「いまだ天魔は歌われない」 (Imada Tenma ha Utawarenai)
“The Tenma Has Yet to Sing”

I wouldn’t say that this show is bad, but it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Sure there may be a ton of questions that are being brought up, but there’s the hope that everything will be answered in the end, right? Either way, the events in this episode raised so many different questions that I felt inclined to start drafting a flow chart.

To start off, I couldn’t believe that there are two simultaneous events going on right now. With this crazy dangerous, super acidic rain falling down on the school, I’m surprised the building itself hasn’t collapsed. After watching Taito’s arm get completely severed off just by coming in contact with the rain, that building has to be made out of adamantium or something! But instead of getting any further explanation about why hell is being released onto the school, all we get is Gekkou and Andou walking into some strange portal which apparently took them to the moon.

Left with no explanation about the rain of death, we instead get to watch Himea nearly get raped by bloody tentacles. Appearing literally out of nowhere, I wasn’t too enthralled about Ba’alskra or his headstrong ideas about owning Himea. Not only were his tentacles ridiculously overpowered, but after taking over the one vampire the entire world is so fascinated about, it looked pretty grim for Taito.

It’s just like, when you have everything under your control, how could you possibly mess it up that badly? The entire time, things just felt like it was a one-sided battle between God and an ant. Trust me; I really wanted to believe in Taito’s ability to do something to save Himea. But it just felt like such a huge cop out the way things were done — there just wasn’t enough build up for that “I love you” to give it the impact it deserved! Plus, if words and feelings were enough to stop Ba’alskra, couldn’t this whole situation have been avoided?

Oh wait, I was wrong! There are three simultaneous events going on. I don’t know about you, but I’d really like to know why Haruka was the one who was picked to have some kind of split personality placed into her. With all eyes on Taito and Himea, shouldn’t it be clear who Taito’s eyes are stuck on? I suppose this could be a good thing, since it might give Haruka some well deserved screen time. Then again, this horny Himea could steal the entire show if she just stayed like that for the rest of the season.




  1. 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Gee, I really hoped that worked. Else the joke would be on me.

        George Collins
    1. To have it out there, that wasn’t really Himea, nor was it another personality of hers. Though it doesn’t appear as though the anime went out of it way to touch on the details (big surprise there…?)

      But if sadistic, chaos-inducing women are more to your taste, good luck to you I suppose. Lol.

  2. Knowing that asking for a ban is basically as bad as performing a bannable action i will sarfice myself and say ban the first poster plz.

    Also i kinda was rooting for haruka she knew taito the longest. She has the seniority when it comes to love. (I don’t count some event that happened when taito was five)

    1. I agree with you. im also rooting for haruka more than himea.
      I feel like taitoXhimea romance is taking up too much of screentime and gives less for the plot to develop.

      I do commend taito for being a bit smarter(even if he still made a foolish decision near the end) when he decided to retreat for a while instead of being too stubborn and hot-headed like a lot of annoying characters I know.

  3. When you said this was not everyone’s cup of tea, Takaii, I’d say that’s a milder and more objective way of putting it. Some people have probably already slammed the show as trash (ironically, just like Gekkou with everything else), dropped it, or deign it a duty to inform others of the bad things.

    Truly, this episode raised plenty of question marks for me. Questions that the novel probably might be able to answer. I’m hoping they don’t go the path of Denyuuden – Having enormous potential but failing to deliver it in a manner that shows it all.

    Of course, still looking forward to seeing those questions answered and more development on all characters.

      1. I agree. The show’s a mess but it’s quite fun when you don’t over-analyze things. You’ve got to give the show credit for making slime-like tentacles look sexy so I say we should all just sit back and enjoy the fan service goodness ;D

        Seishun Otoko
  4. I’ve quite a few questions myself, though many of them not with respect to the anime. A time and a place for everything, I suppose.

    Oh well, let’s talk about the red rain, to start. Miyasaka High School, as we know, is built on what is called the Holy Ground, so we have to assume there’s some pretty substantial magical power there. It’s not unthinkable to believe that such power would provide some protection against the rain. Or it could just be that it only affects living creatures, hence why Taito nearly lost his life against it and the school itself went undamaged.

    Moving onto those… less than savory tentacles that were choking the life out of Himea, I pause for a moment to find the right words. ZEXCS has certainly proven themselves to quite the perverted bunch, haven’t they? First we had that incident with Mirai in the 1st ep, and now they went out of their way to go after Himea in the 4th. May it be safe to assume that Haruka will be our next innocent victim?

    Tasteless and quite a brazen attempt at fan service, if that’s you choose to call it, I must say. Try putting some actual effort in, ZEXCS.

    And, Takaii, you are absolutely correct in that, surprisingly enough for some, words and feelings actually would’ve been enough to stop this whole mess from happening. If Taito hadn’t been such an idiot, which he actually realizes, quite respectably actually, in the light novel (A protagonist realizing he’s an idiot in time to do something? *GASP* O__O), and responded to Himea’s feelings before, we’d have been on our way to bigger and better things.

    Something else that irks me is that we didn’t get back to Gekkou and Mirai at the very end. It would’ve made for an epic ending if we left off just as they come face-to-face with… well, hopefully you’ll see in the next episode. Still, a bad decision on ZEXCS’ part.

    Really, the only solid I can say about this episode is that we got out first ending back. Nice. XD

  5. This show keeps on calling itself out (trash), then they give us a horny Himea to try to make up for it, whatever. You guys know how to call that kind of stuff. I think this show is really mixed up in what its trying to be, but it started off that why with the no-to-very-little-plot-explaination stuff.

  6. Finally got around to catching up on this series and all i have to say is…wow. Not in the sense of surprise or awesomeness, but more along the lines of wow wtf? It’s only the 4th episode and they’re already bring in the suggestive content.

    1. This show is a mess. It can’t decide what it wants to be. It also throws out tons of concepts and questions and doesn’t answer them but instead throws my shit at us on top of what we have already seen.

      I want to like this show and hope that we finally can get stuff explained. So we will see. Sometimes I think anime makers should bring in a focus group of fans to watch a series before it airs. If they did that here they would see a room full of folks that are confused and puzzled look about WTF is really going on. This is like the kitchen sink anime.

      1. Bringing in fans to watch an anime before it airs, huh? Interesting idea. I find it particularly ironic with respect to Itsu-Ten since the general idea is that the anime was targeting the reading audience as its main viewers; and in a cruel twist, they’re the most disappointed by it.

        Rather than bring in this group to simply watch however, I might have them present at discussions on the anime’s development before it’s even completed; as a voice to represent the fans and in turn help the anime producers to realize how to give them what they want and increase their sales.

        That aside, you seem to have a fair interest in Itsu-Ten’s story. I’d recommend reading either the light novel (which can be found on Baka-Tsuki) or the manga (which can be found at most any manga site, though I’d recommend Batoto); both of which are far superior to the anime.

        Curiously, if there were a chance to see Itsu-Ten remade into a more respectable anime, would you be willing to support the idea?

  7. It´s not that Balskra can be defeated emotions only, if you look closely to his crazy statement you´ll realize that his is created out of Himea´s emotions and insecuritys. I´ve already read 2 of the original light novels, so I have to say that this adaptation is fairly loyal to the author´s work. Don´t worry I won´t spoil anything, but this has become one of my favorite stories in anime ever.

    By the way, I don´t know what is wrong with Haruka and his personality issues but now I defenetly want her out of the picture. All the party´s involve in the story as of now want something from Himea and punish her for the only fact of existing and Haruka´s faction doesn´t seen to be the exception. There is just something in that Haruka girl that makes me want to kill her; Taito´s beloved one has to be Himea, they are meant for each other, you just know it when he riskes all for that beautiful sorcerer.

    1. “Fairly loyal,” you say? I’m curious as to how you came to that conclusion, because that’s not how a lot of other followers of the light novel and/or manga, myself included, see it.

      If you’ve read the first two volumes as you say, then you should be well aware of just how much ZEXCS has tried cramming tons of information and story into so very few episodes, something which a great of people, some that haven’t even read the original works, have caught onto. How is that being loyal, may I ask?

      IMO, it detracts from the overall impact of the story, leaves one at a lacking for connecting with the characters emotionally, and even confuses people as there’s too much happening too fast for people to really understands.

      1. This is one of the last series I watch each week (out of 16 current shows I watch including these one and two cour shows, Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tale) because I can’t connect and root for the characters. I really want to like the show but its such a mess.

  8. So anyone knows why Himea suddenly disappeared and appeared in a classroom? Guess she felt that Bal-san is coming for her so she tried to run away from Taito? I kind of like Haru more but seems like that is a no go.

  9. I dunno, I don’t feel too complicated about the whole plot of this story and whatnot… yet I’m still watching it. Hope the show does a good job explaining what’s what by the end :<

    but then- Horny Himea… I might not mind her staying that way for the rest of the show…

  10. just watched this episode….
    and its a big LOL

    come on, really ???
    really ???

    i think the same as you takaii about this episode,

    Show Spoiler ▼

    and now this horny himea….
    i have a hypothesis…
    maybe himea splited her personality in two different beings,
    separating her love for herself and her will to act; from herself
    creating an alterego:
    a narcisist, self centered, and selfconfident ba’alskara
    and thus, this created another himea:
    a shy, insecure and searching for love girl, cause she has lost her love for herself

    and now, they have “merged” together to the original himea

    its just a hypothsis

    1. Interesting hypothesis, but that’s not what happened. Really, what’s happened with Himea isn’t really split personalities in the sense that you and I are used to, though I can’t get into it without spoilers.

      -Sigh- All of this personality business is such a mess. In the original, this ‘new’ Himea came out not long after Bahlskra, serving as one of the main buildups to when Taito told her he loved her. To have her come out after all’s been said and done is a real let down, not to mention transparent in terms of, what I’m sure will be, another round of tasteless fanservice.


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