I still laugh in the face of danger for this arc, and Hordy’s threats mean little more than nothing. The weekly wait may have something to do with any emotional disconnect, but I’ll be worried when Hordy actually does something, so most of this chapter didn’t surprise me much. To be honest, his idea on killing all the people who signed those papers is pretty stupid. How can you be a king when you have slain all your people? But he’s the enemy right? He’s supposed to be flawed and stupid.

I thought Luffy would be more sympathetic to the whole situation itself like he was with Vivi’s issues, rather than only going because his crew is captured. He may just be saving his words for Hordy when he meets him face to face later on though. The opposition from Jinbe didn’t come off as too much of a shocker, but I almost forgot that they came here for the clarification on his warning in the first place. As for the battle between them, it feels like a red herring. Should they actually fight next chapter, I will be amused at their power comparison, but I have my bets on Jinbe losing pretty badly.

And for Robin, who fell victim to Usopp’s impressions, she finds a poneglyph as an apology letter. Since the poneglyphs tell the story of the void century, this particular one may apologize for the state of the fishman race. My best guess would be in relation to the oldest things on Fishman Island: the gigantic ship in Fishman District, and the Sunlight Tree Eve.


  1. I wanna know, how the hell did Zoro, Usopp and Brook get captured. It was never shown, it just sorta happen despite Zoro overpowering Hodi. Drugs can’t make that much difference, I call bull.

    1. Oh no, but these drugs are “devil” drugs or something. Probably makes you go Super Saiyan. Hodi on drugs will need to be at least a match or greater than new Luffy for a good climax fight.

    2. These “drugs” are called “Energy Steroids” and each one doubles your strength. When you remember that the average fishman is ten times than a human and Hodi took four pills that means Hodi can temporarily be 160 times stronger than a human. That’s nothing to laugh at.

    3. Zoro ran out of breath. Usopp was in the same situation as Zoro, as well as having to save Brook, a DF user.

      They’re strong and all, but in the long term they were fighting a losing battle underwater.

  2. I get the feeling that Shirahoshi will stop the fight, her being the closest to Jimbei.

    I wonder why Zoro and the others got caught? Even if they cannot breathe underwater, the Neptune soldiers were carrying them to safety. This kind of makes King Neptune’s sacrifice in vain.

    Anyway, lots of gag this chapter. It is almost as if they are making up for the seriousness of the previous flashback.

    1. neptune’s soldiers aren’t exactly the best fighters :”D

      as for zorro and co’s capture, based on the scanlation i read, it seems that they were playing dead when brook all of a sudden decides to show off his un-deadness in typical brook fashion. this alerted hodi’s crew which promptly chained them up.

      notice how zorro’s not at all worried; everything’s going to be alright. i don’t understand why usopp suddenly did a robin impersonation though o.0

  3. I don’t know about you, but I predicted Usopp losing pretty badly, too, when he fought Luffy way back when, and he actually put up a great fight. Of course, this fight [LuffyVJinbe] doesn’t have quite the same emotional impact so it could be over and done with in a matter of pages

  4. You know… im pretty sure they are going to have miss Princess and her Bros stop hordy. cause there is no way that this arc could get dramatic otherwise. The Strawhats are way above the new fishmen pirates crew. It would be interesting if it was a reverse training arc. Like the top three strawhates teaching the bros how to really rumble so that they can actually protect their kingdom by themselves one day.

    At least that would be more interesting to me :P.

  5. I didn’t think Hodi’s move was completely stupid. His rule would never last if the kingdom is divided like now. Isn’t there a trope page about that? Then it should be fairly obvious that he shouldn’t be underestimated: Hodi knows that a schism would be disastrous.

    Besides, nobody should think Oda would pull another Bellamy-like villain.


    But now that I thought more about this, you might be right, Kiiragi. Why would Hodi think a list of signatures from a decade ago accurately represent how the people feel today? Hodi needs a slap in the face. *slap slap slap*

  6. Hmmmm, I too think that the princess will stop this fight but I wouldn’t mind to see Luffy and Jinbe fight. I’m really itching to see how far Luffy improved. All this time Luffy only used his haki and the one improvement that we actually saw was Luffy’s new skill which was at the part where Strawhat pirates fought Surumi a.k.a the kraken.

    But I don’t think that the fishman would pose any threat towards Strawhat pirates as you can see their differences especially with Zoro, Luffy and Sanji. Their strength are actually on Shichibukai levels or maybe on par with Admirals. But I’ve been wondering if any other of Strawhats obtained haki other than Luffy.

    1. I feel like Zoro has deveolped some sense of haki, but only the prediction one/type with him having one eye and all it would be hard for him to defend on that side unless he already knew where the blow was coming from. He did train with Mihawk too

  7. This is why One Piece is #1 in my list they’ve come this far and still have so much left to tell, wheres Naruto and Bleach I’m like just killing time now a days. T3T

  8. I’m going with, Luffy’ll eventually be doing this for Shirahoshi (mermaid princess?) since she’s under his protection right now and they probably consider themselves as friends (and we all know Luffy doesn’t take too kindly to anyone messing with his peeps (God, I can’t believe I lowered myself to saying that word))

  9. Great chapter nonetheless and the poneglyph catches my attention since it’s probably the current main reason why I read One Piece now. I just mainly want to know what happened in those 100 years. Second main reason is just Luffy’s awesomeness. XD

  10. I don’t see Jinbei and Luffy fighting. He’ll probably just give in to Luffy’s opinion or someone will get between them, like Decken or one of the crew that wants them to avoid fighting each other.
    As fr Hodi, yea his moves seem to only lead to self destruction, though Oda may pull something more else out of his sleeve, like he does so well.

      1. Yeah, in that term is way worse than bleach. In Bleach at the very least they unlock some kind of new power while in Fairy Tail it is nothing but “you got defeated by friendship, deal with it!” and that is just depressing.

        Lectro Volpi
      2. LOL friendship was a totally lame way to end the crisis. But the fullbring power in Bleach was never mentioned before, and if Kubo really planned it, he would’ve dropped a hint before.

  11. Hordy only cares for the beings from Fishman District (and the ones that do not oppose him); getting rid of… say, 98% of the Merfolk population is not an issue to him.

    I really doubt about that fight. But pre-time skip Luffy was really strong, strong enough to defeat Rob Lucci in animal form. Jinbe never gave us any hint that he was on land that far above Lucci´s strength (they could be equals). Post-time skip Luffy should be totally above Jinbe by now (or must be for plot´s sake as Oda is not fond of training arcs and will probably not pull never another in OP). Remember, I am not counting Jinbe´s power underwater.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. …Fond of training arcs?
      I don’t ever remember there was really any training arc for any character…
      All characters just sort of invented thier new attacks in-battle or did so off-screen or just upgraded thier weapon in case of Nami and Usopp.
      The part right before the time-skip was one of the few where they actually trained under someone and even then it wasn’t even actually shown as of yet.

      See Key
      1. From East Blue to Sabaody there is a gap of some months. Training lasted 2 years and in Shonen that is way too much (for most Shonen characters a week or a month is enough to defeat experts with lifetime experience). I stated that Oda is most likely not going to pull never in OP a training-time skip again, they are right now virtually indestructible (plot armour, they will lose it in the New World though).

        You missed a good chance for a joke in your last post Mr. See Key: Here is the Prooof (hahaha! got it?)

        Lectro Volpi
    2. It’s amazing though… Popular shonen series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach (and I’m probably missing more) thrive on training arcs, but One Piece has few to none. Even Fairy Tail has very few, iirc.

      1. Training arcs are stupid and unnecessary. Dragon Ball taught us that. The ones that it did ok were short and funny or off-screen. There’s nothing wrong with training, but making an arc out of it only hinders plot progression. Oda and Miura learned this thankfully.

        It’ll only maybe kinda sorta work in series like HxH or JoJo. But even HxH’s Greed Island was boring as hell.

  12. Luffy still isn’t near Jinbe’s level. Luffy is now probably equal to Hancock who could also one-shot a Pacifista in the war between Whitebeard and the Navi, and Hancock is probably the weakest Shichibukai. Jinbe could hold his own against Akainu’s Magma Fist without even being underwater. People seem to forget that the Strawhats aren’t the only ones that grew stronger over the timeskip. Although I’m just speculating here, I doubt they will be fighting next chapter, Nami will probably interrupt them or they will just team up from the start.

  13. I could feel someone suggesting Jinbe just join the crew.. If he did, then an alliance outside the race issue can be formed. That way the Strawhats can fight the fishmen without looking like total races. FI did have Whitebeard’s respect.. you can say that Luffy can earn it too.


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