「日常15」 (Nichijou 15)
“My Ordinary Life 15”

There’s just absolutely no reason that anyone could possibly think that Nano might even remotely be a robot. Besides the fact that she has a screw sticking out of her back, popcorn BB gun in one hand, chikuwa in the other, and a bird coming out of her head, it’s ridiculous that anyone might even consider the thought that she might be a robot.

I didn’t think I would miss Mai’s trolling but boy is it funny to watch when she isn’t trying to be a total jerk at the same time. It was already bad enough that Yukko was trying to push Nano’s buttons only to get her ego knocked down a few notches but when Mai came in and started really pushing the subject, I almost lost it. Who accepts motor oil and a monkey wrench as gifts from someone they just met!? I swear, it amazes me how even after Mai caught her taking a loose screw out of her mouth she somehow manages to not blow her cover.

Then again, with people like Nakamura-sensei running around trying to knock her out with any means necessary, maybe it’s a good thing that Nano has somehow managed to not blow her cover. Besides breaking every single rule dealing with safe lab practices that I’ve ever learned, I’d be afraid to have a teacher who has no qualms with tazering a student to half to death. I couldn’t believe she just ran off instead of trying to help Nakanojo.

Then again, Takasaki-sensei did a pretty bang up job illustrating just how pathetically in love he is. Besides his interest in Sakurai-sensei’s home life, I couldn’t believe he thought a student-teacher relationship was going on. Not only is Sakurai-sensei normally way too shy to address students with such confidence, as soon as the Omae* came out it was pretty clear that they were related in some fashion. In the end though, I love how his curiosity managed to completely beat out his duties as a teacher.

In the end, this week’s episode felt like a return to the way the series started — full of random jokes with a lack of direction. Luckily, Nano and her problems with that giant screw of hers managed to keep things pretty lively. For those of you studying Japanese, there was a pretty good play on words this week which had me laughing almost as hard as Hakase. Plus there were a couple of really cute scenes this week that made be blurt out AWW.

* Quick culture note, there are a few different ways to say “you” in Japanese. In terms of politeness, Omae and Kisama round out the bottom as the rudest ways to address someone. Also this week’s ending song 「気球にのってどこまでも」was sung by Nano, Hakase, and Sakamoto. It seems that Nichijou is on a roll for covering older songs for the ending theme!


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「気球にのってどこまでも」 (Kikyuu ni Notte Doko made mo) by 古谷静佳, 今野宏美, 白石稔 (Furuya Shizuka, Konno Hiromi, Shiraishi Minoru)
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  1. Oh wow, I laughed from start to finish, especially the “EEEEEEEHHHHHHH”s those were priceless. I really miss Mai’s trolling, I really hope she did another one on Yukko, those were the best.

  2. Wow, I did understand the wordplays. It’s funny how I can understand Japanese without having spent one minute of my life studying it. According to Myanimelist I have spent 133 days of my life watching anime (actually, now it should be more because this data is from April 2010). Nappa is informing vegeta about my nerd level: it’s over nine thousand.

  3. oh the ending song was another adapted old song…

    the episode is great as always, and hope they have enough episodes to talk about many things, that are already linking in the recent episodes. the relations, that soccer and go club, nano-chan’s key (haha) and many more…

    (sometimes you don’t read manga to get more interested in the anime. that’s why I didn’t read. besides, the scans out there aren’t even catching up…)

  4. this week’s episode felt like a return to the way the series started — full of random jokes with a lack of direction

    Well since they covered earlier materials of the manga again so I guess it made it feel a bit restarted. In any case it wasn’t at least disjointed as let’s say earlier ep.

    In any case man this ep was pretty funny. I loved how Takasaki’s VA just brought the house down. I was dying in laughter with the whole pandemonium he’s bringing onto himself. His imagination of Sakurai in disheveled style was just interesting. I mean her in China dress was just damn right cute that it’s a crime. This one though well… As said by Takasaki Manabu:


    Awaiting more antics of this guy in the future episodes!

  5. The “Like Love” skit [that worked surprisingly!] and “Take Home” skit with Yuuko destroying the calender brought me to tears. [I always thinking about doing that on the bus!! XD] lol I love this show.

  6. The skits i found most enjoyable was Nano shooting the Professor with her bean gun and Nakamura with all her plotting and the part where Annaka received ridiculous advice.

    Still i wonder why Professor repeated herself.

    Zaku Fan
  7. Ah, the epic LOLness is coming back again. I sure hope this lasts longer now that Nano is at school.

    It seems everyone is trying to one-up each other in trolling poor Nano this episode. First there’s Yuuko’s pathetically subtle attempt to blow Nano’s cover, only for Mai to up the stakes with her even more blatant attempts (motor oil and wrench LMAO).

    Then there’s Nakamura-sensei the mad-scientist like science teacher, who has no qualms about tasering poor Nakanojou, and then making a run from the scene of crime.

    (It still ended up well for Nakanojou though as the electric shock from the tasering managed to trigger his long inactive hair follicles on his bald sides and grew one single hair. XD )

    But the winner today goes to Hakase, who put all sorts of useless upgrades on Nano, and deservingly got machine-gunned down more than once by an irate Nano (with BB bullets).

    As continued from last episode, there is now more continuity between the random sketches. From Nano going home from school, to the transition from Nakamura-sensei escaping from her failed tasering attempt, which led to Annaka reporting the emergency to a confused Takasaki-sensei.

    Kinny Riddle
  8. It seems that Nichijou is on a roll for covering older songs for the ending theme!

    Much like the first half of Lucky Star ED, which came in the format of the girls karaokeing classic oldies, seems like Nichijou is doing the same for its second half ED segements.

    Expect an album to be released soon.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Most Asian households use those daily calendars where you tear a page off for one day instead of one month.

      Yuuko probably lost hers, so she had to buy a new one and start from scratch by tearing from January 1st. lol

      Kinny Riddle
    2. I thought she was frustrated at not being able to press the bell, especially because those two boys were pressing it only for the lols. She asked if they a day calender so she could take out her frustration. Simples.

      1. Aye, after rewatching the sketch, seems like you’re right.

        I feel like I understand Yuuko. And it’s not limited to bells on the bus, I do find myself getting agitated sometimes if someone pressed an elevator floor button just before I did, even if it wasn’t for the lulz. It feels like someone stole ahead of me and confessed to the girl I had a crush on, the feeling of being pre-empted. It just… sucks. lol

        Kinny Riddle
  9. Are you sure Nano got equipped with a popcorn gun? Looked more like she shot out soybeans (gotta be a soybean gun). I have to agree though, one of the best episodes yet. This episode had me laughing till it hurt.

    Poor Nakanojo. Grows a natural mohawk, got cheated by a spiritualist, discovered by mom trying to change his hairstyle, hit on the back of the head by a cup of water, and now mistakenly tasered by the science teacher. What’s next for him?

    1. Look at the bright side, one positive side-effect of that accidental taser resulted in Nakanojo finally growing a speck of hair outside of his mohawk zone, which was originally thought by him to be barren not long ago. It’s a good start. 😀

      Kinny Riddle
  10. For the Teacher-Student, and kataomoi other teacher freaking out in the background. It was the hair that gave away that they were related. o3o. Also b/c short teacher is too cute and innocent to ever swing that way >>;. but not like our kataomoi hero has a clue about that ;P.

    Great Ep overall ^_^.


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