「日常23」 (Nichijou 23)
“My Ordinary Life 23”

Sometimes I like to think that KyoAni might actually read RandomC. Since every time I gripe about something, the exact opposite occurs the week after. Which would mean that this week’s Nichijou was awesome.

I’ve always been a big fan of watching Mio get trolled by her older sister. It’s kind of like when you’re at a friend’s house and their older siblings decide to mess with them, and while you may not laugh out loud, you know that deep down you’re laughing a little bit. With Mio and Yoshino, I think it boils down to the rapid succession of how things go from bad to worse whenever they are anywhere near each other. I don’t know why it’s so funny but it just is!

I will be damned if someone tries to tell me Sakurai-sensei wasn’t amazingly cute this week. I normally don’t pay much attention to her skits since I’ve grown weary of her very passive attitude but when you remove the responsibilities of being a teacher, that passive attitude becomes something so innocent that it’s nearly too cute to handle. On the other hand, I’m sure Makoto was caught completely off guard when his precious ecchi magazine was found. I can’t imagine how awkward it feels for someone to actually find your “stash”, especially if it’s your super innocent older sister.

Was it me, or did it look like Mai had a look of jealously in her eyes? The blank stare at her friends surrounding Nano, sitting far back and not joining the conversation, and even visiting Nano and Hakase alone only helped solidify the thought that Mai wanted something. I feel bad that I think so negatively of Mai, but after two seasons of trolling, I think I’d also maintain this face if she was within twenty feet of me. But at the end when she was cherishing that picture of a shark that Hakase drew and traded to her, I was honestly confused on how to feel. My heart told me I should feel some happiness for her, but my brain just wouldn’t let me.

With Takasaki-sensei finally becoming the Igo-Soccer Club’s advisor after caving in to a deal too perfect to pass up, it’s starting to feel like the end is near. Three more episodes, and I will no longer have something to brighten up my day with random laughs 🙁

ED11: 「空がこんなに青いとは」 (Sora ga Konnani Aoi to ha) by はかせ & 麻衣 (Hakase & Mai)
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  1. mai’s trolling was probably her method of trying to interact with her friends, except trolling is in her genes.

    the way sakurai-sensei was thrown out of the room was cute. need a bouncing gif !

    1. I was thinking the same thing.

      Yoshino would do wise to hone her skills with Akiko-san. She could also pay a visit to Furukawa Bakery for their legendary Sanae Bread, which goes VERY WELL with Akiko Jam.

      Kinny Riddle
  2. damn really 3 more episodes left? there goes my weekly laughs… maybe WORKING’!! can help in that, and that’s in another month’s time after pre-air…

    and how interestingly the world neglects you, shown by an unlucky day of Yuko. I’m also unlucky, but I don’t think I have people sleeping on me, or erase until the paper tore off… (that’s seriously strength problem or your mood is bad)

  3. Yeah, the end is near. And we only started to get know some of the side characters 🙁 . As for Mai, I think she would work well with hakase. Though I suppose it might give Nano nightmares XD

  4. Hey did anyone understand this week’s Rabu-Poi/Like Love? 🙂 It had the making’s of something really sweet lol, and then the triangle got me just as confuzzled as the daughter.

    But apart from that, what an awesome ep =)! I will miss this series heaps when it finishes T___T.

  5. Sometimes, I can’t tell what is the selling point of this anime: the moe-ness of the characters or the randomness of the scenes. And yes, after reading the previous comments, Mai is a troll.

  6. Wait, wait.


    So Mai ISN’T an evil mastermind after all…? Are you sure they didn’t just forget to add the punchline there? Like having stolen Mio’s drawings or something…?

    …because I’m a little confused here!

  7. I think the end was beautiful. I think Mai genuinely wanted to apologise, but
    in her heart realized that words are empty without deeds to back them up.
    She really put the effort into humbling herself to win Hakase’s trust again.
    Did Mai realize that her stunts are really hurting herself and her friends?
    I don’t think it was the look of jealously in the back of the classroom – it was
    a look of pain realizing that she lost her friend’s trust, IMHO.

    I applaud Nano’s perceptiveness in not taking any side, and leaving them together to
    work it out while she made tea. She demonstrated a trust for Mai that was not misplaced.

    With just a few episodes left, I hope Mai will not soil this fragile new bond
    between herself and Hakase.

    I admit I don’t understand all of the Humour in this series, but the second half
    has been very strong in many ways. I hope there will be a continuation in the future…

  8. Wow, for once Mai isn’t trolling. Looks like she was genuinely sorry that Hakase nearly ended up being collateral damage for her remote trolling of Yuuko and Mio last week and wanted to make amends.

    Yuuko’s ability to attract misfortune after misfortune is pretty much up there with Kamijou Touma. I feel very sorry for her, since at least Touma compensates for that with his haxx0rs Imagine Breaker.

    This is just so cute.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. Perhaps Mai truly appreciates Hakase (hench cherishing the friendship made with her over sharks) coz Hakase is well and truly the only one that can be oblivious to Mai’s trolling, hence a perfect foil for her?

  10. Awesome episode, but there were a few things which I didn’t get:
    1) Why was Nano hiding behind the curtains at the start of the episode? Was she trying to find from the teacher, hide from Aoi or was she doing something childish and trying not to get noticed?
    2) As someone has already mentioned before, what was the father trying to do in the “Like Love” segment?

    Mai and Hakase’s new found friendship was kawaii XD

    1. Have you ever been the first person in class? I wouldn’t say it’s embarrassing but I’m sure people would find reasons to make fun of the person who came to class “too motivated.”

      In the Love-Teki segment, I was thinking that maybe his daughter didn’t make it in or was on the alternative pool list. Since Maru (Circle) means Yes/Good and Batsu (X) means No/Bad, the triangle could have meant “Maybe”.

  11. Wow this was posted fast.

    Was it me, or did it look like Mai had a look of jealously in her eyes? The blank stare at her friends surrounding Nano, sitting far back and not joining the conversation, and even visiting Nano and Hakase alone only helped solidify the thought that Mai wanted something.

    Nah I think Mai felt uneasy thinking she might’ve done something wrong to Hakase. After all I find her to lack common sense and can’t read the atmosphere. Still though, Mai trying to make it up for Hakase was very cute.

    Enjoyed this ep so much! I love how eating a very terrible jam and tea would make your life flash before your eyes. Speaking of which, this scene was just so beautiful it’s jarring. They nailed this one pretty hard with their great use of blurs and lighting.

    Highlight for this ep for me was Sakurai-sensei’s and Takasaki-sensei’s skits. I love how Sakurai-sensei reacted to the magazine. She’s just so damn cute I almost had a heart attack. It was also funny how Takasaki did the opposite of what he tells himself. Kinda like that first skit with him in which he wanted to start a normal conversation with Sakurai-sensei.

    Now with 3 episodes left and it approaching really fast. I’m very eager to see how it ends. I wonder if we’ll see an Igo-Soccer championship.

  12. CAN I GET 10 MORE EP’S PLEASE?………………….. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!! this is a comedy staple. you know how “at least i do” you hunker down after you dl’ed the weeks episode’s of the shows you watch when you get the chance?? this show “to me” is the equivalent of having RICE on your plate. “YES, i like it that much”

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. I am hoping it gets another season, I haven’t enjoyed a show on this level since school rumble. And that series had 2 full 24 episode seasons + all the extras. Another 24 episode season for nichijou would be awesome however since it is more slapstick and no plot I don’t see it happening.


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