「夜に吼える」 (Yoru ni Hoeru)
“Bark at the Night”

Ohana, that attitude of yours is going to take you places. It may not be the places you want to travel to, but boy will you fly far at the rate you’re going. Not only are you willing to face problems head on with a straight face, but you manage to stick to your guns and never give up. Plus, it looks like you’ve been able to get more comfortable with your surroundings and even managed to pick up a couple of things here and there!

Which is why, I can’t believe that Ohana’s irresponsible mother Satsuki just had to appear when things were finally starting to move smoothly. Notice that I called her irresponsible and not something worse. And that’s because as a mother, even if you’re the worst one in the world (which she isn’t), there’s only one thing that you need to do. It’s not picking an honorable career, it’s not about trying hard to make your child happy, and it’s not about being a little rough around the edges. It’s about honestly showing that you love your children with everything you have.

Even though Satsuki could have been a little bit more motherly toward Ohana, I’m happy that she at least understands her own daughter. Like I said, the most important point is about showing that you love your children and you can’t love what you don’t understand! Plus I’m willing to bet that Okami has a huge role in why she keeps refusing to visit Kissuiso. At the same time, even though Ohana may share that same stubbornness that her mother has, I’m glad that she’s able to direct it toward something that at least in my mind, is a bit nobler. Too bad that she doesn’t seem to share my sentiments about the relationship between Okami and her mother though, unless I’m completely off base.

With Ko, it’s hard to say whether or not his feelings for Ohana are still there. I’m sure that he still looks at Ohana as an important friend, but I’m not sure if I saw that spark that was pushing him during his failed visit attempt. It’d be a whole ton easier if Ohana could bring out a little more confidence from that huge heart of hers but after seeing just how stressed out she really is, it’s amazing that she was able to say as much as she did.

As a tip from one bro to another, if a girl ever runs away it’s your duty to make sure you chase after her, which is why I’m terribly scared that Tohru happened to be the one to catch Ohana. If the potential to create dangerous love triangle wasn’t there, it’s quickly beginning to reveal itself. Now with boy problems in one hand and family trouble in the other, I’d have to say that Ohana has a pretty full plate of things to deal with. At this rate, it’s hard to say if that headstrong attitude of hers will be enough to pull through. Right now, I’d say that both Tohru and Ko have a pretty good window of opportunity to really make things work for them. The question is, are they going to do anything about it?

P.S. Just in case you were curious, at the end of this episode nano.RIPE’s song 「細胞キヲク」 was used as the ending theme.

ED4: 「細胞キヲク」 (Saibou Kioku) by nano.RIPE
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    1. I feel that she is causing some of that problems in her life herself, why can’t she just simply “Hey Ko, I (like/don’t like) you” And be done with it.

      Also I don’t think those 2 would have come to tokyo just because of ohana I think something worse is going on.

      1. The fact which Ohana told Ko that dragging the answer to an confession is rude. And that she realized she did the same thing to Ko. Yet, she still didn’t give him a proper answer; it ticked me off!

        Well, but i have to say that is human nature too so i can’t blame her. If i were to be on a similar situation, at the spurt of the moment i might have done the same thing as her too.

      2. Actually, if you look at the clothes Tohru and Minchi are wearing, they’re the same as the ones in the preview. So maybe Minchi and Tohru were out on a date and ran into Ohana

        Just a guess :O

  1. Omg i loved the ending, when Tohru and Minchi arriived to bring her back.
    and one of my favourite scene was in the preview, when Ohana asked Tohru if he has a girlfriend 😀 I am excited about Tohrus reaction!

  2. Y’know.. Ko’s not as cool as he was in the beginning anymore and Tohru is starting to manifest bro-waves every time you see him. He even looks better. Sorry Ko.

    As for the ending, Ohana’s breakdown just trampled all over my heart.

    “I’ve never been moved in so many ways in one day before.”

    A person can only take but so much and Ohana’s such a small girl. Her cry was warranted and then some. I’m glad Tohru is there.

    1. “Bro-waves”? Seriously? If anything, it was Minchi who was the one emitted a yuri-fields since it was her who chased Ohana. Tohru was just ….there.

      Also, Ko was being cool here, dropping his job to see Ohana and do some actual talking to Ohana outside of texting. It’s weird that people considering him sissy, when it was Ohana who chickened out here.

      1. somehow, i see the scenario as tohru wanting to chase after ohana, since shes always chased after him throughout the series. minchi probably just wanted to tag along because one, shes certainly worried about ohana. and two, because shes aware the tohru likes ohana.

      1. You’re kidding right? Ko was ALWAYS there for Ohana, whether through text or in personal talks. Tohru has contributed absolutely zero in Ohana’s emotional problems or any sound advice.

      2. He isn’t there now, is he? We’ll just have to wait and see who’s the better man. In my eyes, it’s Tohru. The guy can take care of himself just fine. Ko’s a kid compared to him. Lucky for you, it may end in Ko’s favor whereas Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Of course Ko isn’t around, Ohana ran off suddenly. It baffles me how Tohru shippers blame Ko for this when he is clearly shown willing to hang around and be there for Ohana. The problem here is Ohana, she was the one who chickened out since she was carrying some huge emotional baggage.

        Ko is way ahead of Tohru since he is always willing to be here there for her. Tohru’s interactions with Ohana are bland in both interaction and context. Even Minchi has more relevance to Ohana’s life than Tohru.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like Tohru, he’s a decent chrarcter when he interacts with the rest of the cast. But his ship with Ohana is so boring and uninteresting it just irritates me.

    2. Yeah, I feel like slapping Ko around and give him a nice beating =/

      His rating has gone down a lot in my eyes… Seriously, I’m going to opt for Ohana x Minko just because our 2 male candidates are either very stupid (Ko) or very dense (Tohru)…

      1. Going back some, I thought Tohru’s decision to use his forehead instead of his hand to check Ohana’s temperature was quite bold. I am not sure if it’s a natural custom to use your forehead instead but he’s pretty daring when the situation calls for it. I don’t see him as terribly dense, just getting the short end of the stick.

      2. Haha, maybe a little Ko X Tohru action on the side as well eh?

        The only reason I don’t want to see a Ohana X Tohru is how much i like Minchi, it’d be too painful to watch. Although I’m starting to expect Ko to just give up and move on any day now.

      3. @Shirt – No, I totally agree, it would be really weird if they drifted apart, but this is a show about growing up…so I guess we’ll see.

        I really really love that this show has taken a bit of a “darker” (for lack of a better term) turn though. Ohana knows she doesn’t want to lose Ko now, but still can’t own up to it. Should be good, this is definitely my favorite of the season (followed by gosick).

  3. Poor Ohana, sucks to be her at such bad timing. No one could have seen it coming.

    To be fair to Ko, Ohana has to bear some of the responsibility of leaving Ko in relationship-limbo as well, since it was Ko that made the move to confess to her in the first place (his subsequent chickening out 2 episodes ago notwithstanding).

    Ko obviously is still waiting for Ohana’s answer, which is why he has yet to give his own answer to Namiko (the cute glasses girl he works with). But it’s also clear Ko couldn’t possibly wait forever for Ohana’s reply and leave Namiko in the dry as well.

    I’m not saying it’s all Ohana’s fault, but credit where credit’s due, IMHO.

    I have a feeling that Ohana’s dream sequence last episode may actually be hinting that Ohana is considering “letting go” of Ko and moving on to her new life with Kissuisou. The preview showing her meeting directly with Namiko may tell us whether this is the case.

    PS Tomatsu Haruka’s character Yuina is criminally underused. I demand more Yuina! Hopefully Tomatsu’s casting schedule for the second half of the series will be freed up once she’s done with Anaru in AnoHana.

    Kinny Riddle
  4. Do you remember the worst day of your life?

    Without a doubt, this was the best episode of the series so far. While I didn’t sympathize with Ohana much during the first 2/3’s of this episode (mostly due to her naivety and hipocrisy), I feel that Hanasaku is a story about Ohana’s growth as a person. Satsuki’s appearance was actually really good for Ohana’s growth. While she isn’t a terrific mother (ever notice how she never called Ohana back after dumping her boyfriend?), she’s definitely a loyal worker. Sometimes work interferes with a person’s morals, and sometimes you’re gonna have to do something which you won’t want to do. The encounter with her mother was definitely huge opportunity for Ohana’s growth as worker/person.

    Also, Ko would just be the greatest boyfriend for Ohana ever, imo. Like really, he notices all the little and subtle things about Ohana, like her mixing Coke and iced tea together. The two obviously have chemistry, but Ohana has yet to confirm her feelings for him. Ohana really needs to step up her game though, especially since another rival for Ko’s affection has appeared.

    Still though, Ohana frustrated me for most of the episode, with the most frustrating part being her talk with Ko. Things like, “I don’t want to see his back, so I’ll show him mine instead,” and “I don’t like people who don’t give answers immediately.” Huge level of hipocrisy there. Also, when she cried in Minchi’s arms, saying she had no idea why she was crying. Really? I mean it was pretty bad day for you. I think the writers could have definitely thrown in a better line in for the situation. I did sympathize with Ohana when she broke down at the end, but she did act like somewhat of a brat during most of the episode. However, with 14 more episodes, she has plenty of time to grow as a person, and since this is a story about her growth, much of this comment is moot.

    1. I agree with you except the part about ko being the perfect boyfriend for her. sure he’s a nice guy and would work it out but I disagree with your reason.
      he is her childhood friend, of course he’d notice the special things about her. noticing her preferred mixed drink isnt really that special since other close friends can notice that over time.

    2. To be fair, Ohana was very aware of her own hypocrisy and I think Ko noticed it too. It just so happens that she had to deal with her mother, and alot of depression. Ko once again just happens to see Ohana in such a bad time. Poor Ko can’t get a break.

    1. I know some people will think less of ohana’s mom but i guess she sorta passed. I mean not everyone is perfect, she at least brought her up for 16 years alone without husband. Yea, sure she could be even more loving but since this show is more to reality i guess this good enough mom she is.

      1. aye.
        this man speaks the truth.

        I find it a bit boggling that people dont notice her balant care for ohana while they can easily notice okami’s subtle care for ohana.

      2. Her Mom sucks. She kicked Ohana to the curb for some douche she met and that guy is already gone. A good mother will NEVER put some man she meets above her kids.

        More importantly I want to know who ordered her to tank the survey and trash all the small Inns? Writing a review about a place you didn’t visit to review is sleazy to begin with. I’m guessing there going to be some big arc where Ohana investigates what happened. Perhaps as early as next week.

      3. at least she sent her to a place she knows that will take care of her. she might’ve even did it knowing they’ll be better at caring for ohana than herself.
        im gonna give her the benefit of doubt here.

      4. –> Karmafan
        I know ohana mom suck but that only measure up to the ideal world of anime where mom have caring husband that never stop being romantic and never in desperate need of money. However if we measure to a reality, she actually stay with ohana and raise her as a single mother until she is 16 years old. She as good enough mom as any. Beside i agree with what arnado said, she probably know that okami will give better caring that her anyway. If you just imagine the difficulty of raising a child as single mother, you will know she at least deserved to act spoiled after so many years.

      5. One problem is people in the real world usually aren’t adults till they turn 18 so nope. That woman is a total failure and I hope she gets what’s coming to her or some sort of complete 180 at some point.

  5. one of the best episodes ever…. cant get enough of the 2nd half of the episode from where she went to the book store

    truthfully, there’s something about ohana that makes her endearing despite having some of the hipocrasy as well as sometimes just dashing ahead

    as to why she cired at the end, it could be because of the fact that that someone’s trying to get close to ko and thats when ohana realises that she might loose everything. the feeling truly sucks espicially when the person in question is your pillar of strength who’s always there for you and the both of you share a freindship that hovers more towards lovers than best friends but not enough to reach lovers… i know it sounds complicated but that’s from personal exp

  6. Which is why I’m terribly scared that Tohru happened to be the one to catch Ohana.

    I think its much more interesting that Minchi was with him, and she rushed to Ohana’s side even faster than he did.

    The relationship between these three is going to get very, very complicated soon, and not just in the obvious way.

  7. on a side note, lookin at the awesome art from PA works…. i’d really love if they take over 3rd season for index and possibly continuation for railgun

    that’s just my opinion though

  8. Ohana, get your act together!
    Confess to Ko-chan already, otherwise that persistent meganekko will steal him!
    And all we need now is a stop at love hotel to dry wet Ohana to create perfect love triangle storm with Tohru, Ohana and Minchi…
    And Satsuki is right: puberty arrived…
    Rebellion against parent(s) – check!
    Emotional rollercoaster – check!
    Love problems – check!

  9. Even though the way she is animated hasn’t changed, I must say the way Ohana came off to me in this episode varied. There were times when I could look at her face and say to myself, “That looks like an adult’s face,” while there were others where she still appeared to be a girl. Like I said, nothing changed about the basic animation, but her attitude and personality really, to me, influenced how I viewed her in some scenes. She’s certainly not fully mature yet, but she’s becoming better and better as it goes along. You can see that, of course, throughout this episode.

    Of yes, and while I’m reluctant to favor Tohru as a romantic interest for Ohana due to Mincchi’s feelings, I do have to agree that Ko’s personal feelings for her seemed to have…er…regressed some in this episode. She’s still important to him, but I’m not sure if it’s still as romantic as it was in episode 1.

  10. I disliked the first half of the episode. It was absurd and quite childish of Ohana to go to Tokyo to demandfor a better review. Frankly, I wished she stayed… There wasn’t any logic (to me) to go there. Moreover, Okami told them to drop the issue but she didn’t. |: But then Ko appeared! : ) Ohana remembered about him and I squealed and their interactions was cute…. (I’m a KoxOhana fan! lol ) So, I was happy about that… but then, I was just ughhh towards the glasses girl. Anyways, the hypocrisy irked me too; but overall, I like this episode a little less compared to the other ones.

    I do want the love issue for Ohana to be resolved and I’m stupidly hoping it’d be Ko she turns to although this sounds really grim right now. T_T I like Tohru and I think he’s a good match for her since he would be closer to Ohana (since they’re both in Kissuissu) but I don’t want Mincchi to be hurt. Besides, Ohana acknowledges and supports TohruxMicchi. I don’t see her going after him… but I’m looking forward to the episode. Thank you for the lovely posts <3

  11. ohana is starting to finally get more appealing to me. this would be good for her to get character development more. she’s in a tough state with all the problems now stacking up. im not sure yet on who I want her to pair with but im leaning slightly on tohru. minchi would be another matter.

    also, good that Takaii understands the mom. she’s just like those plenty of characters who poorly treat their children but still understands and cares for them.
    its just that she doesnt seem to put up a facade like the others(pretending to be cold to their children for instance), which explains why the others are pretty much hateful on her.

  12. Namiko… I mean he could of done better. Ohana is awesome in every way but can’t give a straight answer to him. I hope this tension is relieved soon since its killing me.

    Poor Ohana, someone needs to give her a massive group hug.

    Tear jerkers in this episode. Haven’t had some in a while

  13. Damn i just love Ko as a character… hes epicly relatable and technically id say it was Minko who truly “found” Ohana tohru didnt have much of an impact in that scene

  14. With the things going on, there is a high possibility that ohana will just moved on from ko. As much as i want them to be together, ohana is too much of a meanie to just keep putting off the confession answer. I mean like, 11 episode passed she didn’t mail ko much at all and ko is way too passive for a guy. Judging by how ko let namiko held his shirt, i guess he pretty much warmed up for her. Kinda remind me of 5 centimeter per second: long distance love won’t work (wished it does though)

  15. Hmm… you know, Ohana’s character is very interesting (and by character I don’t mean ‘her’ as a character, I mean her personality). She’s very strong, very opinionated, but she’s also got a great deal of loyalty to the people she loves/cares about.
    So… I’m just wondering, but would Ohana accept Tohru’s feelings, knowing Michi liked him as well? .___.

  16. So, Ohana realised that the wider world demands compromises at times; took bloody long enough. I guess realising her own rank hypocrisy was the straw that broke the back that she didn’t want to see!

    I doubt HanaRoha is the type of series to let her be rebuilt from the ground up, military-style. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing if she tempers her obsessively pro-active approach while still offering support where needed … as long as the answer is yes.

    I found an amusing parallel to Satsuki’s concerns in this weeks episode of Game of Thrones (HBO adaptation of G.R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series) from a certain Maester of the Night’s Watch:

    “We all do our duty when there’s no cost to it. Honour comes easy then. But sooner or later, in every man’s life, there comes a day when it is not easy. A day when he must choose.”

    J Jay
      1. Whoa what did Ko actually do to make you say he’s immature and idiotic? Not attacking you, just a genuine question cause I really didn’t see anything wrong with his actions in this episode.

      2. Kind of difficult to explain, but, he is pissing me off since the last two episodes… and the way he was talking to Ohana(while at the restaurant)… irked me for a certain reason… And also because Ohana has got so troubled because of him in the last few eps… (I didn’t mean such harsh words in that comment, but I was just annoyed at Ko…) Sorry if this statement gave you trouble…

      3. Don’t worry you didn’t offend me or anything 😀 I’ve just been curious about what it is about Ko that is actually annoying some people. So far, most of his actions seem pretty realistic and reasonable to me so I can’t really comprehend why people would be against him. Were you irked by a certain sentence or just his tone haha?

        I disagree that Ohana has been troubled by him. He’s the person she kind of depends on for support. You saw in the wedding/review episode how he “helped” her find Tohru and how thankful she was to him. Even last episode when she was sick and feeling down cause she thought she was useless, she didn’t talk to anyone else about it. She tried to text Ko first even though it was never sent cause she collapsed and all.

        If anything Ko’s being troubled by Ohana. Right now I think she’s still too reliant on Ko to always be there for her which made the reveal of the “other girl” even more shocking. As the series progresses I expect that Ohana will mature more and more, gaining more independence from him in her life at Kissuiso. Though deep down I still think she loves him (yes romantically) though she doesn’t really know it hence the whole “Wakannai yo” LOL. I hope that in that development stage she’ll stop running away from those feelings and will at some point confront him (hopefully with a confession) as an improved Ohana. Hopefully its not too late by then and Ko’s started dating the other girl. That’s when I’ll be upset with him. They really need to confront each other first before pairing off with randoms.

        They might have done so this episode if Ohana didn’t run away and Ko didn’t have this stupid fear of being run over by speeding cars D<

  17. Ko, why didn’t you chase after Ohana!? Why were you afraid of cars? Why were you acting so human? Geez, take advantage of being an anime character and do something dramatic for once!!!

    1. He’s not afraid of cars, he’s afraid of crosswalks. Those strips reminds him from his tragic past, when his parents were killed by a stampede of zebras in a safari. Poor thing, dumb, coward and his parents killed by zebras, Ko has anything in a character to look pitiful.

      If I wasn’t enough clear, the hell with OhanaxKo. Such dumbass doesn’t deserve her.

  18. Was probably my favourite episode up till now. Especially the second half, probably because I’m an OhanaxKo fan. I just love seeing their interactions whether they be positive or negative. I really like hearing Ohana’s thoughts in the voice over dialogues, they just set the mood of the entire show. She never states her feelings for Ko explicitly but you can see hints of them. In the café scene, when she asked if he grew taller(in her mind) I didn’t see it as a statement of how much time has passed but rather that she’s seeing him more as a man as opposed to the childhood friend she’s always known. That being followed by “What’s your relationship with that girl?” and “Do you still like (me)?” just sealed it in for me that she does love him. I just love how she gazes at him as well.


    Haha also the hypocrisy, well at least she realised it to some degree. Also loved the facial expressions there, when she realizes it. Ko’s sad face…. ):

    As for right now I’m not feeling the OhanaxTohru route. Despite the complications we know that relationship would bring and even though I can see Tohru likes or is starting to like her, it does feels pretty much one-sided at this point. Right now he doesn’t even seem to be a consideration looking from her perspective. Like even in OhanaxTohru “centric” episodes her thoughts seem to always go back to Ko. I mean she’s on a bike and smelling Tohru’s helmet/hair instead of being flustered she’s all like “I wonder what Ko’s hair smells like”. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of them from the start. I though Ko would end up to being that annoying childhood friend the pressures the heroine into liking him but he didn’t. Seeing the scenes from their past like the plastic bag hand holding :3 and how much they think of and know about each other is why I love them.

    Who knows maybe their relationship with either of them will change drastically in the coming episodes. But to me even if she does end up with Tohru, I’ll probably always see Ko as her first “love”.
    I’m not really for MinchixTohru either for pretty similar reasons. I do hope she can confess to him at some point in the end. I agree that a lot of this show is about maturing, so I don’t want to see it only in Ohana but in the other characters to particularly Minchi. They seem to be going on a “date” next episode so I can see whether they have any chemistry or not outside of the kitchen. Cannot wait till next week. Excited 😀

  19. I doubt OhanaTohru will ever happen. There will be drama with that but right now, Ohana ships MinchiTohru a LOT. Everything she did with Tohru was either for Minchi or for the inn, never because of what she personally felt for him, and I’m sure that even if Minchi goes the “you can have it” route, I can’t see Ohana sort of betraying Minchi. Not with Minchi having a happy ending as well, that’s how I see it (of course, IRL this wouldn’t happen like that and it isn’t a true betrayal). I admit I ship OhanaKo, but say, with True Tears I didn’t mind any girl-ending since it made sense (the two main girls), even if I was shipping one of them. Here I really don’t see chemistry between them rather than sibling-bickering, but that’s a matter of taste.

    As for Ko, I don’t get some, he already said NO to the other girl, the other girl is just stubborn, and who knows after how long she confessed, they’ve known each other for 2 months, why would you reject somebody again if you already made it clear (unless she confessed many times, which we don’t know). I’m sure Ko is waiting for Ohana to answer, and Ohana is just too stressed and too naive with love, and she probably doesn’t understand she really likes him (I’m sure there have been tons of times she indirectly thought she likes him, with all that thinking of him and seeing him as a man now, + jealousy). I will put my bet they are endgame, and since there are still episodes left I’m sure they won’t solve stuff easily. Not for Minchi, not for Tohru, not for Ohana and not for Ko. Maybe now Minchi will show her woman side to Tohru, since inside the kitchen she pretty much obeys whatever he says, while Ohana might have been a little more personal, like she is with everyone.

  20. “…if a girl ever runs away it’s your duty to make sure you chase after her.”

    Good words, Takaii. I’ll admit even though I’m not a fan of Ko that after all their interaction during the episode, I was hoping it would be him that tracked her down after she took off in the rain. But since it was Tohru and Minchi (pretty ridiculous how they managed to find her in the city), we get a long week to speculate. I wonder if it was Tohru’s idea to go look for Ohana and Minchi insisted on tagging along, or the other way around. Or if they were even looking for her at all. The episode previews are always so freaking deceiving….

  21. Ohana definately lost some cool points this episode. She relies on Ko and always thanks him in her monologues, but never thanks him in person. Then she tells him it’s rude to not give an answer to a confession, and she realizes her mistake for not giving Ko an answer. What does she do after realizing her mistake? She tries to run away, but ends up with time to correct herself and she doesn’t. She ends up running away later. Facing her issues head-on? Not in this case.
    I don’t blame Ko for not chasing after her. He’s always been there to support her, and she’s always too busy to let him know he’s important or reply to his confession. Busy is never an excuse when you can text or call someone in a minute this day and age. And if she wanted to do so in person, we know what happened.

    1. Thank you! Ko ran away before she could answer, yes, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had ALL this time to give him an answer back. And when the opportunity arose, SHE ran away from it too. I guess it’s different, huh, when you’re doing the confessing? And he did run after her the first time and he did kind of try the second time, but I don’t blame him for not going- she said it herself, it’s rude to not give a proper answer, so what’s he supposed to think other than she’s not interested or something? I wouldn’t have run after her either. I’m sorry, but I think both Ko and Ohana are running away from what they feel and they both need to be more open with each other.

  22. This anime always manage to put a smile on me, in another note.. Takaii, are you gonna blog your impressions about the thirteen episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?

    King Dragun
  23. Bro tip #216: If a girl ever runs away it’s your duty to make sure you chase after her.

    This has been another bro tip, brought to you by Takaii. The complete collection of bro tips will be available this fall in the bro tip collection, “Brocean of Brothers.”

    Lol, I don’t know why, but bro tip made me chuckle and think of that for some reason.

    In any case, I feel that same exact way about Ko and Tohru. It’s kind of hard to tell if Ko is still interested. To be honest, I both like and hate his character. His actions are kind of hard to decipher and I’m just left wondering what the f is really going on in his head. Tohru, on the other hand, I really like. I wouldn’t mind if he made a few moves on Ohana, but 1. I’m not sure she does, will, or wants to see Tohru in that light simply because of how it will affect Minko. Speaking of which, 2. I would also hate to see Minko get hurt because it seems like she’s liked him for a long time so it would suck to have the ‘new girl’ come in and take her man. But like Ko, it’s hard to tell what Minko is thinking a lot of the time and I kind of want her to just come up and say whatever it is she’s thinking.

  24. I kinda doubt Ohana x Tohru is ever gonna happen considering how much Ohana totally ships Minchi x Tohru.

    And when Minchi does find out that Tohru likes Ohana, she would probably step back. She’ll be heartbroken and pissed of course, but she’ll step aside. The end of the ep definitely shows she sincerely cares about Ohana. Did you see how fast she jumped out of the van? But I would much rather see her fight for Tohru’s affection and confess.

    Regarding Ko, I think his behavior is normal after a confession. I mean, I guess its that awkwardness of falling in love with a good/close friend. You want a reciprocation of the same feelings, but at the same time if it isn’t, you still want to keep the friendship. But its not the same anymore. Or even to salvage the friendship, you give up on your feelings or act as if a confession has never happened.

    I’m assuming Ko and Ohana are going through that kind of thing. Ko is obviously still interested in her, but still wants to be friends and probably doesn’t want to put pressure on her. She feels guilty for not giving him an answer in the past few MONTHS. And now that her feelings for him are becoming more clear, she would feel even more guilty. And knowing another girl likes him and is waiting for him, makes the situation even more complicated.

    1. “I mean, I guess its that awkwardness of falling in love with a good/close friend. You want a reciprocation of the same feelings, but at the same time if it isn’t, you still want to keep the friendship. But its not the same anymore. Or even to salvage the friendship, you give up on your feelings or act as if a confession has never happened.”

      This. So true. I feel for Ko big time.

  25. What the hell happened to the nice writer lady with the nice grandma during the hotel rush episode? I thought they got a good review! Switching it out to Satsuki was totally random.

      1. It was heavily implied. And they just surveyed the inn. Many surveyors but one writer. The magazine won’t have so many writers to travel round the inns. so they just pay reviewers to do it. the writer is the professional writer. think the new big hotel is doing things behind the scenes to make the other inns in the area look bad.

  26. Even though I really like Tohru just as everyone does, I don’t think he belongs with Ohana. I think Tohru and Minchi go so much well together, gah. But that’s of course just an opinion being thrown out there. I agree A LOT with what Click and Lilian has said, so I don’t really have much to add.

  27. The bro tip was good! Happened to me a couple of times.. It’s actually scary to chase when they cry (I was expecting to get slapped dead). but you really do have to chase regardless of logical reason! I got a kiss and a hug the first time.. But just a hug the second time.. so from my experience, chasing gives huge paybacks!

  28. Ohanaaaaa ;w; Almost made me cry… I was hoping that Tohru would come to her that moment 🙂 Minchi’s voice was so gentle when she asked her if she was okay ;__; So you do have a heart after all, Minchi! Still, I’m getting more and more on the OhanaxTohru-ship.

  29. I don’t think Ohana would ever date Tohru because she knows Minchi is in love with him. But, I have a feeling he will come out and confess to her, and Minchi will find out about it.

  30. i gotta be honest I wanted only Tohru to come to the rescue, but at least he’s there.

    That thing with the review article reminds me of what’s going on with the games industry right now. The only good reviews go to he biggest games or the ones that shell out the most dough in advertising. I have a hunch that whoever is building that big hotel are probably the ones responsible for that article. Isn’t it obvious?

  31. Really, I’ve lost any feeling I had for this series. The emotional investment was lost for me at around episode 6 or 7 when they went off the track for random comedic interludes. That is not what I signed on for in this series; I went into this anime because I wanted to see a coming of age story. If the show cannot decide on a tone, I’m not going to waste my time waiting for it to make up its mind. I’m dropping this.

    AnoHana takes its place for most emotional anime of the season.

    1. I have a feeling this might turn into an argument, but whatever.

      As much as I like Anohana, I find that it doesn’t hit me as hard as Hanairo does. Yes, Anohana is highly emotionally charged, but it failed to get me interested in the characters until just recently, when Show Spoiler ▼

      . So all the struggles they go through and the tears they shed glance off me most of the time.

      Meanwhile, from Episode 2 Hanairo has gotten me invested in its characters, such that the only ones I actually dislike are Jiroumaru and Takako. Because I love Ohana as a character so much, I felt a lot more for her than I ever did with all of the characters of Anohana. I think the whole shift in tone was partly responsible for that, just as Clannad’s shifts in tone between humor and drama are what got me hooked into that series in the first place.

    2. I have a feeling this might turn into an argument, but whatever.

      As much as I like Anohana, I find that it doesn’t hit me as hard as Hanairo does. Yes, Anohana is highly emotionally charged, but it failed to get me interested in the characters until just recently, when Show Spoiler ▼

      So all the struggles they go through and the tears they shed glance off me most of the time.

      Meanwhile, from Episode 2 Hanairo has gotten me invested in its characters, such that the only ones I actually dislike are Jiroumaru and Takako. Because I love Ohana as a character so much, I felt a lot more for her than I ever did with all of the characters in Anohana. I think the whole shift in tone was partly responsible for that, just as Clannad’s shifts in tone between humor and drama are what got me hooked into that series in the first place.

      And to be fair, Hanairo had two episodes in its belt before Anohana began. So maybe Hanairo has just had enough time to get me invested in their characters than Anohana did.


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