「軒下少女」 (Nokishita Shōjo)
“Overhanging Deck Girl”

I’ve never felt much of a connection with any of the characters other than based by looks due to lack of followup in their developments, and therefore never much enjoyed their scenes. But Erio, I had a little soft spot for her. No more annoying traits, her attempting to improve her problems, and generally being a positive person did her wonders. Erio’s increasing closeness to the Cousin became quite obvious this episode, and it was surprisingly fun seeing it.

I like whited haired characters. Not sure why. Rather than a sign of old age, it feels like purity. Generally they also have an air of mysteriousness and an appearance of hidden intelligence. Yorda from Ico is definitely one of them. Yashiro the space girl, not so much the latter (though her pocket philosophies on existing due to believing may say otherwise). A cheeky little brat that does meet the weirdness to fit in the rest of the cast, but unlike the others, may actually be a supernatural being. Her running away from home is definitely her flaw to name, and given how the arcs have come so far, the point of her and the rest of everything happening won’t be clear until the end. Did I get a kick out of Yashiro’s antics? A bit, though it felt like it went a little too long.

No episode next week. They pushed it to what seems to be a double episode finale, which will occur the week after. Ryuushi makes the remark that the winner of the last baseball game will decide whether the city or the town will run the festival, and I’m sure there’s some conflict going on there to affect all the characters recently introduced. Will Elliot make a surprise reappearance? Will Ryuushi finally confess despite already hitting Niwa over in the head with hints already? Will Maekawa somehow need to deal with her father owning conflicting shops? Will Erio finally be important to the story again? Will it change my mind about this show? Probably not.



  1. Yea, I totally agree with this post 100%. In the beggining they hooked you with Erio’s amnesia and it left me wanting to know what happened to her, but as the episodes progressed it just got left in the dark. True Erio got better but I still want to know what happened to her and such. I started losing interest in this show because of their neglect of Erio’s back story. They made such a big fuss about it in the beggining and now its nowhere to be seen.

    1. That is probably because this show is an adaption of a light novel with 8 volumes, and Shaft’s short 12 episode anime only covers volume 1-3. I don’t see the point either. Maybe they just wanted to do that series to show off their ability to make girls sparkle, like they did in Memories/Melodies, but I still hope for a second season.

  2. Was it just me that was bothered by this episode but right after Mokoto sees Yashiro at the breakfast table and he and Meme steps out into the corridor, Meme can be seen walking away from him but her feet are on the same spot despite it moving. Was it just me who noticed that? XD

    Other than that good episode. I liked the old, weird Erio. This new one is too innocent and kind for my taste haha. After all, this is anime, you might as well enjoy personality and characteristics you would never appreciate in real-life.

    I found Ryuushi getting rejected by that boy at interesting thing to know about. I wonder if he will play part in the story later as a major role (I doubt it but I can dream) and I wanna see Elliott!

  3. yashiro’s antics were enjoyable to me. she’s similar to erio before but also diff in that she’s a bit more haughty but still remains cute.
    I kinda wonder if maybe she’s related to them since even meme said she reminds her of elliot but doesnt seem likely now.
    I love both erio, the one who believed in aliens and the one who’s trying to become normal. also how some habits still remain like her futon, which makes her cute as well.

  4. There seems to be a lot of lackluster season closings coming up. I don’t see this one as such since it is possibly aiming for a second season. The episode itself made me wonder why wait until the last couple of episodes to introduce what seems to be a major character, but it never hurts… for the most part.

  5. 9 episodes explaining this and that about the aliens and suddenly a white haired girl launches a bunch of water over Niwa´s head. WERE PLAYING THOSE MIND GAMES TOGETHER. Well, no one on that city was sane after all. Hahahaha! feels like building a tall Jenga tower and then *puff*

    Lectro Volpi
  6. I don’t really care about Erio’s amnesia for now; I’ve started to like the show as soon as they give up the “main story background”.
    It’s just nice to let things happened without asking yourself “Why this” or “Why that”.

    We will get answers later, for now let’s just appreciate the “cute” part of Denpa onna to seishin otoko.

    1. That was alot of water. It looked like gallons. Can’t believe that torrent came from 1 helmet of water. Its looking more and more like there will be a seond season. All the complaints folks have had about the story and direction are valid points and yet I STILL like this series. If they are planning a second season then that would explian the pacing and a lack of bringing all the threads together. But tell us so, otherwise we think a trainwreck finale is on the horizon.

  7. This show is just all about moe , erio amnesia seem to be thrown out of the window pretty fast. But to be honest i kinda like it especially ryuushi[ko] talking with mako this episode. I don’t really want this to end, wish they continue it since it seem like alot of other character still haven’t been introduced.

  8. I like this show. The white-haired girl is really cute, even cuter than Erio I’d say, but I have a thing for characters with white hair <3 So I'm really looking forward to the final episodes, and I'm guessing there'll be a second season, because there're still a lot of unanswered questions…

  9. dude Yashiro really has supernatural powers…that was definitely an expected twist. Either that or she used some trick off screen, I prefer the former though because the twist was a very nice touch to what appeared to be a rather normal show

  10. So Yashiro the space girl does have supernatural powers? That’s an interesting turn of events
    I’m not exactly a fan of white hair characters but I do like her spunky attitude 😀

    Seishun Otoko
  11. Did anyone else get a haruhi-feeling when she stands in the pool looking at him? I just love that scene, made her my favorite in this show. Then again, it doesn’t take much to impress me ;D


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