「日常19」 (Nichijou 19)
“My Ordinary Life 19”

Hellvectica Standard, I never thought you could get any stranger, but apparently I was wrong. Those must have been some pretty expensive glasses to be shooting a guy over! Seriously though, Weboshi and Fecchan finally make a second appearance! Even though they’re secondary or rather third tier characters, Fecchan was just too cute in that small amount of time allotted to her skit. Running and tripping in the rain, pouting when she got her clothes all dirty, it was just too damn cute.

While this week’s Love-Teki skit wasn’t as warm and cuddly as usual, it did remind me of something interesting. At a Starbucks a long time ago, there was a long line I was in. As I curiously took a peek while waiting, I saw the first person in line pay for himself and then pay for the person behind him! This followed down the line, with each person paying for the person behind them. While it might not be the same thing, it does feel nice when random strangers are doing something nice for you!

I’ve always thought that Mio would be a lot better at sports then what we saw this week. After watching her take down so many different people and even a goat when the situation calls for it, it’s hard to believe that the concept of basic jumping forms and rules of any competitive games are hard for her to follow. But I must admit that it does round out her character bit, finally revealing one of her true weaknesses. And instead of making fun of that weakness, seemingly coming out of nowhere, Yukko pulls out that extra sweet side of hers. Combined with a flurry of flashbacks and a beautiful background track, it would have been the most inspiring thing I’ve seen all week had Mio not gone and ruined the moment by head butting the life out of Yukko.

After last week’s disappointing biscuit skit, Hakase’s little kid charm and adorable made up completely for that. However, I never thought that Nano would take this opportunity to actually punish Hakase. It still baffles me how Hakase knocked over the clothes line, but Nano holding her ground and actually lecturing Hakase about the importance of time was the perfect example of good parenting. It was a bit of let down when she forgot about her punishment Hakase, but the initial message was still better than nothing.

Toward the end of the episode, I nearly didn’t make it through the last two skits. Starting with Mio and Mai forgetting their homework, it was hard to watch things gradually go from bad to worse. Starting with a sudden torrential downpour, I thought the skit was over when Yukko’s coin failed to make it into the offering box. Boy was I wrong.

While I was recovering from watching stone cold faced girls not give a damn about an entire temple that was falling apart right before their very eyes, I wasn’t sure what to make of Igo Soccer. It felt a lot like people doing some extreme Go role playing with a soccer ball just tacked on to the end of it. Either ways, I think I had the same expression as Kenzaburou and Sekiguchi when Ogi decided to turn into Ogi-boushi. Thus far, all I’ve managed to piece together is that Igo Soccer will bring a lot of laughter and funny stances.


ED7: 「野生の馬」 (Yasei no Uma) by Takasaki-Sensei, Sakurai-Sensei, Nakamura-Sensei, Sakurai Makoto, Sekiguchi Yuria, Annaka, Ogi (高崎先生、桜井先生、中村先生、桜井誠、関口ユリア、安中、小木)
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      1. Lol but with all the other stuff which Hakase manages to get away with, getting pinned for something where she actually tried to help out was :'( Suppose it would have turned out differently if she had just apologized right from the start haha.

  1. personally I almost died laughing at the sheer randomness of this week’s Helvetica Standard, and I think it was an over-exaggerated version of the “I can’t find my glasses even though they’re on top of my head” joke.

    1. It is not Helvetica Standard, you missed an “L” it is HELL!vetica
      Somehow it reminds me of TTGL. The sunglassess the sparks and the guy with the gun from far looks like someone

  2. The closer the series approaches it’s end the harder I find myself laughing and the more tears come to my eyes except those might not be from the laughter…all I know is that the head butts killed me. Lol and the ogi guy who has all the legendary igo-soccer knowledge and the other two try to keep up as he obliterates his skull lol.

  3. Yukko’s…’selamat pagi’ too.

    massive EPIC triple head bang in the temple scene! …and even Mai couldn’t escape that. they must ensure that Mai NEVER forgets her homework again. it’s also absolutely hilarious that when a character goes to “expression-less default mode”, whatever disaster happens to them, his/her face remains the same.

  4. the skit where mai forgot her homework and all the shit happens to them at the temple, i just couldnt stop laughing. it takes me a good 5 minutes to get over with that 🙂

  5. Oh my God.. I completely lost my sanity at the temple catastrophe skit. I just can’t stop laughing when no one gave a f*ck about anything.

    I thought the skit was over when Yukko’s coin failed to make it into the offering box.

    I thought that was the silly punchline since I was laughing pretty hard at Yuuko’s face mishap already. I just find Yuuko’s soulless sad face so funny in this one.. And my God this is the first time Mai really got trolled so hard. I guess God just showed Mai she’s no exception.

    Anyway one of the best eps out of the bunch. It was also interesting to see Mio’s screw ups. I dunno where but I kinda got the hint that she sucks at sports. Maybe it’s because she trips too much when she runs.

    Also what’s the BGM during the last parts of that headbutt homicide? That song was pretty nice.

  6. What’s with the Gurren Lagann-like OTT animation in this week’s Hellvetica Standard? Yes, Gurren Lagann was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw such extravagant colours and high intensity frames.

    As if trolling poor Yuuko and Mio (and occasionally Nano) wasn’t enough for Mai, she now resorts to trolling white tigers as well. XD

    Gotta like rain and shrine sketch, the whole thing was just so random. What with Mai forgetting to do her homework, I wouldn’t be surprised if hell literally froze over their heads. LOL

    Kinny Riddle
  7. This is definitely the funniest episode yet. I don’t remember laughing that hard in a long time. The two funniest parts were the high jump and shrine. I laughed so hard when Mai dodged the bell only to have the door fall on her. Ahaha!

  8. Wow. I have never laughed this hard over an episode. I was dying when the temple was falling apart all around them! Especially when the coin fell, and after Yukko rung… I died. X’D

  9. …I saw the first person in line pay for himself and then pay for the person behind him! This followed down the line, with each person … it does feel nice when random strangers are doing something nice for you!

    Yeah normal goody-two-shoes would probably have that warm fuzzy feeling when looking at the chain of kindness(?), but someone like me would go “WTF is going on here!?!” with a trolled-by-Mai-chan face.


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