「四十万の女~傷心MIX~」 (Shijima no Onna ~Shoushin Mix~)
“The Shijima Women ~ Heartbreak MIX ~”

I never expected the curveball that this episode threw at us. I was expecting something along the lines where Satsuki would gracefully walk into Kissuiso and get living crap slapped out of her face. Instead, I was graced with one of the most heartwarming episodes thus far and saw a side of Okami that I thought wouldn’t be revealed for quite some time.

While Okami may come off as cold and stern a times, it’s clear where her heart lies. After witnessing her devotion to Kissuiso and seeing just how far she’ll go to please the customer, it was a huge relief to watch that she still places her family in high regard. Sure it might have originally been under the guise of trying to please the customer, but her intentions were clear as day. I personally was really curious about just how bad things were between Satsuki and Okami. Apparently, a little bit of sake and a daughter/granddaughter is enough to overlook the inherent problems that might exist. Either that or it would seem that both Okami and Satsuki are pretty heavy drinkers! However, I’d like to believe that it was Ohana getting drunk off of juice that brought the two together.

On the other hand, Okami’s two children seem to have personalities on opposite ends of the spectrum — Satsuki on the wild side with Enishi ending up on the wimpy side. As the flashbacks started to roll in, it was easy to see where her resentment for Okami would come from. But as I watched her give out all kinds of good advice and compliments to all the staff, I’d like to say that by the end of this series things might patch themselves up and bring a broken family together. I don’t know about you but it was pretty heartwarming listening to Okami talk about how she had envisioned Kissuiso being run by Satsuki with Ohana at her side. Any self respecting parent is always working to provide the best future for their children and I think Satsuki just noticed what her mother has been trying to do.

With things ending on a positive note, the preview sequence had me questioning just how bad things are about to get from here. With Ohana’s heart finally able to accept that Ko might not share the same feelings as she does, hearing someone (Minko) ask if someone (Tohru?) is going to ask someone (Ohana?) out got my heart racing. Can you imagine just how bad things would get if Tooru tried to have a relationship with Ohana? Besides the fact that Ohana is technically exiting a relationship and that they’re co-workers, I don’t want to watch Minko relapse into hating Ohana. Seeing how they’re finally so friendly now, it’d be disappointing to watch all their hard work go to waste.




  1. I’m suspicious that Satsuki spiked Ohana’s juice with sake…
    Do you think Okami-san is trying to rope Satsuki into inheriting Kisuiso? With Ohana as “technical advisor” and “plan B” successor?

  2. i don’t know if the subs i was following was wrong or not but, technically, ko didn’t dump ohana; even megane-chan said ko was still hung up on ohana o_oa… so i don’t really understand why ohana was believing satsuki and okami that “ko dumped her”.

    owh wells, was still a great episode. i rather pitied enishi with how he knows he’s out of the loop yet still is okay about it.

    1. That’s more like what I saw (minus subs) … Ohana is not going to pursue Ko for the time being because she is happy at the inn, but she has acknowledged her feelings for him.

      Now *if* I’ve got this right, it makes the apology at the shrine as useless as it was touching. The situation in Tokyo is the same; Ko [and by extension Natuski] are still left waiting for Ohana to make her move (now that she’s made up her mind). However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tohru getting in there first, which would put Minko and Ohana back on a rocky footing.

      I like the show, but dammit I want to slap most of the characters. Actually, that’s probably why I like watching!

      J Jay
    2. On Ohana being dumped… Ohana was referring to the end of their last phone conversation, where she said “Later,” and he replied, “See ya”. She thought that meant that there would never be a “later”. Like any young person in love, she started to overanalyze the statement, leading her to believe that he had, in effect, dumped her.

      1. i see. that makes sense i guess. oh the potential drama for this if ever this gets addressed again! but ya, the impact of that scene where she acknowledged her feelings for ko didn’t touch me as much as it should’ve since i kept pondering that problem. still, it’s nice to see ohana back to her usual spirited self

  3. Perhaps Minko will be able to avoide the pitfall of rekindled animosity towards Ohana; it seems to me she’s already aware of Tohru’s true feelings, and if she hasn’t given Ohana the cold shoulder by now because of that, it’s unlikely she will snap out and do it later. Hopefully she will realize that she’s also at fault for not being open about her feelings for Tohru.

  4. When Okami slapped her son the first time I laughed hard out loud. When she did it that way the second time my eyes went wide like saucers. O.O I thought he was gonna pass out. That almost bordered on overdoing it. Although it was a good way to show the underlying tension involved for sure.

    1. This is something I was wondering about since quite some time now – If theres a character getting “drunk” on juice, do they actually mean juice or is it just a sort of excuse along the lines of “meh, they got drunk, but they are minor after all… Oh wait, what about juice?”

      Also, am I hearing things or was it indeed Itou Kanae that voiced Satsuki in that short flashback?

      Van Cockenberg
      1. Its illegal in Japan to show minors drinking alcohol on TV. It was probably a convenient way to censor the show so we can get Ohana on a drunken rant without the alcohol.

  5. Finally! The Ohana at the end of the episode is the Ohana I’ve wanted to see since early in the series. This should mean we get at least a few episodes (hopefully more than just a few) without Ko dragging the show down.

  6. It seems like most reviewers, in this blog at least, doesn’t seem to approve for TohruxOhana.
    I can’t say I’m really supporting them either, I didn’t see enough of them to pass an accurate judgement, but most of you guys seem to not even want to see how it would go at all? Is it all for Minchi? But personally, as of now, she didn’t really impact me that much either, at least not to the point I would feel truly bad for her if Tohru doesn’t look her way ^^;
    In the end, my first impression, that Ohana might end up getting ‘paired up with her job’ seems to be the most likely ending as of now~

    1. I approve of Tohru x Ohana. I like the unexpected romantic development winning over a childhood crush. Mainly because I find the childhood crush = true love to be a naive and childish form of love suitable to Twilight fans.

      Have you ever seen 27 Dresses? I found it charming for the fact that the two characters had such an amusing antagonistic relationship and it won out over a stupid unrequited crush the female lead had.

      1. Just want to say that I love that movie xD It’s really cute, isn’t it?

        But it wasn’t an unexpected development either. Nor was 27 Dresses. It’s painfully obvious how they set these things up. I was hoping they wouldn’t go with making Tohru SUDDENLY-AND-OBVIOUSLY-AND-MADLY infatuated with Ohana, but they did, and it muddles his characterization for me a bit. I’d rather learn about him, and not his cliche feelings for the main character.
        In 27 Dresses it was clear from the beginning that she was never going to end up with her boss- that was a plot device to get her with this guy. They think they’re being clever with the formula of “old-crush vs. new-snarky-guy”, but it’s not (in 27 Dresses, even though it could be seen early on, the chemistry was done EXTREMELY well). What would really be a cool ending, I think, is if Ohana ended up with neither of them (though I love her with Ko). Like, sometime in the future, married to a man we never met in the show, because this is a story about her growth, and how many teenage loves really work out? In anime they do, but I’d love to see an older Ohana reflecting on how all of this shaped her and made her a stronger person.

        I also agree with the childhood crush = true love being an annoying cliche, so yeah, that leads to my hope for the ending! xD

      2. My problem with the Tohru ship is that it hurts his characterization. Its halfway through the series and it hasn’t moved from a shallow crush. He was much more interesting when he was a stern, slightly mean but decent hard-working person. Now the only definition he has is “That guy who has a crush on an underage girl”. And it doesn’t look like its making any progress at all, while Ko has been tripping even more flags.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Hanasaku%20Iroha/Hanasaku%20Iroha%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2006.jpg
    For some reason, I’m very interested in how on earth Satsuki managed to bought Nakochi over. Just exactly what happened when Nako was serving Satsuki tea in her room? Hmmm… (Nudge Nudge Wink Wink)

    Am I the only one that went “F*** YEAH!” when Okami bitch-slapped Enishi to his senses? About high time he stopped relying on that fraud of a managing consultant Takako.

    Next episode, more Yuina at last. And swimsuits? Consider me signed on for the second part of the series. (I do wonder if Yuina’s screentime is related to Tomatsu Haruka’s schedule with AnoHana, where she had to do Anaru. Now that AnoHana is finished, we should hopefully see more Yuina. )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Mind you, Okami’s comments that she shouldn’t see Satsuki or she might slap her. I think Enishi was forced to take all his sister’s slaps. … Not that he didn’t deserve it himself, it was probably all a long time in coming, but he just got thrashed as whipping boy.

      Amazing episode.

  8. Pardon the second post as the first was getting long, this deals more with the plot for anyone interesting in reading.

    When Enishi carried a drunk Okami back to her room and commented on how much lighter his mother’s become lately, for a moment I do have a thought as to whether Okami might be at the end of her days.

    For all intents and purposes, is it safe to say that Ohana has given up on Ko? Though Okami’s own confession of having to confess to her future husband (Ohana’s granddad) 5 times before he finally gave in might give Ohana some sort of (false?) hope that she might still win Ko back.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. The same thought about Okami-san possibly being terminally ill passed my head, she might try to maneuver Satsuki into inheriting Kisuiso, with Ohana as “technical advisor”.

  10. I’m fairly positive that by the end of the series, Okami is going to die. There have been death flags all over the place, so I’m expecting some great drama from it way later on.

    Otherwise, I’m starting to like Satsuki. I enjoy her personality. I don’t think she’s a great, or even good mother, but she knows that herself and accepts her flaws. Embraces them and moves on enjoying life. There’s something oddly endearing about her.

    And as for this whole love-triangle thing, it would come between Minko and Ohana. Minko can see Tohru’s feelings, but she hasn’t done anything and she’s not holding it against Ohana because she can also see that Ohana doesn’t feel the same way. Therefore, she’s smart enough to realize that it’s not Ohana’s fault Tohru likes her and isn’t holding that against her. But if Ohana and Tohru went out, she could hold that against her because Ohana knows full well of Minko’s feelings and doing that would be an emotional slap in the face to her with just how much she loves him. Ohana supports Minko with Tohru, so I can’t see her ever agreeing to go out with him, personally. At the same time, I can’t see a relationship between them even working out. Their personalities are much more suited to being friends/co-workers rather than a serious romantic relationship.
    So in short, unless Ohana does something with Tohru purposely, she’s in the good with Minko. Minko and her have become friends and I love that- they’re both learning a lot from each other. I hope Tohru gets over this infatuation with Ohana, because it continues to baffle and annoy me.

    PLUS YAY FOR YUINA. With all that teasing of her in the ED, there better be a lot more Yuina action to make up for the first half of this show.

    1. Still don’t see how Tohru is “randomly throwing himself” on to Ohana.

      Have you not paid to any prior episodes where Ohana’s impulsive acts to bring him back twice left an impact on him? How about the episode where he saw her wearing those costumes Takako suggested?

      So tell me how exactly is he throwing himself on her for the sake of throwing himself on her?

      I’m just curious because I fail to see how you see it being random. It’s been made clear that he has formed an attraction towards her over the course of the show.

      1. … really? I think I already went into an explanation about my opinion in… the post a couple episodes ago where I actually said that xD;; Not to mention that’s the exact same reply you gave me back then. Why didn’t you just reply to my actual response?

        And to add on since it’s been four episodes, I’ll sum things up: I’m not saying that his attraction happened in one episode and that there weren’t “hints” about it over a course of episodes. I’m saying that one episode he has absolutely no attraction to her, and the next, he’s suddenly gazing into space like a puppy while thinking about her and this carried on for a while, but they made it feel like it was actually developing.. The development was too rushed, too forced, and too quick. fragb85 said it well too about how they did a 180 with his characterization because of it: https://randomc.net/2011/06/30/hanasaku-iroha-13/comment-page-1/#comment-676600

      2. I agree with you. I find that tohru is a mature guy and has been giving subtle hints about noticing ohana and in time he started to get more interested. I don’t see him “consciously” chasing her but I like how he has handle the whole situation at this point. I think minchi mentioned she tagged along to help him find her. Takaii gave the advice “if a girl runs you chase her” He did along with minchi. It bothered him that she likes someone else but he handled that pretty well too. She was being unfair ko and I think this was his attempt for her to reconcile with him. Lastly I love the conversation he had with ohana mother he was so mature when they were talking about the heart of matter as to why she was going back to the inn. Well that is just my opinion. I don’t think his “crush” was rushed, its just that he is surprisely really good at handling serious situations and I don’t see him being forceful about his feelings either. I think I’ll wait to see how the second half plays out. There is still so much to cover family issues, love life, growing up, etc.

  11. That slapping seemed funny to me too, only with a slight tone of seriousness after it. It actually made me quite nostalgic for the first episode, when that double slap she gave then felt much more powerful to me, rather than more of a comedic tone it had here.

    I also felt pretty bad for Enishi when he said he felt left out. First slapped, and then basically ignored – poor guy.

    This episode also helped me to start to see the good side of Satsuki, though it was a shame it was so short. I really expected a lot more drama when Ohana’s mom came back so it was slightly disappointing.

    Here’s hoping that Nako and Yuina get some more screen time and development.

    1. seeing how little backbone he has shown during this first half of the series, I’m not surprised.

      Though I’m more surprised on the alcohol tolerance throughout the family…

      1. I suppose it’s not that unexpected, but I still feel sorry for the guy. It helps to explain a lot about him such as the head waitress said about Takako. It also seems like to me he went to school for management to help the inn, and yet his mother doesn’t seem to appreciate that and instead only has Satsuki in mind.

        As for the alcohol tolerance, knowing Satsuki’s personality it’s not that surprising she’s used to drinking. And Okami, I’m sure had to have a drink or two over the years to keep up her appearance when tending to guests.

  12. I agree, I really don’t want to see Minchi and Ohana’s relationship break down after they’ve made such progress (especially Michi). I actually think Minchi is a pretty sensible person and she really likes Ohana- I’m basing this off of the fact that, despite her seeing how Tohru pays extra close attention to Ohana, she hasn’t been cold towards Ohana at all. On the other hand, when Ohana got sick and thought the inn didn’t need her, she tried to let her see this wasn’t true. She also went with Tohru to look for Ohana, was the first to get out of the car and run towards her (at least that’s how I remember- didn’t she call her name out too?), and let her cry all over her. I’d like to think that despite how she might feel towards Tohru, that Ohana is much more important to her as a friend. But I really do feel bad for Minchi so I wish it didn’t go in the OhanaxTohru direction at all.

  13. I loved this episode. It was just… fantastic all around.
    I like that Ohana has made a decision for now. She cannot go back to Tokyo because she’s moved on, and it’s great that she’s not wavering between Tokyo and Kissuisou for Kou’s sake as well as her own.
    Though as unique as it would be for this show to drop the Kou storyline and focus on Ohana moving on from him, (something that actually happens in real life) I think that Kou will return.
    The question for me then is “will Tohru and Ohana get together and then break up? or will Ohana dodge Tohru’s feelings?” I’m excited by either to be honest.
    As for Minchi, I’ve been very impressed by how she’s been handling the OhanaxTohru thing. She could go back to hating Ohana, but she hasn’t so far, and hopefully that’s a good indication for her future behavior. I can’t predict whether she and Tohru will ever have a chance though… ^^’ for her sake though, I hope she does.
    The Okami Satsuki Ohana trio certainly opens up some new possibilities in Kissuisou’s future. With Okami showing the signs of old age, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see her relinquish the position to someone else, but the question would be who? I like the idea of Satsuki and Ohana there.

  14. My quick predictions for the ending:

    1. Okami and Satsuki reconcile.
    2. Okami dies.
    3. Satsuki will succeed the inn because she WANTS to.
    4. Ohana and Ko end up together.
    5. Minchi and Tohru don’t end up together.

  15. What about the whole loss of customers and that article? Is her mother gonna write another article or what? Seems like they’re sidestepping that whole issue. Basically I want to see that new hotel taken down.


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