「時空境界のドグマ」 (Jikū Kyōkai no Doguma)
“Dogma of Time and Space Boundaries”

Gentlemen, shit just got real (really this time). It seems the issues with the D-mail from past episodes aren’t going to be investigated further, and with the development of the “time leap” method, the D-mail may be a thing of the past (lolwordplay). How the time leap works wasn’t all too surprising, and impinges on the most common problem philosphers tackle, the relation of the mind to the body. There is a connection between them that is unexplainable by science as of yet, but it’s pretty cool/convenient that machines at their core work with the same things biological beings do, such as electricity. Although the Phone Microwave is left essentially unexplained for enthusiasts, the reveal of the televisions below the lab acting as a lifter at least creates a parallel to SERN’s attempts at time travel, which have a little more root in scientific believability. Even so, I’m a little doubtful the typical memory of a human mind can fit under 36 bytes. Perhaps we’ll see amnesia side-effects.

Okarin totally copped out on Makise’s daddy issues, pulling the ol’ win over the tsundere’s heart and getting the response “you’re actually a good guy sometimes”. Rolled my eyes on that one. I was hoping for some solution only the Okarin’s mad scientist persona could come up with. Besides, after explaining that relationship with her dad, I don’t see how bringing Okarin would help much. By now, I’m just waiting for some serious issues to go down. Makise rumored to be a SERN spy (maybe in a different world line or simply the future), the lab being connected to from SERN, and constant foreshadowing of Mayushii’s potential demise (sadly, the impact of the whole sketchy chase to check on Mayushii was severely lessened by the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing because I just knew he was going to bust in on them naked). Something’s gotta give. Okarin’s seriously worried face was a significant contrast from the brief moments of past, and all of a sudden, it doesn’t feel like fun and games anymore. Great scene. “You know too much” sent chills down my spine. Most solid anime this season bros (at least out of what I’m watching). Seriously, there’s not a single bad episode.

And that bloody doll face creeped the hell out of me (a symbol of Makise’s head?), but then again I was watching it at 5 AM. What the hell am I doing up at 5 AM? Because S;G while half delirious is even more amazing.



    1. Ahh, I love these kind of debate…easy win for me.

      While it is true that a human memory can’t fit into 36 Bytes, have you ever consider re-arranging the box. If a microwave can’t fit into a small box the size of a banana, then the only solution is to compression the data into smaller size or reduce the amount of data. Of course, that is the long way around. Why not take the shortcut? No metaphors and sarcasms.

      I am saying if you can’t send 36 bytes into the past, then instead of compressing data or reduce it, why not improve the microwave to handle greater amount of data? Thus, you can send an entire week or month worth of memory to the past. I believe it has something to do with the size of the microwave and the rate at which the dish inside spin. I also suspected that Makise will improve on the microwave and make that time leap a reality.

      1. wasn’t the limiting factor the size of the kerr black hole? considering SERN’s hadron collider couldn’t even send back live humans, which i’d like to say have more mass than a banana, i don’t know if okarin’s group have enough funds for that. in my opinion, the microwave acted as a mini hadron collider, somehow, and thus generated a smaller kerr black hole, hence jelly banana. if say they tried to fit, i don’t know, a rat (roughly double the mass of the banana) into that black hole, i believe we’ll see a green splatter instead of a jellyrat 😮

        i agree that sending their memories in 36byte fragments is actually the ‘shortcut’ around that problem. though, i was thinking more along the lines of sending a specific memory instead of the entirety. i mean, assuming that memory is just a burst of action potentials fired at a super-specific pattern in specific parts of the cerebral cortex, it’s probably easy to encode that number of tics? mind you, real world does have the technology to measure the frequency of action potentials firing in our neurons….

    2. Yeah, its probably impossible. Assuming these are basic bytes, 288 bits isn’t really enough to send any sort message, forget neural. Especially when you consider that memory patterns consist of complex cycles of activity in different regions, I doubt the feasibility of even being able to read any sort of useful information in the first place.

      Interestingly though, its probably more bytes since the microwave cellphone sends meta data (such as time, date, and sender, as well as destination information), on top of most cellphone messages being encrypted by the provider before being sent. Since cellphones use UHF radio waves to send signals, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a further level of encryption/coding involved merely in order to facilitate propagation and avoid interference. So really speaking, its quite possible Mega Bits or even Giga Bits of data are able to be sent, but the conventions of cellphones are preventing them from utilizing it all.

  1. Like Okabe, I was totally freaking out at that point, especially by that creepy picture. But the moment he went into the shower to find two naked girls, I couldn’t help but laugh that I actually thought something terrible had happened. It was actually a blessing in disguise 😉

    Jokes aside, I still can’t help but feel that something bad (and I mean REALLY bad) is going to happen. He’s already lost the IBN5100 by making frequent journeys to the past, and I just think that he’ll be digging a hole too deep to get out of if he continues. It could be someone’s grave for all we know. I just hope I’m wrong =/

    This show just keeps getting better! It’s topped my list for favourite anime this season (even pipping Hanasaku), and perhaps one of my all-time favourites. Just hope that the ending doesn’t fail to impress.

    1. It is a picture of a severed head of a male’s doll covered in blood. While the last picture was a red jello serving as a warning sign, this picture means serious business. It is basically saying, “You are DEAD!”

  2. Creepy messages seems like a roundabout way to stop Okarin’s experiments. Especially since this is supposedly from the internationally acclaimed organisation CSERN. Of course, it would be different if just an individual from SERN found out about Okarin’s progress.

    All your base are belong to us

  3. This is probably THE only anime that keeps me really on the edge and always eagerly waiting for the next episode to come out. Well, aside from AnE, that is. The panic was well played out, and though I had already expected the embarrassing ‘burst-into-bathroom’ scene, the impact of the doll picture had already been felt. It won’t be so much fun and games from now on, it seems.

    Anyone feel that Moeka gives off VERY suspicious vibes? She seems to know something more what she lets on…I might even wager on her being the spy.

    @channel scene is WIN. =D

    1. Yeah, Makise getting caught red-handed surfing @channel was absolutely hilarious. Especially when she couldn’t make up an excuse. There’s a reason why I don’t surf these websites using work computers.

    2. Is she a spy or not?

      That is the real question. It seems that my last post about Hans Schmidt was dead on. But there are contradictions. Facts: Suzuha stated that “Makise works with SERN.” She probably was during timeline #1 in the beginning; thus, explain why she was murdered.

      Opinion: While it does means Makise have association with SERN, it doesn’t imply that she is a spy. Also it does not imply the same timeline as it was originally. I suspected that she does work for SERN in timeline #1 some time in the future, but since Okarin change the past, it maybe different now. Of course, seeing that Makise was alive in timeline #0 to help SERN rules the world and Okarin unknowingly change her murder in timeline #1 may have caused her inevitable raise to power with SERN.

      1. Oh, I forgot to mention the contradictions. Silly me.

        Okarin is right about her behavior not aligning with those who are spies. She act like a typical 18 years old and get red in the face every time she get emotional. Blogging in amateur websites, arguing over childish things, and falling for bum guys despite her status seem very normal to me. Either she is a extremely well-trained spy or she is not…

      2. Remenber that Suzuha only said that she “worked with SERN”, Kyouma is the one who interpreted it as her being a Spy. That it doesn’t mean she realy was a spy in the first time line.

        My though are that without knowing Kyouma she ended working honestly with SERN, but this time she’s with the lab.

      3. LOL, you stole that from Okarin…

        If you recalled, he stated that Makise either bad at being a spy for being so easy to discover her activities aka blogging or she is a spy who change her mind to become an assistant after meeting Okarin.

      1. Yeah, I know that. I understand why the first episode was like that. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t enjoy it, so I can’t consider it was a good chapter of the story. It’s like the first episode of Haruhi Suzumiya. Eventually you will understand why they did that way, but it’s will be a pretty bad episode (at least in my opinion).

      2. I forgot to add a “still” on the last phrase. But let my clarify what is a “good episode” to me. A good episode is something that I enjoyed to watch. I not really the reviewer type of guy, so the final goal of an anime to be exciting or interesting in some way.

        So, this first episode was relevant to plot? Yep. But I didn’t enjoy it, so can’t consider it good. And, actually, I think they could have done something similar, but better. There are tons of anime that starts really confusing but, at the same time, they manage to be interesting. You’re watching it, you’re not understand anything about it, but you still think it’s entertaining and/or interesting. However this first episode of Stains Gate was just confusing; not interesting, not entertaining, just… confusing… But, or course, that’s just me. lol.

      3. I enjoyed the first episode. It got me interested in the show. WRT 1st episode of Haruhi, that was fucking brilliant. I loved that episode, and watched it about ten times while waiting for the next episode to come out. Probably just comes down to tastes.

      1. Dude, not cool!

        That is a spoiler within itself! Please put a spoiler tag on that…

        I will now “sage” you…whatever that means anyway.

        (I highly suspected it so, but regardless I hate when people tell me the ending. In this case, you did use the word “end”)

      2. By the end of the series means from now until the end, and it’s not like everyone with an ounce of reasoning ability hasn’t concluded that the confusing events in episode 1 wouldn’t be explained later in the series.

    1. @ Andre and Kiiragi: one phase, “Not everybody like chocolate…” – Chaos

      Apparently, Andre is a Vanilla lover and Kiiragi is a Chocolate lover. It is also true that Andre doesn’t like chocolate so there is no point in forcing him to like chocolate. Vice versa for Kiiragi. It is a matter of difference in opinions. Neither side is right, but neither side is wrong. Chocolate is not the best flavor of ice cream, but it is different from vanilla. I say try chocolate to see if you like it. If not, I respect your opinions, but don’t tell me chocolate is gross. Therefore, there is no need for arguments. People have their choice of opinions. The End…

  4. Looks like SERN is onto the lab. Moeka looks like someone who got her memory sent back with her constant picture taking. The send back the memory thing doesn’t fit Okarin’s reading steiner though its close.

    As for sending back memories, i’m thinking she might go for the piece mean solution, ie send back memories 36 bytes at a time, which will make the entire thing seem like an old style dial up modem.

    They really should try for another lottery chance to get enough money to purchase the main components (and better yet replicas of the exact models over ebay) or what would they do if the 42 inch got sold?!?

    Zaku Fan
    1. I was drawing the same conclusion as the Reading Steiner is not magically, but rather the production of the time leap. But it raises several question:

      How are you able to extract human memory without actually stick a needle into their brain?

      How do you send a person’s memory back in time assuming it does enter their head and not anybody else’s?

      If it is a time leap, how come Okarin doesn’t obtain all the future memories instead he retain his original timeline memory?

      There is just too many questions. It looks like Steins;Gate enter fantasy world with the time leap idea…

  5. I really like this show now, especially the banter between okarin and christina.

    To be honest, at the very beginning i didn’t even consider watching this at all but since i really like science fiction i asked if this was any good.

    I have to give my thanks to tomphile for convincing me to watch this show when i asked about it during episode 8.

    1. Well, welcome aboard stranger…

      We are currently accepting theories and speculations like University accepting freshman for their upcoming year. Fell feel to contribute any idea you may have…even the crazy ones LOL

  6. What, no panning of the shower scene? I’m disappointed.

    But, anyways… death flags everywhere. I’m always thinking that I might have inadvertently put the pieces together, so I’m really worried about the next episode. I also fear that once this show crosses the line and kills someone off (or worse), there’ll no longer be any room for that comic relief that I love so much anymore.

    1. LOL

      And If Okarin had Goku’s abilities, he can blast SERN with his Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb their headquarter. When he gather all 7 dragonballs, he can wish to travel back in time. Yup, dragon balls. As a man, I feel bad for the dragon and having people play around with his balls like that…

  7. I’m convinced that Moeka is a SERN spy now. Okabe got his next threat mail after Moeka learned of the Time Leap Machine they planed to make. Coincidence? I think not. Heck she’s obsessed with trying to find an IBN 5100, and its disappearance was attributed to either hers, or Rukako’s D-mail. And I can’t really see anything shady with Rukako. It just adds up.

    1. I have a weird vibe from Moeka, but it is not a bad one. While she is a high candidate as a spy, Suzuha already point out Makise is the spy. As for SERN’s message to Okarin, it was announced by Daru that their system is hacked. So SERN have been watching them through their computer all along. The only question is how?

      Daru stated he made no mistake in hacking SERN. SO the only explanation is either SERN monitor all changes in the past with some kind of advance time-alternating machine or there is a spy among the lab members.

      Normally, I jump on the spy idea, but I want to believe SERN knew of Okarin’s activities since the beginning. Why? Since in the year 2034, SERN has a monopoly on all time travel. It is only fitting that they monitor all changes and check for any altercation without their approval. With each experiment Okain did, it must have raise several red flags on SERN radar. I believe they were sitting and watching him the whole time and see what he is capable of doing and will stop him when he know too much, which is NOW!

  8. The visual novel develops further on how they were supposed to compress the memory of a person to 36 bytes.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. What?!

      I can’t believe Makise got 8th place. I also can’t believe she beat Okarin, who is 26th. Tuturu, Mayuri land 24th. Hell, even Ruka got rank 37th and Feyris as 44th. Poor Daru not even ranked, nobody ever appreciate the fat preverted guy.

      Speaking of the list, I was stunned to see Tiger got #1. Hell, I dropped that show half way into episode 3 when I realize that Tiger is an idiot who is never gonna learn his lesson. The guy repeated does things that made me wanna bash my head against the wall. After getting his ass handed to him by every bad guys, I said, “Enough is enough…” After excessive blood loss, the wall wins and I stop watching it.

      1. I highly recommend picking it back up. We have an actual, deep storyline now. And Tiger has learned his lesson. He’s still really funny, but he’s a lot more…mature, you could say. He’s thinking things through now

    1. Don’t you ever mention to words again, I will kill you!!!

      Kiiragi is suspected something will happen to Mayuri even the foreshadowing in play as SERN send a death message to Okarin. It is also hinted in the last scene where everything is cloudy as though a storm is brewing.

      I was very touch that Okarin ran straight for Mayuri as though he totally forgot Makise is there, too. It shows he has much love and care for Mayuri. I personally will BASH THE FUCK out of this laptop is anything happen to HER! In case it does, I will have my bat baseball next to my laptop for episode 12…

      I suspected SERN will send their convoy of black SUVs and tons of mercenary agents to knock down Okarin’s door and turn the whole place into swiss cheese if there is any resistance. Bag and gag, the gang will be send to a torture camp where their will be interrogated for 6 months to be later declare as terrorists and crime against humanity. Of which, Makise is the rat and betray the group to help SERN create a time machine. At least, knowledge from all my movies watching experiences said so…

  9. No spread picture of the fanservice? I am disappoint.

    And I felt the same about when Okarin was rushing back home. Knew he was gonna barge in on them in the bathroom. That kinda lessened the tension the creepy mail brought. But the black and white sequence there when he was running plus the music was really great.

  10. okarin X makise raise flags like there is no tomorrow
    though first thought of okarin was to save… mayuri
    but what if makise is really SERN agent?
    tuturu strikes back!

  11. @Kiiragi
    Shit are going get more and more real every episodes from now on. ;x

    Now I wonder if they’re going to explore every single game routes there is, or they are just going to aim for the ‘true ending’ route.

    1. The anime like time itself can only move in one direction…

      While there maybe different routes, I assume they will choose the best route. Assuming they don’t want angry fan letters and death threats…

    2. Given the number of episodes remaining I think they can cover all the alternate routes Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Your wish came true…Law of Attraction?

      There were two tuturu. One to Moeka and one to Nae. There was a half tu-tu during the scene where Mayuri was carrying those heavy bags. So you get 2 1/2…

    1. The only ignorance is not asking the question…

      I think @channel is referring to 2channel in real life. It is a popular internet forum with tons of blogs each day. It is basically a twitter nowadays where people go to voice their opinions and thoughts on anything to everything.

      In the anime, @channel is an actually channel the gang and other people typically watch when any TV was on. Remember when Okarin and Suzuha was watching TV about announcement of the satellite crash, it was on @channel. Think CNN. So, it is both a forum and TV channel.

    1. What evidences do you have to support this theory?

      My contradictions already are these. In the forum search, we heard Titor talking to other bloggers. His voice is clearly male, around his 30s. From Suzuha, I know that she know who John Titor is along as who Makise and Okarin are.

      1. Well, eventually we are gonna run out of people to list for John Titor…

        Here is the complete list of character:

        Mr. Braun
        John Titor
        Barrel Titor

        Take your pick…

  12. Instead of doing my usually 1 page list of anything I found revolutionary, I will do a one per comment instead to allow for comments and arguments on each. Lets start it off:

    While watching episode 11, I notice that the grasshopper scene in the beginning. After re-watching a few episodes, I concluded that nothing in the anime is by accident and everything has a meaning. So what does the grasshopper means?

    According to popular beliefs, the grasshopper symbolize astray travel. It has the ability to leap forward into time and represents time travel. It is also a symbol of good lucks and moving forward in life.

  13. Anybody notice that Moeka has a different phone. In episode 2, she has a blue phone, but in this episode it is black. It is also signs that Moeka’s phone is not time shift proof as Wolf speculated earlier. But, still possible that she has the reading steiner.

      1. The first few episodes was interesting, but I stop re-watching it since ep 5. So I can’t tell you if the phone she had before the her D-mail was a different phone in ep 2 when we first meet her. And I can’t compared her phone in ep 2 and ep 5 to her phone in ep 11. MAybe wolf or dyne can tell you…

  14. For those who speculated that Okarin is John Titor, it is hinted that Suzuha knew Okarin in the future. In the scene with Nae, Suzuha stated that “That is not the Okarin I know of…” implying that she does know who Okarin is and what he is like in the future.

    It also mean that the future Okarin is not the same as this Okarin being so light-hearted and easy going. I can’t imagine Okarin as a serious badass freedom fighter in the future, I just can’t. So something must have happen to him to change him that much. Could it be WW3? Or could it be something in episode 12?

  15. Doesn’t anybody else here think Okarin is an idiot at the end of this episode?!

    When Daru stated that SERN hacked their system and Makise said they are onto us and is there soemthing wrong with your phone, Okarin?, I was yelling tell them the TRUTH, “SERN already knew and we are all in danger!”

    Of course, he has to moped around in his little corner. Kind of funny if you think about it. He delusional created a world where he is a mad scientist with secret organization following him and seek his ultimate demise, yet when it turn into reality, he doesn’t know how to handle it. My thought was, “How did you handled it in your delusional world? Then do it here!”

    Anyway, Okarin should have told the others about SERN. I feel that he has put their lives in danger. If I was him, I would have executed a run-away operation and destroy everything there before SERN sends their agents to it. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything end up blowing up in Okarin’s face. It will prove how naive and stupid he is. I only hoped Mayuri is not harm, she is so innocent and sweet.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. From the pacing of this series I think Show Spoiler ▼

  17. 3 types of travel
    1. Gel bananas travel which does not cause a time dispersion. time changes but everyone does not remember it.
    2. D-Mail travel. Okarin gets his “headache”. Only Okarin remembers.
    3. Physical Travel. Okarin enters a frozen time space while the satilite crashes.

    1. Well, you have to understand that Okarin and Mayuri have been together since childhood. To describe their relationship is like older brother to younger sister. He definitely loved her very much probably because of her naive and innocent self making her an easy target to take advantage of and get hurt. Thus, he feel the constant need to look after her and protect her. In addition, Suzuha stated Makise association with SERN so he was more worried about Mayuri since she didn’t answer the phone thinking Makise would be okay since she is suspected of being a SERN spy.

      Makise on the other hand is Mayuri’s opposite. She is strongly opinionated and won’t hesitate to hit Okarin if she wish so. Mayuri would never do that. However, he only knew her for 13 days now and they fight constantly like an old married couple. While previous episode hinted her crush on him, this episode clearly stated that she like him.

      Love comes in different forms while Mayuri is more family-like, Makise is more romantic-like.

  18. ahem, who lol-ed @ the 42inch plasma tv as high energy particle source for the d-mail machine?
    also bonus geek points for those who rmembered all CRTs are basically miniature electron accelerators…

    1. Yeah, they also give off radiation and kill you with cancer. Not to mention it kills your eye sight before you can even hit puberty. Also kills your social life and make you an useless person instead a jock or somebody who does something with their lives. A triple whammy…

      1. I’ve killed off my eyesight by reading before my family bought first tv set 😛
        It also killed off my social life… 12 years straight library liaison in the class representation. Gotta love books…

  19. omg…. seriously the “you know too much” text was so scary! Usually I scoff at ‘scary’ scenes and scary movies (gore or not) aren’t scary but this is different. ugh…

  20. I find something is off about Daru’s hat…

    Maybe it is odd that it is orange compared to the rest of his outfit and appearance. And that logo on his hat look like a stone/futuristic mushroom. I maybe wrong, but my instinct say it is something important. I just can’t figure out what that is…

    1. They should. Most 24 eps anime do. New OP means new ED. It will probably take place halfway in or when they start time traveling around. It is growing with popularity. I am voting it for one of the best anime this season…

  21. Im really suspecting that Moeka is the culprit, the spy from SERN. Why? I thought it was obvious because for sure we can rule out Mayuri and Daru. We all know the tsundere Christina cant be a spy just as Okabe mentioned this episode that she cant even hide her hobby at all (btw what is @channel? is it like a parody to 2chan?). We all know it cant be Rukako as well since she/he just recently found out and theres no way she/he can possibly betray Okabe and the rest. The only suspicious characters would then be the Part time girl Suzu and the Moeka Kiryu girl. Although Suzu would make sense since she is close to them and can practically hear and know what they are doing, but it would not make sense why she would warn him about a possible SERN spy as well as being really concern about Okabe’s well being. The only one left is Moeka whom is a mystery. Okabe barely knows her and even connects with her, because she selfishly persists on letting him tell all about his experiments, this episode, that stare she did to Okabe plus her surprised reactions just confirmed my suspicions about her.

    I really like how the caring side of Okabe would kick in right away when it concerns Mayuri. Of all the people he would be concerned about due to the SERN spy threatening him about the time machine, it normally should have been Christina or Daru since they are the individuals who truly take part in the experiment, but Okabe only thought of Mayuri (whom normally should not even be considered a target since she really knows nothing about the experiment at all, and probably doesnt get all the details about it). Although this could mean a foreshadowing of Mayuri’s demise (as you said Kiiragi), but really I hope this isnt the case, I want nothing to happen to Mayuri, Christina, and Okabe, as for the rest of the cast, well… it’s ok if something happens to them lol. Cuz the show would really take turn for the worst if something happens to Mayuri, I can only happen Okabe truly becoming a mad scientist and taking down SERN lol. Although I can only hope, seeing as Christina already died from the beginning of the episode, then Mayuri can probably meet the similar fate as well. Damn that would suck.

    1. Sorry I meant, Christina was already shown dead from the beginning of the series. So seeing as they can kill her off since the beginning due to the convenient setting of the world lines, then it’s quite possible that in this world something might happen to Mayuri.

    2. One of the reason why I hate assuming something is because it usually comes true, but happen a little differently. It is called Law of Attraction. If you think it, it will happen. So I don’t want to think about anything concerning Mayuri other than she is cheery and happy with Okarin like I never hear Kiiragi say those words…

      Honestly, out of the whole group, I believe Okarin only honestly cared about Mayuri. As for the exact reasons, we don’t know. We just know they are about each other and know each other since childhood. The anime does shows moments of the two where words cannot simply describe. They can sense each other’s pain and emotions. Maybe Okarin was Mayuri’s first love. Maybe Okarin has no family and see Mayuri as one since they known each other for so long. I won’t called them friends seeing the level of understanding and connection that exist between them. I won’t called them lovers since the scenes of them lack romantic gestures and fondness lovers typically display. What is more than friends, but less than lovers?

    3. As for Moeka, she is highly suspicious. However, she is an unusual character to begin with. She is an emo girl yet highly spirited and girly on the phone. It is like looking at a book that have an encyclopedia as a cover, but penthouse pictures on the inside. Why the opposite personality? I don’t know…

      Everything has its reason. We will just have to wait for a Moeka’s episode to understand her. One thing is for sure: because she is not a typical character, we can expect a not so average explanation. I am sure her past and why she is the way she is will be very interesting.

      I can speculate a few things about her. Since she is looking for the IBN 5100, she has something to do with time travel and maybe even John Titor. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is in fact the John Titor seeing that they are both searching for the IBN 5100. Because she is looking for the IBN 5100, she probably doesn’t have any connection to SERN seeing that SERN have plenty of IBN 5100 for their employees. Only anybody outside of SERN would need an IBN like John Titor.

      She is very protective of her phone as she use it to record her daily activities implying she must have experience time shift causing a difference in memory versus reality. Reading Steiner?

      Why is she looking for the IBN 5100? Well, the IBN is used to read encrypted data used by SERN. I also heard it has a special ability. If former, the knowledge about the IBN imply she must know of SERN and what they are suspected of doing. If latter, this is not known yet as we don’t even know what the special ability even is.

      One off-the-wall speculation is that she is from the future and brainwash as a spy. Yet if she is a spy, she would look for rebels, not IBN 5100. Unless the IBN lead to the rebels such as John Titor and anybody messing around with time with SERN’s knowledge. Since the anime uses realistic information and based off live events, I typical throw away unrealistic speculation such as the one about her being a spy.

      Another truth fact is that Suzuha has not met Moeka, I am sure if we are going to learn anything about her past, it will be from Suzuha assuming Moeka is from the future. Of course, Ruka hasn’t met Moeka either…

      1. possibilities for moeka

        1) Random retro computers otaku
        2) SERN agent – try to get the IBM so nobody would be able to decode SERN files
        3) FB agent (FB is in the present, person or group) – want to get the IBN to decode SERN files or for it’s specials abilities.
        4) FB agent (FB is from the future) – Same above

        Also, She or her phone have the reading steiner and uses it to check what have changed with the last shift.

      2. That is a good assumption…

        Moeka is a spy, but one for another country. Maybe FB is FBI. Of course, that is crazy seeing that the FBI working inside the US and CIA handle outside issues. Will we ever know who FB is?

  22. In the Ep 8 of Steins;Gate who come that they could sent an e-mail 17 years to the past by the microwave? DOES 1 sec= 5 hours or 1 sec = 1 hour?

    Could someone please reply to me?

    1. The timer was 120. Okarin said the text was sent back 5 days ago. So:

      120/5 = 24

      There are 24 hours in a day. So:

      24/24 = 1

      So it is 1 hour. Every second on the timer represent 1 hour. I believe Makise concluded the same thing in Ep 3 or 4.

    2. In Ep 8 during Ruka’s D-mail, the timer was still 120, but it was sent back 17 years.

      Even Makise original explanation that 1 second = 1 hour, 17 years is:

      17 * 365 * 24 = 148,920

      Since the timer only has 4 digits with maximum value being 99:99, it would have been impossible.

  23. Speaking of Makise, maybe you guys can help me fill in the gaps here…

    In timeline #0, SERN rules the world and Makise probably works for SERN (as Suzuha stated in ep 11).

    In timeline #1, Makise was murder by Suzuha or somebody (probably because of her association to SERN in timeline #0).

    In timeline #2 (current time), Okarin prevented Makise murder and she become a lab member instead.

    Conclusion, doesn’t this raise a red flag to SERN?

    If Makise is to be murdered, she must have been an important figure at SERN, maybe top researcher or director in charge. In either case where she is murdered (timeline #1) or join the lab (timeline #2), she is still missing from SERN. Couldn’t this have trigger the first of many chain of events that made SERN spy on Okarin?

    Furthermore, doesn’t this mean Makise will be playing a different role differing from the original timeline (#0)?

    Could it be she will be on the rebel’s side instead of SERN’s side?

    1. I don’t now at all how SERN discovered Okarin (if it’s SERN).
      If SERN has realy the ability to check timeline changes, it is from the past up to the present. If Makise is murdered because of her atcs in the future, she is still unrelated to the SERN in the present. So how could they detect it? For them Makise should just be a random folk.

      1. Maybe SERN has a person with a Reading Steiner on their side?

        Then they can easily monitor changes to the past. Pin-pointing the exact cause and doer is another story. I believe Kiiragi mention something about Okarin is not the only person who possess the reading steiner before. We suspected it was somebody introduced in the storyline like Moeka, but never consider a spy agent of SERN to possess one as well.

    2. About SERN sending those mails to Okarin:

      I realy don’t think it’s them. Why would SERN play such an act? it’s just like blackmailing him. If SERN was realy concerned about it, it would have send troops to arrest the members and took the micro wave for study. Why try to scare him?

      It looks more like something that someone alone would do, I would say it’s FB rather than SERN

      1. No, but it does make the storyline more suspenseful and mysterious. If you recall, SERN doesn’t know exactly what is going on, they just suspected something. In addition, the gang themselves don’t know what they are doing let only understand what make it works (aka time travel, microwave, and reading steiner).

        It has to be SERN, who else could it be? If it was a friendly warning from a concerning indvidual than it sounds more like what Suzuha has been doing to Okarin, not red jello warning covered in mystery and death threat of a possible “I am going to kill you next”.

        That doll death threat is exactly what it is. “You know too much, now we are going to kill you.” The kill you part was implied not said.

    3. Only people with Reading Steiner can observe the change of timeline. They are outside the law of cause and effect. And I’m not suprised that SERN gets wind of Okabe’s activities – Show Spoiler ▼

      ^The threat mails are definately came from SERN. But it seems that the sender cares bout Okabe’s group (certain sum1 that wants em to dispose of the time machine?) enough to warn em beforehead, as he/she knows the consequence will not be pretty if they ever cross the borderline.

  24. A few things are fairly obvious now from re-watching the past episodes and implied:

    1) Suzuha is John Titor…

    I am without a doubt she is Titor after watching episode 8 where she run to Okarin and ask him about his conversation with John Titor and looking at him like, “Did you decide to become a messiah?” How would she know the content of their conversation unless she was there or she is John Titor.

    2) Daru is Barrel Titor…

    Since Suzuha is John Titor, Daru has to be Barrel. Same last name imply their family relationship.

    3) Moeka is not to be trusted…

    After realizing she has the same phone through the series, she did lied about changing it 5 days ago. While I am not certain she is a spy or not, she is too bizarre to be trusted. All she is concern about is the IBN 5100 ignoring people lives and even her own like it is a drug and she is the addict.

    4) Something is definitely going to happen in episode 12…

    I don’t know, but my instinct is going crazy and have a bad feeling about episode 12. There are definitely a lot of foreshadowing in play. Warnings and death threats, weird scene changes, cloudy and stormy atmosphere, etc. It is not good.

    5) Mayuri and Okarin scenes…

    Have you guys notice something weird about the scenes in episode 11 between Okarin and Mayuri. Whenever Mayuri leaves him, the scene slow down to frame per frame. It doesn’t happen when Mayuri greet Okarin or when she come into the picture. Only when she leave. I first thought it was love, like how a person enter a love state when he is around the person he love, but if that was true it would have occur whenever Mayuri come into play and sadden when she leave. That is love, but not this. It is like they are emphasizing her leaving him…I don’t like where this train of thought is going. O.o

    1. It’s all fun n games until sum1 dies?

      Speculation of ep 12 based on the preview:

      1. 2010.08.13 – Friday the 13th? =D
      2. Sum1 closing in the lab in 1st person view – SERN finally makes their move?
      3. Suzuha’s serious look – ya sumthing really BAD will definately happen.
      4. Okabe holding an hourglass – things need to be undone?


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