After mentioning how Tsunade tends to spoils Naruto two chapters ago, I was pretty confident she’d respond the way she did. It would’ve been out of character for her to side with A, or at the very least, disruptive toward all the build-up in the series on her faith in Naruto. What was surprising was the sudden change of pace, when the flashbacks ended abruptly after some more showmanship by Minato. The scene with the former Hokage taking a liking to Bee was a nice touch given Naruto’s current friendship with the Eight Tails Jinchuuriki, but I was happy to see Naruto put a stop to all the reminiscing and take us back to the present. For me, the story’s already driven the point home that a Jinchuuriki needs something or someone to keep them going, so this chapter was primarily reemphasizing that notion for anyone who hasn’t caught on yet. I’m never opposed to these story-oriented flashbacks, but I’m getting pretty antsy about seeing Naruto turn some heads on the battlefield with his newly acquired abilities.

To the chapter’s credit, it sure made things interesting with Naruto and Bee clashing against A though. It looked kind of goofy when A and B were using their lariats on one another, even though there was a deeper meaning behind doing so. In any case, I imagine this Kage/Jinchuuriki stand-off is more or less settled after their exchange, so I’m already looking forward to the next phase of the war. The big difference is, this time our hero will be included.


  1. Isn’t it kind of ridiculous that powered up Naruto can’t even get away from the Raikage? How the heck will last in a real fight? Keep in mind, he’s not going easy on the Raikage – he’s desperate to get to the war zone.

    1. This is my opinion 100%.


      1.) Naruto was holding back, which makes no sense because he is so determined to get to the battlefield. Or…

      2.) Raikage is so OP he might as well fight Madara himself.

      I’m a bit disappointed at the moment. I keep going back to the Pain fight in my mind, where Naruto used his own power after attaining Sage mode to defeat Pain, an act the entirety of the Leaf Village could not accomplish… and now all super powered up he can’t even get around the one armed Raikage. The Continuity is really getting out of control.

      1. My only explanation is that Naruto hasn’t mastered this form unlike sage mode. In addition he isnt friends yet with the nine tails. Im guessing in the future he will be switching between sage mode and nine tail mode freely.

        And sage mode isnt using his own powers, isnt it the chakra from nature?

      2. Also when you look back on the summit , Sasuke was able to get past all the leaders including the all powerful and fast Raikage, always makes me angry when I think about Raikage losing his arm to him… Makes you think that they were weaker, but now more like Sasuke is OP and that was before Itachi’s eyes.

    2. For me Sasuke is still far ahead of Naturo. Naruto power-ups =/= Sasuke Power-ups and without training! argh! hate is a better source for power! I am with the dark side now!

      Raikage hold his own against Susanoo/Amaterasu Sasuke. He is also the fastest ninja alive. I blame lack of control.

      Lectro Volpi
    3. Naruto is most likely holding back because he really doesn’t want to hurt Bee’s brother or cause a war between the 2 factions or hurt an alliance member. Seriously if Naruto was fighting a true enemy he would go all out. He just wants to get around the Raikage and get after his real enemies (Madara, Kabuto, and Sasuke).

    4. Also remember that speed alone doesn’t win fights. Just because Naruto is slower than someone doesn’t mean he’d necessarily lose to him in a battle. Plus the Raikage is the fastest ninja alive. Naruto would be getting pretty OP if suddenly he became the fastest

    5. Well, actually, A losing his arm was intentional on his part because of his raging about believing Sasuke and Akatsuki captured Bee and wanting to kill Sasuke no matter what pretty much. The fact that he did so SO easily, landing a HUGE blow on Sasuke, despite having an Amaterasu-surrounded Susano’o barrier (albeit imperfect) around himself, shows just how powerful A is. He didn’t even show ANY signs of pain from having his arm on fire from Amaterasu nor slicing it off. He just asks Shii to stop the bleeding as if it was business as usual and is still raring to keep going.

      Sasuke pretty much gave up fighting Gaara and A in order to go after Danzo, only to run into Mei, who nearly melts through Susano’o if Zetsu didn’t interfere, and Onoki, who would’ve atomized him had Madara not bailed him out at the last second.

      So really, Sasuke, while he put up a good effort, really didn’t do THAT much at the Summit besides cause an inconvenient interruption in their discussions. Even Madara didn’t really believe that he would’ve succeeded in much (like taking them hostage), but just that it would’ve been nice if he could.

      Anyway, in terms of the chapter itself, I knew it…even though I was REALLY hoping that Tsunade would act as Hokage first and spoiling grandmother second, I just knew that that wasn’t going to happen…whenever it comes to Naruto, she’s willing to throw everything out the window and risk it all, just because of belief (it’s most likely why Sasuke was never labeled a missing-nin since his defection until Danzo did so; simply because of Tsunade’s personal connection to Naruto and Sakura). While belief is nice, belief ALONE can’t guarantee anything…

      As I said with Bleach (from what I know anyway XP), I really wish Naruto’s reckless (and selfish quite a bit) actions (and/or others assisting/encouraging such actions) would end up FAILING and end up causing a big ripple effect because of it rather than constantly, “miraculously” working out for one reason or another (usually because of some convenient hax). Power-wise, Naruto has had quite a bit of (pretty rushed) development, but his personality and other things are still LITTLE different from when the series first started as a whole, thus allowing him to maintain his childish, naive, gullible, and veiled view of the world. It gets a little boring and irritating to me, especially when others give him realistic advice and he just brushes it off constantly.

      1. The ‘huge’ blow was a not a very clever manuever on Raikage’s part. What has he accomplished other than sacrificing his own arm? He knew he doesn’t have anything that can get through Susanoo’s chakra. Yet he pressed on with the attack which would hurt himself more than it would hurt the enemy. Not very bright.

  2. They should at least tried to talk to Naruto and Bee about why they are protecting them, but now Madara is going to own at least one of them, and its going to be the kage’s fault

    1. Compared to the images I could have used, this one was pretty spoiler-free. All the writers at RC make a point of using relatively spoiler-free images in manga posts.

      I don’t see what this image spoiled for you, unless you’re going to claim that simply showing that a character is alive is a spoiler. If that’s the case, I simply advise you to stop visiting the site.

      1. What did you expect? like Bass.EXE and everyone else said, anything could be considered a spoiler and theyre not going to not post a picture because some people are super picky about not wanting to know even the most trivial of details. If you don’t want to see any pictures, you can stop coming to the site or maybe try using RSS feeds.

        Inquisitive Mind
    2. I am in Naruto Shippuden episode 210. The spoiler is Naruto´s new form.

      With that logic we should talk about The World only Knows manga in the anime section because if they like it they should read the manga too and learn. Or try that logic with some mods from a certain forum.

      None of you were professionally enough, 0 points!

      Lectro Volpi
      1. Wait, what makes you think it’s a new form and not just an outfit change from that image? It seems like you know some later developments from the manga already, in which case, I didn’t spoil anything for you.

      2. Hahahahaha! for a moment… for a moment I thought you removed your entry Mr. Divine! “What!? this is why I never wanted to say anything! I never wanted it to end like this!” but then I scrolled after The World God Only Knows and there is it! bwahahaahha!

        I have a personal problem here: I love spoilers and if you spoil something for me I will say “Cool! thanks for the info!”. I read from Z to A and that goes for practically anything (Manga, Movies, Books, Light Novels). I enjoy the elements of the story and don´t really care for shocks and jolts. It was really hard for me to stand for someone who does not like to be spoiled when I love them myself I am 99% of the time on the other side.

        I just did not approve the pack of vultures roaming around a guy who used one of the international “Not being really mad/serious face” yes, this one: >.>

        Spoilers are relative, I know. Some are nazis over them and others let it slip. I got your point about the form (10 points) and I like the image with the tittle but it gets tricky.

        Lectro Volpi
  3. Thats my point oo. Hope the author has bigger plans ahead. Cause the way naruto is now seems so much weaker than when he was in Sage mode. It doesn’t make since if compared to how Sasuke fought with Raikage and how Naruto cant keep up with him.

  4. I just want less flashbacks, EVEN THOUGH MINATO’s just gorgeous! As for Bee and Naruto, I have no idea how things, and the war go by! If by any chance, Kishi sensei delays Naruto vs. Sasuke fight, and the war ends without reaching to a conclusion, I would seriously be DAMN ANNOYED!

    Naruto hasn't reached his father's speed yet… And as for Tsunade, Naruto's description "Thats the Granny Hokage I know and Love" seriously said it for me!

  5. I know this question is really looked down upon by everyone but I cannot take it anymore,when will the summer preview be?):
    Anyway i like this chapter cos i like bee but it was too short!

  6. It’s too bad Tsunade didn’t do anything aside from that manly post
    Was looking forward to seeing some hokage action. We haven’t seen her do anything since the Sannin Deadlock

    Seishun Otoko
  7. “I admire your crazy ninja spirit, I mean, you’re just out of your goddamn mind, and I like that. I respect the fact that you want to draw my blood using your kunai. This is the gore all true shinobi strive for.” ~~Minato

    Isaiah11:6 Sissy
  8. Actually, this image could spoil things for someone reading the Pain arc. Tsunade could have died back then. And Bee could have been captured by Sasuke for someone reading the post-Itachi arc.

    1. Then what should the image have been? A picture of Naruto’s ass? Plus the Pain Arc is over. People should stop nitpicking about spoilers, its not like someone tied you to a chair and lectured about the entire plot of a story without you even starting it.

      Suppa Tenko

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