「じゃあな」 (Jyaana)
“See you”

In an unexpected turn of events, the whole idea of a love triangle was destroyed single handedly with one episode. While I feel a little apprehensive about making such a bold statement, I’d have to say that things don’t feel like they’re going the way I thought they originally might have. At least, not for the next few episodes.

As if Ohana had somehow read my mind, everything that’s happened thus far would make a great foundation for a new Japanese drama that takes a different angle on things. I personally wouldn’t have the camera focus on Ohana, but that’s exactly what makes things more interesting. You have the girl with a handful of problems that’s distraught about how to deal with her crush, the cute guy who is focused on the girl who’s not focused on him and fails to notice the girl who’s into him, and the original guy who is so out of the loop that he isn’t too important.

With such a caustic combination of characters fighting for different things, the drama that builds up around them is nearly as bad as their internal drama. Not only does Ohana have to deal with what’s going on around her but Igarashi manages to come out of left field and starts to create a ton of different problems. After throwing her manners out the window in hopes of swaying Ohana’s feelings, it was getting difficult to watch Ohana struggle with what to do. So difficult that I was on the verge of shedding a few tears as I watched Ohana try to push Ko away from her. Can you imagine how bad it’d feel to think of yourself as the bad guy in any situation? The only thing that had me going was watching Ohana exert an amazing amount of willpower to say the things she thought was right to say. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d have to courage to say those things to someone who I really liked. Which is all the more reason Ohana is one of my favorite characters this season!

At the same time, I was caught a little off guard with the sudden switch from relationship problems to Ohana’s family life. Right when Tohru started to really start showing his interest (or was it Minchi being extra jealous?) the entire topic of relationships just disappeared! But to be honest, I’m really excited to see what’s in store for us. As Ohana’s mom started to show off an entirely different side that we haven’t seen yet, I remember that I couldn’t stop smiling after listening to her sound so motherly. Something about watching her actually try to get things straightened up in her life for Ohana’s sake completely changed my entire view of her. A mother who’s trying to make things right between her only child? Yes.

So, who’s ready for some Okami versus Satsuki fighting next week?




  1. and looks like I was right.
    shame on those who voted satsuki as the BEST MOM of the year.

    I really like how tohru was able to be mature through it all. he tried to block out his feelings by distracting himself and was also willing to let ohana go for ko. ko was also understanding but ive not really seen enough of a personality on him so not much I can decide on him.

    1. I really like how tohru was able to be mature through it all. he tried to block out his feelings by distracting himself and was also willing to let ohana go for ko. ko was also understanding but ive not really seen enough of a personality on him so not much I can decide on him.

      I don’t think that Tohru is in love with Ohana. He finds her to be very cute. In terms of romance though, he probably considers her to be too young for him. Some of the interactions he’s had with her, such as the strawberry eating, brought her inside his walls, and forced him to look at her a little differently. And because of this, to notice that she’s attractive. But I’m not sure that he looks at her much differently than he looks at Yuina or Satsuki.

      I think this is one of her talents although she doesn’t know how to consciously apply it. Her open, searching, dreaming personality can obviously affect others. Witness Minko’s development, or the changes in Sui. This inn has been unchanging for decades but its story only begins when Ohana comes to work there. I’m also curious to see if Minko will change how she interacts with Tohru.

      I agree that Kou has been personality-free from the beginning of the series. Ohana must see something more in him but probably only because she’s been so close to him for many years. Having said that, Igarashi sees something in him as well. But whatever it is, it’s never presented on screen.

  2. Satsuki is actually a pretty decent parent? Plot twist of the decade.

    Anyways, this was a really good episode, hell, it probably was just as good as 11. I feel really bad for Minchi though; this episode she totally got shafted by Tohru for Ohana this episode.

  3. This anime is frustrating me now, but in a good way, since I want something to turn out right but nothing’s being resolved. Satsuki made me smile this episode as well. And is it just me or did the way Tohru treat Minko just seem…too much? (her near barfing session really annoyed me).

  4. Took you some time for a new post, Takaii, you might as well have waited just another 2 days for episode 13 to come out and then cover both episodes in one go.

    Poor Minchi, it’s painful watching how she’s slowly realizing her unrequited love is coming to nothing.

    For some reason, I find Namiko cute, not only with her appearance, but her assertiveness in contrast to Ohana’s hesitation.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. I don’t like her, is the last to arrive, she seems to know nothing about Ko and Ohana and also said she wouldn’t forgive Ohana when is Ko the one who made the problem.

      Yeah, she seems a good girlfriend for Ko, she is dumb as he is.

      1. even without knowing them, she hits the right spot. ohana is unknowingly trampling on ko’s generosity for her. asking him for help yet doesnt answer his confession. at best she could have said she’s confused and needs some space for now if she doesnt feel the same way. its pretty realistic imo.
        she probably knows ko at least, enough to fall for him. she mightve met him earlier before the story started or during the time ohana was away. she could have heard about ohana through ko, seen her with ko before or just guessed her after being rejected by ko.

        ko and namiko are both good persons. just that the person they are attracted to dont feel the same. both are going to big depths for their beloved. willing to wait for their attention. arent disgruntled by their crush indecisiveness.

        they are far from being a dumb person.

      2. Thank you amado for putting the exact words into my mouth.

        There is no such thing as an unlikable person in such a situation, only bad timing. So I usually roll my eyes and facepalm whenever someone blindly says “I hate this rival” simply because he’s a shipper of a certain pairing.

        For the record, I’m a Ohana x Nakochi shipper. lol

        Kinny Riddle
      3. Unfortunately I don’t think we are going to see much of Namiko, because her directness gives the love-pentagon a refreshing balance. [IIRC] It’s not common for teenagers to be so decisive, but there should be at least one in this lot!

        Double unfortunately, Ohana has taken the reality check quite hard. So instead of giving a clear answer she’ll continue to (try to) distance herself from Ko in the hope that he’ll get the hint. Which he won’t obviously, because he is pining for her. They’re as bad as each other; to hell with anyone who says otherwise.

        I’d rather they didn’t stretch the ship-teasing like this, but it seems realistic (from what I remember of teenage romance, at least!) and it is preferable to the Fixer-Sue episodes we’ve been subjected to.

        J Jay
      4. 1- She doesn’t know anything about Ohana and her situation because Ko is not the person who talks and the little talk that are shown between Namiko and Ko are about his unrequited love without the details of Ohana. And I doubt she would say that to Ohana if she knew Ohana’s situation. So she doesn’t want to know.

        2- You can’t pretend to have a proper answer quickly when you confess to a girl who hasn’t think about you in a romantic way, when she has to leave her house by force, arrives at a place which he have to work by force, she doesn’t find any people supporting her at first, have a pervert tiying up her, go to a new school, have to think how can she help in the inn, etc, etc and the only good thing you came up is to visit her in her most busy day, with her grandmother in the hospital, without asking first.

        3- Having in count all of that, I wouldn’t have time to think about the confession. Not counting he only confessed because Ohana left.

        I’m not supporting couples at all, Ohana is not my favorite character and is true she is slow, but she hadn’t time to think about love. But Ko, for god’s sake, everything he does makes the situation worst. One thing is to be a good person and another thing is to do thing without thinking the consequencies or situation first, and that’s what Ko and Namiko did.

      5. In short, Ko is a charming good boy with good intentions and no brain. And I don’t like those characters because they always get the worst part and they think it’s their fault. I would like him if he starts to change to a more mature character, like Ohana is starting to, but I don’t think that is going to happen seeing how things are setting up with Ohana, Minko and Tohru and 15 episodes left, also Yuina, Okami and Ohana’s uncle need more plot and I’m quite sure they’ll get it. So probably he will staying as a good dumb boy.

      6. hmm, i don’t really see how Kou hasn’t matured, or at least not as naive, compared to ‘6 months’ ago (as far as the progress of the show has shown)
        His response to Namiko seemed to be a proper response to me, he still has Ohana in his mind, how can he just go into a relationship with Namiko? it is that Namiko at the same time, still has Kou in her mind, and herself waiting.

        and talking about maturity, i guess one of the main characteristic this show (or perhaps many shows) is catching people’s attention, is the frustration, the bittersweet and the sourness of youth. i don’t think there’ll be as much drama if everyone acted very maturely.

  5. I wonder if Tohru hasn’t realized Minko’s interest, yet he doesn’t want to complicate things since she’s relying on her job and learning to be a chef to get by. Supposing he would be interested in the first place. Thinking back on how he brought Minko into the kitchen, so far he isn’t really treating Ohana any different. He just seems to go above and beyond for people who care.

  6. I am interested in how Satsuki asked/convinced Okami to take Ohana in, considering how Satsuki was disowned.

    And then that leads me to being curious about how Satsuki got disowned. Did she walk out, got kicked out, or eloped with Ohana’s dad (who is never mentioned)?

    And then this leads me to be curious about Minchi’s family. lol. Considering how her parents were against her dreams of being a chef, and she’s living at the inn. I wonder if Ohana’s family problems will make Minchi reflect on her own?

  7. My oh my imagine the perfect storm of 3 generations of the strong-willed, individualistic and uncompromising women…
    Tohru-kun gains 100 gentlemen points for sleeping on the chair…
    Girls generate yuri field over 9000 by sleeping together…
    Ohana’s inability to communicate with Ko-chan reaches proportions of Kimi no todoke…

    1. …and minus 50 points for making Minko eat ’till she barfs…(you didn’t forget that did you?)

      …It was quite interesting to see the love triangle and the main plot being mixed up like that (with the “comedy” mixed in there as well)

  8. Satsuki vs. Okami! I was waiting for this since a long time!!! Minchi didn’t seem jealous, so overall she seemed a really mature character… (much more than someone else… >.>)

    Ohana is my favorite from the start of the show… XD

    1. All we need now is for the revealed revelation of Satsuki raping Enishi 16 years ago. When she was 22 years old and him 16. Resulting her getting pregnant with an incest born child, causing her to be disowned.

      Rekindling their love, booting Takako out of the job and story. That’ll stir things up a little[lot].

  9. I actually felt bad for Ohana and her relationship with Ko. Igarashi was way too harsh on Ohana I reckon (though it is understandable as she wants to be with Ko) because I believe this whole thing is Ko’s fault! Sure, Ohana was the one unable to give an answer, but come on, Ko confessed to Ohana, then runs off and did not show up to say goodbye. It has put Ohana in an awkward position where she doesn’t know what to do or what to say to Ko. If Ko had some balls he should have asked her again or at least stayed until he got an answer from Ohana the first time. Also I think he gave up way too early when he tried to visit Ohana, only to find that the hotel was fully booked. There are other hotels in the area he could have stayed at and waited for Ohana. It seems to be that he too is running away, fearing rejection fron Ohana.

  10. I’m going to say that I love Ohana.

    She’s flawed in so many ways (headstrong, contradicts herself, indecisive, etc.) that it makes her human and given that this is a coming of age story, she has tons of room to grow and “bloom” so to speak. So, I like rooting for her to get through her troubles. Yes even her indecisiveness because I can relate to her.

    Again, I just can’t bring myself to like Ko.

    I’m still trying to figure out why I don’t like him. There’s just something about him that I don’t like and I can’t put my finger on it.

    Also the whole making Minchi barf thing was comical in my eyes. I’ve been told to puke when I couldn’t hold it in. If anything it seemed to me more of a “man up” comment towards her. (Which I believe was shown to reinforce that he doesn’t view her as a ‘woman/girl’ but more like a buddy/co-worker. If he saw her in a romantic way, don’t you think he’d be reacting differently? Perhaps more worried and concerned but that wasn’t the case.)

  11. I think the last sentence that ohana said pretty much said it all about her relationship with ko. “she can’t go back” Unfortuately she found a home and she wants to stay there. This is tough but i think ohana and ko will have to move on from each other. But ohana mother is so funny she has so much personally that at times its hard to hate her. She is not perfect but she atleasts understands her kid. I think for parents they can be so blinded doing their jobs, making interesting decisions, and making things work out to take care of their children that they forget to show them that they care. I like that ohana mom acknowledge that.

  12. Even after all this, I still can’t get attached to Ko’s character, I don’t hate him of course, but I’m not interested by him, that’s all.
    Same for Minchi, I can’t get myself to feel bad for her, I don’t feel well acquainted enough with her either to feel strongly about her.
    In the end, while they made a true effort to divide the attention to most of the characters, Ohana stays the one which gives off the strongest impression of all; and my liking Tohru might be due to the fact I’m usually attracted to tsunderes more than what he showed of himself until now I suppose? I like his cool attitude though.

    End of the line: frustrating. I know they are trying to make it realistic, and that people’s feelings don’t get sort out in a flash, but I still think some things are getting dragged out.

  13. Can’t really see why so many folks dislike Ko. :/ Its cuz he’s too human!

    Its not that he’s feeble. How many of us stay friends with our exes (irrelevant but it makes a point)? How many of us can still be comfortable around friends who confessed romantic feelings for us?

    My friend got confessed to by her close guy friend. She didn’t like him and things got so awkward between them and now they just avoid each other like the plague. Which is really sad imo, because 2 good friends just became strangers like that.

    By avoiding the issue at hand, he’s just trying to salvage and maintain his friendship with Ohana. Even if it means acting as if nothing has happened. Even if his feelings aren’t reciprocated, he still wants to keep his friendship with her. He can’t obtain that if the “confession & answer” still hangs around their shoulders. It would just create that awkward atmosphere and put pressure on Ohana. Which he doesn’t want. Saying he should be more aggressive, well sometimes being aggressive can do more damage. Hence back to my friend’s story, it was because the guy was aggressive, that the rift was created between them. By being persistent, he drove her farther away. “Even if she doesn’t like you, try to win her heart~!” Sometimes that doesn’t work. *cough*

    Seeing how she also never gave him an answer in MONTHS but still chats with him. If I confessed to a guy and he never gave me an answer in months but still talks to me, really, what, what am I gonna do? lol. How am I suppose to respond to that? “So uh, about what I said to you 3 months ago …”

    1. I’m in that situation for 8 months now, so I know what Ko can feel. It’s sad, but if 3 months later you haven’t got an answer and are still thinking about her, sry pal, you are losing your time and strengh, she doesn’t deserve you. Live goes on.

      1. To tell you the truth, sometimes you’ll fell like you need someone so much that you won’t even think about moving on. I think its not about what Ko should do, but what his heart desires. Moving on because he thinks its a waste of time will break his heart so much that he will never recover (i know i wont). Sometimes you just need to LOVE and put logic out of the equation.

        Anime>Sleep Otaku
  14. Personally, I like Ko. That’s because I’m the same kind of guy who still wants to be friends with a girl even if it seems to be unrequited. But I think a little more focus on his character is warranted, as is the case with Minchi, Sui, and Enishi. Ren’s so cool he needs none.

  15. I still like Ko and I still think Ohana needs to be more honest and realize her true feelings, but I really have no more expectations lol. I’m just going to sit back and watch it unfold. I have a feeling I’ll be happy with how everything turns out when all’s said and done ^-^


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