「スクール★ウォーズ」 (Sukuuru★Woozu)

I called it! When I saw Nagase sighing last week, I knew that there had to be something traumatic enough that could have created a hole in her heart large enough for a loose soul to hide inside of it. But besides the unknown overarching problem of what happened in her past as the captain of the basketball team, it looks like things are only going to get worse from here on out.

After such a warm welcome from all the students, it was surprising to watch them all turn their backs on Nagase so easily. Who would have expected that the cute and perky student teacher would ever get hit with words designated for teachers who are actually heartless jerks? In all honesty, it felt a little weird watching things take such a drastic 180 degree turn all of a sudden. While it does ramp up the drama level, the whole situation still felt a bit forced. It’s almost like everything that’s happening is just to give Keima the opportunity to somehow escape the fate of those doomed to attempt the “teacher’s route”.

While I wouldn’t mind having this show span across a couple more seasons, seeing how the first season only covered about a month and there’s still an entire year left before school ends, I felt a little relieved that Keima did manage to find a way to skip the length involved with capturing a teacher. At first, it really looked like he’d end up having to do things at Nagase’s pace. You can’t really blame him though, since I don’t think I’ve seen anyone ever go through so much hassle just to try to understand Keima. While her thinking may have been a bit off, her actions were really cute. A pink PFP and holding it upside down? Genius.

With the conclusion to this arc set for next week, I’m actually really excited to see how Keima manages to deal with his current predicament. With Nagase still being his teacher, there’s an endless amount of ways for this ending to be super awkward. But at the same time, can you imagine if Keima managed to transform that awkwardness into something special? Imagine how popular Keima would get for getting together with the cute student teacher! Nagase isn’t that old and she is pretty good looking right? I suppose only time will tell, unless you’re a manga reader. In which case, I’d respectfully ask you to please utilize spoiler tags.

P.S. I wanted to quickly say sorry with how late my posts have been. I take pride in normally getting them out as quick as possible, but with work piling on 10+ hours every day with no day offs in sight, it’s been pretty rough. So to everyone, thank you for reading my posts even with how late they’ve been. Till next time!




  1. She bought a PFP just for Keima, she is amazing.

    Damn that Nikaido, she plays dirty… ugh…

    They should just go along with what Nagase wants and even if she is wrong she will be forgiven, why you ask? because she is beautiful!

    Lectro Volpi
  2. this is why nagase is one of my least liked capture targets. she’s overbearing with her passion. it didnt feel forced for me.
    heck, even jesus wasnt that overbearing with his passion for the people.

    ps. ALL of the girls have holes in their hearts, thats why they get a loose souls.

    1. Pretty much this. Only reason I saw that Nagase was popular with the students at first was because she was cute and had an outgoing personality.

      Afterwards, that personality of hers backfired simply because it feels like a bother to everyone else. She nags and has a tendency to force herself onto others to fix their problems, or force her own views on them.

      Looking at it that way, it didn’t really feel forced, though I admit that the change in mood was somewhat unexpected.

  3. No mention of Nikaido? I am shocked, she won this entire episode for me.

    That said, it makes sense to me why students would complain about Nagase, someone who gets in your business all the time can get annoying.

    Keima hit the mark when he said “don’t judge me by YOUR standards.” Most Teenagers don’t like being preached at, even if the preacher is a hot woman in her early 20’s.

  4. True Nagase is being a bit over preachy but she is still a student teacher i did feel that the bipolar attitude of the students was a bit forced and their reaction was wayyyyyy to extreme..

    btw did anyone else notice that from the time she entered the class room the students were all meh about her then when she leaves they were all very agressive? loose soul properties perhaps?

    Tbh…id be perfectly happy with Nagase being the way she it itd be refreshing to see that kind of activeness as alot of teachers can be pretty lax and it may be fine for normal students but for people who are well above the average its a bit irritating

  5. The best thing about teacher’s routes is you get ripe, usually experienced and skilled female instead of some flat-chested, tsun-throwing, Kugimiya Rie-voiced loli…
    note – I dont have anything against lolis, tsunderes, and especially Kugimiya Rie, it is just the combo that makes me itch…

    1. “The best thing about teacher’s routes is you get ripe, usually experienced and skilled female”

      Which I find quite ironic, since manga/anime etc. tends to depict teachers as 20-something singles who are either crazy about finding marriage, or just don’t care much about anything. At least from what I’ve watched 😛

  6. I’m pretty sure we enjoy your write-ups regardless of the time you post them. I guess you could look at it this way: The angrier people may seem shows how much they like/look forward to your opinionated views on the recent episodes. :]

    I’m just grateful you have the time to write them. Thanks and don’t worry so much. Your starting to get like Divine. xD

  7. remember the saying that “too much of something is bad”?
    too too much doting on a person would make them dependent on you or you on them. too strict to a person will make them be angry at you or make you a tight person.
    I say their response was all fitting. they were just taken by her looks at first.

  8. “Imagine how popular Keima would get for getting together with the cute student teacher!”

    only if people can remember his deeds ;(

    as for nagase’s age, she’s 21 and keima’s 17 right? that’s not much of an age difference in my opinon >:D

    a bit of a spoiler but, nagase’s problem is that she’s over-eager. i know a person like that in real life and hated her for a while because she was so pushy whenever (and i mean all the time) we were in the same group. i learned to appreciate her, now, because her pushiness actually kept me on my toes throughout high school…

  9. An okay episode, I didn’t really like this arc in the manga either. Things will get more interesting. I hope that the anime continues enough to stretch to the current manga chapter, or at the very least, ending a season with chapter 115 and having another season soon coming.

    1. From the looks of it, the Nagase arc ends next episode and I’m guessing the final episode will involve a Haqua appearance, though there’s a possibility for other things (eg. 13 episodes instead of the usual 12)

      Would sorta be a shame though, imo, because the Nagase arc feels like it should last 4 episodes.

      Also, considering how much they tried to hype Haqua, I’m a bit surprised she’s only appeared in 3/10 of the episodes so far.

  10. Anybody else seen the PFP fail in this episode???

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. I laughed so hard it hurt several times during this episode. While I agree that Nagase may not be the best heroine so far (though I must say I love her hot bloodedness) the antics of the other characters (Hello, Nikaido!) more than make up for it. I must say I am enjoying this arc.
    Yeah, the student reaction changed waaay too drasticly after she left the room. I understood the feeling that Nagase was being too pushy, but the sudden hate was bizzare.

    Bio D

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