Is it any coincidence there’s parallels of the “cycle of hatred” brought up in One Piece too (the other being Naruto)? That’s a rhetorical question. It’s also a pointless one, because there probably isn’t. Regardless, it’s there, and helps tell where King Neptune lies, a retired soldier that has killed many. I didn’t expect him to be such a violent character either.

Otohime’s killer turns out to be a human pirate, the reason exactly why seems to be loosely implied as “bad luck”. Is that really all? I’m a bit underwhelmed. Luckily, although it tipped over Hordy to the dark side, his misconstrued truth didn’t affect Fishman Island thanks to Fukaboshi reigniting the passions with his speech. He must’ve gotten that trait from his mother.

I wasn’t one to complain about long flashbacks, yet somehow I felt an incredible wave of relief when the focus returned to Jinbei sitting on the ground telling his story. I laughed my ass off at Luffy simply not giving a shit, sleeping like usual, but that’s Luffy for you. He knows Jinbe is his soul buddy already, and he could care less about what he did in the past. Besides, he’s got his crew members to learn the history for him. Likewise, I expected Nami to forgive him as well. I expected Sanji to be a little more mature though. Also, “Nami, somehow I feel comfortable around you.” “Maybe it’s because we had similar backgrounds.” No, maybe it’s because you share the same face LOL

To be honest, after Zoro owned Hordy, I don’t feel any tension from his so called “plans”. The cliffhanger implies there’s a “trick”, something that may overcome the Strawhat’s brute power, but given the tough situations they’ve broken out of before, this should still be cake. This entire arc is cakewalk for the Strawhats. I hope.

Your friendly reminder: No OP next week.


  1. At least the cycle of hatred in OP is rooted more in realistic, human problems. Racial differences, class based society etc. For Naruto its become this whole “Im a ninja, your a ninja lets fight and hate each other for no particular reason forever more.” Out of the big three, even though its been running the longest, OP seems like it actually has an agenda somewhere, lol a story that he has written out before hand rather than weekly.

    1. Haven’t seen you around in a while o:
      But just to make it clear, I didn’t mean anything bad on the cycle of hatred being brought up. Naruto does have its reasons, as most of it is based off of a long history of hatred between countries and clans.

      1. Ya, I just tend to enjoy OP’s story better. Maybe its never-forgotten characters or the flash backs that are used in place of a real book’s lines of description and back story, probably both :P.

        Ya, I always keep up with you guys but my comments are usually lower on the board.

    2. I agree with Will, naruto has much serious story (altho at the beginning it wasn’t as serious). But, Naruto’s theme of hatred and evil intentions are more primitive than One Piece. Oda is really much skilled at bringing out depth through his manga

  2. “No, maybe it’s because you share the same face LOL”
    Kii is such a joker LOL
    There were a good number of scenes where I was pretty confused on who’s who too

    Seishun Otoko
  3. I actually thought Jinbei was the assassin. That is, he was pressured by the Tenryuubito to silence the queen after her usefulness to them has ended.

    It’s a bit of a letdown to learn that for all the buildup Otohime was killed by anonymous. Then again, that could be the point, since the identity of her killer or even the reasons for her death wasn’t important, but how her death affected everyone, and how her teachings were used after her passing.

    So it looks like Shirahoshi might be following her mother’s footsteps after all.

  4. You do not need to go that “far”. Pick up wars, there was a war in One Piece, Naruto and a “war” (one-on-one while the others wait) in Bleach.

    I got what I wanted: No Tenryuubito killed Otohime. It is still sad that some random pirate (maybe not so random, who knows) killed Otohime for the lulz.

    “This entire arc is cakewalk for the Strawhats. I hope.”

    In sheer power it must be, did you saw Hodi? being out of the army rusted him too much! fatass!

    “Your friendly reminder: No OP next week.”

    You killed the mood. Go away.

    Lectro Volpi
  5. It’s not impossible that Hodi killed the queen and framed the human. After all, he definitely does not want peace between the humans and the fishmen, and this chapter mentioned he doesn’t care about murdering fishmen who sympathize with humanity either.

    Not to mention, why would that one ragtag human decide to kill the Queen? It’s really suspicious that Hodi killed him before he could be questioned.

  6. While all three mangas Naruto, Bleach, One Piece have their ups and downs(Some more then others of course). I’m having a hard time with this arc, at first I said “it’s just started give it some time”. But I couldn’t help but relate with Luffy sleeping through the flashback. Sanji’s development or lack there of so far has erked me too, but the point of the characters getting full development over the timeskip would negate the rest of the manga is a point. So I can live with it, it’s still kind of early so thing could pick up for me personally.

  7. I will guess that when Hodi does fight Luffy, he will down his entire supply of energy steroids, giving him strength like Moria did with Shadow Asgard.

    But Hodi would die in the middle of the battle from the side-effect.

  8. After that flashback, I can see why Luffy would intentionally destroy FI (if that were ever to happen). Doing that would really “force” the change Tiger and Otohime dreamed of. But that method would be way too forceful.. no one would ever dare do that. There really is no telling what Oda will do! ^^

  9. I like how a nobody killed Otohime.
    It was realistic in that “Not all incidents are part of a xanatos gambit” sort of way~
    Though chances it’ll get subverted by the end of the arc are high.

    See Key
  10. So whats the official romanization name from Oda? In the same scanlation I saw Hordy, Hodi, and Hodie. I just want to get it straight, and please, please don’t say its Hordy. That sounds like a really cheesy NPC or char name from WoW.

  11. I’m really glad to see the flashback is done with, but I still got to wait an extra week for the next chapter. I’m ready for some action!

    Also, keep up the great work Kiiragi. I liked that you implemented more than one picture this time around. 🙂

  12. Kiiragi after i look closely Nami and Shirahoshi isn’t look exactly same Shirahoshi face more rounder than Nami,while Nami face is oval

    but of course those two are my beloved girlfriends so i won’t give them to you(Kiiragi) or Luffy ^

    Toronto Law
  13. “The same face” hehehehehe, call me sick, but the one page in which nami’s head was all close to the princess, i was imagining how crazy it would be if she just bit nami’s head off LOL!!!…..anyway ,YES please move back to the current adventures of the straw hats, I’ve HAD ENOUGH of these cheesy backstory flashbacks .

    BROOKLYN otaku
  14. what Yan says is possible. In the current ark you can notice that decken touched shirahoshi with his hand. the hand he references in the beginning of the ark as being able to fling anything at her(a la his power). it is entirely possible that decken framed the human pirate and oda is setting up luffy to get super pissed. I can totally see luffy taking decken down after finding out he killed shirahoshis’ mother. Its also so far out of left field (in terms of shakey motives) that oda would do it. This would also make it more likely that shirahoshi will join the crew (even though i highly doubt that part as its too insane even for oda)or at least be “led” by luffy through his usual clean-cut pep talk. It just seems too good to be just that simple in terms of “the human did it”.

  15. hmmmm…there something wrong guys,why Hodi also broadcast his announcement in Sea Forest
    i mean if he want do announcement then it obviously he must broadcast it in Town plaza isn’t?

    1. ohh i dont know.. maybe there is more than just 1 giant monitor in Fishman Island?…

      I liked the scene with Nami forgiving Jimbei..=) the poor was dying with the guilt..

      Luffy slepping was hilarious,XD

      at last! let the battle begin! =D


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