「はじめての☆おつかい & 3人でお茶を」 (Hajimete no Otsukai & Sannin de Ocha Wo)
“First Errand & Tea for Three”

What good is an episode that doesn’t start another capture? Well, it means that we get a nice dose of Elsie goodness of course! With the first half of the episode focusing on the history and practice of purchasing dating sims, it was surprising how entertaining a filler-esque episode was. Unlike the previous non-capture episodes from season one that left me feeling bored, the changes in season two made everything so much more interesting.

It nearly blew me away when Keima went into his charming mode while talking to Elsie. I almost thought that his experience with Chihiro had taught him just how important Elsie was. Alas while he only pulled out his charming side to get Elsie to do a favor for him, I suppose it was better than nothing. Since if you were to compare the Keima now with the Keima from the past, I doubt that the previous Keima would have even cared about trying to disguise his request. While Elsie might not have noticed it, I think Keima is clearly changing little by little. My evidence for this comes from how he didn’t destroy Elsie for purchasing an anime version of the game. If anything, I’d say his acceptance of Elsie’s mistake is proof that he’s slowly accepting reality even if he doesn’t want to.

Then again, I doubt that Keima will ever stop loving games. It’s a shame that Keima will probably never get another chance to have a full day of gaming (I’d love to watch him enter God of Conquest mode again)! That’s probably because there’s finally another girl who has feelings for him and won’t forget about him — Haqua. If those short scenes where she’s blushing from just getting Keima’s attention didn’t clearly spell it out, Elsie’s jealously should have made it pretty clear. I’ll give it to Haqua that she was pretty clever about disguising her visit as a routine report write up, but she loses points for getting caught by Elsie.

Going off of the title for next week’s episode, it looks like Nagase-sensei will finally be making her debut. I still have no idea how Keima is going to make things work when he has to capture a teacher’s heart, but I’m sure that in his vast library of games there’s something on this topic. I’m willing to bet money that there’s a dating sim that deals with this!

P.S. This week’s episode included the Elsie & Haqua (Or Kakedama-tai) version of Ai no Yokan. It was previously used in episode 4, but I’ll include it again just for you guys!

ED2: 「アイノヨカン」 (Ai no Yokan) by 賭け魂隊 (Kakedama-tai)
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    1. ..but she loses points for getting caught by Elsie.

      I think Haqua rakes in some more points, actually. There’s no doubt in Elsie’s mind that she’s after Keima now. Also, it’s that same controversial idea back with “Yosuga no Sora”. Leaving the door unlocked makes it better~ lol The censorship, in this case, works wonders for the imagination. C:

  1. Da5id, no, we’re not there just yet. As Takaii said, we’re doing Nagase-sensei next.

    EliteF22 Keima’s mom was talking to Keima’s dad about how another illegitimate child showed up and how she wants a divorce now. However, right at the end, she reneges on that quite sweetly. At least I assume that’s her voice, I’m not sure.

  2. I really hope we not only get a season 3 but skip over some girls’ stories just so we can reach that preview screencap! What a way to tease us… If only the anime sold better.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Anywho… Really liked this episode, especially the Haqua half. I was worried that Keima’s character developed too quickly in comparison to the manga but this episode calmed those worries. Anime Keima is somewhat different than manga Keima; I just gotta accept it.

    1. They definitely shouldn’t skip characters especially since
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Agreed
        Show Spoiler ▼

        I don’t mind a season 3, as long as they stay true to the manga as they have thus far. Better be faithfull rather than have a bad anime original ending, with an exception of some.

    2. I really love this series and was really really happy that it was animated and I expected it to at least be a continuing season series till it catches up to the manga. However I know it all depends on the ratings as well as the dvd sales of the anime. How do you know that the anime sales are bad? I always wonder where people check for the tv ratings or anime sales of it. I would appreciate it if you can give me a link about it, want to confirm whether or not its still possible for this amazing series to get a season 3. I really hope that it does though.

    3. I dont want them to skip the other arcs. sure they’re not on my fave list but they still play some importances to keima’s development.

      and it creates variety for diff kinds of girls, the main point of kami nomi. that arc will be even more better and surprising after the other girls make their mark.

      1. if you read my comment last week, you’d understand who I meant.
        its not really that important anyway. though it does make a bit of a plot point next season(or maybe 2 seasons later?). its still not really relevant.

      2. like I said, it isnt that significant.

        its like saying X character gets a dog. the dog doesnt really have anything important to the plot just that the character gets a dog. she’ll rarely appear anyway.

        besides, she showed up over there. her name was just not given.

  3. (I’d love to watch him enter God of Conquest mode again)!

    He did enter God of Conquest mode! I laughed so hard. This is turning out to be more funny (dare I say it) than Nichijou!

    Haqua didn’t have a loose soul within her but Keima still managed to steal her heart. He’s amazing. It’s really interesting to see a girl that fell in love with him not have her memories erased. Being a demon makes her a special case but it still makes for an interesting situation for him. One actively giving him signs (which I don’t know why he’d be dense about) that she likes him, and the other one who hides it/doesn’t realize it yet.

    1. Haqua is part of reality -or ‘The Real’ as keima would put it- so he does not see Haqua in that light, and Keima didn’t conquer Haqua so he wouldn’t understand why she would like him.

  4. If Elsie is the one who spots your true intentions, you know you haven’t disguised it well enough. I love Elsie just as much as anyone else, but she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Haqua’s got it for Keima bad. It’s good to have a permanent tsundere element in the series now too. 😉

  5. I lol’d my ass off at the doll scene. This episode really pulled its weight well with the comedy side of the show!

    I’ll admit that the drama with Haqua’s arc was pretty cheesy and predictable, but I really enjoy having her on screen. Her tsun attitude really brings out the best in Kiema! Plus, I’m a sucker for tsunderes! Here’s me asking for more Haqua in later episodes!

    A teacher is next, huh? That’s kinda disgusting, but I wonder how Kiema is going to pull it off.

  6. Show Spoiler ▼

    Other than that i thought this episode was funny. Can’t wait for more, Also the manga is fantastic, a must read.

  7. “I’m your husband’s illegitimate child” has to be the funniest line ever. I feel really sorry for Keima’s father though, even if his tsundere wife does forgive him in the end.
    On a different note, I still have issues with Elsie as anything other than a doting younger sister, so I get slightly uncomfortable when Keima sets her off.

    Bio D
  8. I pose this question to all.

    IF Tenri were to come out this season or the next, which voice actress would you choose who is perfect for this character?

    Personally, I like Mamiko Noto to voice Tenri.

  9. “I’m willing to bet money that there’s a dating sim that deals with this!”

    Snow Sakura (Yukizakura) has a teacher route. I personally haven’t played the route itself yet but it IS a teacher route hahahah. Though I don’t really know how much it counts as one since the teacher’s pretty much a dojikko and an adult child. Teacher is more of a title in this case…


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