「おもひで」 (Omoide)

As suspected last week, Mephisto was indeed behind everything, and I had a hunch that it was to test his powers. I didn’t forsee the test being the Esquire exam as well, but that was a nice touch. The whole exam thing gave me the common FMA vibes I already get from this show, which was furthered along with Rin being tested as a weapon for the Academy. But seriously, those two weirdos passed the exam without appearing to do anything. I’m onto you plot. They secretly did some crazy stuff in the background like the geniuses they are right? All Death Note style.

This episode made it pretty obvious to me that Rin and Yukio are far more interesting and better thought out than the rest of the cast, with Shiemi coming up in a close second (I’m not sure how much Hanazawa has an influence on this thought though). Hence, this was a good episode. Yukio’s first meeting with Shiemi not only told of their past and a little bit of Yukio’s first struggles, but related that even now, Yukio thinks his brother is better than him despite all of his own achievements. Both Rin and Yukio self-deprecate themselves but admire the other, and it’s a great dynamic that feels warm and fuzzy to me. Yes, not exactly the most professional description, but that’s how it is. Yukio thinks Rin can always do things he can’t, like Rin actually being the one to convince Shiemi to be an Exorcist, and I’d like to respond to that with a, “no shit.” Everyone can do everything the other can’t, it’s called being human. Of course that’s not a knock on the writing, because I feel in some way it’s meant to be flawed, so Yukio can figure out later that he’s just as awesome as his brother. Plus, Rin was just in the “wrong” place at the right time. If Yukio got hurt instead, the situation would be reversed.

Exorcist has been a delight for the past few episodes, and I get so many good-hearted laughs out of it (this is rare), but I do think the development could be a bit faster. I want to say that they should’ve condensed the last six or so episodes into three, but that’s simply a problem with the material they had to work with in the first place. Characters like Izumi shouldn’t require two episodes to develop what makes her a cliche, because that’s not how you properly use cliches. They should’ve been as fast as Neuhaus-sensei, because having a simple flashback and one episode using half the screentime would be more than enough to describe Izumi’s character development so far. It’s hard to say now because that’s how the story’s been structured, so I can’t really see Izumi’s story unfolding otherwise, but eh. I’d say there should’ve been less focus on her past overall, and left it as a mystery that she slowly unveils with dialogue over a bunch of episodes, but I think I mentioned this last post.

The story itself could also lend to be more dense with material, because so far the things we’ve learned about can be counted on two hands. There’s not enough material in each episode to feel full after watching it sometimes, which goes back to why I want the development to make haste. Despite that, a huge part of the story that was done right that I’ve repeated a couple times now is the setting and lore behind everything. Case in point this episode, with Neuhaus busting out hands from his own arms, the gritty nature of the battles, cute twists on typical things like holy water canisters, and to top it off, superb animation that create surprisingly enticing fights (like how every fight in Yu Yu Hakusho was actually interesting). It’s an example of some excellent imagination, and I think this is what makes Exorcist shine above the rest in its genre (and why it got an anime, though better later arcs may be the prime reason). Next week appears to show more of that with “Cat Sith”, a lovable looking demon.




  1. I agree that they probably could’ve condensed much of the material and it’d be more enjoyable, but the Ao no Exorcist manga only has 25 chapters out. And since many “fans” rage at the mere mention of fillers, the production team probably thought it’d be better to just stretch out the material.

  2. This isn’t spoiler I’m just speculating, but it seems Mephisto is also a son of Satan, and there is yet another on the phone.

    My question is: Why is everyone acting like Rin is the first one ever?

    I’m ready to find out! I’m with you Kiiragi this plot needs to hurry up!

      1. That’s exactly it. I haven’t watched the anime but in the Satan said that Rin will become is vessel to invade the real world and as such they have the same type of powers.

      1. What I personally found mostironic was the fact that Mephisto also uses the name “Faust” as his “human name”, for Faust was a man who made a contract with the devil (Mephisto) in a very popular German drama called “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    1. The blue flames would be it, as well as the fact that Rin is the son of Satan born in the human world [Assiah]
      rather than the demon world [Gehenna], and able to contain Satan’s powers without pretty much melting.
      He’s basically the only thing strong enough to be used as a vessel to ‘hold’ Satan in their world…
      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. after you said that no i dont think its wrong, it will be the pikachu for rin. every action anime has some cute animal in it. or just shounen…*starts recalling cute animal like things appearing in anime*

  3. The real battle wasn’t between the Okumura Bros. and Mr. Blood-mobile over there; it was between Shiemi and the stairs.

    Anyways, props to Ao no Ex on making actually disturbing monsters. Thank god that they actually look gross and evil; the looks of the monsters can totally set the mood of series or can completely destroy it with not-so-scary lookin’ random things.

    On a side note, the BGM is really superb. Like, it’s noticeably great.

  4. Blackyyyyyy~! <3
    Well, considering they've been doing one chapter per episode (not counting that filler) the plot is moving just fine. Though the Izumo thing (I have a feeling) won't get explained this season (or we might get another hint that'll be important should they decide on a second season). Well, I think most of the story should be about Rin coming to terms/use of his powers and being able to become an awesome exorcist despite how many people would love to see him dead (points to Neigauz-sensei) and Rome wasn't built in a day so Rin should suffer like any shounen series dictates. Xd

  5. Read at your own risk.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. While I was kinda disappointed in Shiemi for being so cliche last episode, I truly warmed up to her in this one 😀 Starting from giving Yukio the four leafed clover (with her dirty hands that showed that she must’ve looked quite hard to find it -insert love-) to insisting on treating Rin’s wounds, she was adorable and really just wonderful.
    Yukio also gained some more space in my heart for admiring his brother and trying to protect him. When he was smashed into the wall, I actually flinched. Just loved this fight *w* I never understood why all the girls fall for Yukio when Rin’s got this lovely bad-boy-charme, but in this episode he truly kicked ass! More of that Yukio, pleeeeaaaase! *Q*

    I agree with you, Kiiragi, on the pacing of the show though. The “Izumi-Mini-Arc” could have been done in way fewer episodes.

    The cat seems to be the one from the opening :3 Even though some creatures in this Anime really look scary as hell, it also has quite a few super!cute ones

    1. Rin has dog’s fangs and pointed ears. Thats generally a turnoff for pretty girls. He also has a tail but I don’t think anyone has seen it except for his brother and the folks who know what he is.

      1. Since Orlando Bloom rocked the screens as Legolas pointed ears are hot and you just have to take a look at the Twilight-fangirls to see that fangs aren’t that unpopular either.
        Nope, I still don’t see why they’re after Yukio instead xD that tail surely would be a turn-off, but as you said nobody’s seen it yet
        Well, but something tells me that the main female characters will develop a sorta crush on Rin over the time anyways, sooooooo…

    2. I don’t find that weird that girls prefer Yukio to Rin *_*;
      I mean…Rin is cute but has this goofy attitude that usually girls find repelling.
      He has Naruto personality,since when character with Naruto personality has fangirls?
      While Yukio is cool and popular since his first day at school.
      Oh…Yukio is so hot too….love his outfit…he’s so <3


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