「地域限定宇宙人事件」 (Chiiki Gentei Uchūjin Jiken)
“Region Limited Alien Incident”

What in the world is wrong with Niwa Makoto? I can hardly see the point of the incessant, not to mention glaringly obvious, flirting shooting his way from Ryuushi when he doesn’t bother to respond other than blushing and adding some points to his scorecard. She’s totally friend-zoned. Why the hell would he have no inclination of going anywhere farther with her when it’s so obvious she likes him? Because he has such a hard-on for his cousin? It’s not cool to play around with a girl’s feelings Niwa, so just reject the girl if you don’t have an interest, because this whole deal is going nowhere. Anyway, excuse the irritation.

Presumably a new arc focusing around the spacesuit girl, which is the white-haired girl from the opening, a torrent of new characters comes along for the ride, complicating the web of relationships just a bit. A little tidbit about the town being separated into two, the conservative and the modern, shows that they apparently have conflicts with each other, in which they settle with baseball. And why baseball? I’ve recently been questioning why Japan likes baseball as much as they do, so I tried googling for some answers. No simple explanation seemed to pop up, so I’m going to leave that a mystery you can solve. And why don’t we structure cities around rivers exactly the way like apparently all anime cities do? Because I know there’s people dying to enact their favorite scenes over bridges and underpasses, right? They can jump off a bridge like Taiga and profess love and sweet nothings, or walk by the riverside on a concrete paved hill on their way home from school, or take a running jump off said hill in an attempt to leap through time, right? But I digress.

Yes, Hanazawa is played by Hanazawa Kana to get the obvious joke out of the way, and is one of the torrent of new characters introduced with at least some lines. Kana’s choice of voice for this character is quite new to me, but fits the sports girl archetype to a tee. She’s like Maekawa’s clone, except without the eccentricities like wearing a fish suit (or so we think). Luckily to inject some flavor into Niwa and Ryuushi’s absent relationship, Nakajima-kun is introduced as a basketball comrade, who is apparently also playing baseball…? Confusion aside, it appears to create a one-way love triangle (basically a line). Maekawa’s dad is surprisingly protective given Maekawa’s personality, and perhaps owns the shop she works in. Then there’s the shrine girl on a moped, friends with Ryuushi, and owns what Maekawa wants. With slight sarcasm, the plot thickens in ways I couldn’t possibly guess.

I didn’t even realize Touwa’s speech was mimickable, or even that much different, but after Niwa pointed it out, she does pause her breath a lot. Thanks to girl in a spacesuit, voiced by Iguchi Yuka (Index), I am now amazed to hear two Erio-like speech impediments. The thing is, the way Erio talks is cute for some reason, so that baffles me a bit. I’ve been trying to figure out why, but to no avail. It should prove some lulz to see how two Erio-types interact with each other. Maybe massive levels of heart clutching. Three episodes left.



    1. @EliteF22

      Erio’s Dad had WHITE HAIR.

      Erio’s Dad was INTO ALIENS.

      Space-suit chick HAS WHITE HAIR and is ALSO INTO ALIEN’S.

      IT ALL MAKES SENSE (ಠ. ಠ )

      inb4 love triangle involving stepsisters and cousins.

      1. Actually, Erio’s dad had light blue hair just like Erio’s, but I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they were related. Space-suit girl, Erio, and Meme do look the same, as we’ve seen from the opening.

  1. I fail to see where this Anime is trying to go. And, if it only has 3 episodes left, I can’t imagine too grand of a finale. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those shows that solve nothing by the end. I’ve seen way too many Anime like that.

    Plus, I would have to agree on Erio’s speech pattern, It’s so unreasonably adorable nya!

      1. Kiiragi, great idea. For next episode’s blog just type HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG for like 2 paragraphs and I’m sure we’ll understand your gist. =P

  2. im also getting a bit irritated at makoto. sure knowing that she has a crush on you would have an effect but this isnt how harem leads are supposed to go. even if he hasnt chosen yet, blushing isnt really supposed to come that easy.

    that aside, I love how erio still uses the futon. she looks cute in and out of it.

      1. Okay, that made me laugh.
        Anyway, I’m kind of glad that he hasn’t chosen (Ryuushi) yet, as she annoys me to no end with her attitude of a 5 year old. That said, all the girls aren’t quite normal, but her acting purposely retarded is just bothersome. Her jealousy doesn’t appeal to me either.
        On the other hand, I’m glad that there is some development regarding Erio and Maekawa, as they are both far more likeable in my eyes. The scene with Erio humming the song was extremly adoreable, and it is easy to say that she likes her cousin in some way, and she made him blush a few times this episode, too.

        I’m not sure where Maekawa comes into this, as she appears to be supporting Ryuushi, but I’m sure she has some hidden interests too.

        Anyway, it looks like the plot somehow develops, since there have been a couple of hints in this episode: The astronaut girl says, Erio looks like a creature from another planet, Erio saw something in the sky, stuff like this. I’m looking forward to more.

        On a sidenote, I think SHAFT’s whole budget for the year went into this scene.

      2. the diff between ryuushi and ohana is that ohana is sincere and honest whereas ryuushi seems to only act like that around makoto. not to mention what she does in the previous eps dont really put her in good light(subtly trying to get makoto away from erio due to likely being talked badly for instance).

      3. Why shouldn’t she be jealous and guarding of the guy she likes? She is a teenager and isn’t that how kids act in the real world?

        One thing I will say about this series is that the characters are some of the best drawn characters I have ever seen in animes. Erio, Meme, and Ryuushi are just beautiful. They all have great smiles too that light up their face when they smile.

  3. I will give thumbs up for this episode. So the people of the town simple love anything from aliens to espers, haha. I hope some time traveler shows up, that would make it more interesting. Also for Makoto, I’m actually rooting for Maekawa, dunno, Ryuuko is cute and all and is going all out in expressing her like to Makoto, but I like Maekawa more.

  4. This episode made me realize that I really can’t stand Ryuushi. Her cutesy/jealousy act gets on my nerves every time. Does really anybody find her to be cute? If she likes the damn guy (who is a blockhead), she should be more direct instead of beating the bush like that. I can’t stand girls who act cute just for getting the guy instead of being themselves. /RANT

    Anyway, seems that another weirdo appeared. If we take the OP as reference, she has light hair, just like Elliot and seems to be an alien/alien freak so maybe that’s a hint. Also, that black-haired girl probably will get added to the harem too, just as space-suit girl.

    1. “I can’t stand girls who act cute just for getting the guy instead of being themselves. /RANT”
      Do you really have such a wide choice of girls to express your ultimate opinion in such a way ? 😉

  5. I think I kinda know how you feel Kiiragi towards Makoto-kun. He’s playing around with everyone for the hope of gaining points on his adolescent chart. I just hope he doesn’t do anything like Makoto from School Days… Luckily the girls aren’t named Katsura and Saionji too. Of course, I’m sure this won’t happen unless we get TROLOLOLOLO~ “OTL

    Baseball’s awesome man! Have you seen Moshidora? ;D

    Selamat Malam!

  6. So frustrating! UGH!!!!!! I hate how he’s not diving into Ryuuko’s skirt when she’s so obvious. Dx

    I don’t know why I’m watching this show. Definitely not for Erio. 😐
    If Ryuuko doesn’t get some KissxSis style lovin’, I’m gonna end up hating this show.

  7. The rate Makoto’s going, he’ll be a celibate monk at some random temple.
    Damn you Makoto.

    In other news, damn that moped girl is cute. You can tell I’m watching this show for the girls. /obvious

  8. You’ll never have your city around rivers :sadfrog:

    Makoto suddenly started acting as the “dense harem lead”. First talking about living his youth and looking for girls and now he just watch.

    Too many cute characters introduced (girls only), does not compute!

    Lectro Volpi
  9. > And why don’t we structure cities around rivers exactly the way like apparently all anime cities do?
    London is on the river Thames.
    Paris is on the river Seine.
    Rome is on the river Tiber.
    Moscow is on the river Moskva.
    St. Petersburg is situated on islands of the river Neva, and has 342 bridges.
    And so on.

    Rivers were important way of communication, and many towns are built around rivers.

    Lazy Ranma
    1. I meant more like, “And why don’t we structure MORE cities/suburbs around rivers exactly the way like apparently all anime cities do?”
      In a joking way, you know, poking fun at otakus? ..which went over your head apparently. :/

    2. Что ж вы великую русскую реку Волгу не вспомнили? 🙂 На ней городов стоит больше чем в Питере мостов.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with the first paragraph. Seriously Makoto, you have the hots for your cousin, so just tell Ryuushi already! I’m sick of all her moe flirt, it just annoys me now. All she is right now is annoying moe that hates my poor touwa and I’m tired of it!

  11. It isn’t really anime cities. That is just how most cities in Japan are actually laid out. Cities need large expanses of relatively flat land to expand into, and Japan’s geology is such that that is usually only possible along major rivers or along the coast.


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