「僕にできるすべて」 (Boku ni Dekiru Subete)
“Everything I Can Do”

While this episode started out a little anti-climatic, with nothing really occurring to push the plot along, it really did well in illustrating what Narumi means to everyone. As the newest member of this group of NEETs and Thugs, color me surprised that he holds such strong emotions for a group of people he barely even knows. Even though both Yondaime and Hirasaka have made the pledge of brotherhood with him, I thought that it was making Narumi a little cocky, going and sticking his nose into everyone else’s affairs. Luckily, it seems that his earnest intent and true sympathy for the two is at least reaching one of their ears.

Who’d have thought that two friends would entrust their accents to one another? In retrospect, it makes sense that in a culture where Kansai-ben is in some ways considered an entirely different language that swapping speech styles would have a big enough effect to make the swap meaningful. But more importantly, the mystery dealing with Hison is where things got really interesting. It was ridiculous to even picture Yondaime using someone as a human shield to protect his own life. But even if something managed to mind control him long enough to do something that awful, it’s extremely suspicious why he’s still even alive. As Alice mentioned, if Yondaime was the true target for the hit, how is it he not only survived but was paid for keeping his mouth shut?

I’ve had my own suspicions for a while now, but I can’t help but feel that Yoshiki might be Hison. Besides Yondaime’s story having more problems than a guy stuck in a male harem, there were a few other cues that keep pushing me toward this idea. Not only is Yoshiki a close friend with Yondaime, but watching him/her grab at his/her stomach over old pains from long ago just kept putting ideas in my head. I even went as far as re-watching the stabbing scene and comparing the eye color of Hison and Yoshiki — and they’re both yellow!

Even if I’m completely wrong about Yoshiki being Hison, I don’t think there’s much to not look forward to. With Narumi and Alice racing to reveal the truth they discovered to Hirasaka and Yondaime wounded from an attack, it looks like this arc may be leading up to a big finale next week. If anything, blood stained walls and a pissed off Hirasaka will hopefully bring some much needed Yakuza beat-em-up moments. But if all else fails, I wouldn’t mind more intimate moments between our two detectives.

P.S. I thought it was cool how they were playing Settlers of Catan, since I love the board game (:




    1. Catan is quite popular in the world actually. My brother introduced it to me because he is part of a board game club. It’s a really fun boardgame.

      “Wood for Sheep” anyone? 😀

  1. This arc is definitely intresting, since we actually have Narumi actively participating on the case. I didn’t expect it to extend to another episode though. Yeah I’m pretty sure Yoshiki is Hison. The fact that “he” referenced an old injury in “his” stomach is quite telling.

    To add more evidence courtesy of UTW: One of the ways to write Yoshiki (the guy who owns that sewing shop) is 善喜. Incidentally, when you reverse the characters, you get 喜善, which is read Hison…

      1. Uh no, Hison was definitely a she. Alice did state there was a large funds sent to a surgeon. If Yoshiki is Hison, it’s probably because she had plastic surgery. Whether it was a sex change or Hison is a reverse-trap with a different face, I’m not sure. either way, we’ll know next episode.

  2. Thankfully, they slow down the pace of the story somewhat. I’m starting to get used to the abrupt scene changes (yay :P). Agree with the possibility of Yoshiki being Hison. It was kind of obvious when they started to talk about injuries. And if one look back, it would match what came in the previous episode as well. I guess the NEETs are more useful than the thugs in this particular case.

  3. @Takaii

    Actually at this point, I don’t think that it’s wrong for Narumi to ‘stick his nose’ in because this isn’t JUST a personal grudge between two guys anymore- People are getting hurt left and right including Ayaka and Narumi himself, whether they like it or not he’s already involved, and if the only way to stop this ‘peacefully’ is to reopen the wounds from the past to get to the bottom of this misunderstanding, then so be it.

  4. I think I see how it works out.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. They should cut short Meo arc, that was boring.

      But wait is it because it boring that the make it a 2 episode arc or that it boring BECAUSE it just a 2 episode arc.

      Based on the experience I face with endless eight, I said the former. IMHO

      1. Well, as a fan of the novels, I do just kind of want the anime to be somewhat well adapted. The reason is because at least for me, the selling point of the LN is Narumi developing as a person. And you can’t develop a character without some pacing.

        As for what you say regarding how Meo’s arc was boring, what I found really weird is that they chose that arc(Novel 2) over Novel 1(Ayaka story) and Novel 3(Tetsu story). Both of which I found better than the ones shown so far. Perhaps they’re saving it for the end, or perhaps they don’t want to show it due to its controversial subject matter.

      2. I see, I thought Ayaka girl is pretty redundant. At the beginning she was like a heroine of the show. Then somewhere down the road, She like just disappear to thin air. So they saving her for later huh.

        (O.o) Maybe it so that they could show Alice jealousy toward Narumi, that something to look forward to.

        P.S. Yea, I’m also in this show to see Narumi develop as a person. From nobody to assistant detective and sworn brother of 2 powerful mafia like gang. He’s getting cooler and cooler. Now if only there were more love interest around him.

    1. When Alice was inspecting the embroidery work on Narumi shirt this time around it definitely nailed that theory down that Alice also suspects that Yoshiki is Hison.

      I mean Yondaime reaction to Narumi showing up at Yoshiki shop the first time in ep.5 sent some red flags that Yondaime didn’t want it know that he know Yoshiki personally. At the time I thought it was so that is was to protect Yoshiki from anyone wanting use “him” as bait against Yondaime.

      Another possibility to why the underground boss wife stabbed Hison was to get ride of the potential threat of the mistress replacing her in the child baring department. Hison didn’t look pregnant when they pulled her away. It almost impossible to completely change ones voice that makes me suspect that Hison was a trans gender male in he first place.

    1. Did you even watch this episode or the episode before that? The stuff Narumi did took plenty of balls. He confronted Renji AFTER he threatened his life and was pretty much unfazed by his intimidation.

      Protip: The show doesn’t suck because you didn’t pay attention.

  5. Okay Yondaime is definetly my favorite character followed by Renji 🙂
    It’s getting interesting (even though i’ve got a pretty good,in my opinion, hunch to what’s gonna happen).Great review , as always 🙂

  6. I am also suspecting Hison/Yoshiki trap/sex change, but this can still be a red herring.
    Yondaime and Renji make for a great pair, imagine what could they achieve working together.
    Also, Alice is getting so hawt for Narumi that not even well cooled Dokupe can get her to be properly tsun…

  7. I got 2 thought:
    1) “Yondaime and Renji make for a great pair” I was thinking something completely unrelated.

    2) I knew Alice want to sniff Narumi.

    3) I think I have a problem in math but probably my imagination.

      1. Judging by the probability Yoshiki is Hison, the sex-change operation is pretty high. So yea, this is another shonen-ai.



        HA, yea right. That is one CRAZY idea, right? It crazy, right? There’s no way for it to be true right?…..glup

  8. Now this is the kind of dark arc I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning!

    I was suspicious when I saw Yoshiki clutch his stomach, but the moment I figured it out was when they mentioned that Hison was stabbed in the abdomen because she was pregnant. That little detail was the revelation that confirmed the identity. When I later read UTW’s note about the kanji, I’ll admit I was a little smug with self-satisfaction.

    Also, in a sexist sort of way, it does explain why a “guy” was running a sewing shop…..

  9. Narumi cried in this episode and when I seen that scene I remember Naruto (He cries way overboard! for Sasuke)…and just that I started not liking Narumi’s character.

    I found this series likeable despite the somewhat lack of any progression in the plot, the animation is great by the way, but things like above just take the enjoyment away from me.

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