「きみについて」 (Kimi ni Tsuite)
“About You”

Well, if you were expecting something big to happen in this show — it just happened.

With another episode that focused more on the characters than on a mystery, I thought it was a great way to bring some life into Ayaka’s character. The girl who originally brought Narumi into this strange new world really deserved to have at least a single episode devoted to her. Sure there is a mystery at hand about Toshi and his drug habits, but I was impressed how it was always put on the side in favor of more time for Ayaka.

Other than learning about the problems that already exist between Ayaka and Toshi, I was a little taken back when she revealed she was a rather anti-social person. Seeing how she acts around Narumi, Alice, and the rest of Team NEET; I would have never guessed our cheerful Ayaka was bad with people. I’ll admit that I didn’t see it till now, but it must have taken a lot of courage (and work) to carry all those planters up to the roof just to get an opportunity to talk to Narumi.

Even though I thought that little quarrel between Ayaka and Narumi was rather petty, I’m glad that Narumi took the initiative to get things patched up. While Ayaka may have prevented him from being the first one to apologize, I’m impressed Narumi finally understood that keeping secrets and withholding information from his friends would only harm them. Something most male characters don’t even get close to figuring out!

Furthermore, I can’t believe how the episode ended — especially after Narumi managed to get Ayaka to smile. I know that you can’t justify acts of suicide with any kind of reasoning, but watching her jump from the roof onto the bed of flowers below came out of nowhere! It’s hard to say that I didn’t expect something crazy to happen in a show that dabbles with the topics of drugs and the Yakuza, but I never thought someone like Ayaka would be the one to do it.

It’s still hard to believe that she’s just gone like that. And while there may have been a pool of blood underneath her body, there is still the chance she might still be alive right? I know it’s not too uncommon for people who jump off of two story buildings to just get some broken bones!




  1. I shouldn’t have read this… I spoiled this episode so hard for myslef…

    Anywhoooo, I was really hoping this should would pick up a bit. It had an amazing first episode (in my opinion) slowed down a bit and then picked up now. Hope it continues!

  2. Well, I guess it was a good idea to keep watching this show.

    Yeah there may be an opportunity for her to still be alive but Narumi did say something pretty negative in the preview.

    I guess the guy who was with Toshi might be involved in her death; I won’t be surprise if we learn that she took drugs before her death (maybe to get close to her brother or something?)

    Anyway, great job Kamisama no memo chou

  3. I’m pretty sure that thee is an unwritten rule in anime and manga that if a character appears to die or is critically injured at the end of chapter/episode, they won’t die. We didn’t ee any death flags her right? (I’m mainly trying to convince myself D:)

    1. The mystery really isn’t that hard to figure out.

      1) It is very likely that Ayaka’s brother has a direct connection to the person that is creating the drug.

      2) The NEET squad were looking into various plants that could be used to create the drug.

      3)We also learn that the man in the fifth screencap is a friend of Ayaka’s bro and is either a graduate who studied botany or is currently studying botany. (There is a slim chance that the person isn’t him, but it would be rather pointless having a character with only a name (They guy mentioned from the phone call) and a guy where we have a face but no name.)

      Connect the dots, fragments of chaos, words of the dead, etc…

      Anyway, I’m going to be disapoint if the Narumi doesn’t punch the brother to the face and it wouldnt surprise me if Narumi started doing drugs because of what happened to Ayaka.

      1. I bet Ayaka is growing the flowers that are needed to make the drugs. It all makes since. She and her brothers friend are in it together. She jumps cuz Narume will eventual find out making her act on a foolish, rushed impulse.

      2. I agree with you infinite and Avalanche, Infinity did you see the part where they ate ice-cream where Ayaka said “I wonder if the person who invented teramisu felt this way, too” Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Oh come on! Why did Ayaka have to die at the ending? She was such a cheerful person and in one episode we discover her story only to have her die at the ending. Now that’s just horrible!

    1. What is mentioned at wiki was how the story was told in the manga and the light novel, which, in my opinion are quite different.

      Spoilers from the manga/light novel:

      Show Spoiler ▼

      So you see, while it can’t be completely ruled out that she may still be alive, you may never know what the writers of the anime would do since they’ve already bent the story to this extent.

      1. Oh, I’m well aware that J.C. Staff ****s up almost every manga/LN they adapt into an anime or tweaks it so that such readers go apeshit over it. Besides, isn’t this anime 12 or 13 eps? If so, I doubt the spoiler would happen, unless they pull it out of the last scene in the last episode, barring any future seasons.

      2. I honestly doubt Ayaka is dead. I think with two episodes left it just wouldn’t be the time to have her be gone forever. I’m betting we’ll have a hospital scene or two next ep near the start and then Narumi and the gang going after the truth as usual but with much more personal feelings involved this time. I also don’t think she herself was the one that jumped, maybe she was pushed off or something.

    2. Anon. It is 100% correct. I won’t go into details on why since there are a lot of spoilers involved with this particular subject though.

      jack xu. I don’t remember seeing any of the stuff you mentioned in the LN. Perhaps you’re referring to the manga version? I have not read the manga though.

  5. I knew something really bad was going to happen. They were all careless, way too careless, but they all acted in character. Narumi is showing more growth again, and looks like he will show even more growth in the next episode judging from the preview. This is turning out to be one of (many of) my favorite anime that started this season, even though it’s frustrating and a little annoying to watch at times (though a lot less frustrating and annoying than that other anime I’m watching this season).

  6. I believe there is a reason why they did not show ayaka’s body in the next episode preview and it is to get people to watch next week. Narumi says “with ayaka gone” not “dead”. They never confirm her death. She will be hospitalized maybe until the end of the series but I don’t believe they killed her off.

  7. I was expecting a confession from her. I did not see the suicide at all. This was a very powerful and sad episode.

    I don’t think she’s alive – it’s pretty clear that the previews show mourning. The patch of flowers is now dirt.
    Sorry Takaii, she’s gone.

    I think this episode coldly captured the reality of suicide – it’s unforeseen, sudden, and final; there’s no discussion;
    there’s no bargaining – it’s over.

    Theory – something put her in an untenable situation – probably her brother. It looks like she didn’t sleep all night
    (bags under her eyes or crying), nor change her clothes. I’m guessing she knew his location, was trying to
    protect/help him and it reached a breaking point. The drug he was using seemed to make him indifferent;
    he’ll be cured now but what a terrible cost and loss.

    I was almost in tears.

    1. I’m pretty sure no matter the end result, coma or death, you would see people looking sad like a few of the shots in the preview.

      And the flowers being gone… I know you’re going for symbolism but I don’t think they would have just hosed the blood off and tried to brush out the impression of a body either way…

      1. I don’t want to see her gone either. But the amount of blood shown pooling on the porous ground should have had
        her bled out – unless an ambulance was right there when she jumped. So far, this series has not shy’d away from
        some grisly death circumstances – I haven’t read the manga nor know how faithful this adaptation is to it (to date).

        We’re all at the mercy of the Animators for what happens next…

      2. Well too what Mac65 said I don’t know if she is dead or not. But in the scene where she falls you see that it’s already morning so it could be possible that she was there just before school started. otherwhise she should have had to break into the school to commit suicide. and most people are known not to put to much effort into their suicide (tying a rope to a random tree or jumping in front of a train). So by the possibility that she fell from the roof just before school started it could be possible that help was there rather fast.

  8. Show Spoiler ▼

    Baby Choo Choo
  9. I can’t believe that she is dead, I was quite shocked. It’s just to hard to swallow the way she died. And I’m hoping for some kind of miracle. I really began liking Ayaka’s character, and in the next instant she’s dead.

  10. I think Ayaka is fine. Well “fine” as in will survive but be hospitalized anyway. It kind of helps that she landed on a bed of flowers, rather than cold hard concrete. That and she didn’t really set up any death flags. I do like this show, but its been fairly predictable, and I really don’t see it killing off characters for cheap drama. Her death isn’t really necessary anyway, it was the act of just jumping that will help develop Narumi.

  11. Wait, did this show get good? I dropped it at 4 because while it was intriguing, it was boring as all hell. The lack of main cast development just wasn’t cutting it for me.

    That said, should I pick it up again?

  12. It was a complete surprise to me. I’ve never seen a character killed off like that, there was no buildup, no climax no nothing. I just sat at my computer thinking, “What just happened? Is she dead? Why did they do that?” I just felt numb. I noticed the dark circles under her eyes, maybe she was under the influence of something. Maybe she took some of her brothers drugs.

  13. UTW’s splash for this episode makes so much more sense after watching it.

    What the hell. She’s dead jim…. she’s dead…. Completely out of left field. Was overhearing that her Brother is a druggie that much of a shock to her?? GRAH! It doesnt sit well with me. Ghh, I’m tempted to just swear off the rest of the series and pretend that Memo cho has 9 eps… no more >.<!.

    I hope though that if they're going to consider her dead that they actually keep. her. dead. No Sunrise crazyness. -__-;.. Making light of death is not something that sits well with me. Keep her dead.

  14. Dang. They did a good job of putting the emotion(extremely mildly) that is experienced when a loved one or someone we know commits suicide(if that’s what happened) only in reality I imagine the experience is devastating. Still we get the “their just gone? Just like that? I just saw them? What if I had done…., are they really gone?” very effective and sad since the show spent so much time building her foundation from the beginning as one if optimism and a cheerful disposition, just goes to show, you only know what someone shows you. Damn tragic….. DAMN tragic. *shake head*

  15. I was pretty upset when I saw the ending of episode 10. I literally went “WHAT THE FRICK!!” This episode was one emotional rollercoaster and having an ending like that? it was just out of nowhere. I was starting to like ayaka too!!! looking forward to how the next episode will play along.

  16. I liked the way this episode was crafted.

    It started off in a way that would make us doubt Ayaka a bit and then with Narumi’s making up to her, it drew us closer to Ayaka.

    Then damn, BAM, she hits the floor.

    Uppity-downzy ride for sure.

  17. When I heard Narumi’s going on about how he has seen Ayaka’s smile like that before near the end of episode, I thought “Wait a minute J.C., you surely won’t kill her off… right?” And then bam!… that was quite a shock…

    Well, there’s a chance she might survive though and I’m clinging onto that.

  18. It’s not tragic. It’s crummy, random melodrama. I know that there are only so many episodes in the series, but there was no reason to make someone suddenly suicidal. And given the cheap way that they did this, for all we know, somebody pushed her, or she fell by accident, or as some have suggested, that she isn’t dead at all.

    It’s even worse since the creators have essentially neglected Ayaka since half-way through the first episode. She has been meaningful only in that she introduced Narumi to the rest of the gang, who then connected him to Alice. Other than that, she’s just been a pinch runner since Alice can’t go out into the sunlight. So they didn’t care enough about her to give her a story. They’re just using her to elicit emotion.

    1. This is easily understood if you look at the source material. The anime is going back to volume 1 which it skipped which was this story. Ayaka is important for volume 1 and 3 which were both skipped until now. So the comment about her not seeming important is because they gave the series the same starting point but left out the rest of her story that came after she introduced Narumi to the gang. The premiere ep was an original story(I think it was written by the author though?) and then volume 2 was Meo’s story. Unsure which volume was the 4th’s and Renji’s story though.

  19. this is pure speculation but i think that ayaka is growing the plants needed for the drugs in the greenhouse. Thats why she locks it and doesn’t let anyone in. Also when she recieves her brothers call he states he will call whenever he needs her… However the reason she does her “evil act” i’m not completely sure. I think it is either guilt(the sags under her eyes could be lack of sleep as she was thinking about the situation) or she was under the drug as well…

  20. Got slightly behind with the episodes, and I ended up getting spoiled this slightly.
    But now that I watched it, wow that fucking came out of nowhere. still wandering wtf just happened.

    dammit ;_;


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