I don’t think anyone ever doubted that Naruto would start living up to his father’s potential and eventually surpass him, but in terms of sheer speed, it looks like he’s already done just that. Back in chapter 505, all eyes were on his newly acquired Kyuubi form, and I was personally wondering if he pulled off the flying god technique that Minato was renowned for. Thirty-nine chapters later, that’s clearly not the case anymore, as Naruto once again goes for the brute force-type development (i.e. simply moving that damn fast), rather than a more tactful teleportation approach. Ninja techniques were never his strong point, so in a way, it’s kind of cool to see Naruto continue to figure out how to do things his own way, just like he did with his three-handed Rasengan (…even if I still think it’s pretty handicapped way of pulling it off).

It took longer than I imagined, but Raikage is finally convinced to let Naruto through. While a part of me wanted to see Tsunade step in, it’s hard to deny the impact of having Naruto prove himself to Raikage alone. A subtle implication from their exchange is that Naruto is now the fastest ninja in the world — a title that kind of (but not really) levels the playing field against Sasuke. That was the first case of deja vu, in relation to the flashback of Minato dodging A’s attack two chapters ago, whereas the second case was Madara taking a page out of Pain’s book and creating the Pain Rikudou, a.k.a. The Six Paths of Pain. I almost wanted to call out our ultimate antagonist’s lack of originality at the sight of the six Jinchuuriki he bestowed his eyes upon, but it has the whole nostalgia factor going for it. I just hope that it doesn’t come with a big deus ex machina again, regardless of how happy I am that Kakashi is alive from the first one.



  1. I’ve already heard people asking about it on other forums so I thought I’d address it for everyone. Madara didn’t implant Sharingan and Rinnegan in the jinchuuriki. It’s more like he’s “projecting” his own eyes through theirs. Just like with the original Six Paths of Pain, not each of those bodies had their own set of Rinnegan, it was just Nagato’s being “projected” through their eyes.

      1. The chakra recievers where so that pain could move the corpses like a sort of puppet jutsu, these corpses move using impure world ressurection instead. Projecting the eyes is a power of the Rinnegan since it’s big thing is that you can see out of all Rinnegans at the same time, thus no blind spot.

      2. @Kentaiyoshimi
        correction; it’s kishimoto 😛

        anyways, i hope this isn’t a death flag for bee =S since bringing out the resurrected jinchuuriki could only mean madara’s about to sic ’em at naruto & bee… i mean, he was saving them up for that confrontation right?

        here’s to hoping naruto throws something else aside from kage bunshin spam and one large rasengan! or elongating limbs.

  2. Sheer speed vs. teleportation. Naruto the fastest Ninja alive…?

    This chapter made me remember way back when Naruto was still learning from Kakashi. Kakashi told him there will always be a ninja with better abilities and more powerful jutsu than he would ever be able to attain. In other words, there is always someone stronger.

    It would appear for the first time in the Naruto Manga he has in fact become the pinnacle of power, at least in one major area… speed.

    I am also glad this chapter set up what will happen in the future. Shikamaru’s father appears to need Naruto’s “evil intent sensing ability” to fight the White Zetsus. But then, they bring out the new six Paths… which kind of threw me for a loop.

  3. I wonder if the Jinchuurikis could still use their Bijuus in this form
    I know it’s inevitable but I’m a bit disappointed that Naruto and Sasuke have become so overpowered that it has rendered the rest of the characters moot
    Wonder how many more years they can drag this on. Naruto is essentially God-like at this point.

    Seishun Otoko
    1. They will drag this on as long as possible. At the least I say 3…4…maybe 60 years lol

      In any case, Naruto and Sasuke becoming the two strongest characters was a given from the moment Sasuke went rouge and Naruto pledged to bring him back. It’s the whole ‘ultimate showdown’ thing. It wouldn’t be ultimate if they could still be bested by anyone else. That said, I’m fine with Naruto being god-like, but I believe I’ve stated on more than one occasion how I think Sasuke is just a horrible villain as well as character.

      Literally nothing about him is interesting to me. If it wasn’t for Sasuke I would be in love with this series, but knowing that he’s ‘next in line’ or the ‘final bad guy’ just ruins and excitement I have for the events to come.

      1. Bleach did the same thing until Aizen fought Ichigo and Ichigo lost his powers and Aizen went to the big house. This reset the playing field for Ichigo’s god like powers. They just kept powering the 2 of them up until Ichigo could finally defeat god like Aizen with his own god like powers and Kubo hit the reset button.

        I’m guessing things will keep ramping up until Naruto beats Sasuke or Madara. I’m also predicting Show Spoiler ▼

  4. well the first time he pulled off the full kyuubi he ended up moving so fast he broke his bones (legs or fist i don’t remember). He was faster than his considerable physical training could handle. He probably has at least 1 or 2 more levels he can crank it up to, as long as its and important fight. Enduring unbelievable pain is his main attribute of course so when the time comes whats a few dozen broken bones?

    10 bucks says that since naruto is back in action at least half of those shown at the end of the chapter are going to be pulverized by him in a attempt to highlight his new strength.

  5. While It is great to finally see Naruto coming around to being even faster than the Raikage, I still think his new technique is limited compared to Minato’s. At least the way I saw it, Minato could teleport anywhere he sealed his mark or had his special kunai, regardless of how far the distance to be traveled is. In essence, he could teleport there. Naruto is indeed the fastest when it comes to close range or combat distance, but he would have to run his lightning fast ass to wherever he wanted to go (long distance) instead of merely teleporting. Still great, but just saying in long distance traveling he’s still not there yet.

  6. How the heck did Naruto gain the Yellow Flash speed within 15 minutes(just guessing)? He was not able to dodge it before right?

    I m so confused!!!!!! >.< Its getting more complicated! Where is Sasuke(I hate him, to be honest, he's such an emo DX)? Tsunade was really good, but I wanted her to fight so darn much!
    Its not that I didn't like it, but this parents concept is a little old…

    Now I m thinking too much… =.=

  7. Raikage being realistic and wanting some proof from Bee and Naruto was really cool. Not buying “trust me” speeches. Hell I like you. You can come over to my house and have some cereal.

    :Sadfrog: for the Jinchuus; if they are Pains then they have no personalities. I will never see Yugito again.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Maybe because she got defeated by an immortal opponent and kakuzu with his five elements?
      And don’t forget the part where that room crumbled down on them in an effort to crush those 2.

      1. i’m assuming that was a typo and we’re talking about yugito/2-tails jinchuuriki? kakuzu was sitting down so it’s implied, i guess, that he stood back for most of the fight? and, shikamaru solo’d hidan and he’s not a jinchuuriki.

        without the bijuu, the jinchuuriki seem really pathetic. well, they’ve sort-of got an upgrade now, i guess, since if there’s anything constant in narutoverse, it’s that freaky eyes own everyone.

  8. Anyone find it weird how much trust Madara is putting in Kabuto right now?
    The 6th paths of Pain were Pains biggest strength. It’s kind of what makes the Rinnegan so strong.
    But with using Kabuto’s impure world resurrections as his 6th paths…
    Kabuto can get unsummon them anytime he wants.

  9. i guess those were the only 6 bodies madara had, i would rather take kazekages or hokages( yea i no they are all sealed) or even those 7 swordmans, theres alot of other good choices madara( unless they still retain their tailes chakra then that would be different kind of)

    1. haxx sharingan of course XD “i can see everything with my sharingan” and all that. not to mention, sasuke’s should now be capable of using madara’s ghost-like jutsu because of the itachi-eyes transplant.

      then there’s still tsukuyomi. naruto’s still retarded enough to look sasuke in the eye while he tries to convince him :/ well, that’s what i’ve surmised anyways

  10. Itachi implanted Naruto with anti-Sharingan spell which allows Naruto not to be consumed by Tsukuyomi or Amaterasu, it would only trigger probably during the real battle confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke.

    1. while itachi did implant an “anti-sharingan” spell, it will probably be a one-use thing. sasuke’s version was an amaterasu-counter should madara attempt tsukuyomi. seeing as naruto doesn’t have the sharingan, i don’t think he’ll be using amaterasu anytime soon…

      having said that….hrmmm…. ‘__’… kishimoto seems to be overusing the chakra=soul/memory thingy with naruto (he’s got what, kyuubi, minato, AND kushina’s chakra-memory inside of him?)… itachi’s ‘gift’ is prolly his chakra imprint so he can banhammer whoever tries to tsukuyomi naruto ~_~;

  11. i bet in the final battle of sasuke and naruto – sasuke will die after turning to the good side and regreting leave naruto and his friends. I think its the best ending, I hate sasuke

    PS sakura can join him to that blind B***H


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