared for the future of Kissuiso. But even with the majority of the staff revitalized to handle the rush of guests, three major players are still missing. With Ren not even able to handle himself in the kitchen and Tohru missing somewhere inside of a huge four story building, it makes you wonder if Ohana will be able to pull things off. While I have the utmost confidence in her, she’s probably forgotten about the last player who’s yet to show up — Ko. In what looks like a frantic race to the finish, I’m hoping next week’s episode manages to bring everything in some sort of spectacular way where Ohana gets some of the credit she really deserves.

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      1. Exactly my thoughts, althouh i have the feeling that both are true O.o
        But attending your own wedding on a motorcycle without people to look how you arrive, hmm.

        Btw isn’t Minchi a pretty perverted name? (thinks of the south park oprah winfrey episode)

    1. Yeah I agree, what a cliff hanger. I was literally screaming in my head “What the heck?”. I did enjoy the new song though. They should use that song for every ending from now on.

    1. LOL. Someone should get her a Peter Drucker book.

      I was yelling ‘nooo don’t cut it off right there!’ as she was opening the door. Next Sunday just can’t come soon enough!

  1. I’m so happy Ohana stood up to that witch, I was so ready to throw my phone at the computer screen. I think Okami knew something like that would happen if she left her son alone to run the inn and that’s why she mentioned the book in her room to Ohana. She knew Ohana would look and stand up for her beliefs if it came down to it, and I’m glad she did. I hope Okami gives her some credit in the end too, Ohana deserves it. And yay for Ko finally coming! I hope Ohana doesn’t totally forget about him lol.

  2. Okami’s son needs to learn to read the situation better. I don’t know how Okami raised her children but both of them have grown up to be pretty bad adults…

    Not hating on Okami or anything.

    1. i have a feeling that the okami was too busy managing the inn to take care of them properly, which might explain their erratic behavior overall…(that or the smoke)

  3. just for those who are counting the cliffhangers, it’s the second one now (and it’s better than the last one @ ep 2)

    and before anyone says anything on the ships…*mass guessing*Show Spoiler ▼

    so who is surprised that Renji (the head chef) breaks down under that little push from Takako (seeing that he might be already stressed that there’s 20+ guests and himself to do all the cooking)?

    obligatory captioning…guess that little notebook is useful after all…not that Ko-chan might be asked to help as well(far-fetched, no?)…

    1. LOL. That’s literally exactly what I’m expecting. Something that happens to Ohana and Tohru is going to bother Minchi and Ko I bet. Although it could easily be something ‘serious,’ I think it’ll be something more comedic than anything.

      In any case, judging from the way Minko seemed offended that Ohana went to get Tohru, I think it’s safe to say she doesn’t want them anywhere near each other so watching anything that happens between them next week should be somewhat entertaining at least.

      For a second, I had the idea Tohru was getting married, but that seemed a little bit too crazy. If anything, I’m betting Ohana will see something and think he’s getting married. But who knows? AHHHHH I can’t wait a whole week.

      I’m going to put myself into a mini coma. Someone wake me up next Sunday.

    2. I have this feeling that Ko-chan will see Ohana and Tohru riding that bike back to Kissuiso singing Let’s Party~! causing misunderstandings like that one back in episode 4. And another proof that Ohana’s a pervert – she smells some boy’s (I think Tohru while in the bike) hair.

  4. Finally! After the past few episodes of feeling partly let-down, I finally feel again that absorbing atmosphere that the first few episodes held for me. I’m glad they’re back to Ohana centred episodes again!

    The only odd things for me, besides them not calling in their staff earlier like Takaii mentioned, was Ohana biking/taking the train all the way their to get Tohru. She should’ve tried calling him as well to see if she can convince him more than Minchi, or at least getting his number so she can easily find him when she gets there. Or have someone drive her there would likely be faster. I’m sure they need her help as well, so saving time is pretty important. But then again, with Ohana I’m not surprised that she’d do all this impulsively. As for going all by herself to get him, I’m pretty sure that Tohru will feel moved that once again Ohana has come to drag him back since he’s so important to the inn. I’m just wondering how Ko will react to this if he finds them together.

    On a last note, I felt sad when Ohana said it was Nako’s day off, anticipating little to no screen time for her. But when she was cycling there on her bike, and was so happy saying that they needed her…Nako’s adorableness meter was off the charts for me!

  5. Is it possible Tohru is the one getting married and he wanted to keep it secret from the others at the Inn?

    I’m guessing when Ko shows up he will be pressed into helping out at the Inn in some fashion.

    Last but not least I’m guessing the Mystery Guest is at their Inn now and will make an impact in next week’s episode and the person won’t be one of the folks that “so called consultant” is sure it is.

    1. I think it’s because Ohana is the least experienced of all three waitresses. She’s still learning her rope in the field. And no chance in hell that Minchi will go after Tohru herself. So the best option is for Ohana to go, at least that’s what I think Ohana is thinking…. but wouldn’t it be best if Ohana forces Takako to use her car, jump in and fetch Tohru from the city?

    2. I was thinking that Ohana could have helped them cook too. But considering that Minchi doesn’t seem to know what to do (and she’d definitely not want to take orders from Ohana), getting Tohru is probably best. Plus, I’m pretty sure that Nako would be too timid to go and get Tohru back.

    3. Minchi is too stubborn to change her mind about refusing to bother Tohru when he’s busy, while Nako is far too shy/timid to do such a thing. Ohana is the only one with the audacity to do such a thing.

      Was a bit confused myself, since we know Ohana is an experienced cook. Could’ve swapped Minchi to being a waitress for the time being.

  6. In what looks like a frantic race to the finish, I’m hoping next week’s episode manages to bring everything in some sort of spectacular way..

    Oh, it’s going to be spectacular alright; when Ohana shows up with Tohru on his motorbike right in front of Kou, and Ohana, busy with the inn, ignores him, leaving him with a misunderstanding that’ll last at least 2 episodes. I hope this trope can be avoided and that Kou’s and Ohana’s relationship is strong enough to quickly sort out such a misunderstanding.

  7. Damn, I can’t wait until next week. This is killing me =/

    Takako pisses me off so much, I don’t think I’ve felt this much anger which watching anime before…

    And this is why no one can’t help but like Ohana, she’s just so adorable and yet strong-willed. She learns from her mistake and she is not afraid to speak out what she has in her mind.

    1. 2 more thoughts,

      Yes, Takako is a disgrace of a consultant. She sucks so much at management and work planning. Even I can tell all of her ideas suck.

      And it’s kind of funny that Ren-san crumble under pressure. He looks so tough…. I never thought he would be like that.

      1. They went to the same university, so I’m guessing they met in a business or managing class since their jobs are so related.

        And I can think of one series where I was more angry than at Takako. Everybody hates Kyubey, right?

  8. For some reason it’s as though Okami knew her granddaughter will handle things superbly, which was why she deliberately let slip about her notebook in her room containing all the useful guest details which might come in handy when serving them. I do wonder if Okami is grooming Ohana to be her successor? At least she does things better than the wimpish Enishi, at any rate.

    Ko and Ohana on a collision course, and he might just bump into Ohana and Tohru riding a bike back to Kisuisou, this might be fun.

    Minchi’s cute points added this week, what with her getting shy at Ohana’s suggestion that Tohru might like him and her looking at a lost at not able to call Tohru, and quietly jealous that she’s not as bold as Ohana, who decided to take the initiative and search for Tohru.

    Of course, no episode is complete without Nakochi, thank goodness she appeared near the end. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I thought the same thing about Ohana taking over as manager. She already knows more then the bumbling son. She will run the Inn “Old School” like the Manager wants. Give her a year or three to get more experience under her belt.

    2. I don’t know about grooming just yet. I took it as a test of sorts though to see what Ohana would make of it. She seems to have a knack for meddling with positive outcomes for the most part. In any case it’s probably more of an honour that she chose to share that information than Ohana might realize. She could have just phoned somebody else to do it. Also about that bad english comment…I keep seeing that fat cowboy from Rio Rainbow gate when i hear Takako. LOL

  9. Is Takako for real? I’m no expert in hotel management, but I’m pretty sure hotel critics will notice prioritizing specific customers. That would seriously damage their scoring in service.

    On the other hand Ohana once against proves she’s the best character in the show by shooting down the incompetent consultant. Probably her most awesome moment yet.

    1. About Tohru attending his own wedding – If he is attending his own wedding wouldn’t the suit he’s wearing be black? It looks a little under dressed/informal to be attending your own wedding in my opinion

      As for the misunderstanding, Ko seeing Ohana with Tohru when they get back

      Also, I am secretly (well not so secret now) rooting for Tohru and Ohana to end up together. I know Minchi is rather indirect and shy when it comes to showing affection but at this rate Tohru is just gonna keep falling for Ohana.

      Second time now Ohana has come running after Tohru whereas unfortunately for Minchi’s personality has not :/

    2. He doesn’t really seem qualified to be one..

      ..however, I could imagine that that somehow would be the reason he was able to see Ohana in the first place. That article was in a magazine after all. D:

  10. You know it just occurred to me that Ohana should have thought of the simplest solution to this mess. Get help from Yunosagi! They clearly have cordial relationships since they don’t mind lending staff to each other. Since Kissuiso is clearly understaffed, couldn’t they just borrow some helpers?

  11. quote:To call herself a management consultant is an insult to all real consultants out there.
    she remember me of one slaes representative who was to instruct personnel on the ways to place wares on shelves in a market where i once worked. he did it so “efficient” that he broke few glass jars of conserved cucumbers in the process – entire crew was laughing at him for weeks…

  12. She is not only insulting to consultants, but her suggestion is an insult to everyone who works at the inn. If they can’t get a good review by delivering their normal level of service, then they don’t deserve the good review. Telling everyone to give special service to those they think are reviewers means she think the normal service is good enough. Bah.

  13. I reckon Enishi is in love with Takako. Love blinds people in many ways >:3

    But yeah, go Ohana~ I swear it felt like the episode was only 15 minutes in then the credits showed up. I was like D: nuuuuu~~~~~~~~~~

    I guess that’s a sign of a good show haha. Anohana and Hana Iroha ftw 🙂

  14. What do you do when your in that kind of managerial situation and there is no Ohana..? Dx That sucks and now I see how great of a character she is- how being so open minded and free-spoken is admirable and necessary!

    Another thought: This show’s attention to detail is amazing. When Ohana was riding the bike? -her cheeks were vibrating! And Tohru’s motorcycle. *_* It was incredible how realistic it was. I thought he was right outside my apt window! The staff (writers, artists, sound crew, etc.) are freakin’ gods at their trade.

  15. Ohana is riding on the bike, she grabs on Thoru firmly and smells his hair. Closes her eyes, she smiles. Ko witness this as they pass him by. He was going back to the station after wasting the day looking for her. He goes back home, heartbroken.


  16. She’s totally going to get Tohru’s attention again! And Ko is going to see it first hand, and then a love quadrangle insues. I could just feel the tension building as he got closer to Ohana and she got closer to Tohru, and then it ended! So unfair…

  17. Oh god, please no love-triangle/misunderstanding, please! This show does fine with a clean one-one pairing, it should leave Minko to mature and develop into a character who can finally express her feelings towards Tohru. And it should leave Ohana and Ko to confirm their relationship – develop their relationship from their current ‘More than just friends’ standing.

    Also I’m surprised that Tomoe didn’t speak up first, but instead having Ohana’s little outburst. It kind of goes against her outspoken, assertive character we saw last episode. Seriously, some of the characters are either too snobby or stupid. Takako is the former, did she really get Tertiary education? And worse is Enishi, who doesn’t only call Takako but also does not even understand the values of the Kissui Inn and his mother…

    Oh well, hopefully Mr Bean (I think) is pulling some strings in the background while all that chaos goes on (my favourite character so far).

    1. Seconding that Minko development! I’d love to see that happen and for her character to blossom through friendship rather than Y U TAKE MY MAN OHANA.
      When she blushed she was absolutely adorable. If she were more confident and self-assured, I could see her and Tohru getting closer.

    2. Exactly. I have yet to see a love triangle that I actually like, they’re just depressing. I just hate the “drama” that comes with them and it would kind of cheapen the feel of HanaIro for me unless it was written SPECTACULARLY. To me this show is more about maturing than anything else, so I’d rather it keep with that flow here both Ohana and Minchi develop to be able to handle the relationship in their separate pairings.

      At this point I can’t really imagine either getting together with Tohru but that may change later on. Plus I like Ko too much to want his heart to be broken ):

      1. I’m just really curious why anyone would like Ko. What has he done besides lack the balls to be there for his dearest friend as she encounters life changing event? It bugs the crap out of me that he didn’t see her off, that it took him forever to send her a text wishing her well, that this visit is only the second time he’s tried to contact her since she’s left. He’s my least favorite character (okay, maybe Takako is, but everyone in the world hates her) of the show and I’ve been very happy that he’s gotten very little attention up until now.

        I’m hoping that there will be some love triangle drama, and either Ko redeems himself by handling it very well instead of getting into another hissy fit, or gets the heck out of the picture. Yes, the show is about maturing, so Ko better do so. If he doesn’t, I hope Ohana will be telling him she’s sorry and friendzoning him.

  18. What I m thinking is much similar to the previous comments. There HAS to be a face off between: Tohru, Ohana and Ko.

    But what I m also thinking is that Ko might prove helpful in handing the sudden outburst of customers at the Kissuiso inn.

    Another theory is that may be the inn has already been covered in the magazine. Thats why so many customers were calling in. 😛

  19. Honestly, Ohana annoyed me in this episode. She’s needed as a waitress at the inn- Takako or her uncle would be so much more suited to getting Tohru in a car, and much quicker. But Ohana has to do it because then they can use the plot device of her and Tohru getting closer, Tohru bringing her back on his motorcycles, making misunderstandings go abound, and creating a larger rift between her and both Minko and Ko. Hopefully, hopefully that’s not going to happen, but it’s not looking too bright.

    I missed Tohru in this episode xD And Nako.
    But he should wear a suit more often, and without the hat. Oh! And he should sing again like he did in the truck. Itching to learn more about his character and how he really sees the people around him.

    1. I forgot what study this was, but did you know in times of emergencies humans will tend to freeze up?

      The example was someone getting shot in New York — if no one yells out “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE” the surrounding audience won’t do a damn thing (usually).

      Who says that next week’s episode has to be negative? :p

      1. New York is a great example. As a resident, I can say that the scenario is very common.
        That Diffusion of Responsibility, however, can be ousted by specifying who should do the calling. Simply shouting in a random direction will do no good. “Girl with the pink sweater! Call 911!” works a lot more effectively. -EMT in Training 😀

    2. I think that’s a little harsh. Even though her uncle’s weak-minded and a bit silly, he still knows more about running the inn and has more experience. The waitresses probably don’t even know how to check in customers. And when we saw him talking to those customers, he was really good with them. He just doesn’t have the same sort of vision and charm as Okami. That’s why I can see Ohana running the inn eventually. You can tell the instincts are there, she just needs more focus and experience.

      Takako…I wouldn’t trust Takako to get my lunch, so I can’t blame Ohana for going to get Tohru herself, even though it’s totally a plot device. But the whole show is so charming that I don’t even mind the obvious plot devices.

      Honestly, Ohana’d probably be better off staying to help in the kitchen while Minchi got Tohru. Ohana’s better in the kitchen than Minchi and Ren looks like he’s lost it.

    3. What? Ohana has been tackling the problem far more level headed than any of the staff has and you can’t forgive her for trying to pick up everyone’s slack in getting Tohru?

      You do realize you would lose the only other person who is in charge of checking guests in if Ohana’s uncle left?

      Also think about it – do you honestly think Minchi is likely to go out and run after Tohru given her current disposition? I don’t think so.

      Also take Ohana’s character into account, she does things rather on an impulse. Remember how she decided to confront Yuina during the supposed Tohru x Yuina misunderstanding?

      It was an Ohana thing to run off after Tohru. Plot device or not, it makes sense to me why she’d do that in the first place.

  20. Oh my god i hate Takako, not only is she just a terrible person in general but i absolutely hate the way she puts horrid English in the middle of a Japanese sentence all the time. I wish the episode didn’t end at the point it did cause now i want the next one right now damn it.

  21. Hmm, a couple episodes back Tohru had a love struck expression… Now he is at a marriage and the scene with Ohana opening the door seemed to show shock on her face.

    Gah, I love this anime.


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