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OP: 「君+謎+私でJUMP!!」 (Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de JUMP!!) by Larval Stage Planning (桐島愛里, 舞崎なみ, 朝見凛) (Kirishima Airi, Maisaki Nami, Asami Rin)
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「僕とみんなと海水浴っ!」 (Boku to Minna to Kaisuiyoku!)
“Me, Everyone, and Sea Bathing!”

In terms of an episode to start off a sequel, Baka Test really knows how to really get back into the swing of things. Walking into this, the only thing I remembered was that classes fought each other to advance into nicer classrooms and that Hideyoshi was actually a guy. As simplistic as that explanation was, I was surprised how interesting the first episode was even though it basically just a quick crash course on all the hilarious characters that populate this show.

After getting past the fact that Hideyoshi is actually a guy, I noticed how much I missed listening to Shimono Hiro voice our main protagonist Akihisa. Besides wondering if Elsie might pop out from the shadows somewhere, it does feel a bit strange hearing Shimono’s voice without extra otakuish words coming out. Then again his voice seems perfect for Akihisa, the dumbest but boldest of the bunch. But who could forget the budding rivalry between Himeji and Minami? While I’m usually on the tsurupettan side of things since they usually have something outstanding that makes up for the lack of a chest, Himeji’s charm is hard to deny. Plus when they team up against Akihisa, it’s hard to pick which one to root for! Then there’s Shouko’s violent leash on Yuuji which never fails to crack me up. Especially when she gets funny ideas. Finally there’s Tsichiya rounding out the bunch with his handful of cameras and infinite nosebleeds.

With a humor filled first episode I’m excited to see just how crazy this second season gets. I know that during the first season I was really hankering for more class battles with everyone’s respective avatars. Normally, the thought of bringing games and school together usually ends up in a cluster of bad ideas. But somehow, Baka Test brought the two together last season with the right amount of humor to create something that entices you to come back every week. Not to forget that Akihisa’s avatar is corporeal, meaning he gets to physically feel the pain his avatar feels. How can you not have fun with that?

While I wouldn’t say that Baka Test came off the strongest during this first week of new shows, it was a really fun watch. Plus it has a strong back story going for it since it is a sequel. Here’s to a strong second season for this show!




  1. Alas the beach scene, probably the best setting ever.
    Loved this episode. Lol’d quite a few times

    On a second note, Voyeur how on earth did that guy get the chicks that lucky pervert

  2. Not bad, glad to have BakaTest back. Would’ve been better if all the girls didn’t go all stupidly “tsun” like half-way through. The rest was kinda a waste except the very end, which was pure gold! XD

  3. Ah, it feels good to finally watch some comedy without the slice-of-life feel or anything perverted attached to it (as in no ecchi! Or an ecchi-revolved plot). I’m thinking of rewatching season 1 now, for old times’ sakes. I actually LOL’d when I saw the old Akihisa and Yuuji’s one on one talk where the animation is all sketchy (literally).
    BUT, DENIED TO SEE HIDEYOSHI WITHOUT A TOP. Curse you lifeguard, making him wear a shirt. My favorite trap <3

  4. Great start to the second season of my favourite comedy anime. It’s so nice seeing it back, Baka Test’s staple jokes never get old for me. I’m already hoping for a third season. 😀 Also glad to see they didn’t get rid of the classic “serious business” Akihisa and Yuuji talk scenes.

  5. The style of the show plays around with colour a lot- so Shouko’s fake-out was completely lost on me (thought that it was her all along, and was kinda wondering why Yuuji was going along with her so willingly).

    Don’t know if the show is following a manga- but starting off the season with a beach episode… Seems that some of the humour was sacrificed in favour of fanservice.

  6. Seen way to much School anime Lately Bossy girl friends who poke there eyes out of there boyfriends because of a Godammed misunderstanding,Cheesy jokes and most of all Lousy sisters who herassing or nag there younger brothers.

    Angry Anime Nerd

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