「神隠しの同級生」 (Kamikakushi no Doukyuusei)
“Classmate Spirited Away”

In an effort to push the story forward, I think that this show is slipping back into the problem of pushing too much story into one episode. Using the Beach Arc as an example of how things can get really fun and interesting when it’s broken up into pieces, I’m hoping that these last few episodes can bring some kind of closure without making it feel like a cop out.

With a lot of different aspects being brought up, I’m quite interested where all these different paths will lead. Taito is once again on the hunt to save Himea from a group of thugs, Gekkou is fighting against a teacher who presumably is only doing the “right” thing, and Haruka’s alternate personality is getting erased before it even had a chance to reveal itself.

A lot of things to put into a mere twenty six minutes wouldn’t you say? It pains me to think that everything could be brought to an end without any closure — since I’d be willing to bet that it may happen. If anything, I wish they’d show the power-ups all the characters were supposed to receive after their training at the beach since watching them lose every single battle against Yuuichi is getting really old. That said, and I know I’ve brought this up before, what happened to Taito’s familiar?!

As things stand, I’m happy to see that even if nothing is resolved, Gekkou may finally get that attitude problem of his fixed. Throughout the series he’s let that caring personality of his slip out every now and then, but I’m excited for the moment he uses it normally. It would also be nice to watch him defeat Yuuichi and for Taito to save Himea and Haruka in a way that would give the series a bang to go out on. But at this point, all we can do is pray and wait!




  1. Well, the story is not advancing as well as I thought but at least Taito and Gekkou have a powerful enemy to deal with since their reunion with Hinata. If my memory doesn´t fail me, this corresponds with the volume 4 of the novels, wich is good because is more action oriented.

  2. By the way Takaii, if you really want to know about Haruka you´ll have to wait a while. Throught out the novels there are hints about her true nature but it´s not until novel 7 and 8 that the whole truth about her is revealed. Belive me, it´s nothing you have imagined so start praying for a second season. There is an OVA scheduled for dicember but I doubt that will shine some light in the plot.

      1. Novel 1 was done in two episodes, seems a little rushed but they managed to stay loyal to most of the plot. In the regard of novel 2, the animators took four episodes to go throught with it but in my opinion they out important information about the plot in general so many viewrs feel a little lost in the universe of the series. This episode depicted the end of novel 3, the prologue and first chapters of novel 4.

        It´s imposible for the studio to adapt anymore novels past the number 4 in this season, there is just to little time and too much information. There´s still 4 more novels out and novel 9 comes out in dicember along with the OVA.

        To answer your question, there isn´t a exact number of episodes per novel because the animators are taking to many libertys with the main plot. This adaptation has been fairly loyal but with a little bad organization. I hope this might help to clear your doubts in the matter.

    1. I just want haruka out of HIMEA way so if there is a season 2 i just want here to give up cuz omg she is the worlds biggest cock-blocker ever. i want things toget better between taito & Himea

      1. I´m with you right there brother, Haruka is a rock in the shoe regarding the relationshon of Taito and Himea. Yes, it seems that Taito had a crush on Haruka while he had no memory of Himea, but his feelings for the vampire are obviously a millon times stronger that stupid crus for a childhood friend.

    2. I doubt there will be a second season, this series is a jumbled up mess. I want to like it and it has its moments but all too often too much hsppens all at once and none of it properly handled.

  3. I think they screwed up horribly when they made ep 9 so boring slow, then they hit us with a Mack truck in 10. I had no expectations for this show from the start & I finally figured out why. I kept on saying that I didn’t know what they were trying to do with this show. But now I can say that they’re trying to bore folks to death with with half baked story about who-knows-what.

    Its not as bad as it sounds. They could have done it alot better if they didn’t start to bring up stuff that they had no intention of explaining. All of that makes me feel like they never actually read the novels at all – or maybe just skimmed through them like I do to most manga 😀

  4. Itsu-Ten’s anime adaptation lost its potential a fair while back, so no need to rehash tried remarks on this this could’ve been so much better, IMHO (even if that is undoubtedly the case).

    Still, with respect to last week’s episode which virtually had no development at all by comparison with this one which seemed to steamrolling yet again, it’s merely another testament to Zexcs’ lack of ability.

    At this point I’ve only a modicum of interest in how they’re going to end this series.

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a lack of ability, they had hardly any to start with. They wanted to do a show, picked one out of a hat, & collectively said “Oh shit”. Their real mistake was sticking with the novel point for point in 3 episodes & BSing the others. I would have BS’ed all of it. Most of those 3 episodes weren’t even condensed, they were just straight passages from the novels.

  5. I just want haruka out of HIMEA way so if there is a season 2 i just want here to give up cuz omg she is the worlds biggest cock-blocker ever. i want things toget better between taito & Himea
    p.s I LOVE YOU HIMEA 🙂

  6. uh one thing still bother is teacher guy really give he voice by Suwabe Junichi & some thing doing even recent especially this ep what are odds he might pull a bad guy heel turn?

    & great split personality personality haruka want taito too geez it only 4 way square between taito-himea-haruka-gold eyes haruka?!


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