「みんなとめんま」 (Minna to Menma)
“Menma and Company”

“If she’s able to write, I wish she would have done it earlier.”
“You’ve got a point. If she had, she could have spoken to us, and we would have believed her right away.”
“Jintan and Menma aren’t exactly the brightest, huh?”

I’m glad the characters agree with me! No, just kidding, don’t rage. I’ve read over the comments last week, and the “Menma was confused/couldn’t decide” explanation felt adequate. Regardless, I still think the presentation of such a thing could’ve been done better, like for one example, perhaps not showing her physical capabilities until maybe episode five or so. That would have had zero negative changes to the story whatsoever as well. Thankfully, they slipped into the “Menma exists and can move things” pretty easily and simply, so at least we can get past that scenario.

I mean they REALLY slipped into it easy, frankly a bit rashly, as if exclaiming they could finally write the story without pretending Menma isn’t there. Like someone finally opened the window after eight people farted in the room for an hour. In moving on from the issue, because Menma exists for everyone now, Yukiatsu and Anjou in particular spend most of this episode roasting in jealousy. Yummy. Not a surprising development, but I was pretty moved with Yukiatsu’s adamant nature in doing whatever it takes for Menma. Very admirable. Plus, he’s a total boss with his emotions. He professed his love for Menma, but recognizing that she’s still dead, has his head firmly planted on Earth and asks Anjou out once more. I was cheering for Anjou, but I think Yukiatsu would be a good match too now. Their little flirting exchange was rather cute. Really, it’s clever. Once Menma’s gone, Jinta’s screwed for a relationship. While Jinta’s busy ignoring Anjou, Yukiatsu sweeps her off her feet right when she’s weak and dejected. Boss.

Well, this is all ignoring ol’ Tsuruko over there. Despite the steadfast appearance she’s kept up so far, finding out that she’s being beaten by even Anjou? A girl she kind of despises and looks down on? I smell a yandere in there somewhere. With two episodes left, her outburst should be coming in the next one. Long overdue too, she’s been seriously cut in potential with the plot here. The next ep could make up for it, depending on how it goes.

The issue with Menma only able to write in her diary seems like a fairytale problem, meaning that she can probably only affect her possessions. The nonchalantness of her moving around affecting everything now would probably irritate some, and all things considered, seem to just act as a convenient basis to reveal the rest of the story. One such thing was Poppo’s incomplete question. I’m hoping he wasn’t asking about himself, because that would mean ALL the guys had a thing for Menma, but that seems very likely. My only response is, “is this really necessary?” Along with Tsuruko, Poppo is the other character not really delved into, but I’m not sure I like this direction with him. Just doesn’t fit.

Last but not least, the river scene. Again still, confused Jinta can’t come up with a conclusion, but now that the secret’s out of the closet, her wish rapidly closing in, he finally decides he wants her to stay. Well, not really. He still couldn’t reveal his feelings yet. I think that’s just a tease for what’s needed in the finale, which will be heartbreaking I’m sure (though considering the things they’ve pulled so far.. I’ve no idea anymore). I do have an inkling coming from the carp issue. Menma may have actually killed herself falling over the bridge, perhaps even looking at carp that very day. That kind of truth would certainly set everyone free from their guilt (despite the fact that they already know Menma isn’t angry with them), but how many people will be satisfied with just that? Bring on the conclusion.




      1. Did you mean a real huge, fat and black hole ?

        Or, maybe, you even actually meant A DIFFERENT em … , non-traditional HOLE ? 8-/ That alone makes the thing you said even scarier 8-/

      2. haha look at this epic reply column for 1 joke…..but yeah Anaru ftw….im sorry menma ur cute and all but im a sucker for tsundere. I hope shes happy either with jintan or yukiatsu, poor girl needs some good loving

        2D girls are the best!!!

  1. I think I am over the whole, “Menma can touch stuff and should have at first” problem finally. Yeah, it is annoying but… meh…

    Argh! That “flirting” scene between Anjou and Yukiatsu infuriated me… however… Jinta’s complete obliviousness towards Anjou, and now his cowardice to letting Menma go, has dropped him so far down on my respect list as a character I think it is a good thing if Anjou dumps her feelings for him.

    I still didn’t like the flirt scene, though. It makes Anjou look weak and timid, and Yukiatsu is played out like some kind of pimp who takes advantage of emotionally distraught women.

    Right now I don’t particularly like any character. I’m with Kiiragi on his Poppo analysis. They finally do something with him, but it feels so out of character…

    I hope they salvage at least one of these characters in the last two episodes.

    1. AGhh I second that. Yukiatsu is really a annoying character. While Jintan is still a indecisive dimwitted dude, he seems completely honest and kind hearted as seen when he protected Anaru those times. Yukiatsu is a wreck of a person with some deepseated problems, not to say that Jintan is any different in that aspect. I’m hoping just as you are that by the end of this series I will regain some faith in at least some of the characters.

    1. Even though Yukiatsu might seem like an ass to a lot of people, I don’t think he’s asking out Anjou just to be cruel or beat Jinta. Both of them got rejected by their crushes so they find companionship and solace with one another. Sure, they argue and bicker, but Anjou is replying in a more playful-angry kind of way instead of being purely annoyed. As for whether Yukiatsu’s serious about dating her, or joking in order to relieve his stress and pain, who knows?

      1. Same here, but with only 2 episodes left I do wonder how they’re gonna squeeze relationships in without leaving a lot of loose ends. There’s still a lot of content to juggle.

        And yes, yes it is.

  2. Maybe I’m just takin’ stuff out of context, but I felt that there were a couple symbols here:

    – Trains: I’m pretty sure that the train represents being left behind. Every time a train appears, it seems to affect (mostly) Yukiatsu, Anaru, and Tsuruko. Plus, I’m pretty sure that those three are the only characters who have actually been seen boarding/being passed by a train.

    – Menma: Well, I’m kind of just going out on a limb here, but I think Menma symbolizes the lack of change or the past (for kind of obvious reasons). Also, out of all the characters seen so far, Menma has grown the least (mentally and physically). Plus, Menma is still wearing the same dress from way back in the summer.

    Anyways, I’m really loving the change of clothing each character gets. Especially Jinta’s sweater/cardigan near the end and in the preview. I’d kill for a sweater like that.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. “The issue with Menma only able to write in her diary seems like a fairytale problem, meaning that she can probably only affect her possessions.”

    That’s not the case. Menma could write on the wall/pillar/whatever was it at the Secre Base, not just her diary, so it seems like she can only write at the Secret Base.

  4. Man, I feel so bad for Tsuruko now, a total contrast with my feelings for her in the first few episodes): dammit Yukiatsu,what the hell are you doing?
    Oh and,”I was cheering for Anjou”.
    This should be Jintan,right? Anjou does not seem to fit/:

  5. I dunno man…the whole Yukiatsu x Anjou bit struck me as a pity party/filling the gap sort of thing. i.e. they can’t have what they want so they choose to settle for second best and seeing as how they’re both so ‘messed up’ why not date each other?

    It just feels…wrong. It didn’t feel genuine.

    That scene kind of made me angry. I wouldn’t call it completely unprecedented, but it feels a bit random and not in a good way.

    Heck, I think Tsuruko may have easily skyrocketed to the top of the “sucks to be you” list too. I assume she’s loved Yukiatsu since childhood, but like Jintan, he’s been stuck on Menma forever. Unlike Jintan however, he seems to be able to eventually move on and when he does? He chooses the OTHER girl. The one whose barely spent any time with him and whose never loved him. I hope she goes all yandere next episode. They deserve it.

    Whip out them fists girl. Beat this plot back into making sense.

    1. I totally agree with you, i mean Tsuruko was like putting up with all the bad stuff yukiatsu (all the girl in school hate her, crossdressing, emo ) and then he choose anaru. What is wrong with him? Is it because of the name?

  6. How big of a bastard do you have to be to act like Jintan does towads Anjou? I mean, he did not even make an effort to reply in any way to her confession last episode, and now he behaves as if nothing ever happened in the first place… Will he ever make amends for that? Does anyone have an idea what is his problem?

    1. You can ask similarly of Yukiatsu’s actions towards her. The timing is terrible if you think about it and it’s almost as if he’s preying on her at her weakest. Jinta has an obvious “dead girl only he can see” issue that has certainly inverted his life priorities especially when you consider that he loves said dead girl. Not that that is an excuse, that is his issue. He’s stuck on the past but the past seems to be stuck to him too, so he’s stuck. Yukiatsu, on the other hand, seems to be taking his jealousy of the above and displacing it through Anjou, which is fairly cold-hearted when you think about it.

  7. I’d say we touched up on a good number of issues mentioned last week but I feel like this method was a lampshade hanging rather than a proper treatment of such a pivotal plot point, but its been addressed and we can finally move on with our lives unlike every single character in the story, especially now.

    The rest of this episode felt like needless drama. Yukiatsu’s going after the girl that likes Jinta (role reversal, probably on purpose to take something from him for once), Tsuruko is the maiden who will right Yukidiot (this has been a plot point since the whole cross-dressing thing), Anjou will find a catalyst in Yukiatsu to shed her issues but she’ll confront Jinta at some point (this has to happen, they can’t just leave this thing hanging with interruption/misunderstanding (what happened this episode)), Popo will turn into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and kill everyone. Oh how I dream…

    So next episode, I’d say, look forward to the showdown/climax followed by the bitter-sweet farewell.

  8. There’s plenty of questions left unanswered and if it’s true that AnoHana is only going to be 12 episodes, we’re gonna end up with another Angel Beats. I hope not, but there’s just so much left to explore within the psyche of both Tsuruko and Poppo. It would be unfair to delve so far into Jintan, Anaru and Yukiatsu’s history with Menma and deny these two the same treatment.

    There’s one theory I saw that seems plausible and that is they are slightly more involved in Menma’s death than they seem to show. Which would justify Poppo’s almost apologetic attitude towards Menma and Tsuruko’s “get over it” attitude when talking to Yukiatsu.

    This has been a great show thus far, and hopefully it’ll keep going strong till the end.

  9. I’m getting a more sinister vibe than everyone else. I don’t think Menma’s death was a total accident. I am not saying that someone intentionally killed her but I think a chain of circumstances, rash words or actions, and a certain person being at the wrong place at the right time resulted in Menma’s death.

    Even the two people who we thought were either level-headed (Tsuruko) or at least care-free about the situation (Poppo) are showing hints that they know more about Menma’s death than has been let on.

    The fit is about to hit the shan ladies and gentlemen.

    I can’t wait.

  10. I feel a little disturbed at the end of the episode, it feels a little like horror movie. But yeah, I’m a coward when it comes to ghosts.
    I actually can’t get why every man indulges Menma. She is hard to be hated, but not that lovable. I fell really, really sorry for Anjou. Jintan is an idiot.
    Can’t wait for Tsuruko to blow up though
    I never thought this series would be one of my favorites of the season 😀

    1. I agree the “all the boys love Menma” thing is annoying but look at her competition (both of whom I like so I’m not just knocking them).

      As kids, other two girls wore glasses, one was obviously a game geek and the other a full-on nerd. The geek was shy, insecure, and a bit resentful; the nerd was reserved, untouchable, and a bit snobby.

      Menma was simple, cheerful, girly, and sweet. I think the other girls were pretty but Menma’s style of pretty was more obvious and clearly a child’s idea of pretty.

      The kids might have matured to recognize the other girls as worthy if Menma had lived, the part of the whole point of the series is about how none of them have moved on and matured past those childish point of views.

  11. Im fine with Menma being a ghost but I really was hoping that it was all in Jinta’s head. I think the show would be more enjoyable for me these last episodes if they went that route.

    1. It would have been a bit more of a “What a Twist!” scenario if it was all in his head.

      We still don’t know the ending, but it is possible there is still some as of yet unforeseen mental illness going on here.

      Though, I doubt we will be getting any sort of M. Night Shyamalan style finale.

      But please… OH PLEASE… no more freaking overused cliche memory erase plot devices!!! PLEASE!!! Sie machen mich verrückt!

  12. You’re absolutely right about the whole Menma writing thing. It’s one of a lot of little things about the series that should have been tightened. What’s frustrating with AnoHana is that there’s everything here for a masterpiece of a series – and some episodes are indeed, masterful. But these little points that aren’t settled satisfactorily (at least not yet) kind of make the series look like it’s created by a talented, but inexperienced staff, instead of the people who did both Toradora! and Honey and Clover.

    That said, it’s so far been a wonderful show and I have a feeling that things are going to fall together nicely in the end. The series seems to have been written with the end not only clearly in mind, but as the very peak of the series – everything is building up to this point. I can’t wait to see the final few episodes.

  13. even though Kiiragi tends to be a bit more critical(at least compared to the other bloggers in randomc), I seem to agree with him a lot of times.

    even though people say that yukiatsuXanaru isnt played well, I think its actually quite done well. they have some chemistry and are one of the few “pair the leftovers” that actually works for me(and I tend to despise those).

    tsuruko going yandere would be a great bonus.

  14. erm… seeing how the whole thing ended in a cliff hanger and stuff in the previous episode.
    i find the way they kick off this episode quiet disappointing. thats my only opinion

  15. @Kii: “One such thing was Poppo’s incomplete question. I’m hoping he wasn’t asking about himself, because that would mean ALL the guys had a thing for Menma, but that seems very likely.”

    I didnt read through the comments completely but from a glance it seems like no one picked out that Popo was actually asking about himself.

    -16:51 Doki version. Popo says “Ore no koto…”.
    It’s still ambiguous, but it hints at what you mentioned. Reverse harem?

    1. Yeah, I think that’s what Kiiragi feared he was going to ask about.

      So, yes, reverse harem, centered around a dead girl.

      But I wonder if it’s real or if it’s just easy to idolize a pretty girl who died too young.
      Did he have those feelings back then, too or does he just think he did?

  16. Jintan is a douche. Knowing how much he hurt Menma in the flashbacks when he said he didn’t like Menma and hurt her so badly… When they asked if Menma was pretty he should have just said “yes very much so” or something similar. Same with Anjou pouring out her heart to him and he doesn’t really say anything to comfort her or make her feel better. He is not a villian but damn is he stupid when it comes to talking to girls.

    He is like the idiot main character from School Days that did not do anything evil but still ended up screwing with 2 girls because of his indecision and it ended up badly.

    1. I think he was a lot smarter with his response this time around. He went with a good medium between saying she’s ugly, which would hurt her feelings, and saying she’s really pretty, which would probably make him feel really embarrassed and awkward. But with the Anjou thing…yeah, he was really dumb 😛

    2. I’ll agree that Jintan is too indecisive when it comes to coming out with his reply to Menma and Anaru, even just a “I don’t know”, or “I’ll need time to get back to you” would have sufficed for the time being.

      However, to compare him with Ito Makoto is seriously Over The Top. For starters, Jintan doesn’t go around flirting or even screwing any girl he sees.

      Kinny Riddle
    3. You realize Anaru purposely confessed to him at a moment she considered opportunistic, right? She also blatantly attacks his love and essentially calls it impossible, and yet you expect him to calmly and kindly give her a civil response, possibly jeopardizing her involvement in the group? Maybe you should look at things from Jintan’s point of view before immediately assuming the crying chick is in the right.

  17. Poor Tsuruko, the Yukiatsu and Anaru self-pity flirting was not unexpected, but I’d rather they not go down that direction, as that’s not where their hearts would really want once things settle down.

    Poppo and Tsuruko should hopefully have their own flashbacks of what happened that day when Menma died. Though I still don’t think the truth would be that sinister as some would think. It could really just be an accident resulting from a series of unfortunate decisions made and wrong choice of words said that day.

    Kinny Riddle
  18. This episode was a great build up for (probably) next’s week climax. It left me wondering what’s going to happen from now on and I really have no idea of what to expect.

    Once again, the show made short work of the internet shitstorm caused by the last episode, and I love that.

    About the blogging:

    (Yukiatsu) has his head firmly planted on Earth and asks Anjou out once more. I was cheering for Anjou, but I think Yukiatsu would be a good match too now. Their little flirting exchange was rather cute. Really, it’s clever. Once Menma’s gone, Jinta’s screwed for a relationship. While Jinta’s busy ignoring Anjou, Yukiatsu sweeps her off her feet right when she’s weak and dejected. Boss.

    “Boss”? I think you are missing the point. You are ignoring the fact that he’s still madly in love with Menma. If he was so serious asking Anjou out at the train, why going through the embarrassment? Or why the frustation and anger? What’s so “boss” about that?.

    Yukiatsu pushes his problems on others, he is the one that hurting the most about the past (even himself recognizes this), and he also loathes Yadomi. And Anjou is weak-willed, easily influenced by her surroundings, pretty much doesn’t care about herself, and she truly loves Yadomi.

    So, It’s safe to say that things are not so “cute” with these two. On the contrary, there’s not a single drop of mutual feelings between these two.

    I think Yukiatsu is trying to force something about the current status quo by hooking up with Anjou. Maybe he’s trying to leave Yadomi alone, make him suffer the same things he had to go though (remember the talk about being “left behind”). I feel that he’s trying to use her but he may not get away with whatever he’s plannig to do.

    I can’t agree about ignoring these vibes and caring heavily who end’s up with who.

    1. Hence why I said he still has his head on his shoulders and not in the clouds. He’s mature enough to realize Menma’s not going to be there forever (despite how much he loves her, she’s not alive), and he has sympathy for Anjou’s rejection. They share the same problems. For the girls that are still alive, he has more emotionally in common with Anjou than Tsuruko, so he wouldn’t mind merely dating. It’s not a marriage proposal. Anyway, I’m just a little more optimistic about his behavior. I see them as trying to move on from their past selves, so give them a chance, or you’ll be stuck in the past like the characters 😛

      1. Agreed. Plus I feel like a lot of people are forgetting the whole “saving Anaru from the love hotel” scene. I’m not saying it instantly makes Yukiatsu dating material, but it shows that he views her as a person and not just a way to take a dig at Jinta. They’re certainly not getting married but I believe they’re well suited to help each other move on because of what they have in common. Right now either becoming romantically involved with Jinta or Tsuruko would put them back at square one (aka competing with a ghost).

      2. I agree I’m not sure anyone has noticed but this was the first time I saw yukiatsu laugh since he was a child. I’m happy to see around anjou he can atleast be himself and understands where anjou is coming from. It is because of that understanding I think they can help each other out to move on and from there who knows what will happen. The future is full of surprises. I think people are forgetting the hotel incident too I mean he didn’t have to go out of his way to follow her and save her. I liked how honest she was by calling him a “cross-dresser” because earlier he said he wished people were more honest with him and bam that happened. It was great to see that they can find solace with each other and I hope to see something come from it in the future. Like you said yukiatsu wants to move and he would like to help anjou to move on too.

      3. Are you so optimistic about the future ? How can you compare the past and the future and determine which is the “right” one ?
        Just a simple example – you live near some beautiful orchard where you like to walk and relax:
        Situation 1 – each day 1 tree from the orchard is cut.
        Situation 2 – each day 1 new tree is planted.
        Would you make your choice to “stuck in the past” or “move to the future” exactly in the same way in the both situations ?

  19. Maybe menma wanted to look at the carp on the bridge and they all helped her over the side cause she said she couldn’t see it which resulted in her falling off the side

  20. Well………. what if, MENMA COULD BE JINTAN’s MATILDA like power? It wud free the story from ghosts, right? What I m thinking is if Jintan dies, the end would be happy for everyone… or i m being really cruel. Menma is somehow awesome… what if she becomes visible to everyone in the end? And Jintan DIDN’T SEEM LIKE AN IDIOT to me…. truthfully speaking… Yukiatsu is a jealous jerk… and i don’t hope a gud opinion of him even now… Poppo and Tsuruko are hiding something… but its not exactly guilt… it seems to be a kind of explanation of how Menma was actually feeling… and as for Tsuruko’s outburst, i don’t think that she will ever vent her emotions out… thats just my view though… I m sure they will concentrate on the ending rather than sum particular characters…

  21. Didn’t notice the carp when they showed the water splash at the river, so when Jintan got home and Menma wasn’t there I was like Holy **** !!! did Menma fall into the river again and disappeared ?

  22. Kiiragi mentioned about how he hasn’t said he liked her yet. And it makes me wonder, what if that was it.
    Here’s my guess. (but just in case).
    Show Spoiler ▼

    That’s not my only take, but it’s an option. (Also, wrote this comment so I can try out the spoiler tag, cos I’ve never really used them before. haha.

  23. They also explained that Memma cannot write in paper other than her diary’s. So writing would have not worked in the past.

    Still, i get the feeling that Tsuruko might have killed Memma out of jealousy. She was so dark when Anjo was winning Yokiatsu. Maybe she will plot to kill Anjo this time? And she also said that Memma might be existence because of something they have don’t Memma can’t forgive.

    Also, i think it was fine not to confirm Memma’s existence until so late. After all, the idea was to have us thinking “Is she Jintan’s illusion or does she really exist?”

    1. Also, a possible speculation but might be wrong; Memma could be alive? They never showed her body. Maybe they concluded her to be dead because they found her slippers on the river side and never her body? Could she have been dragged along the river and hospitalized which explains why she appears grown up? You know, the out of body spirit experience is also a popular tale and even a movie was made; forgot the name.

      And for the happiest ending, maybe Tsuruko did try to kill Memma or accidental. And she thinks she did kill her while Memma is actually alive so she can forgive herself? Maybe the reason she always rejected Yukiatsu’s advances on her was because of her guilt?

      I think i might have gone too far with my speculations but let’s see how things unfold.

      1. You can have a shrine without body remains. Plus, it is normal for Asian culture to make a shrine of someone you think is dead. Although you might be right that Memma might be dead, however, your “shrine” analogy doesn’t add up to the possibilities.

      2. Your story still doesn’t make sense. If they didn’t find a body, she will be labeled as “missing”. You are only labeled as “dead” after 7 years missing in Japan.
        And I think this show is too intelligent to pull out a crap ending like “Menma wasn’t really dead, she was just in a coma in a faraway hospital without her family knowing”.

        Son Gohan
      3. Yeah they did that in the movie “Just Like Heaven”, don’t know if that’s the one you are referring to…

        About the 7 years before you’re declared dead thing, I think it has been over 7 years since she died so its not exactly impossible that she was only missing. I don’t remember how Jinta’s Dad “announced” her death, but it may have been in a way where it was possible that she was only missing.

        I still think she’s a ghost though.

      4. @Son Gohan
        I do agree that i might be wrong. However, forget about the government labeling people as “missing”. Imagine your daughter disappeared only for 3 months and her slippers were found on the riverside. It is human nature to jump into conclusions immediately. I mean, look at me. Just because they said various times in the series “why Memma appears grown up?” made me conclude that she could possible be alive. Of course, the basis for my conclusion is that ghosts do not grow old and that they emphasized “why Memma appears grown up?” for a possible good reason.

  24. One such thing was Poppo’s incomplete question. I’m hoping he wasn’t asking about himself, because that would mean ALL the guys had a thing for Menma, but that seems very likely. My only response is, “is this really necessary?” Along with Tsuruko, Poppo is the other character not really delved into, but I’m not sure I like this direction with him. Just doesn’t fit.

    Doki’s TL:
    Popo: That day, you…
    Popo: Back then, did you like…

    gg’s TL:
    Popo: Back on that day. Did you…
    Popo: Back then…
    Popo: Did you…me

    For what I can (barely) understand, gg’s translation is more accurate.

    1. Poppu just says “Ore no koto…”

      This could be followed by a few things, one of which is usually “suki” (Do you like me?) or even “kirai” (Do you hate me?”).

      I’d prefer the latter, because the thought of everyone liking Menma is exasperating.

  25. Some thoughts:

    – Yeah, I would agree that the writers could have planted earlier in the series what Menma can and can’t do in the physical world. That is, she shouldn’t break out of character and purposefully try and contact the rest of the gang. Rather, maybe Menma could have tried writing a note to Jin-tan while he is away and wonder why it isn’t working, something along those lines.

    – With Tsuruko repressing her feelings so much, I fear it may come out in unwanted or unexpected ways. Bad vibes. D: Still, it looks like everyone is starting to reveal their true feelings, even the usually jovial Poppo.

    – Also, I’m starting to have a feeling that Menma’s wish will be something like wanting Jin-tan to be happy, possibly related to her memory of Jin-tan’s mother. At least, it would make more sense than coming back just to see some fireworks. In the end, I guess that would be somewhat of a conundrum to solve, given Jin-tan’s whispering confession at the end.

    – The series also seemed to be hinting earlier in the series that all of the characters are stuck in the past, which was then explicitly brought up this episode in the conversation with Yukiatsu and Menma’s father. So, that could also be an alternate wish, maybe the desire for all of her friends to move on and rid the guilt they have placed on themselves over her death.

    Still, everything seems to be slowly coming together, and it looks there is the promise of an emotional finish.

  26. I think my biggest “wtf” is when Jintan’s dad came into his room in episode 8 and Menma was sleeping on his bed with a blanket over her. You’d think he’d notice a floating blanket???

  27. They keep talking about “what they did to Menma” and wondering if she was still angry. It could be the whole “ugly” thing, but it seems as if something else happened. Did they play a prank on her or tease her? What ever it was I don’t think Jintan was involved. Maybe they lied and told her he wanted to meet her somewhere or show her something and that caused her death. My guess is that Tsuruko may have instigated things.

    Whatever happens the odds on anything more than a bittersweet ending are slim to none.

  28. Just sorting out my thoughts:

    So Menma died on the same day that the cootie question was asked.

    Jinta ran out (he went home I presume). He was sulking in his room, reflecting over his behavior, and decided to apologize the next day. But then his dad bursts into the room to tell him Menma has been found dead.

    Menma was chasing after Jinta, but was only stopped momentarily by Yukiatsu. He confessed to Menma, was rejected, and threw away the hairpin.

    However, Tsuruko must have ran after Yukiatsu and saw the confession, as well as him throwing away the hairpin, which she then goes looking for and keeps to this day.

    Poppo and Anaru were probably the only ones that were still in the base, being flustered and depressed and relieved and whatever.

    So from what I understand, no one was exactly with Menma when she died. They were all together at the base that day, but were ultimately “separated” at that pivotal moment.

    Unless the writers wanna get really dramatic and reveal that someone was with her or at least witnessed her death.

    And like it was pointed out, she could have died looking at carp along the way, seeing how ditzy she is. Either fell off the bridge, or waded too deep into the water and drowned.

    1. Also, Menma had something to discuss that day that hasn’t been revealed i feel. There was a scene with Menma talking to Yadomi’s mom and I wonder if that’s something to do with her wish along with or rather than the fireworks.

    2. It’s Popoo!! That’s why he quit school, went round the world and stays in the base. He is guilty and can’t stay in Japan yet alone in that town. But he can’t help but go back, “Criminal always goes back to the scene of the crime” Which is why he stays in the small house on the hill! And why he is so enthusiastic over Menma and trying to help her to move on. Rmbr his arc has not been done yet. He is the final boss guys

    3. Perhaps Menma’s hairpin fell off and she reached for it over the side of the bridge or over the edge of the water and fell in and drowned. Then the other girl found it downriver or something like that. I hope they don’t swerve us and it turns out the glasses girl murdered Menma and took the hairpin off her body or something foolish like that.

      Her wish might be to find the hairpin she lost as it was a cherished keepsake from Jintan. Only 2 episodes left so they can’t make the “wish” too much of a deep storyline with so little time left. I’m betting its gonna be something simple and easily fixable like the other girl running home and getting the hairpin from her drawer.

      Also I think we are gonna have a bittersweet ending for sure. I can’t see an ending where someone doesn’t end up heartbroken. They aren’t gonna bring Menma back from the dead so its gonna be a tearjerker for sure.

  29. hmm, it feels to me that Yukiatsu is just ‘cheering’ Anjou in his own way, as a ‘friend/companion/member of the peace buster’
    like he said in the episode, Menma was the one in his mind, and likely still so. he knows, acknowledges and accepts Menma’s dead, and who knows how he’ll move on (but eventually at the end of the series, everyone will i guess)
    but sadly for tsuruko, damn that Yukiatsu doesn’t really seem to have romantic feelings towards her but more a ‘good’ ‘friend’

    1. When Yukiatsu first approached Anjou, I thought he was going to cheer her on to not give up on Jinta. I though he wanted Anjou to make the move so Jinta would not care as much about Menma and that left Yukiatsu free to be with her…

      But then he started macking on Anjou… so I am not so sure anymore. It really doesn’t make much sense. Yukiatsu is so obsessed with Menma I honestly don’t get why he is doing anything with Anjou unless it involved using her to get access to Menma.

  30. And that’s why children will always be children. And that’s why parents are invaluable.

    I think everything would have been fine after Menma’s death (and Jinta’s mother) if Jinta’s father behaved more like a father to him rather than granting him independence (no one to confide with).

  31. Did anyone notice Tsuruko said “More red would make it look cute.” When she was sewing with Anaru? And then she colored Menma’s bow tie knot red in the drawing of her? I wonder is that some kind of clue? She wears red glasses too!

    1. Ooo good observation.

      Strangely the first thing that popped into my head was blood. *cough* But it could mean various other things too.

      But the basic symbolism of red is:

      “Red is hot. It’s a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. Red is Cupid and the Devil.” Yandere alert?

      But then again, red in some Asian cultures symbolize good luck, purity, and happiness.

      But I really doubt Tsuruko is happy. -_-

      1. Yea I thought about that too.

        But then I noticed she has never actually worn anything red, besides her glasses. She’s either in uniform, or in black/white/gray colors. Nothing too bright and flashy.

        If we look back to her as a child though, she wore a solid red sleeveless shirt and a solid red skirt.

        Red could be something significant, or we’re just thinking too hard. 😛

  32. “Like someone finally opened the window after eight people farted in the room for an hour.” LOL! I would have left the room and buy an air spray before coming back!

  33. I’m guessing that the fireworks may help Menma in remembering what her wish was in the past.

    And since its been bugging me, with the mention of fireworks, -depending on the how it was made- have the tendency to look like a flower blossom when it explodes. What if the flower the title of this show is referring to was actually fireworks.

    1. I was thinking about that too. The Name of that flower was ‘Hanabi’ and it’ll launch Menma to Heaven!!…..
      ….but as someone commented before….Maybe she was looking a flower in the river….
      ….OR maybe that Flower is the flower on Menma’s hairclip that Tsuruko keeps!!
      ……..And they’ll Leave It on her Grave…

  34. Hmmm… this episode feels off for me compared to the previous 8 episodes. Hopefully this show can end things beautifully since I’ve watched a lot of series that were ruined because of bad ending(sometimes it’s not as much as the ending itself that was bad, just the delivery.).

  35. Yep, like i said….like many said. LAZY WRITING, very lazy. I also won’t be suprised if in the last ep the writer pulls out all the stops with an added deus ex machina type ending…… yeah, i’m complaining alot right? why dont i just stop watching right????
    well, remember that American movie “GHOST” with patrick swayze ??? well i enjoyed that movie alot! same deal here.

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. ohh yeah and..”Yukiatsu sweeps her off her feet right when she’s weak and dejected. Boss.”…hmmm? i dont about “boss”, seems more like the obvious easy thing to do. but remember, this is anime. i look hopefully for such developments, “side character gets the protagonist” “unexpected out of nowhere pairings” but i know they WON’T happen. please prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and menmas death.. it just dawned on me yo! she must have fell off that bridge DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! effin brutal!!!! NO WONDER they’re all FU#Ked up inside!

      BROOKLYN otaku
      1. OHHHHHH and another thing LOL!!! ” she’s so-so, not so much Hot, but rather cute” up against a sex body anjou and semi-decent megane girl, we have a Loli…AND SHE IS THE ONE FTW!?!?!?!?!even got a dude kicking fence posts in frustration?…………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

        BROOKLYN otaku
  36. ah, MENMA X JINTAN FTW!!! xDDD

    i’m having mixed feelings with the yukiatsu-anaru angle. never thought it’s possible but i think it is now. Maybe if tsuruko ain’t there, i’d go for the said pairing. But man, i like tsuruko. i kinda want her with yukiatsu. LOL.

    Maybe there’s gonna be anaru X tsusruko next?? i’m gonna ship them if ever. XDD

  37. How much does it cost to make an anime episode like this one and why most of the anime have only about 11-13/24-26 Eps? Finally how come that death mote have 37 Ep in total!

    I forgot this episode have many ‘hints’ about the death of Menma but I doubt that is the reason about Menma death since i don’t think they have the time to do a very well unexpected ending.

    Could you answer to my question!

  38. If Poppo ends up liking Menma, I’ll rage. Sure, she was probably the ideal of “cute girl” next to Anaru (the geeky girl) or Tsuruko (the silent girl) but that was when they were kids, I’m pretty sure your average guy will pick a girl not so childish. Yeah, she was their beloved comrade and all but still… Anyway, looks like Tsuruko is going the yandere route. I wonder if she overheard Yukiatsu’s confession to Menma when they were kids and was more implied in her death. Just that gives me the creeps.

      1. I don’t think he is indecisive he is just acknowledging that Menma is died and he has to move on. Like everyone else he is emotionally unstable but the way he handles himself and his emotions is just amazing. I admire him for having the courage to face everyone again after his cross-dressing was discovered. He views anjou who is similar to him whom both like the main couple, but ultimately are going to be rejected because they cannot compete with them. I think people forget to realize is that yukiatsu is not being pushy in getting anjou to go out with him. If he was a real ass he would have been pushy to the point on forcing himself on her. But no he respects her a person and is able to be more relaxed around her because they are in the same boat. Whether something comes from that only time will tell really. But I do like they acknowledge each other flaws and qualties because they are really looking at each other. (No pretending) I’m going to wait until the final two episodes air to see if that will change my mind on his character. But I have to say he is my favorite character this season.


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