「君の蕾に恋してる」 (Kimi no Tsubomi ni Koishiteru)
“In Love with your Flowerbud”

Wha.. What is this?! Swimsuits in my Basketall anime? As I can only imagine what the viewer count would rise to if women’s basketball changed their uniforms from basketball shorts to bikinis, the sudden change of pace from basketball to life problems was still pretty interesting. Not only was I trapped into some scary loli moments, but a certain question I’ve had was finally answered.

Instead of writing Subaru off as a loli-loving fiend like most people, he actually handles all the situations he’s thrown into really well. While it’s still not clear if he’s really a loli-loving type, I really feel bad for the guy at times. Spending so much time with five cute girls, especially when there’s one who could pass as a high school student; it’s amazing how he brushes off all these blatant attempts at grabbing his attention. I don’t know about Subaru but there’s no way I’d be able to win against Hinata. She’s just way too cute!

Even though the whole pool story didn’t really demonstrate much other than how good Airi looks in a swimsuit, the underlying issues that it brought up are worth mentioning. With a handful of elementary school students crushing on Subaru, what would make things any worse? That’s right, a childhood friend who also has a romantic interest in Subaru! Even though it was a little difficult to watch all of Aoi’s effort to help Subaru go to waste, I’d have to commend her for actually trying so hard for Subaru’s sake — especially when he’s been keeping everything a complete secret.

Looping back to the beginning of my post, I’ve been wondering just how bad things would be if people caught Subaru instructing Tomoka and friends. Seeing how Subaru’s basketball team disbanded because of unmoral conduct with his team’s captain and an elementary school student, can you imagine how bad it’d be if someone saw him doing the same thing? With a bunch of prejudice already against Subaru and anything dealing with young children, my heart started racing as Aoi slowly discovered Subaru’s secret. Who knows how crazy things are going to get now that his secret is out?




  1. Yep, the crazies start next episode. One would hope. I also hope that they will recap how Aoi followed Subaru towards the end of this episode at a slower pace. It felt forced and rushed.

    The Subaru passing out in the pool joke seem overused in this episode. Can’t they come up with some other way to make him look away? Fun episode otherwise.

  2. Swimsuit FAIL. Two-pieces only look good on those with a chest like Airi! DFC should be sticking to the one-piece damnit!

    Seriously though, I kinda feel sorry for Aoi. Subaru had it coming though, because he was acting suspicious. Why did he even need to hide it? “Coaching an elementary-school team as a favor to my Aunt” seems like a perfectly valid excuse to me.

    1. Let see an osananajimi has the advantage of 1)old memories from young,2) almost no gap in relationship(meaning very close relationship) and 3) always together.

      Power of 5 loli: 1) Will be making sweet memories from young right now X 5, 2) they trust them Subaru completely for changing in the same room, letting him in same bed, and ravishing his body at any given chance X 5(there relationship definitely have no gap) 3) the osananajimi is now different class with 5 loli always practising with Subaru. Always sweating, bouncy and energetic with Subaru….X 5.

      Yes, this osananajimi vs 5 loli battle is hard to predict the outcome.

  3. The sakuga quality went to hell this week (not that it is that great on average…) and the episode felt quite rushed with both Aoi and Airi plots developed at the same time.

    But the parts that make the show likeable are present as always. We see how the basketball club is a place for all of the girls to grow, not necessarily only as basketball players, but as people. And we have good intentions and misunderstandings heading toward an emotional clash.

    I recommend reading the light novels to anyone who likes this show. Without the time restrictions of an anime episode, the main themes are even better developed in written form.

  4. I dunno. I call BS on this last episode. Did I miss something?
    I thought he was discovered by the team at the end of episode 6 while
    hiding in the vaulting horse… I don’t think it necessarily evil of him
    to be in that position; I would consider it a life-changing event and
    I’d expect to see/hear something about it in episode 7.

    It’s pretty clear that Subaru is teasing the girls by what he says,
    and they are definitely teasing him by their actions – this is quite
    credible for the age of the characters portrayed. But their were too
    many crotch-hugs and I feel the basic premise of the story has been
    dirtied. It was almost embarrassing to watch.

    I agree – if Subaru is sincere that he would have nothing to hide
    from his childhood girl-friend – “Hello, this is Tomoka. She’s on the
    basketball team I’m coaching as a favour to my aunt. I helped her
    select some shoes for the game…”. It’s very clear where Subaru’s heart
    lies (with the girls) but hiding this fact really makes Subaru look
    like a predator…

    Episode 6 was anime-believable, but this week’s was a over-the-top for me.
    When a series depicts non-credible events, the attempts at humour become
    more of an insult to the audience; good humour is based on thing which
    could happen, but go astray…

    IMHO, I hope the show returns to its roots in the next episode…

    1. I thought skipping the end of ep.6 event was outrageous. I was kinda afraid they’d do that though leave it as a gag and move on without even a “kyaaaa” reaction. meh! They tossed away a good joke there if anything else. I’m pretty sure the girls would have went along with whateever excuse he would have provided and prolly teased him some. Agree with you on the over-sexed humour lately too. I think once and epsiode would have been enough. At the very least they could have had a scene where Subaru tells them why getting caught would get them all in hot water and disband the club. Overall I like the Aoi side of the plot…I supposed since she mentioned knowing about him teaching the middle schoolers she knew to look at that school to find him since she saw what part of town he was headed for using the bus route a sa indicator perhaps. It’s still a good show just a little off track with what we started with.

      1. Okay. Tomoka is really “in love” with Subaru. I can’t possibly understand why 6th grade schoolgirl in love with 1st year high school boy thing. I am really -_-. But to be honest, I can understand why Tomoka really likes Subaru. Both of them never give up their hope. And probably that Subaru is suitable to teach rather than join the basketball team. So Everyone, please choose. Which girls do you like the most, Tomoka or Aoi? I choose Tomoka…

      2. Do I have to choose? Getting a single girl is sort of like RL event BUT getting 5 loli to serve you (as maid) or become your imouto…in short a harem. THAT is anime.

        I choose the 5 loli.Aoi can join us if she want.



        But if you really want a definite answer it will be Aoi. Because I’ll always prefer tsundere over to jailbait imouto.

  5. Dear Ogiyama-san,

    You have seen too much screentime and now must die.

    Aoi: -dramatic bag droppage- “What.. are you doing?”
    Subaru: (゚д゚);
    Hinata: “Tutturu~”

    oh ohh!! SHOOT.HER.DOWN! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

  6. The last part of episode 6 with the vaulting horse was so damn stupid, they couldn’t even continue from that. However, the Aoi rage in this one was just too much – to the point she turned stalker. Her character’s gone to hell. Oh hell, I don’t care anymore, there was a lot the head-riding to make up for it.

    1. I guess everyone wanted to forget about that last part of episode 6. I know I did :P, but you had to remind us XD. Her stalking him seemed like something she would do though, at least that was my impression from past episodes.

      1. Subaru makes every effort to keep his coaching just that. BTW, why they didn’t just get a female coach is beyond me… But then the show wouldnt happen – or would be a second yuruyuri 😛
        Seriously though, society needs adults to interact with kids, of course watchfully, but otherwise you won’t be able to have functioning education – or even society as a whole.
        IMHO good policy is a 2 adults per group when one can monitor another. Not perfect, but a good start. This could be easily helped by auntie acting as titular vice-coach.
        And of course getting a swimsuit episode doesnt help Subaru’s efforts to keep pure…

      2. @x

        I agree. Look at this. Police should put more time on real sex offender like perhaps the brothel that running legally under the pretence of Health Delivery.

        @ ewok40k

        Subaru will failed at his futile attempt to keep his coaching pure by the unwavering force of fan(that means we) to see 5 lolis sexually harassing Subaru.

  7. Loli-heading riding in real life is pure hell. I have a sister who just happens to be 19 years younger than me (stares @ father’s pic *jiiii*). Anyway when she was 12, she won her first tennis tourney & I (unintentionally) had to get down on one knee to high five her. She hated that so she grabbed my shoulders & vaulted herself right on my head. Damn girl nearly threw out my back. I’m still wishing she would just go to college far away & get out of my house P: Subaru must be strong as hell to be talking 12 yo’s to the head like that at his age.


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